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#character drawing

Aaand I finally got the time to finish up my entry for @ / tabia.jpg ’s lovely dtiys on Instagram!

Yesterday I had an awesome DnD session and before that my landlord took a visit, so I didn’t have much time to draw in the last two days, but I’m glad today was free 😊 This was such a fun project for me, I don’t usually have ideas where I can use pinks and pinkish reds. Somehow I keep picking blues and greens and stuff, so I had to work on this one! The flowers were a bit scary, ‘cause they seemed to be extremely time-consuming, but to my surprise it was a relaxing process.

And while I was drawing this I felt like it’s spring already. It was so nice 🥺

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One of my characters, based of a plushie lamb i customized✨

He’s name is Nero and he is a demon of some kind, idk i never really developed his backstory…

I wanna start posting more of my ocs tho

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Game update!

Here’s another character reveal! Belle is the head of the organisation the player is working for: The Hive! 

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Gormley from the Glass Cannon Podcast was always one of my favorites

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Those flowers took way too long, so… probably I should practice to get quicker, lol. But I’m enjoying the process, it’s relaxing, especially with these colors :o I should use more pink in the future!

I’m planning to finish this one by tomorrow. It’s likely I’ll work on the lineart a bit - I’m not satisfied with every part of it just yet.

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A little gal here

Is a bit of a different style I did but heeey


She looks fine

Soon creating a story bout her

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Some headphone stills for stuff which honestly took me so much longer than initially needed (i still have like three more to do)

They sortof look like sticker designs tbh ehhh

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I am I need of drawing assistance

Hello drawers of Tumblr I am calling opoun you becuase I need a visual on some characters in my novela. I have about 3 I am in desperate need of but I always have more. My first character is a 15 year old girl names Nekita Becker but no one calls her that (she thinks its stiff) so they call her Kita. She is pretty badass but also a little younger then a lot of the characters. She is with the antagonist at the beginning but ends up with our protagonist pretty quickly (not romanticly, just on her side). She is always smirking and looks like she had a secret. She can psychologically and physically manipulate people do to a genetic experiment (it’s a bit of a long story). She is Pan (she doesnt really care who your are, she’ll be attractive to anyone). She’s pretty witty and is constantly going back and forth with another character (Arlow, i need a visual on him too, but one at a time). She seems think she is pretty easy going and never gets upset but she’s got some serious issues (they find out as they get the know her). Ok for her visaul: She is pretty short but otherwise pretty regularly developed for a 15 year old girl. She’s got big eyes, maybe green? Her skin tone is on the brink of olive but it’s just to light. Longer hair, but you can draw it with short (not shorter then shoulder length though) because she eventually has is cut (long story). When the first meet her I always pictured her in a warroir type black dress. Trultle neck maybe? Somthing facey going on around the shoulders. She stands with her arms crossed and her weight in one leg a lot. there’s a lot of poetic license here, I kind of just need someone to draw what they think she would look like based off of her personality and the visual guidelines. PLEASE HELP, thank you.

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