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#character development

“You know,” his jaw clicked, a tell of his hesitation, “in this lighting you look much more like a woman who could kill a man in a dozen ways with her bare hands.”

You can’t help the smile cutting through your lips, “rather than?”

“Rather than the sweet lady who gives men the time of their lives one night at a time.” He digs in his wallet and hands you bills, which you grab and set on the bed.

“Trust me, darling,” you straddle his lap and pull out his knife, the one you’ve had your eyes on since you met him, “I’m both.”

You leave the room with a smile, a wad of cash, and a new knife.

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Two of your OCs run into each other in the kitchen at 4 AM. Which OC stayed up til 4 and which OC just woke up?

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☃️: Mono personally really like the Fall! Though it doesn’t last long he gets to see bright colors warm colors, pretty reds, and yellows, and oranges! Not only is it super pretty, it’s helpful. During the fall he is able to blend in more, often hiding in bunches of leaves in the wild to escape danger.

But he hates what comes next which is winter. To him winter is dangerous.. it’s unbelievably cold and makes survival nearly impossible. The fear of freezing to death, not having enough food, or sticking out like a sore thumb in the snow is real. Lord help him if he gets sick.

☔️ : He. Loves. Rain. When it starts to rain he will immediately go outside and run around, jumping in puddles, and even dance! if he’s with someone he will jump into puddles to splash them. Playing outside in the rain for him, those times are just filled with the sound of childrens laughter.. he loves it.

((Glad you’re loving them!))

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TAG YOURSELF-time (Jack)

BOLD - Definite Italics- sometimes

0 7 : 3 0 a . m . — paperwork. school bells. documentaries. rainstorms. tapping of a pen. dogs barking next-door. hopping to bed after a long day. crumpled notes. detailed encyclopedias. drowsy eyesworld maps. fogged eyeglasses. messy desks. bedheads. smudged-on whiteboards. old atlases. the smell of breakfast first thing in the morning. bare feet on cold marble.museums. worn-out wall paint.

0 9 : 0 5 a . m . — hydrangeas. sunrise. soothing walks in the parkthe sound of birds chirping. crop tops. light seeping in through the window. denim overalls. flower vases. hair ties. freckles appearing under the sun. pins & patches. leaves falling during autumn. fairy lights. running shoes. botany textbooks. cloudy weather. laughing with eyes squeezed shut. jerseys. school bleachers. grass fields.

0 1 : 2 2 p . m . — expensive perfume. hair-twirling.the smell of vanilla. lollipops. blowing a bubble gum. arms crossedsnapping fingers. leather purses. sunglasses. laughing with a scrunched nose. skater skirts. cotton candy. lipsticks. vintage boutiques. heels clicking along the school hallways. old convertibles. hair in the wind. class councils. shopping bags. playing with the telephone cord.

0 2 : 0 0 p . m . — old dictionaries. warm mugs. striped blouses. soft bell chimes. cold-weather breath .a ticking clock. cardigans. light tapping of a finger. dusty typewriters. unread letters.dangling keys. wristwatches. doorbells. disconnected telephone beeps. endless film marathons. nail-biting.staying in uncrowded cafés .falling asleep in working clothes .unused bottles of ink .quiet nights.

0 8 : 3 4 p . m . — bows & ribbons. dressing rooms. black stockings. hair brushes. velveteen. drinking from ceramic tea cups. tall mirrorstucking loose hair behind an ear. fuzzy slippers. comforters. stuffed animals. soft knocking of a door. rehearsing play scripts. bubble baths. lace. sauntering around the house in silk robes. solid-pastel clothes. crossed legs. carpeted floors. dimly-lit bedside lamps.

1 2 : 0 2 a . m . — snow-covered coats. heavy footsteps .faint classical music. red winecreaky floorboards. missing pages. year-old newspapersdusty bookshelves. door creaks. fireplaces. chiming grandfather clocks. passing by library aisles. the woods. black umbrellas. porch lights. turntables. the piano playing from another room.mute corridors. embers. isolated train stations.

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Sometimes I wish I could just write “…and they went on this long journey in which they went through a lot of character development and their wants and motivations changed, and now I can get to the really juicy angsty bits that really just the last 2 chapters” and then just write those last two chapters. 

