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Draw your oc/muse on a red carpet.

  • Are they posing or were they caught off-guard?
  • Is their outfit classic and stylish or bold and daring?
  • Do they fit the dress code or are they over- or under-dressed?
  • Are they walking alone or are they with a partner/friend/group?
  • What red carpet event are they at?
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Galmar Berastok concept sketches(Solikar)
Ok and the big guy and last member of the Unholy Trinity is done.And yes ladies he is single :P
On a side note he does sometimes wear shirts but he mostly doesnt go casual.He is usually in his vamp hunting armor.Any other concept sketch I will do will probably be a one shot model cause they will be making an appearance with a single look in this project specifically.

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I did some spooky character design for a new oc! They give me serious Sabrina vibes. Like, the new TV show. Above is the human version, and below is the demon shape. 

Anyone have any idea what I should name them?

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Dim Ages Redesign Bhella

Bhella Nightstalk is a skinchanger of the Fox pack. She left her den to learn the ways of the indigo energies and adventure across America. She now resides in Miami running the Dragon Horn metal scene bar drinking with stars, and scaring off losers with her reality magic and trusty human hunting rifle.

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Character Intro: Vazeiros

  • Autistic
  • Nonverbal
  • Outgoing and extroverted as heck
  • The life of the party
  • Second appearance and she’s stimming happily
  • Favorite stims: hand flapping, head shaking, hopping, chewing on fingers, buzzing (it’s a racial characteristic of a race that straight up does not exist, everyone else rumbles)
  • SpIn: mountains and rocks
  • Mischievous
  • A lot of fun
  • Embroiders
  • Plays piano
  • She’s 19, short, and chubby
  • She is not afraid to use the middle finger (even though she has six fingers, so there’s not a middle)
  • She’s very nice and I love her
  • Later she’s going to have a telepathic connection with the main character (not to negate her nonverbal-ness, really just a strong empathy thing where the guy gets a blast of her very strong emotion and doesn’t understand why)
  • She’s really new so I don’t really have a backstory for her, but it’s not going to be Depressing As Heck
  • Also sensitive to smells and sounds, not really visual stuff, but bright light is not her friend
  • Her biggest weakness right now is a soft towel on her head. That happens and she melts (not sure if in a good or bad way, I saw someone’s post about that and I still think about it every day)
  • She struggles a lot with body language, not so much sarcasm, but the guy tries to help with that (signing the word for sarcasm or joke when he’s talking)
  • Her disability is not a weakness
  • It’s a superpower (in the sense that the cause of autism is being stunningly gorgeous and amazing)
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Takanashi Ayumu | Master | 25/2786 | Vampire/Spirit (Kitsune) | Versatile

“I’m trying not to drown in the red burnt sea of emotions.”

Born of the Takanashi household, Ayumu is the son of the vampire Takanashi Ryoma and kitsune Yayoi. Yayoi was a priestess of the Aso shrine in Kumamoto. His parent’s marriage was all but arranged, and to secure an heir for both clans, dark magic had to be involved. Less than a year into their marriage, Ayumu was born into both clans. They had dubbed him as Mononobe-no-Ayumitsu, Mononobe being a bestowed surname of the current ruling Emperor of the country. The Takanashi’s were related to the blue bloods but were a distant enough relative to not be included in the line of succession for the throne. Instead, the family ruled over in their small city of Kumamoto, Ayumu lavished with both affection, luxuries, and anything that his dark little heart desired. He was always the center of attention and fêtes in their home, the first child to be born of black magic (or at least, was publicly known to be). Relatives traveled far and wide to meet the boy who was made artificially, their curious eyes and words poking at Ayumu every chance that they had gotten.

By the time he had reached his first century, he had gained both his human form and the rank to manage their family shrine. He had steered clear of the Takanashi household and instead, dedicated himself to spirituality and religion. The moment he had stepped out into the new era of Kamakura Ayumu was shocked. He had sheltered himself into the quiet provincial life so much that he had not realized that the world had advanced without him. Wandering the new streets of Kumamoto, in the marketplace of merchants was where he had first seen him. The son of a merchant from a lowly human species, one gaze at the man Ayumu was struck. He had fallen in love with the stranger who he will come to know as Koizumi Shun.

Bound by his practice, he had not introduced himself physically to Shun and instead visited him in his dreams. It was an affair that had no physical manifestation, a mere ‘wet dream’ as one would call it every time Ayumu would appear. Yet, the dream would one day turn into a nightmare. Tragedy had struck and the town was on fire. Originating from the house of Koizumi. Ayumu fought to make his way into the town, to force himself into the Koizumi household in an effort to save Shun. Shun was buried under the burning woods and later, Ayumu himself was buried as well. Ayumu had survived the fire but was able to find the dead mangled body of Shun from the rubbles. In the midst of tragedy Ayumu found himself running back to the shrine. The emotional breakdown of losing the only person he had loved was taking its toll on the shrine, kitsunes had to group together and pin the blond down for the safety of their home. He was taken into the underground layer of their shrine, the elders encasing Ayumu into a deep slumber.

