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Mouse Warrior

Character design/illustration for Character Design Challenge with theme “Mouse Warrior”.

I focused on creating dynamic character illustration and on enjoying the process by not going too deep in character design. Joy is very important in personal work, doesn’t it?
*Created in Clip Studio Paint. What a thing! I am still discovering new useful things and getting more and more comfortable with this software. It saves lots of time, especially when you set good shortcuts. (Only one minus - it doesn’t have liquify tool, what a shame).
Anyway, I hope you like my illustration

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The Gigantic God.
“With the Book of Law on his back and the Hammer of Justice in his hands he is the Judge in every war.”

Character design I’ve created for Character Design Challenge. The theme was Baroque Aristocracy. Before the theme was announced I’ve been watching some interviews and browsing artworks by cool artists from Riot Games. So these guys hugely inspired me.

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