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#chara love
fictionkinfessions · 19 hours ago
I've been a kinnie since i was like 13 (im 19 now) and although i see fellow kin ppl on here a lot, i always kinda feel out of the loop. or maybe i prefer to be an outsider now idk. I'm not really up to date with what is "new and cool" in the kin community nowadays anymore lol, but it would be nice to talk to someone around my age who'd might understand, because kinning is still a pretty big part of myself, although i rarely mention it to anyone anymore.
so hey, if you're feeling lonely or have nobody to talk to about your kins or ur experiences pls just know ur not alone :-] it'll be okay i promise ♡
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caretaker-au · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
saintbirmacat submitted to caretaker-au:
Sorry, I felt like I just have to.
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fictionkinfessions · 11 days ago
Any noncanons in the crowd tonight? I LOVE YOU. I have plenty of noncanons that I miss but I never think I'm going to find. Your people are out there, you'll find them, I promise <3
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fictionkinfessions · 24 days ago
kinning a protagonist: so many canonmantes, everyone who kins from that source loves you, always respected with triggers related to kin canons, find cute and comforting things wherever you go
kinning an antagonist: don't want to meet canonmates because they'd hate you, literally get told you're abusive/a bad person, you can never try to ask for trigger warnings out of fear of being yelled at by others, blocking tags because every post about you makes you want to kill yourself, always having people act like they know you better than you do and that you were the awful person they said you were in that canon, hating your kins with extreme passion, never feeling at home in your kin community, wishing you had never kinned in the first place, being compared to exaggerated stereotypes of bad people, your abuse in that timeline is always brushed off since you were a bad person, you can never talk about your own canon without fear of being hated for "ignoring" the bad parts, constant self hatred, etc
if this isn't on anon or not to the kin confessions blog please delete it
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fictionkinfessions · 25 days ago
If you're confused as to why or how you got here, I totally understand. I hope this life isn't too bad, and that you have some fun while you're around. And you know what? I'm glad you're here! It's incredibly great fortune that we all ended up in the same time and place in this universe! I feel lucky to share it with you! Even if we never meet, I'm glad to be here with you! #💕
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caretaker-au · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
perhaps it is actually we who are the april fools
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caretaker-au · 5 months ago
i’m not normally into older people but older chara 😳
i thought minty had inflicted maximum psychic damage on me by drawing that comic in the first place but i had no idea what was coming next
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fictionkinfessions · 14 days ago
normalize crushing on your own kintypes pls i know that's me, but also g-d i wanna look like that in this life so bad, im exactly my own type. i am so sexy im not about to stand here and pretend that i was not the sexiest person in my source 🙄
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fictionkinfessions · 25 days ago
Hi hello you, yes you, I love your canons! I love your memories! Even the vague mooshy memories that are more ambiguous sensations than distinct imagery! I think the more divergent are some of the coolest canons!! Like wow, small details, big variations, all extremely fascinating! Please never feel ashamed or regretful if you're not an exact match to whatever we know is the source canon! #💕
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fictionkinfessions · 3 months ago
To every canon divergent kinner out there!!! YOU ARE VALID AND LOVED!!! The whole multiverse, which obviously we all believe in considering the fact many of us believe we were living in a world that is fictional in this current one, proves that it’s only normal there’s so many other timelines and canons!!! Even the one you’re currently living has alternate universes where things were slightly or even majorly different!!!
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fictionkinfessions · 27 days ago
@ the person trying to get their friend to split a fictive of their husband no less: don't do that. can't even begin to tell you how not okay that is.
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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
Just kinfirmed Hello Kitty so here's a special message! I wish all people who use me and my friends in traumacore vent edits a very you deserve so much better, I hope things get better and know that Hello Kitty loves you and she's sure all her friends do too 💗!!
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caretaker-au · 6 months ago
Since Chara and Asriel are officially divorced it seems, maybe NOW I finally have a chance to marry my knaifu-waify? *wink-wink (No, I don't care even if Chara is 47 now.)
no chance. you got humanity disease.
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fictionkinfessions · 10 days ago
Every time I see paimon hate/emergency food jokes/"paimon endgame villain" I get upset... like no! she was my little buddy! She stuck with me during my entire journey! She kept me safe when I was reckless, was my guide, my best damn friend and hypeman, and all she asked for in return was some good food! Paimon just wanted to help and protect me, and I wish everyone who shits on her a very lose 50/50 on hard pity.
If there's any Paimon kin out there? I pat ur littol head.
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fictionkinfessions · 3 months ago
To all DSMP kins and fictives who had shitty experiences with shitty people, if you're comfortable, I'm going to set up a gigantic blanket fort and make everyone some hot cocoa. You all deserve to relax and chill out without having to worry about what they've done. -Philza [tag as fictive, please!]
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caretaker-au · 5 months ago
I'm not into old people as far as I know but damn after seeing Chara I might be 😳
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fictionkinfessions · 2 months ago
I adopt you now. We're having cookies :)
- Slenderman (▫️🔘▫️)
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fictionkinfessions · 3 months ago
psychological and other fictionkin deserve more recognition <33 keep being great!
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