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#character design

Decided to redo an old picture of Charles! What a difference two years can make.

Charles showed an aptitude for magic at a young age, though it mostly manifested as him accidentally lighting things on fire. In desperation, his parents sent him to a nearby academy to learn how to control his magic better. He didn’t show much interest in improvement until he discovered–and was subsequently banned from–the library.

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I’m planing on hopefully posting the last part of The Fall on Thursday the 29th. Hope everyone who reads it enjoys it’s my first time posting a comic so it’s not polished but I really enjoyed making it😊. Here’s a cute picture of my squash boys GB (goosebumps) and Stalk.

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(part 1) code lyoko has been one of my absolute favourite shows as a child. i was literally obsessed with it! and now it’s on netflix, and i couldn’t be happier!!

i tried to imagine the characters as young adults in today’s world. and try to draw them in my style, and thinking about a “what happened since the end of the show?” (i might have been influenced by the fact that yumi and ulrich have been my very first otp, but ok).

+ i put zodiac signs! but i’m not an expert. i mean, i’ve been reading about and studying astrology for a couple of years now, but i’m still soo behind! so i might be totally wrong here!

(if you like these, follow me on ig! @/yueliass!!)

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Hi :)

Sorry this took me some time, but there is so much I could talk about here. So I try to go with some basics.

How to create a character

Make a character sheet

some examples for what I usually try to find out about my characters, regardless which genre I’m writing in


  • name, age, place of birth, where they live, nationality, ethnicity, education, occupation, religious affiliation, financial status, gender identity, sexual orientation

physical appearance

  • eye, hair and skin colour
  • distinguishing features (tattoos, birthmarks, scars, visible disabilities,…)
  • height and weight (proportions!)
  • walk (slow, fast, skipping,…)
  • tics and mannerisms (touching their face, blinking, grinding their teeth,…)

speech patterns and communication style

  • talk (slow, fast, slurred etc.)
  • accents and dialects
  • using slang, sounding educated, trying to hide a dialect/accent etc.
  • do they talk with their whole body? (gestures?)

extra question for speech and physical appearance: can people tell where the character is coming from and what influences they have from their heritage?

past and present

  • how did they grow up?
  • happy memories
  • academic career
  • hobbies
  • past trauma or important turning points that still influence their life
  • specific lifestyle
  • social and political ideology


  • dreams and goals
  • expectations from themself and from outside

Relationship maps

for longer stories it’s even more important to understand your characters relationships to each other

two different approaches:

1. proper list of family, friends, love interests, “enemies”, everyone else


  • who is still alive and where do they live?
  • who did they grow up with?
  • what was and what is their relationship?


  • how long do they know each other?
  • would they trust them with a secret?
  • how close are they?

love interests

  • what is their relationship status?
  • what do they like about them?
  • is it reciprocated?
  • if they are not together why not?


  • how do they know each other?
  • what do they not like about each other?
  • did they always hate each other?
  • can their relationship become better?

2. love, like, hate categories

  • make a list of people your character loves (use the different forms of love: romantic, familial, friendly,…)
  • make a list of acquaintances
  • make a list of people they dislike and people who dislike them
  • you could even try to draw their relationships with each other
  • make sure you include if the relationship changes throughout your story

Those are just some basic things I could think of that I usually like to write down about my characters. Depending on the story there are some variations of this and more information about specific topics.

Pro tip for developing your characters: write short stories or little sequences with your characters that don’t neccessarily have anything to do with your story. I think of it as fanfiction of your own work. Put your characters with their intended roles and relationships in different situations and just write and let it play out. This is a good tool to find out if and how the characters work together. And it can even give you new ideas for their relationships to each other and new skills or habits for your characters. It’s basically a test run for your cast before you go into your bigger story.

And one last important thing: don’t get too stuck on an idea. Characters can sometimes develop a life of their own. You don’t always have a conscious control over them. So don’t be afraid to change it if something is not working out or you find something else that is working even better.

This took me such a long time and I hope it makes sense and helps you with your writing. Good luck!

- Jana

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🧚‍♀️ Encomendas Abertas 🧚‍♀️
(compartilhamentos são muito apreciados 🥰)

📌 depois de um bom tempo planejando, finalmente abri as minhas comissões! ✨ Agora quem quiser um desenho digital meu pode encomendar, os preços estão especificados nesse post, e podem variar de acordo com a complexidade da comissão.

📌 os pedidos devem ser feitos no meu Instagram :)

📌 para mais detalhes, é só me chamar na DM que tiro quaisquer dúvidas você tiver

📌 to my non-brazilian followers: i’ll be opening international commissions soon  !

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