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#character development
about-your-oc · a day ago
Your #1, #50, and #100 songs on Spotify Wrapped are the inspiration for your next OC or plot. What are the titles?
Come up with something on the spot!
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soft-solitude · 16 hours ago
c!jacks character development from actively trying to kill c!tommy 100% of the time to being one of the first people to make sure he was still alive after dream escaped >>>>>
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all-that-you-can-draw · 2 days ago
Draw what your oc/muse's Christmas tree would look like.
What kind of tree is it? Real or fake? Big or small?
What types of ornaments are on it? Fancy baubles? Homemade ornaments?
What color of lights are on it? White? Multicolor? Something else?
Are there other kinds of decorations on it? Beads? Candy canes? Something else?
What is at the top of their tree? Something traditional, like a star? Something quirky, like a hat?
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hellorrglory · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy pride to the creator of the "gay people i respect" meme
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thegreatescape · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he tried his best to make eric happy and he worked so hard on himself to be a better person and to feel comfortable with himself he's literally the most human of them all and he deserves all the happiness in the world
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prokopetz · 10 months ago
On a second viewing of She-ra and the Princesses of Power, it strikes me that it’s very easy to read the Shadow Weaver business as an explicit criticism of the whole idea of redemption arcs.
Like, you think Shadow Weaver should have had a redemption arc?
As far as she’s concerned, she did.
Basically everything she does after defecting to Brightmoon is just her methodically ticking off every box on the “redemption arc” checklist in the most awful, cynical way imaginable.
Like, she even manages to turn heroically sacrificing herself into a passive-aggressive guilt trip, in the process denying the audience the simple catharsis of seeing a bad guy go down – leaving us stuck with the knowledge that she went out smugly confident that she’d completed her redemption arc and was officially on the side of the angels, and nobody’s ever going to be able to challenge that narrative because she immediately blew herself up.
I can’t imagine it’s accidental that the show gives us a character who technically does everything the genre’s formulas demand in order to earn her redemption, and thereby makes a travesty of it.
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☆~ Please reblog/like this if you'd like an occasional visit from the Random Oc Questions Fairy! ~☆
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about-your-oc · 15 days ago
Do you have a "favourite" physical trait to give to your OCs? If so, what is it?
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Does this villain deserve a redemption arc? Is this villain capable of undergoing redemption?
That's the question we should all be asking ourselves. If a villain acknowledges the error of their ways and expresses remorse, they are therefore capable of embarking on a redemption arc.
But if they're Demona from Disney's Gargoyles - who blames humanity for all her problems/never admits to her mistakes - then you've got an irredeemable villain, regardless of her sympathetic qualities.
In the end, no one "deserves" a redemption arc. What truly matters here is the villain's capacity to change for the better. Sincere character growth.
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Reblog to give your OC a lil smooch on the forehead
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wordsnstuff · 8 months ago
Character Development : A Collection of Resources
Tumblr media
Patreon || Ko-Fi || Masterlist || Work In Progress
Resources For Creating Characters
Resources For Describing Characters
Resources For Writing The Mafia
Resources For Writing Royalty
Commentary on Social Issues In Writing
General Tips
Guide to Character Development
How To Fit Character Development Into Your Story
Tips on Character Consistency
Designing A Character From Scratch
Making characters for your world
Characters First, Story Second Method
Understanding Your Character
Tips on Character Motivations
31 Days of Character Development : May 2018 Writing Challenge
How To Analyze A Character
Alternative Method of Character Creation
Connecting To Your Own Characters
Interview As Your Characters
Flipping Character Traits On Their Head 
Character Driven vs. Plot Driven Stories
Tips On Writing About Mental Illness
Giving Your Protagonists Negative Traits
Giving Characters Distinct Voices in Dialogue
Giving Characters Flaws
Making Characters More Unique
Keeping Characters Realistic
Writing Good Villains
Creating Villains
Guide to Writing The Hero
Positive Character Development Without Romanticizing Toxic Behavior
Tips on Writing Cold & Distant Characters
Balancing Multiple Main Characters
Creating Diverse Otherworld Characters
Foreshadowing The Villain
Masterlist | WIP Blog
If you enjoy my blog and wish for it to continue being updated frequently and for me to continue putting my energy toward answering your questions, please consider Buying Me A Coffee, or pledging your support on Patreon, where I offer early access and exclusive benefits for only $5/month.
Shoutout to my $15+ patron, Douglas S.!
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did-i-do-this-write · 7 months ago
OC Interview Questions
Send me a number and a character (or multiple!) and they’ll answer the question themselves!
Who makes up your family?  How close are you to them?
Who is your best friend?  Tell us about them!
What is your favorite childhood memory?
What is your least favorite childhood memory?
What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do?
Who do you look up to?
What do you think had the biggest impact on you growing up?
Are you a spiritual person?  If yes, what do you practice?
