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koshercosplay · 7 months ago
Idk why but villains with standards will always be the funniest thing to me. like you'll get someone who will take absolute pleasure in doing the most vile things but paying their minions less than minimum wage? how dare you insult their honor. there'll be a guy who just loves terrorizing people but if you say something sexist about his sidekick he'll punch you in the throat and step aside with glee to let her pummel you. villains who are like "murder is fine generally but if you're a homophobe then I'll tie you to a boulder and catapult you into the ocean". Idk there's just something innately hilarious about a villain who is very definitively bad, like extremely morally reprehensible, but like there are just certain things that even they won't stoop to, thereby implying that those who do are worse
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elumish · 2 months ago
Friendly reminder that bi, pan, trans, aro, and ace people in relationships with someone of a different gender aren't less queer than people in relationships with someone of the same gender, and they aren't bad representation or "less good" in any way
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cinemagal · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Rachel Weisz & Brendan Fraser | The Mummy (1999) "Evelyn and Rick are basically Indiana Jones split down the middle — she’s the brains, he’s the brawn." - Rachel Weisz
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svndvn · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
being drawing some W.I.T.C.H. fanarts these days on twitch ! 
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redtallin · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Three lovely tiefling ladies I have had the delight of painting recently! These are all from my current commission batch, as soon as I’ve finished working through that, I’ll be ready to take on some new work.
For info about commissions and when I’ll be opening for more, please check out my patreon or twitter!
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Small things to add to your characters
They like storms very much, there's something in that force capable of destruction that's so powerful it makes them stare in awe
They have their own little collection of buttons, which they found scattered in places they visited and they value them sentimentally
When they sit they always tend to swing their right foot
They often push their glasses up their nose even though they didn't slip down
When they talk they tend to make vague movements with their hands
They know a long forgotten language
Their sleeves and pants are always rolled up
Funny and silly hats sre part of their outfit
They know everything about astrology, absolutely everything
They're a witch. All the rituals, everything about the Moon, tarot, absolutely everything is in their head and you don't wanna mess with them
When they're bored they like to doodle at the margines of their paper
Obsessed with some number
Amazing liars
They're excited.for.everything; everything
They can fall asleep anywhere, absolutely anywhere
Murder gaze but sweetest sweethearts to ever sweetheart
Tendency to notice every single little detail about everything
They can know exactly what time it is without looking at the clock
Strong echoic memory
Photographic memory
Shit memory
Absolute geeks about Greek mythology
Unique sense of humour
They experience Déjà Vu frequently
They always wave at little kids and bus drivers
Their collar is put up
Not looking anyone in the eye
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tamras-shieldmaiden · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Water is Benevolent
Tumblr media
Air is Harmonious
Tumblr media
Fire is Fierce
Tumblr media
Earth is Strong
By Shane Sandulak
Check out the artist's work at:
ssandulak on Etsy
@ShaneSandulak on Twitter
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inky-duchess · 6 months ago
Writer's Guide: Hand to Hand Combat
Tumblr media
Your character is unarmed and all they have left to fight with is their bare hands. If they hope for the enemy to catch their hands, you will have to write an effective scene. So how can we write a good hand to hand combat scene?
Most Common Moves
Tumblr media
Now, I'm not going to list 30+ martial arts moves. Most of your characters will not be masters of kung fu or mixed martial arts. Most people who get into fights are novices.
Punch: a punch is probably to go to strike. Try not punch anybody in the face because one, they will expect it and two, it will hurt your hand. If you can aim for the soft parts of an opponent, kidneys or gut.
Kick: Kicking isn't pretty but it is effective. A good swift kick to the back of somebody's knee will fold them like a lawnchair.
Go for the groin: Man or woman getting kicked in the nether regions is no picnic. A good swift kick with your foot or your knee can incapacitate your opponent. Its not the most honourable of moves but it works.
An Elbow strike is effective: The elbow is your strongest point of attack. Drive it in to a windpipe or a gut and you can but yourself valuable time to retreat or stall your opponent from answering back.
Eyes: they are weak points. Jab somebody in the eyes with a thumb and they will stop in their tracks.
Throat: You can end any fight by going straight for the throat either grasping it in a headlock or jabbing it with a fist which can collapse the windpipe.
Bite: If you are unable to snack your opponent, use your teeth. The human bite is perhaps not as strong as a hyena's but it is strong enough to shorten your opponent by a finger or two.
How to Escape from Grips and Holds
Tumblr media
Pinned from behind with your arms pinned: You have to stop your opponent from getting to a headlock. Move your hips to one side and strike backwards toward the groin or gut. This should weaken the hold of your opponent. Once the grip is loosened, turn toward your opponent and snack them into the nose with the heel of your hand.
