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#charcoal drawing

Another charcoal drawing i did, working without a refference. It took about four and a half hours! Im planning a neat ceramics project :)

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new piece !!! i dont have a title for it, but its: pastel and charcoal on paper, 19.5" x 25.5" (2021).

its a piece about Rage that i feel and taking it to an external body, and sometimes its what i want to do. just rip myself up. the piece was actually really cathartic to make….and i wanted to take a horror approach and make it Wild.

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~ s o f t l y ~

Life Drawing quick sketch by Brianna Lamar in charcoal, 2019

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This is a project I finished, initially started last year in March as a 2nd semester junior, and continued & finished as a current 2nd-semester senior in highschool.

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