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#character prompts
otpcompendium · a day ago
A keeps making mixtapes and Spotify playlists for B that are full of an oddly high number of love songs, but B still hasn't figured out that they're confessions.
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love-me-a-good-prompt · a year ago
Scenarios where your characters start as enemies and end as something else:
Person A is a loner in school and Person B is one of the popular kids who always pick on Person A for no reason. Because of this, Person A despises Person B and assumes that the two of them must have nothing in common. Then one day Person A logs into their fan account where their identity is anonymous (you can choose the thing that they're a fan of) to see that they have a new follower, Person B.
Person A and Person B are co-workers who hate each other. They're always competing with each other at work and they're always getting into arguments. Then one day Person A is leaving an appointment with their therapist when they happen to see Person B waiting to see the same therapist in the lobby.
Person A and Person B were on rival sports teams in high school. After graduation, they both end up unknowingly going to the same college. On the first day Person A gets to their dorm room to find their new roommate, Person B, already unpacking.
Person A and Person B are both actors. They've met a few times in passing but they don't really know each other. Person A comes off as a snob to Person B so Person B has no desire to get to know them. Then they both get cast as love interests in a film and after spending some time together on set, Person B realizes that they were wrong about Person A.
Person A and Person B were best friends in high school until they had an ugly falling out with each other that turned them into enemies. Years later when they're out of school and have nothing to do with each other, Person A still hates Person B and assumes that Person B hates them too. Then one day Person A gets a giant text message from Person B apologizing for everything that happened between them.
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slut4buckysarm · 7 days ago
ALL mistakes are my own.
Do NOT copy, repost, translate or rewrite my fics!!.
I admire every single comment, reblog, follow, and like to a great extent :).
"For God's sake just shut up already"!!
"I am NOT getting on a plane with you!" "You've got no choice darling".
"Why'd you save me"? "If anyone's gonna kill you, it's gonna be me".
"You're in my debt". "I just saved your life"!!
"Betray me and I won't hesitate".
"Speak of this day to anyone and I swear to God your tombstone will be placed right where you stand".
Friends to Lovers:
"You look... pretty".
"I think I might like you".
"Hey... I'm in love with this girl, and she has no clue". "Who is she"?
Enemies to Fuck Buddies:
"I hate you but that doesn't mean I hate your body".
"Don't get it twisted, we still hate each other".
"This is the only time". "You'll be running back for more by tomorrow, sweetheart."
"I swear to God if anyone finds out about this".
"Can you shut up? You're being too loud"!
Fuck buddies to Lovers:
"Hey... what if I said I wanted to make this more than a casual thing"?
"I think I'm in love with you".
"I can't do this anymore". "Do what"? "Act like I don't want you to be anything more than a toy"!
"I... I think I'm in love with you".
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galacticjonah · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Inspiration is hard lately so, I decided to make smth fun! Here's a simple character prompt sheet made by me! All you need is some time and a D20. Tag me, if you make a character with this sheet, I’d looove to see the results!!
I rolled and here's my result: A smug firbolg knight with an otherworldly guardian at his side!
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all-that-you-can-draw · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
All That You Can Drawgust 2021
It's time for the 3rd annual All That You Can Drawgust! A prompt for each day of the month to keep you drawing throughout August. Interpret them however you'd like! If drawing isn't your thing, feel free to incorporate these prompts into whatever it is that you do! Join in! Tag your posts with #AllThatYouCanDrawgust so everyone can see what you create!
Day 1: opposite
Day 2: salt
Day 3: tattoo
Day 4: purple
Day 5: view
Day 6: float
Day 7: song
Day 8: tail
Day 9: kindness
Day 10: cake
Day 11: shadow
Day 12: ride
Day 13: hair
Day 14: cuddle
Day 15: royal
Day 16: show
Day 17: family
Day 18: pun
Day 19: sweet
Day 20: tree
Day 21: brave
Day 22: night
Day 23: tie
Day 24: scent
Day 25: trio
Day 26: wood
Day 27: power
Day 28: half
Day 29: old
Day 30: earth
Day 31: you
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promptsaredead · a month ago
lines that actually killed me as a reader.
Tumblr media
“ take me back to.. the night we met.”
“ id kill for a day with you again.”
“ their cold body.. nothing like before.”
“ i want nothing to do with you. not even a date can save us”
“ well… looks like our time’s up, ain’t it.”
“ i don’t remember… i just remember you left me and i was lonely”
“ i forgot my childhood..”
“ i was better off not knowing this.”
“ theres no way he’s… no wait.. you must be mistaken.”
“ … i wish i could’ve saved you..”
“ you’re fucking sick.”
“ i love you.. and thats the problem.”
“ i was always like this. the arrogant friend that never knew how to go without.”
“ so that was.. all for nothing?!”
“ so you… actually left?”
“ you win some you lose some… but this was the end of my winning.”
“ ive always loved you.. and your care for me.. now you dont have to worry about me.”
“ stay safe for me okay?”
