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Smoky Upgraded suit allows him to swim faster and dive deeper, The Trident Company hired smoky the fish finder to find why fish on earth is missing rapidly. Smoky deep ocean adventure begins, with his special trident weapon made of adamant fused steel. The suit allows him to endure water pressure.

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Challenge Day 001 Year 6! 
6x-001 didn’t have a lot to do in a day. It basically just floated around patrolling the perimeter of where it was assigned. It never really encountered anything trying to break in to the place it was guarding. But it was hopeful that someday it could use it’s most intimidating voice, and slight adjustment of it’s gun arms to deter people from getting closer.  In the meantime it was enjoying listening to the birds as it floated along each day.

Starting Year 6!

What I used: Muji Light Blue 0.275mm nib pen on Moleskin Sketchbook.
What this is: Daily Character Design Challenge, 2020-05-26 Year 6 - No001, by Jeff Stewart

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…daddy? || so, finally here’s the main character from my wip, again, feel free to send asks !! :((

I’m very happy on how it turned out, I’ve been trying to draw her for months but I had such a specific image and vibe coming from her I was never satisfied with anything, but I’m in love with this version !!

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Yo! I have redesigned this character [Rui Cabrera} because I’m starting to dislike her previous design. First design {second one} Final design {First}

More information about her:

She is the most beautiful girl in their circle of friends called “REDD” group. She is neat and clean, often talks, great leader, rich, thoughtful and curious. She do not want to talk about her parents as her parents divorced 2 years ago (she can’t move on). She also have a heart disease, that’s why she talks slowly and often.

I will be uploading this on dA since I always hang out there, I will include her personalities written in the description. 

What do you think about this character? 



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Jidne’s Character Sheet 2

I’m on a roll today! I’m having way too much fun making Jidne and giving myself a refresher on drawing.

She’ll be in my stories soon, when I’ve finally finished the other requests (which I should probably be doing now lol)

Please don’t steal my artwork. | Made with Huion Inspiroy H640P, Krita, and Paint Tool SAI

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ohohoho I’m back and better than before

this is my friend’s dnd character, a half elf storm sorcerer sailor and I had a whole lot of fun with it heheh

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