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#chapter 5

Hi there, thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed it, I’m so glad!! And sorry, that was a mistake on my part that’s now been fixed! You should have at least 3 stats at 50 to convince Thumma (such as courage, intelligence, or et cetera), but those are not the only things that can convince her! Good luck!

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Hi anon, this may be a little late but it was brought to my attention on Discord that I actually put the wrong numbers for those stat checks (the pitfalls of working without sleep lol)! They were previously 70, which was impossible to reach, and have now been fixed to 50! (You have to get five ‘points’ to convince Thumma by telling her the right things, and some of those things check courage, compassionate, cunning, or others!)

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“Good evening, all! What Mr Carroll said is right, he’ll be right here if you need anything”, Beck pipes up.


“And to keep an eye on the behaviour of certain individuals! But don’t worry! It’s nice to see you doing so well after that trial, been a real long time since I’ve seen you guys. It’s wonderful to finally be out in the fresh fall air ain’t it?”

She scoffs.


“Seriously, it’s been a bore having so much less opportunity to interact with you guys”, a shrug, as she looks over the group, eyes wide as she scans your faces, “Finding other avenues to keep on top of things is such tedium. But I suppose Audrey can suffice if I’m not in town”.


“Anyways!”, Carroll interjects, “Y’all need your rest. The boundaries between a good and bad time can be fuzzy at this time of night. If you need us, well, there’s always the bell!”

It seems like that’s all you’re getting from them tonight… maybe you should finally get some rest.

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By the time you exit the courthouse, it seems that night has well and truly fallen. An almost full moon greets you for your trudge back to the hotel. The more nocturnal of Wilderdale’s townspeople mill about, and you pass by a gaggle of rat, lynx, and owl monsterpeople, gorgon gawkers, and a chilled out vampire garden party (presumably to celebrate hallowe’en a few weeks early), before finally reaching the hotel.

Though it seems you have a couple people greeting you upon your arrival. A tense Audrey, feat. one Beck Silverman, and…..

The former sheriff?

(Didn’t one of the staff members say the manager was due to visit?)


“Good to see y’all. Shall I reintroduce myself?”, he tips his hat, “I’m Mr Carroll, the manager of this fine establishment, lecturer at Wilderdale’s university, local history expert, former sheriff”, this is said with a pointed look at the current sheriff, “-political correspondent, registered nurse, marijuana educator, school janitor, Mr Juicy manager, art dealer, bartender-”, he goes on to list a couple dozen more occupations, “-and forest ranger! If you ever need my help, just call for me. I’m here to keep a watchful eye on y’all, and my staff here, of course! Can’t be getting up to any mischief”.

Audrey avoids making eye contact with him, but her coworker puts her hands on her hips, a saccharine grin plastered upon her face.

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Nam stood there for a bit longer. Why you hadn’t been dismissed was a mystery, but you felt as though it likely did not have something to do with letting you grieve. There was an almost giddy tone in their voice.


“It is done. I require blood, no matter of what sort. It has been denied too long, and Wilderdale…”


“Wilderdale stands yet, and it will continue as such. You are dismissed.”

On that cryptic note, people began filing out of the room and you followed suit. 

Chapter 5 Start.

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