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Isra Maxima | microbiologist | 22 | part-time idiot 

Self-proclaimed reckless fool, Isra’s main interests include pranking her best friend and doing the exact opposite of what everyone tells her. The physical of embodiment of ‘though she be little, she be fierce’, she finds great pleasure in proving people wrong. And there’ll be no greater pleasure than proving to everyone that aliens really are real. All she has to do is survive the journey across the stars, following a mysterious message from the depths of the galaxy. Piece of cake.

Scene snapshot:

“So, how’d you like my planet so far? Pretty nice, right?” The slightly shorter woman stretches her arms over her head and offers Isra a quick smile

“It’s … warm. Very warm. I’m used to a colder environment, but it’s nice to feel the sun after all those days in space.” Isra adjusts her stance, half-turning to face Loleisa. “I’m feeling nosey about those two volcanic continents we passed over. Does anything live there?”

“Not that we know of. With a few exceptions, we don’t tend to visit those two continents. Those who do dare venture there either turn around or die. It’s not exactly safe to visit anywhere with even one active volcano. Let alone the hundreds that stretch across both continents.”

“Ah. Yeah, we humans actually have a tendency of seeking volcanoes out. Not while they’re erupting, I mean. But people like to visit them. Hell, we even swim in the hot springs nearby.” A memory of having a splash-fight with her first boyfriend in one washes over her and Isra smiles fondly. “Occasionally we do stupid things and go near when they’re about to erupt. There was an ancient volcano that once destroyed a whole city and left behind all these ashy casts of the people who died. But we’ve become a lot more sensible than then.”

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[W]hile I listened to his grave, courtly voice I wondered, as one is always tempted to wonder about the man. Your first impression (and others have agreed with me in this) was one of liking and respect. You felt that you could tell him anything, however foolish it sounded, and he would be neither surprised nor inclined to laugh at you… . He rarely gestured when he spoke, except to shrug his shoulders, and he never raised his voice; but whenever you were in this man’s company in public you felt uncomfortably conspicuous.

— John Dickson Carr, It Walks By Night (1930)

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