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#chapter 4 preview

She smiled nervously as they trotted forward and passed a man with longer dark hair and a scar across his face. He watched them suspiciously, and Arthur said over his shoulder by way of an introduction, “That’s Marston. He’s an idiot.”

If nothing else, I can be happy that I’ve captured Arthur’s attitude pretty accurately.

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Continuum - Chapter 4 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Gorgeous moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


Reaching for the bag of homemade trail mix that he and Peter had made the day before and a bottle of Powerade, Steve shoved a handful into his mouth as he unzipped the special pocket that Tony sewed into his uniform, looking for the small sketchbook and pencil that he always carried with him. He opened it to the front page, to the sketch of Tony and Peter that he’d drawn from the very first photograph he ever took of the two of them, only hours after Peter had taught him how to take pictures with his new phone. Steve’s throat tightened as he examined it, which he attempted to remedy with a big sip of his Powerade. Even now, after taking literally thousands of photographs, and sketching and painting dozens of drawings, this little drawing was still one of Steve’s very favourite sketches of his beloved husband and son.

It had been about a week or so after they had all returned to the Malibu house from Afghanistan. Peter had been helping Steve get accustomed to life in the twenty-first century, while Tony had been spending nearly all of his time down in his garage workshop, building the first of his eventual army of armoured suits and plotting his revenge on the Ten Rings. Steve and Peter had made dinner that evening, and, after practically dragging Tony upstairs to eat with them, Peter had then proceeded to beg him to watch a movie afterwards, telling him that he hadn’t seen him more than a few minutes since they’d been back.

And the two of them hadn’t even lasted for half the movie before they were both sound asleep, with Peter wrapped up in Tony’s arms and his head resting on his chest, off to the side so as to avoid pressing on the arc reactor.

Tears pricked Steve’s eyes at the memory, of how sweet they had looked, and how envious he had been. He had already been trying to deny it by then, trying to bury deep down just how deeply attached he was to them both, and, based on what Tony told him later on, doing a very poor job of it.

“You’re a terrible liar, babe,” Tony had told him multiple times over the course of their relationship. “You and Pete both. You’re both just too… good.”

And while Steve still wasn’t sure if he agreed, he also knew better than to argue.

A soft smile spread across Steve’s lips as he stared at the drawing, trailing his fingertip across Peter’s round cheek smashed up against Tony’s side. Peter’s cheeks weren’t quite as round anymore, and his jawline had sharpened up a bit more over the summer as well, only adding to how much he resembled Tony.

His two precious boys, who he loved more than life itself.

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 21st 😊

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Stress Relief Part 4 PREVIEW

Oh wow, you guys, it’s been difficult to write this chapter for a lot of reasons, but I’m nearly done! I figured I’d give you all a little taste of what’s gonna happen in this next chapter, and most of you wanted a written preview, so here we are! Let me know what you think!!! I always love hearing from you guys. 

* * *

“I think that’s the last of them,” you pant, wiping a few beads of sweat from your forehead as you straighten up. The friendly sophomore who volunteered to help you drops the box she’s carrying on your bare mattress with a little grunt, turning to you with a smile.

“Well, if you need anymore help, just let me know! I live just down the hall.”

You smile back at her, “You really are an angel for helping me move in. You’re the RA for this floor, right?”

“Yep,” she nods, pointing at the plastic name tag dangling from the lanyard around her neck, “Kiera, Room 321, at your service!”

“How do you feel about being a sophomore in a building full of seniors?” you ask, beginning to unpack your clothes.

“A little nervous, if I’m honest,” she says softly, “you guys are all cool and smart and I’m just some dorky sophomore who’s job it is to make sure that you all don’t die.”

“Well, I promise that I won’t die on you,” you giggle, “and everyone I know who is living on this floor is pretty chill. I think the worst thing you’ll have to keep an eye out for is a repeat incident of the Walden Shitter.”

“The uh….the what?” Kiera asks, her eyes widening in confusion.

“My freshman year, there was a student who kept um…relieving themselves in buckets and leaving said buckets all over Walden Hall. It was disgusting.”

“Did they ever catch them?” the RA squeaks out.

“Nah,” you giggle, “but the Res Life office did send a hilarious email to the entire campus, and the Shitter was dormant after that. They’ve probably graduated by now. Unless, of course, the Shitter is in my class. Then they could even be living here in Stafford!”

Kiera stares at you, unsure if you’re joking or not. You smile at her, unfolding your tapestry.

“I think the best part of being a senior so far is passing on the lore to the young’uns like you,” you tease.

