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#character ask
cereuscross · 9 minutes ago
Az scare me a brittle bit of how attached is with the MC, like it's life depends of it, is both heartwarming and terrifing. ❤😥
I know! I just want to hug them forever ❤
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essek-gaylyss · 12 minutes ago
How I feel about this character:
Okay, so, how much time do you have? I have so many feelings and thoughts on Essek. A character that was supposed to be a kind of villain/antagonist to the M9, did a full 180 through the power of friendship and ended up giving me my much craved wizard romance + kinda imortality angst?? It's like Matt looked into my brain, took all my favourite tropes and just threw them together to create this character.
All the people I ship romantically with this character:
Caleb, mainly. Just because the angst and the chemistry are so so good.
My non-romnatic OTP for this character:
Jester was basically the one that got Essek to go from antagonist to ally with the sheer power of friendship. They dynamic has big sunshine & sarcastic asshole that are very close vibes. I enjoy.
My unpopular opinion about this character:
He is the best NPC and no, i will not take criticism.
One thing I wish would happen/ had happened with this character in canon:
I would have loved to see his brother, just to get a glimpse at their dynamic.
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a-lil-bi-furious · 15 minutes ago
oh-ho-ho bringing in a whole bouquet of flowers, I see. 😊💕  Well, allow me to fill a vase with words to keep them alive and pretty!
From “Now I See You in My Nightmares (Or Not at All)”:
“For what it’s worth, you’re not the same person who—” Scott cuts off mid-sentence, his breath catching in the back of his throat. Theo can see the way Scott’s body tenses, can hear the way his breath shudders unsteadily in and out of his lungs. Scott flexes his hands subtly at his side, working them open and closed, like he’s fighting the urge to curl in on himself entirely. Like he’s willing himself to be able to say what they both know completes his sentence: person who murdered me. Scott can’t seem to get it out—maybe he’s still not quite ready to face what happened. Maybe he's never even said it out loud.
And Theo isn’t ready to finish that statement for him. Guilt knots his stomach, and he averts his gaze, unable to bear looking Scott in the eye. Theo curls his own hands into fists in his lap, counting on the familiar pain of nails digging into his palms to keep him grounded. “You’re not the same person.” Scott repeats, decisively letting the rest hang heavy and unsaid in the space between them. Theo doesn’t look at him, fights the urge to tell Scott just how wrong he is.
(For every 🌹 in my inbox I’ll post a line from a WIP!)
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crickiss · 21 minutes ago
Aaaaaaa another person who considers Boris Habit and Putunia Mollar family!!! Love seeing other people love them too ♥️💕 ;-;
Tumblr media
Ohmygosh, you too??? Aaaaa, how WONDERFUL!! They're both very dear to me and knowing that there's more people who love them just as much never fails to put a smile on my face! (੭ु。>﹏<。)੭ु⁾⁾💕💝💗💓💖💞
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macademics · 35 minutes ago
December is the best birthdays , why because captain Levi
Tumblr media
Levi Ackerman: I don’t understand the fuss, but alright.
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vulomkaaz · 39 minutes ago
I wanted to draw a scene that happens a bit later on in the story. Also one I was just writing out because a character who I've recently renamed appears in it and I needed to get used to their new name
Tumblr media
You know when the hero is forced to work with the villain? Love it when that happens
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just-qiqi · 41 minutes ago
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“Qiqi's head hurts...”
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thatspookyagent · 41 minutes ago
Low-key might be a Natsu kin now because um I wrote/created a character for a novel I'm writing that was trained by dragons and it's centered around dragons and dragons are a HUGE special interest for me! And my favorite is the Leviathan which I first discovered via Supernatural season 7!
Also my favorite Pokemon type is dragon types and my favorite Pokemon of all time is Garchomp! :D
N E WAYS I'm stereotypical neurodivergent Asexual and proud! <3
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eirian-houpe · 47 minutes ago
Time's Curse Rumple: How long have you been working for Cambridge? Does she always make you take on such unsavory work?
