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#character illustration

shoot for the moon ✨🌛✨

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Even though they’re still in the early design phase, I am so happy to finally be making some progress on these characters. They’ve been bouncing around in my head for a while now.

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[ID: A digital drawing of Vespa Ilkay from the Penumbra podcast. She is wearing a pink ball gown from the year 1900. It has wheat plant patterning on it. Vespa is illustrated as a thin woman with short green hair. She is holding a knife in her right hand.]

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📝 Fan-Art 🤩

💕 14 Days of Dragon Age Lovers Prompts 💕

Here is one of my subs @14daysdalovers 😊 I still want to do at least 4 more before the end of the month if I can manage in time 😅

This one is no.9 “Breathless Kisses” of Solas embracing my Lana after battle 😍

❓Which one would YOU like me to do before the end of February??
❗️Pop all your suggestions in the comments below or DM me 😃

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🖊 Created with #procreate #ipad #ipencil
💚 Commissions are OPEN
💬 Ask before reposting
💕 All likes and comments are hugely appreciated! Thank you 🥰

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Under a blood moon, the unseen is brought to light. 

Eldritch characters with a Victorian goth aesthetic is so good.

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Crime mom

[ID: A digital drawing of Buddy Aurinko from the Penumbra Podcast in a ball gown from the 1870s. She is illustrated as a tall white woman with red hair. The hair is placed in a way that covers her right eye and most of her facial scarring. Some scarring is still visible. The gown is red and black with flowers on it and frills at the bottom.]

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