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#chapter 286








That chapter really broke me. I hope to god bakugou survives. But the fact that some people are celebrating his POSSIBLE death is honestly disgusting. Here is why:

.He is litterally a 16 year old child. You really think a 16 year old child deserves to be murdered because of mistakes he made in the past (mistakes that he is owning up too)

.He is working to fix his mistakes. Allmight even spoke about how bakugou is helping midoriya with training and controlling his quirks to help atone himself for his actions in the past. Bakugou even tells us why he bullied deku and why he regrets it. People also seem to forget that bakugou just took dekus place of being stabbed TO SAVE DEKU.

. Bakugou has actually helped so many people irl. He is a comfort character for so many people. Ecen though he was an ass hehas developed so much and become quite a humourous character, one that many people turn to. He helps people feel confident and he is quite funny. He has helped people like me in so many ways.

Yeah Bakugou told deku to kill himself in season 1 (WHEN BAKUGOU WAS 14) and that was incredibly disgusting. But if y'all are about to ignore his development where he helps those around him and celebrate if he dies, you are worse than bakugou. He is a child who is owning up to his mistakes and is working to become a hero and SAVE OTHER PEOPLE. Like….. bruh.

If you’re really about to celebrate the death of a 16 year old all because of his mistakes that he is working on, you’re disgusting and a hypocrite.

Here is bakugou saving deku:

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bnha 286❗️

poor todoroki arrived to the fight just to get handed fatally wounded and almost witness his teacher get killed, to only later get his father and his friend wounded too. don’t get me started about how he’ll have to assist deku (who broke both arms and stuff btw) and deal to all the repercussions of the fight as the only hero who’s not hurt (yet)

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