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#character concept

okay before i forget (again): lentera and andromeda first meet at lukas’ firm. tera is aruna’s company for a day (because he will go back to the us next week), and aruna has some business with lukas (cliche thing they were once family before lukas got divorced).

eda has an instant crush, of course. she goes “mas lukas, itu tadi siapanya mbak aruna? ganteng” and “mas, kira-kira mas lentera punya pacar nggak ya, mas? kira-kira mau nggak ya sama eda?” and “ ganteng banget maaas! mas sam mah lewat!” (and sam be like, “teruuus, gue aja terus!”).

god knows how they end up getting close; probably after tera finishes his mba and comes back for good, and they meet again somewhere, or this time it’s him needing lukas’ help.

eda is a bubbly girl while lentera, being an amateur when it comes to girls, is a bit awkward. it’s just cute to think about our sunshine pup going on and on about her day and tera being a good listener who is actually dying inside because “shit if there’s anyone cuter than her i’d kill myself.”

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Carrying on with the diversity series for the Lunai here. 🤍

I haven’t uploaded any male Lunai yet, so there’s that taken care of, for one!
This gent here is definitely a Western Indigo, sporting more of a Western look overall. He’s a bit of a roughed up lad, his scars and his sharp hairstyle speaking for some Lunai combat experience likely present on his design’s resume.

And before anyone asks, no, the facial hair isn’t able to be manipulated like the hair a.k.a hair on their heads.
Yes, I did think about it… as cool as weaponized beards, mustaches, eyebrows and general body hair sounds, I had to draw the line somewhere… 😆

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Random thought of the day:
Warlock whose patron is a child-like entity. Occasionally has to play games with his/her patron, or may be subjected to juvenile pranks.
Patron may act as if the warlock is his/her imaginary friend.

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I’m so tired of boring, cliched characters based off of the seven deadly sins. I’m just. I don’t wanna see Lust be some big boobied, wide hipped, hourglass, could-be-snapped-like-a-twig girl who sleeps around all the time.

You know why? Because:

- Sex is not unhealthy

- Not just “thicc” skinny girls have sex

- There’s so many other ways to do lust???

- Even with the other sins, there’s better ways to do it!!!!

I could go on and on, but I’m super sleepy so I won’t. Feel free to leave your own ideas, though :)

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Person A and B are completely different people who‘ve been together for a year now. They love each other painfully: A is thick skinned, someone who has been through a lot in life, a leader, the one who had to sacrifie the most, and is very unaware of sensitivities. That is exactly why b gets hurt so much. They‘re strong in their own, detailed, sensitive way, and have built themselves up in the last years. The mom of the group, the loving and giving one. But this time, B sacrifices their heart and pain for A. Despite A’s thorns and B’s sensitive self, they somehow found their ways throughout the months. But as they slowly reach the second year, things start to rip apart. Person B is not able to bear the pain anymore, and falls weak. A also got tired of not understanding B, their conflicts, the way B has been thinking and feeling all the time. The time was the time where the fact, that pure love wasn’t enough, had packed them on the shoulder and tossed them against the wall. It was also 6pm when B packed their stuff and left. It was autumn, dark outside, but the sharp coldness in the room was much uglier than the one outside. A looking out the window, with the packing noises of B in the background. They didn’t talk, nor did they say goodbye. Not even a look, a shared tear. B closed the door, almost couldn’t walk towards their car, because this felt like a freshly opened, bright red wound, that was just bleeding warmly. A stood there. For them only to lay on the cold, dark couch. For a long time.

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