“Well, if the Shitter makes a reappearance, I’m blaming you,” she laughs back, “thanks for the heads-up, I guess? Anyways, I’ll get out of your hair, but I’ll see you around (Y/N)!”

You give her a little wave as she trots out of your room. It feels weird to have a student two years younger than you in charge of your floor, but you don’t envy her. In your previous three years of college, you’ve seen some really heinous situations that RAs have had to deal with. You smile to yourself thinking about the time someone set a notice board on fire in the student center during sophomore year. College really is a fucking zoo sometimes.

A familiar voice drifting in through your open window snaps you out of your reminiscing.

“…and on the left we have Stafford, one of the most popular dorms on campus. It’s mostly full of seniors though, so I’d call it more of a retirement home than a dorm! That was a bad joke, okay, yikes…moving on….”

You dart to the window, leaning out and craning your neck to see a mop of auburn hair passing by.

“JOSEPH FRANCIS MAZZELLO, YOU BETTER STOP RIGHT THERE!” you shriek, waving like a madwoman.

Joe turns around and looks up at the dorm with confusion, scanning the windows to see who is yelling at him. The moment he catches your eye, you spin on your heels and run out of your room and down the stairs, throwing open the heavy front door and sprinting down the path. You leap at Joe, enveloping him in a huge hug.

“I fucking missed you!” you breathe out, squeezing him tightly.

“It’s good to see you too,” Joe smiles at you, before clearing his throat. You’re suddenly very aware of the group of freshman staring at you, your arms wrapped around their orientation leader.  You laugh awkwardly, stepping back from your friend.

“Hi everyone, um…welcome to campus!” you offer, smiling at them, “uh…I’m (Y/N), I’m a senior here. Sorry, I just got so excited to see Joe! You know, these are the kinds of friendships you’ll make here at…”

“Why don’t you leave the cheesy Dean of Students-style speeches to me, huh?” Joe mercifully cuts you off with a chuckle, squeezing your arm lightly, “don’t wanna ruin your cool-kid senior façade now, do you?”

“As if I ever had that,” you snort, rolling your eyes at Joe before turning back to the freshman, “you all are seriously lucky to have this dork as your OL, he’s the best guy on campus.”

Joe blushes a little at that, digging his toe into the dirt.

“Thanks, (Y/N). Uh, we gotta keep moving though, there’s a barbeque in twenty minutes that we can’t be late for.”

“Oh, can I meet you there?” you ask, “I’m starving, and I can’t wait to catch up with you!”

“I’ll be working,” Joe states plainly, “and it’s just for new students.”

“And what, you won’t sneak me in?” you tease, poking his shoulder.

“No, I won’t,” he says through gritted teeth, looking at his orientation group, “I can’t, (Y/N).”

Your smile falls from your lips and you take a step away from Joe, shocked by his change in tone. Last year, Joe would have offered to sneak you into the barbeque before you could even ask. Maybe it’s just the fact that he’s supposed to be a good example to the new kids. Or maybe it’s because…

You shake your head, plastering another smile across your face, before responding “Of course, I was just joking, Joe! Well, I’ll let you guys get on with your tour, I guess. Um, text me later, okay?”

Joe nods and waves as you walk back to the front door of Stafford. As he walks off with his gaggle of excited freshman, you feel a pang in your heart. A naïve part of you had hoped that perhaps Joe’s lack of communication this summer was just because he was busy with his internship, but it’s pretty obvious now that something is very wrong between the two of you. The idea of Joe hating you is too much to bear. Who is going to call you for 2am pizza parties? Who is going to go to Senior Ball with you? Who is going to be your rock for this final tumultuous and all-important year of college?

There’s only one other person on campus you want to talk to right now. You pull up your video chat app, clicking on Sage’s icon. A few rings later, her beautiful chocolate-brown curls fill the screen, and you smile.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

* * *

So, what do you think? What’s gonna happen? Are the reader and Joe going to make up? Is Sage gonna throw a wrench in the storyline? Let me know ;)

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Thank you to my wonderful beta @sunsetsrmydreams . I’d still be umming and ahing if it wasn’t for this precious person.

I’m getting Chapter 4 ready to post on AO3 but in the meantime, here is a little preview. 


Feeling lost, I raise my head up to the sky and let the tears fall down my face as I stare mindlessly towards the clouds that are slowly moving above me. I’m suddenly drawn to a noise that seems to have come from the attic window above the bakery.

