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Thank you, Nonny! I’m really proud of our group, we work really hard to make sure that, if Chronicle were a show, it would be something to be proud of and inclusion is a very big deal to us.

Starting at the top left, we have Brooke (Joey King) She hasn’t been around long, but she’s a very shy, super nerdy lesbian (whom loves anime and her girlfriend, Serena.)

Next is Maya (Kayla Compton,) one of our allies who is a Badass Bitch. She works at Hollowed Grounds, a coffee shop owned by her mother, and is dating Eric. She recently found out about the supernatural and is very sassy about it.

Sydney (Josh Peck) is that geeky friend who plays Griffons & Gargoyles (Chronicle runs on the CW, in our minds) and has a billion jobs, including being the boys’ dorm RA and working at The Slicery, the local pizza joint.

Maury (Aldis Hodge) is our resident necromancer, forced to maintain the balance between good and evil in order to atone for past sins. He runs The Roadhouse, a bar that caters to demonkind (but don’t try to brawl, it won’t end well for you!)

Robin (Elliot Fisher) hasn’t been introduced yet, but we’re all very excited to see how he plays into the story in season 2.

Serena (Hailee Steinfeld, played by Courtney) is our resident Slayer, track star, and mom friend. She never had a watcher, but is finally coming into her own and learning not only how to be a commendable slayer, but how to make time for things in her life (like Brooke and her friends) She is currently at Slayer school, though we can’t wait to see what she learns there.

Eric (Colton Haynes, played by Matt) used to be quiet and reserved, but after the death of his roommate and best friend Quinn (once a player character) he has opened up a lot more and become a sort of guardian to his friends. He recently became a werewolf- but he also kicks ass with a collapsible sword and plays guitar.

Kaleb (Ian Somerhalder) is a 107-year old demon clan leader. He is not good at it. He spends much of his time teleporting around the world, helping the Slayer’s Counsil as well as his friends. He uses his inate magical abilities to help them fight the forces of evil, and is very protective of Joan.

Joan ‘Jo’ Robichaux (Kiernan Shipka, it me) is a generational witch, although she’d tell you she sucks at it. She is kind hearted and incredibly quirky. She struggles with the fear of her magic turning her into a dark witch, like her grandmother, but is learning to trust herself. She is Serena’s best friend and Kaleb’s girlfriend, but don’t use that word or she’ll start to stutter.

Salome (Katrina Law) is Kaleb’s wife. Yeah, you heard me. It’s an arranged marriage, but being that she is ace and the two have no affection toward one another, it is purely political. Demon culture can be messy. She hasn’t been formally introduced, but we do know she is pretty stern about adhering to traditions- which does not include Kaleb’s… “play thing.”

Nero (Yes, it’s Cameron Monaghan! He’s played by Vinny, who was Quinn until his early demise) is the Spike to our Scooby Gang. Until a week ago, he was a cold (literally, he’s a corpse 😂) and calculating vampire, serving the fierce Aten, an ancient vampire that created and opened a Hellmouth under the college in our town. Since his introduction he has had a strained relationship with the others. Serena wants to kill him. Eric, while not trusting him, offered him a hand of solidarity, and Jo- well, they understand each other. Someday they might be friends.

Thanks again for asking, I know the group loves hearing that other people are interested in this thing we have created. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, I’m sure the group would love to hear more from you! (Seriously, they get so excited!)

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thank y’alls for comin to my big time party blog. 

It’s never occurred to me, but I really like this silly idea, sincerely, and it’s silly to admit but I really want to do something with it. I’ve been working on it off and on and I hope folks will like it even though it’s so small and insignificant. It also occurs to me I can just post all the hardy pieces here, like the ideas and sketches and whatever so maybe that’s what this blog is for. Thanks for lookin’ at my babies, the rest of the lineup will be up soon!

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Thanks! :D Short answer: almost everyone 😅

1. Irímé will either do something slooooowly or leave it for later… and later… and later…

2. Abihira can do some things without procrastinating (*cough*necromancy*cough*) but she’s hopeless at everything else.

3. Ilaran doesn’t procrastinate… by immortal standards. So he might leave something for a week or two before actually starting XD

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