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Nimlon Dragonprincess

Race: Nimlorthian

Rank: Crown Princess

Sexuality: Homoromantic asexual

Gender: Cis female

Character Summary:

Nimlon is the main character of The Stone Of Three. She is the Crown Princess of Nimlorth and the heir to the throne. She’s been trained all her life to receive the Crown, and yet, when it comes time for her father, the King, to choose his successor, he employs the use of ancient, forgotten prophecies in order to place his cousin on the throne instead of her.

In order to become Queen of Nimlorth, Nimlon must find the Gift of Nilon, a magical gem called the Stone Of Three. However, given that magic was banned centuries ago, that’s going to be rather difficult. 

And so it is that, with the armies of the new King Moargith chasing her, she must find the Stone of Three and return to Nimlorth.

But there is darkness arising in the eastern land called Duroth, and if Nimlon wants to save her people, she’s going to have less time than she thought.


taglist: @inky-duchess

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Draconic Resilience

Some say a fancy gown is not practical armor. Due to Iksu’s Draconic Resilience from her blue Dragon Ancestry, who needs armor if you have thick dragon scales! (& being charismatic with dragons!)

Due to that one busy day this art has been delayed until now! Super sorry for the late upload!

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Long time no see! This is Hades! Some of my followers might remember him. Only this time his design’s finally finished!..

He’s a little selfconcious about his body marks, you don’t want to know what his cigarettes are made of, and he likes dark humor, but he never smiles and I wouldn’t risk telling him a joke…

It’ll be a while until the next Pantheopolis OC bc I want to dedicate June to other OCs I have in mind, but I will make art feat. Lilith and Hades, so stay tuned!

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Soul Dancer, Angelette:
- she has a soul companion that accompanies her in battle, it appears as a white soul hologram version of her. It can teleport,float and follows Angelette around in close proximity. If she gets too far from Angelette, she fades away but reappears again near Angelette if she needs her for battle.
- with the help of soul companions, Angelette is able to double attack enemies, allowing her to defend herself against groups or more of enemies.

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