“ living was never my intention until i met you. ive never fought so hard for someone.”
“ i liked you better on the first date.”
“ im mad at you. im pissed. i want you dead.”
“ why you always gotta be right?”
“ the way that you cant say my name dont seem right..”
“ i know where to go when i leave you.”
“ im not loyal?! so who else has been holding you down like a ship’s sail??”
“ its always like this with you and thats why i want a divorce”
“ i let them go..” “ i just wasnt (name)”
“ if you were never gonna listen to me then what was the point of all this.”
“ what we had is no more.. now please. disappear”
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sstrangeprompts · 7 months ago
You faked your own death, but, now that your funeral is approaching, you must try to sabotage it so nobody finds out you’re still alive. In the coffin, there’s just a human-sized plush doll, so if anyone opens it your plan will be foiled. 
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starartisteclipse · 28 days ago
Angsty Prompt Starters Pt 2
“ Why would I fight for you when your not going to choose me anyway?”
“ If I had it my way, I wouldn’t be here helping you at all.”
“ You can’t just use me when you need me to do your dirty work.”
“ If cutting me off is better for your life, then do it.”
“ All you do is complain , why can’t you see that this problem is mostly your fault?”
“ What makes you think I would take you back for what you did to me?”
“ No, you hurt me more than enough times”.
“ All that charm and it’s washed on a person with no decency.”
“ The worst thing about falling in love with you, is that you played with me and I actually thought we would be something.”
“ Well ,why don’t you just leave then?”
“ You’re were the first person I trusted, but now, you’re just someone that breaks me.”
“ I hope you find someone that treats you the same way as you treat me.” 
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marchenvillain · a year ago
no particular theme to them, just what i could think of~ feel free to reblog and use for your own oc blogs! sorry if any questions repeat ;;
