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#chapter 4

Wow they really just decided to give us the best smoke trails content possible

Yaku has called Hikaru short, hugged him first, and just booped him on the nose

Hikaru helped Yaku with his injury and patched him up with multicolored bandaids, comforted him during his breakdown, and begged him to put down the knife in the kitchen

And they both cuddled and fell asleep together on the first night of chapter 4

And the moiralliance is completely confirmed canon. They did the <>. They did it

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“I see…” The man drawled, looking over me with a strange, inquisitive eye, as if he was seeing something I couldn’t.

He tapped the side of his forehead, ‘And you come from the country, I would presume?”

“Umm…Yes,” I said, glancing towards Brice, uncertain of what was supposed to happen next.

He clearly didn’t seem to know either.

“Uhh, d-do I have to demonstrate my abilities, or…?”
“Yes…Likely, sorry, I’m a bit caught up in my thoughts, trying to think of ways to introduce a new airbender such as yourself to the tribe, you understand.” The man reflected for a moment, “Is there anything you can do beyond the basic bending?”

“This room is a bit small for it, but yes, there is something I can do, if I may..”
The man nodded to me, “Go ahead.”

I wasn’t sure I had enough energy, but I tried anyways. My hands swished, as I jumped, twirling into the air. Energy surged in a circular formation, almost similar to that of a tornado, before turning into a disk just above the ground, upon which I landed.

The airmaster’s eyes widened, and a smile perched against his lips, as he leaned forwards.

“It is an imperfect iteration of Master Aang’s technique,” He muttered to himself, “Would you mind keeping that up for just a little bit longer?”
“Sure!” I said through the strain, “It’s a bit difficult, but…”
“Yes, of course it is difficult. The mass amount of energy you would have to put into keeping yourself aloft on pure air is unimaginable, even for some of the best airbenders….”

The strain eventually got to me, and I floated back down onto the earth of the building.

“You said something about it being an imperfect technique?”

“Yes, quite, I will teach you the proper technique once you become a proper airbender. Mastery, if you are already at a stage similar to this, will likely not be all that difficult for you.”

“Really?” I replied.

“Really. Now, let us get down to the business of making you a proper airbender, yes?”


The robes themselves felt, strange. They were really loose on my skin, and a couple of moments would pass by where I’d feel worried that I wasn’t wearing anything at all, or that the robes had slipped off.  I had said goodbye to Brice, and was now walking at the top of this strange building, upon a rather thin bridge. The airmaster was beside me, talking about a lot of logistics that I wasn’t too interested in. However, there was something he’d mentioned, something about bison.

According to the airmaster, each child was born with a bison as their counterpart. An animal within the world that was purely adjacent to them, almost as if they were acting as a spirit animal. I, for my part, found it mildly ridiculous. But then again, the spiritual things just didn’t make sense. How could there be an entire spiritual realm that only a few people saw? That kind of thing just didn’t make any logical sense. It was the same as the church claiming that avatars were people possessed with four demons.

They walked along that thin bridge, until finally, they made it to a cliff-edge. The man in front of him stopped, and looked towards the sky

“I have one test for you, before you can join the tribe and commence your learning.” The man said, almost ominously.

“W-what is it?” I asked nervously.

The man pointed towards the sky, “You must fly,”

I stopped, staring towards the man in frank disbelief. I had jumped up a few miles, sure, used air as a canal to push my body upwards, or created my disk to hover a short distance. But this? There was no way I could use my body just to, propel forwards. That was the kind of thing you read in superhero stories, the ones you smuggled from a friend’s house one night. I couldn’t just throw myself into the air like that, and expect the air to carry me, there was no way.

“With this.” The man continued, bringing up a long, staff-like thing.

I walked over and grabbed the staff, feeling at least more than slightly confused, as when I grabbed it, a gigantic wing like thing spread itself out above me.

“D-do I like, hold on, he-” My voice was lost to my screams, as I was pushed off of the cliff towards certain death.

The world twirled around me in a chaotic formation of colors and synapse-firing thoughts. My hands steadied themselves against the rod of wood, as my thoughts began to transmit into the air. All I really needed to do was steady myself out, and then I’d be fine.