Held from behind: Bend forward as far as you can making it more difficult for your opponent to lift you. Jab with your elbows back into your opponent's chest or face. Turn toward your opponent once the grip loosens and strike at the face or the groin again to subdue your opponent.
Headlock: If your opponent has you in a headlock, DON'T STRUGGLE. You could break your own neck. Turn into your opponent's side as close as possible. With your hand that is furthest away, hit your opponent into the groin or gut.
Pinned down on the ground: Most likely your opponent is using their own hands and weight to keep you down. If you can move your knees, try to jab them in the side or the groin to unbalanced them.
Things to Remember
Tumblr media
1. The whole 6-10 minute bout only happens in films or controlled sporting events. Fights are usually over within a few minutes. (when writing effective fights, keep the pace short.)
2. Girls are vicious. I've worked in nightclubs and broke up a fair few fights. Boys will knock the shit out of each other but girls will tear shreds out of each other. I have known grown men to break up fights between guys but nobody wants to break up a catfight.
3. One wants the fight to end quickly. If you keep slugging at each other, you'll get tired pretty fast. Have your character try end the fight as soon as possible.
4. Nobody emerges from fights unscathed. Even winners may come out with black eyes, broken noses or at very least a broken lip. If you punch someone, you will likely bruise your knuckles if not split them.
5. If your character is fighting to survive, they don't have to stick to etiquette. They will have to do anything to survive even if it means doing something unpleasant like fishhooking or hairpulling.
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headspace-hotel · 4 months ago
relationship stuff I want to see in fiction
more couples in happy, committed, established relationships
families that don’t fit the “nuclear family” framework
relationship dynamics between 3+ siblings instead of focusing on the relationship between two siblings
actually good parent-child relationships
characters who are adopted but it’s not a plot point
characters who are adopted as adults
characters in their 50’s/60’s who are obviously Very Much in Love and affectionate and all sappy and romantic over each other
characters who are over 50 finding romantic love
father-daughter and mother-son relationships
A character says no to sex or physical affection, and it’s okay and doesn’t denote some kind of rift in their relationship. A character respecting their partner’s “no” being used to establish the strong, loving nature of their bond, rather than the partner’s “no” being used to suggest there is something wrong in the relationship
Characters in intimate relationships that don’t want to have sex and it’s not for Trauma Reasons or “overcome” for character development.
characters that want to wait to have sex, for religious reasons or other reasons
older female characters that don’t have or want a romantic partner or kids but that aren’t portrayed as cold and emotionally constipated
crazy cat lady but it’s dragons instead of cats
a female character that can’t have kids but wants kids, and instead of being a huge source of angst for her she..........adopts
characters with “atypical” sexual boundaries or that just don’t like certain “vanilla” activities and it’s fine
physical affection (hugs, naps together, cuddling, backrubs etc) with no sexual undertones
platonic relationships between men and women without any Romantic Tension
teenage characters that aren’t fixated on romance
characters who used to date still having a good relationship with one another and it’s not used for Drama
“ex-best-friends” being used for drama instead of “ex-lovers” because oof
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notmusa · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
happy hallowoof
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sossmoss · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve had this brain rot of an idea for the past couple days now and have finally drawn some of it out. It’s dsmp, but Ghibli. I’ve got a whole lotta ideas for this and a bunch of art already sketched out.
For this idea I have each dsmp character loosely associated with a Ghibli character, but it’s all going to be in the same universe. So there’s like the spirit world where Ranboo and Tubbo currently are, which is Spirited Away. Tubbo stumbled into the spirit world much in the same way Chihiro did, but he’s been there a lot longer then she was.
Philza and Fundy are traveling in the moving castle from Howls Moving Castle. Until a lost spirit stumbles upon them, either by accident or by long ago memory’s that lead him there. In this AU, Howls Moving Castle differs greatly from its original story. My idea is instead of A fire demon being the one that’s made a contract with, Philza made a deal with death herself. So now there’s this lovely little black fire aglow moving the castle with her will, and lovingly protecting the heart of her beloved. Also instead of Sophie stumbling upon the castle it’s Wilbur or “Ghostbur.” Wilbur is Philza’s son but he left as soon as he was able. What he did while away is something I’m still working on but he met someone and had Fundy who he sent to Philza. Then at some point he died. And stumbled back to the castle disoriented as Ghostbur.
Techo is much like princess Mononoke. Living with the boar gods in this great abandoned castle. But he has someone hunting him because of a misunderstanding. That I’ll explain further with a later post. 
These are all inspired heavily by Studio Ghibli films and a lot of the drawings are redraws from the actual movies.
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inky-duchess · 6 months ago
Writer's Guide: Guns
Tumblr media
I'm not the biggest fan of guns but I need them in my new WIP. Guns are probably one of the most used tools within most medias, besides being one of the most misused tools. So how can we write them? (my other post on guns focuses on the damage guns can do to a body so go there if that's what your looking for)
Part of a Gun
Tumblr media
Action: The action is the brain of the gun. It is the part where you load, fire and eject the casings.
