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#character art

👻 HAPPY HALLOWEEN 🎃. Arachnophobic please don’t focus on the legs of my spider girl pin-up but rather on her beautiful face 😙🕷️.

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Warning: possible sensitive topics i guess?

Info about him:

Name: Grave

Last name: Sylo

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Occupation: Inventor / Leader of an village / Reaper

Partner: Glory

Kids biological: Moth, Secrè, Ebony

Kids Adopted: Smoke, Cinder, Cascade

More about him:

Grave has a cold personality and is often aggressive and short tempered. This is due to a curse that was put on him, the curse taking form in redish-black markings on his bones. This curse doesn’t affect him at night though, so at night he shows his true personality. Which is described by his kids as affectionate and caring.

Grave is not an inventor by job, but has to fix machinery constantly due to Glory being largely made of mechanics due to an incident.

Most think he’s abusive towards his family as he often explodes rather then implodes. He’s known for shouting at his family and acting cold to them. Although his family simply ignores this behavior.

His main qualities are death touch, memory manipulation and semi-future seeing.

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The Runaways of the Salamander Coast. From left to right we have Desmond the Dragonborn Rogue, Po the Water Genasi Paladin, Ishima the Halfling Monk, Bianka the Tielfling Blood Hunter and Cecily the Human Sorcerer. You can follow their adventures on YouTube at the Roll With Advantage! channel.

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Haddus A’Darael the Drow Rogue/Warlock. As a member of one of the most fearsome mercenary bands in the nation, Haddus had never been one to wrestle to with the morality of the task before him, accepting any offer worth the coin. His pillaging lifestyle changed when a job went south and he was forced to betray his clan. Fearing retribution, he fled and stayed in the shadows for years until meeting an adventuring party who was on a journey to defeat a powerful lich that was threatening the land. Weary of hiding, he joined them. With this new group of travellers at his side and a recent pact with the Raven Queen, Haddus feels ready to face the dangers of adventuring once more.

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