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#character; Alina Starkov
elithien · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Been dyyyying to draw the Grisha gals and their keftas. This one’s a mix of inspo I’ve taken from the series and from the books
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stephanythedramaqueen · 6 months ago
Ben Barnes’s the darkling rushing over on a black stallion dressed in a dark cloak, surrounded by ominous shadows to save Alina’s life by viciously decapitating the man who captured her and splashing his blood all over the place with dark and dangerous magic like he isn’t a whole wonder to my eyesss
Tumblr media
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malinaa · 5 months ago
honestly now that malina is an interracial couple, it makes alina’s eventual soft ending more poignant bc woc have always been told to be strong and bear immense amounts of suffering and pain for the sake of their white counterparts’ problems like alina has to be the savior of all of ravka (a mostly white country except the grisha who get taken from everywhere) to fix the darkling’s problems. like when we go to the r&r arc, we’ll get to see her free from that burden. we get to see her living a soft, good life in the orphanage with her husband
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koroleva-nazyalensky · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I've said it once and I'll say it again: I still think book Mal was a sad bland piece of white bread who was holding Alina back physically and emotionally from her full potential, HOWEVER, I think what they did with show Mal is pretty great. Like, I hate to admit it, but this version of Mal DESERVES to live a quiet peaceful life raising orphans with Alina. He has earned the RIGHT to call the newly resurrected Darkling an "old man" to his face. Good for him. Good for them.
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sheraayasher · 3 months ago
No, jesper fahey is not my comfort character bc he's always smiling and laughing. Its bc he hides all his trauma and things that bother him behind all of the happiness. This man deserves all the love. (Also pls rec jesper fanfics)
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wonderlandmoonrose7 · 5 months ago
(If you ship Darklina, this post is not for you)
It really struck me how when Mal is away from Alina he always calls her that-Alina. He refers to her by her own name. Meanwhile, when the Darkling is away from Alina he calls her “my sun summoner” which not only implies that he thinks of her as his possession but also only thinks of her as valuable in terms of her power. I think it was a nice touch by the show runners to emphasize the difference between the two
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billyblackbirdrusso · 3 days ago
Came to the realization that I really don’t like Alina. Like at all. She’s boring, bland and just not interesting. There’s nothing to her besides the fact she wants Mal and is very codependent with him.
Yeah, she had potential if LB was good at writing but there’s still nothing there for me to like her. Sasha who is turned into a cartoon villain is still more interesting and complex than her.
Even in fanfics there are times I still don’t like her. There are some authors who do make her better but I would say they almost had to make a different character to the book/show Alina.
I really only like the aesthetic of Darklina; I’d much rather have Sasha with an OC, Luda or Nikolai
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