Hopefully hopefully, hopefully hopefullyhopefullyhopefullyhopefully. My thoughts rang out into the bowels of my mind.

For a moment, the world stopped spinning, and I evened out just enough to use the air around me. I forced the thing upwards, but, it just wasn’t working. My weight was dragging the entire thing down. Desperately, I looked towards the back, just then noticing the two other extensions. I threw one foot back, managing to hook it behind that one, and struggled with the other, as I span through the open air.

Managing to get my other foot latched on, I looked towards the sky in desperation. All I needed to do now was…Was…

The world turned dark as I closed my eyes. Wind rushed against my entire body. Within this darkness, I was the wind, an eternal source, with no such thing as death to claim me. I focused upon the wind, felt myself as I rose higher, and not towards the ground. I focused upon the amount of force it would take to lift me high enough to go where I wanted to reach, the momentum that would need to push me, for I was a heavy wind, more similar to a frisbee, flying into the sky.

My senses slowly regathered themselves as I opened my eyes. Wind was howling through my ears, pushing me forwards, lifting me into the sky. It was twisting and originating, steadily rising me upwards, and up. I looked towards the fixture high within the sky, one with rock tumbling down below, and I flew with the wind, feeling and utter sense of elation as I flew to meet the buildings above. 

I cheered of my success as I got closer, and a few of the people down below looked up to see me. Some of them waved towards me, and I released a few fingers to wave back.

The feeling…This feeling….

As I flew down, down from the fixtures of the sky, and more towards the land of these floating isles, I quickly noticed a new predicament. I did not know how to land, and I was meeting the ground fast. My body slammed slid against the floor, as I let go of the thing I had used to fly, and came to an abrupt stop. Groaning, I stood myself up, and dusted off my shirt. A couple of the people around me were chuckling.

“First time?”

“Yeah.” I replied, to the man that walked by me.

“Next time, take your feet off of the back when you get close to the ground. Use the wind to halt your speed,” He said, before going on his way.

“Uhh, thanks.”

The airmaster came to a halt beside me, “That was Master Araishi, he is famous for recoveringTthe Four Principles of Bending, an old philosophy book from the Era Of Harmony.”

“Oh? Can I read it at some point?” I asked excitedly, the chance to read a new book was always something to have.

He chuckled beside me, “You will find, that every person within the air tribes at large, has gotten a copy. You could even buy one from the local shops below, I imagine if you didn’t get one for free, you would likely do so.”

“I’ll be getting one for free?”

The man looked towards me with a slight smile upon his face, “You do not even know what this book is, and yet you jump at the opportunity to read it?”

“It’s not that difficult to conclude what something is when it has a title akin to ‘The Four Principles of Bending’.” I replied.

“Well yes, I suppose,” The man paused, “We are getting off-topic, aren’t we? You will need a room for the night, until we make accommodations to give you a living space of your own. Come, I believe I know of some people who would be glad to have you.”

We walked throughout the air tribe, him occasionally giving remarks about some of the more ancient buildings. There were places where specific artifacts had been placed, things from a  long, bygone era, and others remade after the reformation of Avatar Aang.

This place itself was thriving, so utterly. People were bustling through, on their way to specific places. Others were meditating. Some were moving the wind, dissipating and guiding storm clouds away from the top of their buildings, or even such other things. They all looked so, happy.

As we went along, I felt tears gathering in my eyes again. It was so…Beautiful. People were moving with the elements, responding and using it within their everyday lives. All of this was almost like a daydream come true for me. In only a day, I had gone so far from breaking off those chains with a force of gathered up air….

Eventually, we made it towards a small hut, where a man was working upon a garden.

“Ah, Irashi!!” The man said fondly, “What brings you here today?” He glanced towards the boy, “Have you finally taken up an apprentice?”

The airmasters shook his head, which, mildly disappointed me. It would be rather amazing to be the apprentice of a man who had the ability to be claimed the apprentice of the actual airmaster. Someone who had mastered airbending to such an extent, that they were seen as the tribe’s strongest.