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Events, Dear Boy, events

I just read two novels in which a lot happens - Into the Water by Paula Hawkins and Voices from Beyond by Johann Theorin. The characters go through the stories and lots of things happen to them, they make choices and act. But I didn’t get the feeling that they were evolving as people. They’re like twigs in a stream, they move along, go through different scenery/events, but at the end they still look like the same person.

There are lots of events in a person’s life: some are more important than others. Sometimes the same event is really important for one person and totally forgettable for another. But when something happens that really impacts a person, it should be reflected in their subsequent behavior, their thinking (which is visible, of course, in a novel), their relationships. But I didn’t see it here.

But how do you show that a character has changed? You can only describe more events. And if events are just the scenery through which the twig floats, it doesn’t show anything new about the twig.

Maybe a novel can only describe events on the surface, as it were, and the importance of the events, and which events will be felt as important, the depth of the events, will differ for each reader depending on their life history. So, in a way, the impact of a story depends more on the reader’s memory and imagination than on the events described.

Maybe this explains why I like the Crow so much.

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💤 - how much do they usually sleep?

Rene usually sleeps till noon and goes to bed past midnight, but how many hours she gets of sleep per night is rather relative: sometimes she goes with only 4 hours of sleep. This will happen when she’s with finals at uni or when she’s working on a project. Sometimes she’ll sleep for 12 hours or even more if she’s on a holiday or getting some rest after a finals period at school. Let’s just say her sleep habits are rather a mess (as pretty much everything is with her).

🛏️ - are they likely do to any activity without complain?

Rene complains a lot about silly things even when she doesn’t really care about doing them… it’s more just to annoy her friends. She actually has a lot of energy to do things most people would not be able to do. She tends to go through periods of restless activity followed by long periods of laziness.

😪 - did they ever convince someone to do the hard work for them?

All the time, but she also does her friends’ work for them. She just likes to share and collaborate in general.


thank you for asking! <3

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☺️: already answered!

✍️: Mono doesn’t really know how to write, he was never taught. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t self taught! It’s pretty sloppy and the pen/pencil being almost half his size doesn’t help his case at all.

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☺️: Mono’s smile is normally covered because of his paper bag, but he smiles a lot and you can tell when he’s smiling! His smile is this wide dorky one. You know how kids are when they’re learning how to smile and they’re just starting to get the hang of it? It’s kinda like that!

Like I said eailer his paper bag covering his face 90% of the time, but you know when he’s smiling because he’ll start to fall his hands. Or rock back and fourth from heel to toe! That also goes for when he’s really excited too.

⚡️: Mono loves the thought of storms, but when that first crack of Thunder echos throughout the city he is latching onto someone’s arm. Once he is able to calm down he likes to watch the lighting dance around in the sky; he finds it mesmerizing!

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Badgerverse Jonathan Crane has been exposed to his Fear Toxin for so long, that he has his own unique radioactive level that surrounds his person. While it’s not lethal, it is enough to make others around him ill. In Arkham he’s either not allowed out of his office or his cell unless absolutely necessary. Others are instructed to have precautionary wear like a mask while near Jonathan or when in his office or cell. Fortunately, to combat the asylum having to be so cautious with Dr. Crane, Wayne Tech has produced a specialized collar that helps to reduce the level of radioactivity around Jonathan. While it is still possible to get a reading on a dosimeter, the collar makes it safe to be around Crane without the potential of eventually getting sick. The collar also doubles to suppress any Scarebeast transformations which are triggered by sudden radiation spikes. 

Yes, the whole concept technically is impossible irl, but this is in relation to DC. Anything is practically possible there. Also, it’s my verse I can do whatever I want of course within reason. I got this idea after re-watching a play-through of Arkham Knight. Oracle said something about the toxin having a radiation level and I was like, “Huh, I could do something with that.” And low and behold, I did do something.

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Hot take, but Revali would be an incredibly kind person, if he just got more character development. He loves his home and his people and all of that just gets overshadowed by that immense insecurity and the urge to become stronger and better.

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I found a really good but really really long post about disabled or amputee people being medics, so I’m going to link it here in case anyone wants to know how to write a character like that or just wants some insight into how prosthetics work in this sort of setting.

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