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lyralit · 2 days ago
fatal character flaws
too trusting
afraid to: - love - speak - live - be wrong
pushes themselves too hard
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nekojetto · 8 hours ago
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HEY!!!! I’m alive!!! I’m here to present you two OCs from a new story I have in mind for a new webcomics! Pandemonium’s monster
((No need to read this ↓ if you don’t want to be spoiled, I’m going to make a webcomics soon as I can, so you can discover the story later))
This is a story about familly. (once again what’s my problem with found familly???) It’s a world with wizard, alchimy, demon and angel. Hundred ppl go to the Pandemonium to find the “Core” (the base of all magic, you can destroy it to erase all magic in human world or you can absorb it to become a god) The pandemonium is a world made of random memories from dead ppl, a very hostile place without vegetation, water or food and a lot of unfriendly best. (plus ppl who’s trying to find the core, it’s a kind of competition) So these to go to the pandemonium: Francklin with his lover/partner to find the core and distroy it. Flamel Jr. and his father/creator to find the core and absorb it. But they were separated  and Flamel travel into this strange world to find the people they lost. Flamel Jr. his father/creator and Francklin his partner/lover. I have idea for four main character for now, and four bad guys.
Actually if you know me well you can recognize the character I use for the base hehe... This story is from a crossover between many characters I like. So yes it’s basically Doc Octopus and Hunter (from the owl house) I’m not going to hide it because it’s pretty obvious. BUT I can’t say they’re exactly the SAME character.
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anonbeadraws · 7 months ago
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character sheet commission for @chance-of-reaper​ of Ditto the half-elf sorcerer, I love their coat of useful items! ✨commission info in source link below✨
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luchsyy · 4 months ago
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some very quick facial expression practices with eurydice & orpheus from ht that i might include my portfolio (with this piece)!! love these chaotic bitches that make me cry every time i think abt them
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mayakern · 3 months ago
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aerilyn everdear, air genasi fighter (dex)
my 2nd ever dnd character and tbh i still love her. also just a reminder but all my dnd designs are available for my patrons to use in their home games 😌✨
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bugsbucket · 2 months ago
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it’s Robin🥰🥰 she’s all smiles 🤠🤠 in my head she’s mama bear who loves to tease n joke around but is also very loving and giving n always ready to help 🥰🥰💕💛 also Sebby gets his crooked smile from his mom 🤧🤧🤧 and since robin likes peaches i thought it’d be cute for her to have a peach tattoo one peach for maru and one for sebby 🥺🥺🥺
(also maru 🥺🥺😭🥺 she’d stuff her pockets with rocks when she was little 😭 )
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neonanarchystudios · 2 months ago
Alrighty, so! I decided to make a character builder based off of the way that I organize my notes for all my Destiny/Guardian hcs and details! BEHOLD!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I realized that there weren’t really any super detailed Destiny OC sheets, so I spent a good few hours making this one. It’s completely free to use, and feel free to take notes based on it if you don’t want to use the actual sheet. I tried to make it as straightforward as possible, but in case I didn’t make something clear enough, I made an example one using my main guardian, Atlas the Titan Boi. If you want to repost it, I left instructions on the final page of the document about reposting and what my boundaries are.
If you do end up using any part of it, or just want me to see your guardian, TAG ME!! I want to see your guardians, and it makes me so happy to know that I maybe helped someone out.
Happy Worldbuilding!!
Drive folder with blank pdf + example
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01-reihanehdraw · 3 months ago
Nothing to see here, just Bruno vibes 🐀⏳️
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Best tío of the year 13/10 ⭐️
Ok, who's next?
