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#character drawing

I barely know what to type here so, there’re two different people(creatures) here one is on the others head and they both have the weirdest names I have ever given to any of my characters and I haven’t drawn their demon forms because I just now thought of doing that at all

So the magma-lava demon—it says it is but it probably isn’t—creature thingy on the others head is called mango and know one knows why, they are hot headed(pun intended)

And the “human”—no one knows what he is—who’s called tony but it’s spelled “Ptoughneigh” because he wants you to suffer for no apparent reason—that is why mango hates him—but I know he doesn’t seem like the one to watch people suffer but keep in mind, using deception to mess with people is the best feeling in the world , anyways that’s the basic information about them so that is all Goodbye have a nice day

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Meet Super Cabrunquinho, a character I designed for the IG page @memoriacabrunca. He’s the superhero of the city I grew up in, Campos dos Goytacazes.

I made it in a more childish style because we coundn’t decide if he should be a kid or an adult, so I decide to mix the styles.

Follow me on IG @ssanguessuga!!

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