Half a millennia had passed and Ayumu was woken from the dream with Shun. There was a war in the new world, a war that had to be won by their race. The feelings of loss had once again emerged from the depths of Ayumu’s heart. It was not in his preferred nature to be violent, he did not want to shed blood, it was never a choice of his to battle. But, the darkness inside of him had enveloped the blond and the years of sleep had made him powerful enough.

Japan had joined the war, Ayumu one of the leading generals after he had fought in it for two centuries. He had immersed himself in the new technology, drowned himself in battles, and fought like a wild animal who had just been released from their cage. He was honored for his bravery, the last remaining relatives of their clan did not think he would be the one to raise the status of their name once again. Everyone had thought that he would’ve slept through the entire war and for the first few years he did.

The Takanashi household was once again proud and known thanks to Ayumu—a falling of the family that he didn’t even know had happened, one he did sleep through—

Try as he may, Ayumu forced himself back into devotion at the Aso shrine but found himself incapable of doing so. He changed his path and decided to stay in the politics of the new world instead. It was the one thing he had come to know and be good at in this era.

A whisper from one of his many subjects and a relative had offered him sanctuary in Russia. The people had thought of him good, saw of him as deserving and one that needed to catch a break. Ayumu was reluctant at first, not wanting to throw himself into the sensual pleasures of the body, yet with some persuasion and coercion of those close to him, Ayumu had found himself staying at Krov’s Castle.

Location of Birth: Kumamoto, Japan

Positive Traits: Blithe, perceptive, jovial, and meticulous,

Negative Traits: Eccentric, roguish, and stubborn

3 turn-ons: asphyxiation, roleplay, and pain play

3 turn-offs: water sports, scat, and daddy kink

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Noctis “Nox” Blackborne | Master | 24/314 | Vampire/Demon/Faerie | Versatile/Bottom

“They wore their strange beauty like war paint.”

It should be said first and foremost, not all faeries are the friendly, woodland sprites and enchanting nymphs they talk about in children’s books and Disney movies. Prince Noctis of Aradia comes from a line of faeries, a species of fairies from the fae realm that were anything but light and whimsical. The Aradian fae resided in the darkest part of the faerie realm, the part corrupted by demonic energy. They worshiped the darkness, and were at constant odds with the light fae of the realm, but were feared and respected nonetheless.

Noctis was the third born child of the Aradian royalty, the youngest prince of the clan. He was raised to believe that one day, the demons of another world would completely overtake their realm, and the most powerful, the strongest, the faithful, would be exulted and would ascend to godhood. So when the vampire’s attack came, Noctis, nor his people, were afraid. They welcomed the destruction of their realm, and when the vampires came, the royal family was turned into a new kind of a creature, Dark Leanin Sidhe. Unfortunately, during the war for the realm, many fae on both sides were killed, including those in the Aradian court. His own mother sacrificed herself so that her family could live, her kingdom could survive. Along the way his oldest brother also perished, leaving him with the tattered remains of his family.

The human realm, for Noctis, was a culture shock to say the least. Where he was raised as a child of royalty, living in the lap of privilege and notoriety, he was a stranger in a new world, an alien. That sense of entitlement he developed proved to be his undoing as he was forced to rely on the kindness and interest of strangers to survive. Separated from his brothers and father, he was forced to rely on his own cunning and survival skills to get by. He befriended a duke in Wales in the early 1800′s, a man who seemed to more captivated by the vampire’s charm and charisma, than he was his history. Noctis found it quite easy to charm him, and used him to get by in Europe with relative ease. He fed on him at night, and used his wealth and prestige to make a name for himself in the daytime.

As it turned out, humans were a lot more fragile and much more fleeting than what Nox was used to. After his duke died of old age, he was forced to move around a bit more, as to not raise suspicion of his identity. Unfortunately, his flamboyant antics garnered the attention of a guild of hunters in northern Spain. While the persecution was short lived, and his escape was almost effortless, he realized once and for all that he could not live the way he once had. As powerful as he was, as smart as he was, he would be forced to hide to survive, to adapt. For the better part of the next century, that’s exactly what Nox had to do. Making friends with the right people, doing favors he wished he hadn’t had to, playing the political game to garner status and wealth was a chore, but one he excelled in. By the early 2000′s he’d manage to reach a degree of wealth and influence he hadn’t expected. Unfortunately, the fact that he was still expected to hide, to avoid humans and hunters and any other supernatural that deemed him ‘unsavory’, was not only offensive, but debilitating. So when he heard of a place, a castle, where people like him were not only free to live their truth, but celebrated and exalted, he was more than happy to take full advantage.

Location of Birth: Faerie Realm

Positive Traits: Charismatic, Loyal, Cunning, Perceptive, Passionate

Negative Traits: Proud, Impulsive, Vindictive, Jealous, Selfish

3 turn-ons: Muscle Worship, Marking, Dirty Talk

3 turn-offs: Feminization, Humiliation, Bathroom play

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