“Rather, I was hoping you might be able to take him in for the night? I will be finding him accommodations first thing within the morning, I promise as much.” Irashi continued.

“Of course! Of course, I’d be happy to help our young new bender!” The man said with a smile.

“That’s great! Might I leave you with him, as I gather the clothes he will wear as part of the tribe?”

“If it is what you see fit to do.” The man said with a bow.

Master Irashi bowed back, and walked off swiftly, seemingly floating with the force of his air.

Whilst Irashi was gone, I did what I could to help the man with his plants, watering some, pulling out the weeds for others, and even occasionally helping him with a larger project that he was doing. His wife was in the house, and it was rather difficult to keep this specific project a secret, so I was doing my best to distract her. That was around the time that Irashi arrived again.

“Ah, Irashi!” Exclaimed the wife of the man that I had been helping, “It is so good to see you! I heard you were here earlier from this young lad.”

“Yes, indeed. I have come back bearing a few gifts for him, in fact. After this, I am afraid I will have to leave early for my tower, urgent business to attend to.”

“This, was custom made for your weight and length.” He handed me a large stick, “I had some earthbenders and waterbenders make it, as well as the stylistic flare of a particular firebender.”

I flicked it open after he taught me how to, and stared at the red and black design. The red came in spirals leading out from the edges, twisting and twirling in great drapes across the black, getting infinitely smaller as they branched off of one another. It was wholly unique and…

“I love it…” I whispered, once more having tears threaten to overwhelm me, “It’s….”

“Now stop, you might make me get emotional as well…” Irashi said with a smile, “Now, here are the robes that you will be wearing,” He turned to leave, but then stopped himself, “Tomorrow you will meet with the Elders of the tribe. They, along with the airbenders looking for an apprentice, will decide who you are apprenticed to. Be there when the sun reaches the middle of the sky.”

I nodded, “T-thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me. Now, I must go,” He walked from the house briskly, and into the light of the steadily setting sun.

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TITLE: Blushing in His Colours


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being a Daddy Dom, his adores and loves his little, worships the ground she walks on. She has vaginismus, but he couldn’t be more supportive with her.


It had been a few days since Loki’s discovery.

And he had a plan.

He’d tried a few different tactics over the last few days. The one that got him best results was when he asked Mia to hand him something in the lab, she did it instantly without question. He then let Good girl slip instead of a thank you. It had the desired effect, he thought her entire face was going to go up in flames. She was very giddy and flustered.

So she definitely has a praise kink. That he was certain of. She was a pleaser.

But his plan, he was putting into motion tonight. He’d asked her to another date night, but to wear her comfiest pyjamas. She was highly confused, but was pretty excited none the less.

He went to her room and knocked, smiling when he heard her rushing over to the door.

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Nam stood there for a bit longer. Why you hadn’t been dismissed was a mystery, but you felt as though it likely did not have something to do with letting you grieve. There was an almost giddy tone in their voice.


“It is done. I require blood, no matter of what sort. It has been denied too long, and Wilderdale…”


“Wilderdale stands yet, and it will continue as such. You are dismissed.”

On that cryptic note, people began filing out of the room and you followed suit. 

Chapter 5 Start.

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After the show, there was silence. Was that it, then? Would it be just like SAMAEL’s, where she came back into the courtroom, ragged but alive? Would you have one more member to rejoin the game again? Would Eve live to fight another d-


“Ahem. As coroner, I do declare…”

Nam had appeared back in their usual place, cutting those thoughts short.


“The death of Evelyn Ayano Makena. After all, murderers must have fate catch up to them in some fashion or another… it is not as if I tipped my hand, but perhaps that higher powers did as much. Anyways…”

She was dead, then.


“New areas have opened up to you.”

Your amulets pinged.

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Sweeping back into the courtroom, Nam crept in like a shadow at twilight. SAMAEL’s punishment last time set some precedence for what was about to happen, but it inspired no less of a gut twist when Eve poofed out of the courtroom’s time and space before your eyes.


“Hm… not so bold now.”

Nam gave you all a stare and a blink. They stood there, overcoat hovering about themself before, too, vanishing. 

What came next was displayed on the customary screen.

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