My head turns quickly to the sound and my eyes lock almost instantly to the lone figure of a young man standing at the window. He doesn’t move, neither do I.


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Next update coming sunday! Until then, have some stuff to tie you over. hehe, also writing symbiote bonding is so hard… omg.

Hands pressed down into his shoulders and arms, digging into his skin and rubbing the rough fabric against him as they dragged him down the hallway. He passed many other cells, his throat closing as he recognized Maria in one of them. She was laying on the floor, eyes, and mouth wide open and although it was hard to make out, he didn’t think she was breathing. He closed his eyes, the way people screamed as he walked by, the shouts, the bright lights overhead. Everything felt like he was being hit in the head with a sledgehammer. It was all too much.

They dragged him into a room that held a glass container, pressurized by the look of it and in it… He shuddered involuntarily. They shoved him in and the door closed behind him. It’s then that he noticed the moving black goo within the container, swirling, sticking to the glass with something that could almost be described as sass. Was that?? 

His eyes widened and he quickly stepped back until he hit the glass wall behind him. He couldn’t- his breathing quickened, slowly spiraling out of control as he slowly slid down the wall and curled up into a little ball. 

This couldn’t be happening to him- no his life hadn’t been going well but he certainly didn’t deserve to be used as a fucking guinea pig to be eaten by some alien life. All just because some fucking Alpha had destroyed his life and another had crashed through his window. Although to be fair, he had destroyed Anne’s life and his own first. So he couldn’t fully blame Drake, except he truly was going to because Drake had dragged him here and was going to feed him to a fucking-
He felt a soft warm gooey sensation crawl up his leg, freezing, eyes widening almost comically as he quickly looked at the now open container. When had that happened?!?

Eddie watched in morbid fascination as the black goo crawled up his leg, the sensation itself was actually quite pleasant, warm, soothing. Like one of those weighted blankets that he and Annie used to own. He smiled at the memory of Anne wrapping him in it, kissing his forehead afterward.
Movement on his leg pulled him from his thoughts and he instinctively swatted at the black goop. “Shoo. No. Nonono. Shoo.” His movements getting more desperate as the goop slowly crawled upwards. “Fucking hell…”


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“The dwarves are trespassers who would loose a dragon on the world,” Legolas said. “We would be well rid of them. I know you are curious about the younger one, Tauriel, but he is probably dead already.”

Morwinyon thought briefly that she too would loose a dragon on the world, after a fashion, before the rest of his words sank in. “Which younger one?” she demanded, stopping in her tracks. “The one with golden hair? Why would he be dead?”

“Kili,” Tauriel said. “The dark haired one.”

Oh. That was alright then.

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I know I said that I wouldn’t update for the moment being but people have been asking me to post a sneak peek from Possession. So here it is ;)

I don’t know when I will be able to actually post the whole chapter but I do promise you that when I do it will have a great length!

I have to say though that this is not edited and when my beta edits it and when I get through it again there might be some changes in the last edition.

That been said, I also want to ask your forgiveness for being such an awful updater  :(


Possession _ Chapter 4 _ un-edited preview

She heard laughter coming through that door. A woman was laughing and she sounded happy. How could someone be happy in a place like that?

Before she knew what she was doing her hand, as it had a will of its own, reached for the doorknob. Her palm wrapped around the cold metal. Slightly turning it.

The door moved a little bit and the laughter stopped.

She could here whispers now but she couldn’t make out what they meant. She felt her heart beating faster and faster.

Before she knew it a hand wrapped around her waist and violently pulled her away from the door that now shut closed with a thud.

She screamed and thrusted as she felt her blood turning to ice.

Before she knew it she was shoved on the opposite wall and her hands were pinned at her sides. The man that was now her husband was looking at her with a mad gaze that shone through the dark shadows.

“You shouldn’t be here, never come here again!” Klaus roared.

His voice held such a menace that she shivered. She whimpered and tried to move but he held her tighter. She felt so cold and defenseless. He had caught her. Would she ever be able to escape?

His demeanor changed and she found herself unable to move as his one hand trapped her wrists above her head and the other started pulling the wedding dress of her body. The fabric was sliding from her body leaving her chest bare at his hungry gaze.

“Your place isn’t here” he said as his lips feathered over her earlobe gently biting the tender flesh.

His body covered hers and all she could feel now was warmth that was turning into heat. The shadows seemed to be getting larger and scarier, devouring them both into their darkened mists.

“Your place is with me,” he said as he was slowly kissing her neck. His hand caressing the curves of her naked skin.

Story can be found here.

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