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#character :   「  caged in hands  」   ⇢   yoshikage kira .
variantmodes · 27 days ago
@dragons-cove​​ said: kira is in the wrong place at the wrong time. leaning against the wall of a tight alleyway is a shady young man, who approaches and discreetly pulls out a small white baggy, with god knows what inside. " now the money. " / doppio for kira .
pixel sent me this because i liked their inbox call!
Tumblr media
doppio is in a similar position, considering kira is currently dumping his rotting lover— a most unfortunate break-up, having to end in such a disgusting alley. oh well.
kira clutches his newly-ex-girlfriend’s hand behind his back. he can’t help but scan over the baggy… and the dainty hand offering it. feminine, but not nearly enough for his tastes. kira scoffs.
“  you might be the least inconspicuous dealer i’ve ever seen.  ”
he’s never seen one before.
“  i’m not interested in whatever it is you’re selling. as a matter of fact, i’m feeling quite ill. so you should run off now, before you catch a nasty cold.  ”
kira widens what distance he can in the claustrophobic alley. he then brings his hand (the one unmarked by coagulated blood) out from behind his back to shoo the strange young man away. there’s no time for this nonsense. kira hates interruptions in the middle of a lover’s quarrel; it’s hard enough to end things the way he has to, with a burial in a dingy silver trash bin. a little creep trying to pawn off narcotics is making his day far worse than he allowed mental space for.
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