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#character design

Here’s work from September that I forgot to post on this site!

ten pages of the process can be found on my Art Process Tumblr!

Drink a God Down - Oracle and Spirit

My self-directed project, a character and creature design. From September 2019.

Joze drinks from a sacred drinking fountain and finds himself chained to divine service.

digital art made with Huion screen display tablet in Krita software

time: About 8-10hours all together

I’ll be posting a time-lapse video next!

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So here is the sequel to that post I made about Descendants character design that no one asked for. I figured that since I did the ‘VKs’ I should also do all the assholes from Auradon, just to be fair lol. With this bunch of kids, it’s less so about how “omfg they’re trying to present edgy kids who literally grew up on a prison island without giving them any body mods what blasphemy is this” and moreso just going into the wardrobe and hair stuff. Kinda like how with Mal and everyone it was about having it not just be head to toe colorful leather, this is about having everyone not look like Barbie movie rejects who all coordinate their outfits a little too well in spite of not having a dress code while adding a little bit of extra stuff. I’m not going to go too crazy with piercings and tattoos but the combination of how all these kids are literally royalty and therefore can do pretty much anything along with how severely the characterization of their parents seems to deviate from their original characters, I think it’s reasonable to include some.

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also decided to update lunis’s design and model so he fits more with the final space style! 

lunis is one of a rare alien species that was born from the pieces of a dead titan. sometimes he hears invictus’s voice but its cool, its cool

he runs a nightclub in the residential district of a space station! he lost his arms breaking up a rough bar fight. the prosthetics are his own design and are plated with lcd screens that can change colors/patterns. they have to recharge every few days and they lose functionality/become unsafe to wear in extreme temperatures.

the void in his chest is a portal to a small pocket dimension. he uses it as personal storage/a trash can. 

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