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softbadass · 19 days ago
as a mexican i can’t help but laugh at how wrong some americans writing mexican characters get the way our name system works so lemme explain so you can get it right!
so most mexicans (remarking MOST because i do mean 99% of us) have TWO last names that come from our parents. it's basically like this:
name / paternal last name (dad's first last name) / maternal last name (mum's first last name).
the first last name is ALWAYS the paternal last name, it always comes from the dad side of the family. there are some exceptions though. in 3 states of the country it's already legal to put the maternal last name first but it's very rare and usually only in special cases, like when the father is absent for example.
there are also cases where the person has only one last name but this is not only extremely rare but it can cause a lot of hardships with legal documentation like school, banks, etc. this can happen for some reasons:
1- they're the child of a single parent (however, to avoid the difficulties that come with having one single last name some end up being registered with the same last names as the parent, but inverted)
2- they were registered in another country where they only have one last name (for example USA, a friend of mine was registered there and for that reason they only have one last name in their documents)
it's important to mention that unlike american last names, the two last names are not separated by “-” they're only separated by a space.
the last names are not necessarily one word, some have two or three. for example last names like “de la rosa” or “del olmo”
also, there's no such thing as married name here. women don't change their last names nor mix them with their husbands last names.
as i am aware, last names tend to work like this in all latin america but many specific details may be different depending on the country and i am not that well informed.
either way, i hope this helps anyone who’s developing a mexican character!
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grinu · 25 days ago
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My new epic boy
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fiovske · 5 months ago
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a character i designed for an upcoming sci-fi d&d game:
orion farfoot: duergar druid, 🌌 circle of void ☄️
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lemondaydream · a month ago
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013 . MEYER —  [ 𝚕𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗 𝚍𝚊𝚢𝚍𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚖 ] …… DOWNLOAD LINK In recognition of 1,000 followers, I give you my best yet — MEYER. The sister to my best seller EUREKA, MEYER is light and arch-y just like you always dreamed. She's that girl, including a new style of subtle page navigation, don't be intimidated, she's easy to edit. Feel free to edit it in any way, shape, or form and learn from my design just please don’t remove my credit and link to lemondaydream. Also please do not redistribute. These are meant to be only used by the purchaser or as a gift for another person. Allowing others to make copies off of your copy is stealing. how to use
Click the link, select “file” and then “make a copy”
Do not remove the credit from the top and bottom of the template
how to edit
This document has "Drawing" elements! To edit a "drawing" simply right-click, "select image," and the box that pops up underneath has a button that says "edit." Edit will bring you to a pop-up window that will allow you to change color, text, every part of it you like. - All pictures in circles or arches on this template are Drawings! To edit them, enter the Drawings window, click the image, and then select "replace image" at the top. 
The easiest way to edit and change any of the images is to right-click on the image and then click “replace image” in order to change it. Do not copy and paste images into the doc, it will ruin the formatting.
Some images might need you to first right-click on the image and click “select image” if it does not automatically create a bounding box. After this step, you can change it to be “in front of text” and then proceed with the instructions above. Just make sure to change it back to behind text after.
Do not resize or paste any images into the doc, only use the method above.
To mimic the design and spacing of the doc, please make sure you use caps where caps are used and hit enter between words where that is used. My technique is to type it out in full with caps lock on then go between the first and second letter and hit spacebar, arrow key, spacebar, arrow key until you reach the end. Then I add an additional space between words.
The pictures are of Blanca Soler, colors edited in photoshop.
You are welcome to change the font but it may cause tables to shift and move so beware. Resize as necessary.
The tables are structured in a way that will move pages and elements if their limit is exceeded, if you need more space, I highly recommend linking to a continuation at the end of that space. Likes and reblogs are much appreciated!! …………………………… back to lemondaydream.
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mayakern · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
penny, half elf cleric!
just a reminder but all my dnd designs are available for my patrons to use in their home games 😌✨
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andr0leda · a month ago
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sacrime · a month ago
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I had an idea for her redesign!!
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madschofield · a month ago
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🐺Wolf boy and Demon Cat 👹
Can you believe the ACOMAF overlays are finally being revealed tomorrow?? Ahh I’m so excited 😆
Character/s by: Sarah J. Maas
Book series: Crescent City
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lyralit · 5 days ago
traits to describe your MC:
low-key an a*hole
absolutely done
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raidesart · 4 months ago
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I finally finished Arcane (Such an amazing series, I definitley recommend it!) - I was inspired and decided to make this character sheet of Jinx :) Hope you like it
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