1. What’s a unique skill they have? Is their any reason why they can do it?
2. What are their favourite possessions? Why? (sentimentality, history, price, etc)
3. Do they get jealous easily? If so, what usually causes it?
4. Are they a good gift-giver? What do they tend to give as gifts?
5. What’s their reputation like? Does this reputation contrast what they’re really like?
6. Do they prefer to have a big social circle, or a few close friends?
7. What’s their “type”? What romantically attracts them to another person?
8. What does their dream house look like?
9. If they could change one part of their appearance, what would it be?
10. What’s a simple thing that brings them joy?
11. What is their dream pet?
12. What’s their position in their friend group? (leader, mom friend, chaos goblin, etc)
13. How forgiving are they? What do they consider unforgivable?
14. Who do they go to in a crisis/emergency? Any particular reason why they choose that person?
15. How good are they at conversation? Are they a small talk master, bad at initiating, etc?
16. What food do they absolutely hate?
17. Do they show a lot of affection, or are they pretty reserved?
18. If you had to represent them with a flower, colour, and animal, what would you choose?
19. What’s their unusual quirk?
20. Are they easy to wake up in the morning, or grouchy and sleepy?
21. What’s their ideal date like?
22. What’s their silliest or most unusual fear/phobia?
23. Is their pain tolerance high or low?
24. Are they a fussy eater?
25. What are their dreams like?
26. Are they technologically savvy?
27. Are they forgetful? What do they tend to forget? (plans, phone, keys, etc)
28. Describe their morning routine.
29. Are they a good cook? If they are, what do they like to make?
30. Do they consider themselves a “hero” or “villain”?
31. What holiday do they like the most? (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc)
32. What are they like at parties? Party animal, or awkwardly sitting in the corner drinking punch and reading?
33. Are they adventurous, or do they prefer to stay in their safe zone?
34. What’s their favourite drink? (Coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate, soda, etc)
35. Are they good with children?
36. Do they trust easily? What would you have to do to earn their trust?
37. Are they a hopeless romantic, or is that stuff just not for them?
38. Do they get lost easily, or are they good with directions?
39. Are they superstitious?
40. Do they like physical activity, or staying inside?
41. What would they dress up as for Halloween?
42. Do they like fast food, or fancy restaurants?
43. Are they a chaotic bastard, pure angel baby, or tired mom friend?
44. Do they have a good attention span?
45. Are they always late, on time, or early?
46. Do they cry, gasp, laugh, etc, while reading a book, or do they remain relatively stone-faced?
47. Do they keep a diary?
48. How dramatic are they?
49. Do they put a lot of effort into their appearance, or do they just make themselves presentable and go?
50. Why would they be a good partner for a road trip?
51. Why would they be a BAD partner for a road trip?
52. What topic should nobody bring up around them, lest the other person be subject to a massive ramble/rant?
53. Are they clumsy?
54. Are they a law breaker, or stickler for rules?
55. Choose a vine you think perfectly encapsulates their character.
56. Do they like to share?
57. What’s the most chaotic thing they’ve done?
58. Which friend do they immediately become a zero-braincelled idiot around?
59. Do they love or hate surprises?
60. What sappy thing will they cry at? (romance movies, cute cat videos, etc) Would they deny crying about it later on?
61. What’s their favourite and least favourite subject in school?
62. Do they take a lot of photos? If so, what of?
63. Do they wear makeup?
64. Describe what their social media would be like.
65. Do they give people a lot of nicknames?
66. What nicknames do others call them by?
67. What’s an outrageous story about them nobody believes?
68. Are they easy to fluster? What would you have to do to truly fluster them?
69. What’s their dream vacation like?
70. Are they a good liar?
71. What do they want to do in the future?
72. How do they feel about love?
73. Are they more book smarts, or street smarts?
74. What’s their guilty pleasure?
75. Is there anyone they consider their rival?
76. Do they have any notable physical features?
77. What’s their music taste like?
78. What’s something they’re really bad at?
79. Do they have a good sleep schedule?
80. What’s their aesthetic sense like?
81. What’s something they’re really proud of?
82. How would they spend a free day?
83. What are they like as an s/o?
84. What’s one thing they like that they don’t want anyone to know about?
85. Do they have a sweet tooth?
86. How would you describe their fashion sense?
87. Do they like spicy food?
88. Are they lucky? Do they believe in luck?
89. What would they get into a petty argument over?
90. Are they a good artist?
91. Do they prefer hot or cold weather?
92. Can they play an instrument?
93. What type of movies do they like to watch?
94. What does their room look like?
95. How do they feel about bugs? Scared? Fascinated?
96. What’s their sense of humour like? (Dad jokes, morbid humour, basic knock-knock jokes, stand up comedy, etc)
97. What do they keep in their bag?
98. How competitive are they?
99. What would they wear to a formal event? Describe their outfit!
100. If you, the creator, met them, would you two get along?
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burrocelestial · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
OC-tober Day 1: Journey
thought I'd try out @oc-growth-and-development 's OC-tober this year since I basically never post original stuff. I'm hoping prompts will help me get out of my own head a little and maybe actually do something with years and years of half thought OCs and stories
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otpcompendium · a month ago
Cute/romantic friends, but not lovers yet prompts?
Sure thing! I love some good 'friends but not lovers yet' content~
1. Everyone in A and B’s friend group keeps making plans with the two of them and ditching last minute to try and set A and B up on a date. Somehow, it never quite goes as planned. 
2. A and B walk to and from school/work every day together. When one is ready to go before the other, they’ll wait under the old oak tree on the corner until they’re both there. 
3. A has terrible memory, and makes a point of keeping a notebook with all of B’s favorite things in it so they won’t forget. One day, A finds the notebook lying around. 
4. A and B decide to go shopping together, and they keep getting flustered when the other tries on cute new clothes and trying desperately to hide it. Bonus points if one (or both) buy the other one of the outfits as a gift!
Hope you like these <3
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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 months ago
Does your character(s) have any pets?
How many pets do they have?
Which animals / breeds are their pets?
What are their pets’ names?
Do they ever dress their pets up in clothes, costumes, accessories, etc?
What are their pets’ favorite toys?
What are their pets’ favorite treats?
Do their pets know any tricks?
How old are their pets?
If they have multiple pets, do they get along with each other?
How / where did they get their pets? (Example: adopted them from a shelter, found them as a stray, etc)
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imblee · 15 days ago
Pick and mix drawtober/inktober prompts
Tumblr media
Thought I'd post my list of inktober prompts if anyone else prefers having options like me and my friend. Multiple days for at least one drawing :) pick and mix as much as you want
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nicaswritingandprompts · a month ago
Character Prompt
"You're not Human. What are you?"
"A Vampire Hunter."
"....A Vampire Hunter?" X asked, watching Y snuggle closer to their three Vampire partners.
"I think you may have gotten that job description a little confused."
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all-that-you-can-draw · 22 days ago
Decade Drawing Challenge
Keeping in mind popular fashion trends during these decades, draw how your oc/muse would dress if they were around during these time periods. Feel free to do some research and really get creative with it!
the '20s (1920-1929)
the '30s (1930-1939)
the '40s (1940-1949)
the '50s (1950-1959)
the '60s (1960-1969)
the '70s (1970-1979)
the '80s (1980-1989)
the '90s (1990-1999)
the '00s (2000-2009)
the 2010s (2010-2019)
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alvfr · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
// Feel free to reblog, but please do not repost 🖤 // Tried to make these questions as inclusive as possible, but please make any necessary moderations when answering
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corvidprompts · 2 months ago
Character prompt: A metahuman whose powers could, technically, be used to bring the dead back to life. That's not the primary application of their powers, though, and the cost isn't worth it. What is the actual power, and what are the downsides of using it for resurrection?
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uhmmmsweetie · a month ago
How does your character act when they feel intimidated? (ex: defensive and cocky, apathetic, visibly uncomfortable)
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downwithwritersblock · 2 months ago
Character Analysis #1
What is the earliest memory you/they can recall? Is it a good or bad memory? How easy is it to remember this? Why do you think you/they remember this? Try writing out/describing the scene in as much detail as possible.
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