Working for Cambridge... well now, dearie, that's an interesting way of putting it. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say working in spite of Cambridge, but yes it is at her behest. Unsavory is a very polite word for what she has me do, yes. Heinous, cruel, villainous would also fit, but... anything so she can avoid getting her delicate little hands dirty. Loathsome creature.
Tumblr media
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ask-manageroka · 49 minutes ago
Mr. Oka would you and Mr. Shadow like a flag? (I'm assuming you're attending S pride)
Oh! Maybe Pan and Gray-Ace? That'd be really nice! @ask-theshadowman we gonna have a fun night?
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elliesasks · 54 minutes ago
so what are y'all having for breakfast after y'all are all done resting your heads?
Tumblr media
Current M!A: Mikayla, Jade, Bailey, Tori, Behrukh, Alsie and I are having a slumber party for the next 4 asks we receive!
Ellie: Hey Bailey, did you know the restaurant your parents own is based on a restaurant I go to a lot?
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sasayakc · 56 minutes ago
Law watched the strange looking man wander around the island from his spot in a tree. He had a strange feeling about him. But mostly he seemed ... sad? Lonely? "You seem lost, friend. Need some help?"
Tumblr media
     This was an odd world. He didn’t know how he had managed to travel here. It took a lot of energy out of him to travel between different realms, so maybe that could explain it. He had been walking along the shoreline for a while, and the longer he walked, the more convinced he was that he had arrived at an island. Which was odd because the place he had been aiming for in the World of the Living didn’t have an island like this. The air here felt different too. The condensation of spirit particles not equal to that in the World of the Living. Muramasa wondered if it was maybe just he who was getting too tired to sense things correctly.
     Ending up here wasn’t such a bad thing. So far he hadn’t seen anyone, and that was just as well. He had to get used to this lonely existence. He was an oddity. He had no kin. It was lonely. Very lonely. It was surprising, how poorly he was dealing with it. He had been all by himself for hundreds of years, waiting in that Inner World. Waiting and waiting in solitude. Why was it different now? At least he had freedom to go where he wanted now. Muramasa knew why it was different now. It was because he wasn’t waiting for anything. 
     He was startled and pulled from his thoughts by a sudden voice. He turned his head towards the sound. A man was comfortably sitting in a tree. He briefly reminded Muramasa of a cat. His skin was tanned and his hair black. Thanks to being so startled, he had almost missed the man’s words. Friend? Had he called him friend? It was suspicious. Muramasa kept his hands in his pockets where they had been the entire time. If the other wanted to attack him... Well, now was his chance. ❝ I suppose I am lost. ❞ He spoke calmly, and his heart was slowly calming down from the fright. ❝ Since I don’t know where I am. ❞ Could he really be counted as lost when he didn’t have anywhere to go though?  
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sakanadc · an hour ago
As he does every year { although some years with more resistance than others. } He has made a cake. it is a lemon lavender cake this year, with decorative frosting on top and small edible pearls in cream and gold. Kensei likes to give gifts that are useful, or will at least be used a lot, so he has gotten Shinji a small maintenance pack for his record player. New needles, special dusting cloth and some wires that may need replacing at some point. He briefly patted the blond between his shoulder blades. "Happy birthday."
     You wouldn’t have guessed it from looking at Kensei - that he was good at baking. Cooking in general, really. The cake this year was fancy as hell. Purple and yellow - Shinji’s colors. Of course that didn’t go unnoticed, though he didn’t comment, knowing that Kensei wouldn’t appreciate that. Pearls too, huh? He can’t help but think that Kensei putting this extra effort in is a reflection of him being pleased with Shinji this past year. Getting approval from such a strict guy ( especially when Shinji was on the complete opposite end of the scale ) was pretty nice. His grin was a little teasing, and he accepted the wrapped gift. ❝ Thanks. ❞ Wondering what he had gotten him this year, Shinji promptly unwrapped the present. No need to put on a display of trying to guess the content. Kensei was more of a direct-approach sort of guy. The wrapping paper, once torn off, revealed a box. Shinji had to read the description before understanding what it was.