Where were you born?  Where did you grow up?  Where do you live now?
What is your favorite type of media (TV, movie, books, etc)?  Name some specific favorites (which shows, movies, books, etc do you like)!
If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? (on vacation or permanently!)
You’re given an unlimited budget to build anything you want!  What do you build and where do you build it?
What are your favorite music genres?
Do you play any instruments?  Which ones?  How long have you been playing?
Describe your perfect day.
What makes you laugh?
What’s the best way to cheer you up?
What makes you sad?
Describe your biggest pet peeve.
Describe your ideal partner.
What’s the easiest way to flirt with you?
Have you ever had a crush on someone?  Do you have a crush now?
What would you consider your main love language?
Freebie!  Come up with your own question for the character to answer!
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foxiswriting · 6 months ago
nature names!! (feminine)
bc why not. ** = my favorites
also! not all of these will directly translate to the words (moon, sun, etc) but may be instead correlated with them.
names relating to the moon
aiday - kazakh
alcmene - greek mythology
belinay** - turkish
bulan - indonesian
chandra - hindi, marathi, telugu, tamil, kannada, nepali, bengali
feray - turkish
hala** - arabic
jacira** - indigenous american, tupi
lusine - armenian
mahin - polynesian
menodora - ancient greek
natsuki - japanese
purnima - hindi, marathi, bengali, tamil, kannada
sanda - burmese
sasithorn - thai
selene - greek mythology
tsukiko - japanese
names relating to the sun
arevik - armenian
eloise - english
haru, haruko - japanese
khurshid - persian, urdu, persian mythology
marisol - spanish
mehr, mehrnaz** - persian, persian mythology
mzia - georgian
nou - hmong
savitri** - hinduism, hindi, marathi
siqiniq - indigenous american, inuit
sóley** - icelandic
sunčica - croatian, serbian
sunniva - norwegian
tonalli - indigenous american, nahuatl
yang - chinese
yōko - japanese
names relating to water
anat - semitic mythology
arethusa** - greek mythology
aysu** - turkish
iara** - indigenous american, tupi
karen - japanese (im shocked)
lian - chinese
liên - vietnamese
maya, maayan - hebrew
neith - egyptian mythology
nerida** - indigenous australian (i love how it sounds like nereid)
rayyan - arabic
shui - chinese
talia - english (australian)
vaitiare - tahitian
names relating to flowers
abeba - eastern african, amharic
anfisa** - russian
anh - vietnamese
anthea - greek mythology
ayaka** - japanese
azahar - spanish
blodwen - welsh
calanthe - english
cvetka - slovene
diantha - dutch, english
endzela - georgian
euanthe - greek mythology, ancient greek
eun-yeong - korean
fiore - italian
flora - english, italian, spanish, portuguese, german, dutch, french, roman mythology
golnar - persian
guiying - chinese
gulmira** - kyrgyz, kazakh
hanae - japanese
hua - chinese
ianthe - greek mythology
kalei - hawaiian
kasumi - japanese
lei, leilani, leimomi - hawaiian
malai** - thai
millaray** - indigenous american, mapuche
nitzan - hebrew
palesa - southern african, sotho
pushpa - hindi, marathi, kannada, tamil, telugu, nepali
zahrah - arabic
names relating to night, stars
anisha - hindi
asra** - arabic
aster, astra - english
astraea - greek mythology
citlali - indigenous american, nahuatl
csilla** - hungarian
danica - serbian, croatia, slovene, slovak, macedonian, english
estrella - spanish
hōkūlani - hawaiian
hoshi, hoshiko - japanese
izar** - basque
maristela** - portuguese
miyako - japanese
nisha** - hindi, marathi, kannada, malayalam, tamil, telugu, gujarati, bengali, nepali
nyx - greek mythology
seren - welsh
sitara - urdu
tara - hindi, nepali
pomare - tahitian
names relating to trees
alani - english
bai - chinese
elowen - croatian
hadas - hebrew
iva** - bulgarian, serbian, croatian, macedonian
jela - serbian, croatian, slovak
kalina - bulgarian, macedonian, polish
kiri** - maori
liepa - lithuanian
lina - arabic
melia - greek mythology
pomona - roman mythology
sawda - arabic
taimi - finnish, estonian
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 months ago
Let's play a game! How would you describe something vs how would your character describe it?
This can be a fun way to get to know your character(s) more! Depending on their thoughts, feelings, self-esteem, etc, they may view themselves differently to how you see them. For each of the following sets of questions, answer both of them and see how they compare or differ!
How would you describe your character's physical appearance? How would your character describe their own physical appearance?
How would you describe your character's personality? How would your character describe their own personality?
How would you describe your character's fashion sense? How would your character describe their own fashion sense?
How would you describe your character's flaws? How would your character describe their own flaws?
How would you describe your character's sense of humor? How would your character describe their own sense of humor?
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