Stock: The stock is the handle of the gun. It is made up of the butt and the fore-end.
Barrel: The Barrel is the nose of the gun, the point where the bullets are fired from. Once a bullet is fired, it travels through the barrel and out the muzzle.
Muzzle: the muzzle is the hole the bullet exit from.
Bore: The bore is the inside of the barrel
Cylinder: The Cylinder holds the rounds in a revolver. It rotates as the gun is fired, pumping bullets into the chamber.
Grip: The Grip is where you hold gun.
Hammer: The Hammer on a revolver is a pin like instrument that strikes the primer which fires the bullet from the gun.
Clip: An clip stores the rounds of ammunition on a single line-like device that can be placed into magazine.
Magazine: The Magazine is a container that is spring activated, which can be detachable of fixed. It holds cartridges for a repeating firearm.
Trigger: The Trigger is what you pull yo fire the gun
Trigger Guard: The trigger guard is the loop that fits in front of the trigger to shield it from accidental firing.
Tumblr media
Bullet: is the projectile that exits the gun.
Cartridges/Shell: This is the case, primer, propellant and projectile (bullet). The bullet sits in the cartridge case.
Shotshell: Are rounds of shotgun ammunition, containing pellets rather than a bullet.
Gun Safety
Tumblr media
1. Keep the muzzle pointed downwards (not near your feet or others) when not using the gun.
2. Unload gun when not in use
3. Always check the safety.
4. Be sure of your aim. Don't fire blindly because you'll end up wasting bullets and you might hurt somebody
5. If the gun is jammed, don't look down the barrel to see why it's blocked. Point it away from you, open the action and remove the blockage safely.
6. Keep your barrel clean. Any excess cleaning fluid even dirt can mess up your shot or even cause blockages that can burst the barrel
7. Don't alter your gun in any way on your own. Even if you're a self proclaimed expert, don't touch the gun. You can fuck up the intergrity of the weapon.
How to Hold a Handgun
Tumblr media
1. Your dominant hand should grip the gun, high along the back strap (back of grip). This will give you better leverage and handle the recoil better.
2. Place your other hand against the other side of the grip. Four fingers should sit snugly under the trigger, while your index finger should rest against the trigger itself.
How to Hande a Rifle/Long barrelled Gun
Tumblr media
Hold the rifle with two hands, hold the grip of the rifle with your dominant hand. Your fingers should wrap about the base of the rifle, under the trigger guard.
Your non-dominant hand should be wrapped firmly around the base of the grip. Holding the gun right will help reduce recoil and ensure better control.
How to fire a Gun
Tumblr media
Align your sights. Your gun has a sight at the front and at the rear. Aim and align your sights through these points. There should be equal space between the sights.
Set your sight. When you’re aiming a gun, you’re you are looking through the front sight, the rear sight, and your target. When you're aiming at the target, it will look blurry. The sights should but clear.
Press rather than pull the trigger. You should squeeze it, applying constant pressure until the weapon fires.
Things every Writer should know about Guns
Tumblr media
Hollow Point Bullets are not more deadly than full metal jacket bullets. Though a hollow point will cause damage, full metal bullets are actually more likely to over-penetrate and move when with the flesh, causing a more devastating wound.
Guns are really loud. How loud exactly? Most heavy duty guns could cause hearing loss. It simply isn't possible for two characters to have a lovely chat while firing weapons.
Rifles with scopes make it easier to shoot but they won't make a beginner a sudden genius marksman. Scopes help but they don't perform miracles.
Shotguns shoot shells not bullets.
Your character should not tuck a just fired handgun into their waistband or else they will get a nasty burn.
Silencers or better yet, suppressors do not silence your shots. They actually lower the sound by a few decibels.
Don't have your character fire gun sideways. They will fuck up their wrist and look stupid while doing it.
Most rifles and shotguns aren't pump action
If you drop your gun, if won't fire itself.
The clip and magazine are two different things. They can't be used as synonyms.
When somebody is shot, they don't go flying back. They crumple on the spot.
The exit wound of a bullet is larger than the entry point.
Most beginners will have trouble with recoil. Bloody noses and black eyes are common is one doesn't know what their doing.
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cinemagal · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harrison Ford as Han Solo STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE (EPISODE IV) (1977)
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morgana0anagrom · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to share this piece with you guys in Pride month but because it was commission I couldn't. Well better late than never. 😅 Hope you guys will like it xoxo characters are Ead and Sabran from The Priory of the Orange Tree. By Samantha Shannon 
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phantomrin · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Thanks to Aimee L. for letting me post this portrait of her character - Ling - that I've done recently! It was such a pleasure working on this one 😊
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