Tumblr media
     Oh, cool! His grin widened noticeably, his eyes growing a little bigger too. He was clearly pleased. This was a very useful gift. A maintenance set for his record player. He must’ve gone to the World of the Living to get it for him. To Shinji’s surprise, when he had returned to Soul Society, he had found his record player still there. In perfect condition. It was probably worse off now that he had been using it. Aizen had actually taken care of it in his absence. Shinji chose not to think about that right now. The questions he had on that subject were not welcome. What WAS welcome was the thought of getting his record player back to the state he had found it in! 
     ❝ Ya really trynna’ outdo everyone this year, huh? I’m spoiled. ~ ❞ The pat between his shoulder blades was returned by a nudge in the shoulder. It felt more or less like trying to bump into a stone-wall. What the hell was up with Kensei’s build... ❝ I’ll definitely use this. ❞ He said, rubbing his own shoulder. Ouch. 
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zev-minitaka · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here we go! Basic information about our characters and ask-blog! Most of these drawings were made by me, Daylie! The fourth drawing (and personally better all around) was made by AJ! ( @lazy-trash101 ) this basically explains mostly everything were good with, a better explanation would just be nothing 18+ really, or too personal for us. We’ll try to post the ask blog ASAP! I’m just... bad at Tumblr so I’m still learning.. but we’re getting there! Hope to see you all soon!
Also! If your confused on anything, don’t be afraid to ask!
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prompt-master · an hour ago
Mmkay so Shuichi is the resident nut but what about,,,, Kiibo and Maki and Himiko? I'm not counting on Tsumugi, but,,, yknow, they all knew, too
I just thought itd be funnier with saihara tbh
But for a geniune answer, theyre probably teaming up to try and break themsleves and everyone out of the game. It doesnt matter if the game is peaceful, that just means its a better time to act then ever.
But saihara and kiibo would be a lot easier to pick on that harukawa and yumeno. Harukawa because well. Shed probably stab you. And yumeno because of chabashira (who is the only person to believe that theyre in a game)
Meanwhile shirogane is trying to stop them without outting herself as a bad guy because "this is a fanservice dream"
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waywardduality · an hour ago
50. kisses with their last dying breath
No. No. No. That damn fool. That damn beautiful stupid fool. Jack was almost one hundred yard way when he heard the snap. As the opponent he had been fighting turned to dust, the super solider turned. "Noo!" The roar was more animal than man. Dropping his weapon, footsteps pounded hard on the ground, sprinting towards his fiancé. "No, please." Panting as he finally reached the man in red iron. The sight made his heart instantly break. Hearing the words 'I'm sorry Mr. Stark' and watching the young man walk away in tears, he knew. He knew as he grew closer, hearing the faint sound of Tony's heart beating slower and slower.
The words were faint as he knelt down, hot tears welling in his eyes. 'We were robbed.' Reaching out with a shaking hand, Jack cupped his lover's face. "I know Baby. I know. " The lump grew in his throat. Time was running out. The soft sound of the other's heart was slowing down. Please not now. I can't do this without him. Silently he pleaded to a god who had seemed to have forgotten about him a long time ago. Why now? Why were they forced to part again? Why did he have to now suffer alone? "Hey..." Jack forced a smile, even though his entire world was shattering around him. The tears slipped down his dirty cheeks. "It's okay, there's always the next lifetime. I love you so much." Leaning in he kissed the man he loved more than anything sweetly, until he could no longer hear his heart.
Drawing back, Jack knew...he knew he was gone. A sob lurched in his throat as the light of the arch reactor blinked before going out...
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macademics · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Natsuo Todoroki: *scratch the back of his neck* "And, uh, me too!"
Tumblr media
Neji Hyuuga: *raises hand* "There would be me as well."
Tumblr media
Inko Midoriya: *softly laugh* "Me too! Maybe I can prepare some recipes, too!"
Tumblr media
Kushina Uzumaki: "Ohh, good idea! I can help you too!!"
Inko Midoriya: *smile* "It will be an honor!!"
Hizashi Yamada: *excited* "YEAHHHHHHH!!!! WE'LL THROW THE BIGGEST PARTY EVER!!!!"
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kiraspringdale · an hour ago
🌲 woods somewhere - have you ever saved a life?
Kira shrugged. "Prolly. Though the number I didn't save count a lot more." Thanks for the ask!
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