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۞🕌 Magi Week- Day 7: Open! 🕌۞

In October of 2017, my favorite manga/show ended- in response to this, I had an idea to paint four glass panels of the major characters of the show (For example, one was themed Alma Torran, with Solomon, Sheba, Arba, and David), but I ultimately gave up on it since I had no idea how to paint glass and I wasn’t a good enough artist to tackle something like that. So this is my redemption piece by painting all the main characters of Magi (about 40 characters, it took F O R E V E R ), and even then I still didn’t get all of them! 😭 But I really hope this gets attention because it literally took me forever to do and Im really proud of it, even though its far from perfect! 💙💙

Magi Week has honestly been so amazing- Ive discovered a lot of great artists and I’m glad it at least revived some of the Magi fandom back! I  really should make more Magi art in the future, I feel like I dont draw nearly enough Magi fanart 😭😭 But what was really frustrating is the fact I couldnt find any artists through hashtags since hashtags are banned in the US from the election (yes, election day was November 3rd, but we like to drag the hashtag ban for at least the whole month), but as soon as the ban is lifted I want to share as much art as I can find from Magi Week that I haven’t shared already! And thank you all so much for your support, too- I really love posting every day and I wish I could do it all the time, but it’s really hard to do that with quality content 😅 And thank you to everyone who participated in this event! 💕💕

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I write for all live action Star Trek series except TOS. I don’t have any characters I explicitly don’t write for (maybe?), I do have preferences though. I’m also more comfortable writing for male characters as I am straight (again, MAYBE?). But if you want to request a character that’s not on this list, please ask me first.

Also worth to mention, these are the characters I prefer to write for in romantic relationships. If you want to request a platonic relationship, then pretty much any character is good to go.

Character preferences:

TNG: Data, Geordi La Forge

DS9: Julian Bashir

VOY: Harry Kim, Tom Paris

ENT: Malcolm Reed, Trip Tucker

AOS: Chekov (but basically everyone)

DISCO: Ash Tyler, Book (well, we still don’t know much about him but I’m willing to attempt)

PIC: Elnor

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Comment Below!!!

1. What is your character’s name?

2. How old is your character?

3. Height, body type, skin color, eye color?

4. hair color/style?

5. race/class/job?

6. What additional attributes would be noticed upon meeting the character (i.e. Speech, mannerisms), distinguishing marks (birth-marks, scars, deformities)?

7. Where was your character born? Were they raised there or somewhere else?

8. By who (were they raised)?

9. Who are your parents, are they alive, what do they do for a living?

10. What is your character’s marital status?

11. Kids?

12. What is your character’s alignment?

13. What is your character’s moral code?

14. Does your character have goals?

15. Is your character religious?

16. Does your character have any personality quirks (i.e. anti-social, arrogant, optimistic, paranoid)?

17. Why does your character adventure?

18. How does your character view his/her role as an adventurer?

19. Is there anything that your character hates?

20. Is there anything that your character fears?

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