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#chapter meeting

Greetings, all! This year’s first meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 17th at lunch in S-19. 

Keep in mind that this is an informational meeting. We will be going over the responsibilities of membership, the sorts of activities our chapter participates in during club meetings, and the national opportunities students have through affiliation with the national JSA organization. 

If you are interested in joining JSA, this meeting will help you understand just what our club has to offer. 

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Just got back from the OA Chapter meeting. Tonight was mostly discussion on Chapter improvement. Main topic: increase activity. The first step, getting more people to Chapter meetings (OA Reps, have fun meetings). There are usually about 10 people from the Chapter (second largest in the Lodge) at the meetings – most from my troop. If you’ve got any good advice, please feel free to speak it!

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Just got back from the Order of The Arrow Chapter Meeting.  The attendance is improving, as tonight we had 12 youth, and only about 9 of them from my troop!  (last month we had 11 youths, 10 from the troop)  I signed up for unit elections, and we learned about how that all works.

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So this week I got called a “joke”.

It was SO great. 

You may be wondering why, because I am clearly no joke (flips hair). 

Apparently ONE out of fifty chapter members, thinks it is immature and wrong for our chapter meetings to include laughter and smiles. 

Good god, who would come if they were drab and boring and awful?

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We are adults and I think that each of us can meet and exceed the challenge of having fun yet, remaining focused on getting through our business meeting and accomplishing tasks.

I may be chapter president, but I am still a sister.  I believe in holding my sisters accountable and putting sisterhood first.  Not personal friendships/relationships before doing my job.  I do not believe that people perceive me as an idiotic goober unserious joke. 

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Whatever.  Even the National President (who is the coolest person ever!) is funny when she addresses the Sorority. 

Lighten up.  And be nice.  I would never tell you you’re a bitter and judgmental to your face.  So passive aggressive of me…

Listening to: The History Channel, some program on secret societies.  This one is on the Bohemian Society. 

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& my LBs and I are super ready and prepared to make our impact on this chapter. New service projects and a fellowship so we all can get together. Maybe even an opportunity to study together being that finals are coming up. We’ll see how it goes. Hollaaaaa

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