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Radio Free Monday
Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday! Ways to Give: Anon linked to a teacher who is giving away books for his students; he was recently featured on the local news and they are trying to keep momentum going on fundraising, especially since some local groups may not like the books he's choosing. he has a DonorsChoose page where you can support his book giveaway. Anon linked to a fundraiser for Otis, a cat who has a bad habit of eating things, and has eaten two nerf gun bullet tips despite his owner's best efforts to rid them from the house. You can read more and help fund Otis's medical bills here. Recurring Needs: rilee16 is raising $400 for rent, as most of their cash currently has to go towards transportation; they are currently unable to walk but need to fund transportation to and from work. You can read more, reblog, and find giving information here. gwydion is raising funds to repair a broken dishwasher and oven; ze is medically fragile, and needs both a functioning dishwasher and a functioning oven for health safety, and all the money currently is going to the oven. The household is on a fixed income due to disability, and a recent tax refund had to cover a partner's emergent health crisis; they need about $500-$600 to cover it. You can give via paypal here. And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form. If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.
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venusaroused · 2 days ago
Please help
I’ve been holding on in my situation because i’m the type of person who likes to solve her problems on her own, to find a way out by myself. However right now I’m hitting my limit, both mentally and physically. I currently live in Sweden and I’m all by myself in this country. I do know a few people but no one I could really rely on. I have a boyfriend from Balkan but he always absents himself when I get sick or anything similar. I come from South America and right now all I want is to go back home, but my financial situation is very critical...
I currently have two part time jobs and with both together I make 15 000kr the month. My morning job consists of cleaning and the afternoon job is retail and packing. I work from 8 in the morning until 11pm about 3 to 4 times a week. I’ve had this work routine for 7 months now. At the moment I’m currently sick (again), last time i got sick it was 3 weeks ago but this time I’ve got strong pains on my lower back. If my health continues to deteriorate I might end up loosing both jobs. I’ll give you a close up to how much I have to spend monthly:  -rent is 10 000kr -internet 400kr -food (buying only the cheapest) 800kr -monthly SL card for public transport is 990kr -my cat’s food, sand and insurance 80+52+200  -electricity varies but somewhere between 400 to 600kr 
I’m determined to sell anything that doesn’t fit in the suitcase that I’ll take with me. I hace two big suitcases but I’ll even try to sell the other one left. The money I’m hoping to receive aid from is just to pay that one luggage and the cost of traveling with pet. Right now a ticket to my country costs around 10 000kr. Luggage and pet make around 4000 or 5000kr extra. I have 12 000kr left in my saving account. If you donate I could be moving in the next 2 to 3 months. 
Getting a cheaper apartment has of course been an option all along, however the system they have here for apartments is too slow. It requires for you to be subscribed on a website, the longer you’ve subscribed the more points you gain, however my current points are in the 11,000s and most people i have to “compete” against have over 20,000. The more points you get the easier to get an apartment. 
Really, truly, I just want to go home guys. Help me get out of here please. 
any amount counts: paypalme 
I’ll make sure to remove my paypal link and post a picture once the estimate amount of money is reached (5 000kr). Thanks to anyone who donates 😔🤍
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anoonimthepoorchad · 2 months ago
About the Russian invasion - how is everyone feeling there? What can we do to help?
Thank you so much for asking!
A little bit of history: it's actually been 8 years since russia first invaded our country. But for the last years it was getting more and more quiet. And now BOOM again
Many people evacuated from the destroyed by war cities in 2014 and some still live there even though they support Ukraine. It's hard to leave your home. So it's emotionally different for everyone. There was a joke that people from Kyiv worry more than people from Eastern Ukraine. Because they have experienced a similar thing in 2014 and now they're more prepared than ever before.
Personally, I'm panicking from time to time, because, yup, it's stressful. Most people don't really speak about the war and evacuation because it's scary. But I feel like everyone's trying to be prepared for the evacuation or fighting. Every night does feel like a last one, after all.
Since the beginning of the war, our people have been giving money to military charity. One of the most famous military charities is "Return alive" (Povernysya zhivim). Many Ukrainians donate here every month. Here is a link for Facebook page of the charity, let me know if it translates to English or if i should make a post with translation:
There is also a charity that helps military. Yana Zinkevych, a Ukrainian politician and a commander of the Hospitallers Medical Battalion, leads this charity. In 2015 she was paralyzed during a mission and since then she has been using a wheelchair. She has personally saved more than 200 soldiers and she's awesome.
In her post here she makes a list of needed ammunition and the needed money.
I tried to write about the charities that Ukrainians trust in. They are famous, they have been trusted by people all these years, so as far as I am concerned, they can be trusted.
Here is a post by @everlasting-burnout who provided more links. They seem trustworthy.
Thank you so much for reading and I encourage to reblog. Just to remind you, I'm trying to tell about Ukrainian situation as objectively and as truthfully as I can
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michaelsheenpt · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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melseol · 4 months ago
My dearest friend of over two years needs your help escaping from her extremist parents!!
She's looking to plan her escape from the country but lacks the funds. Read above for more information. This is life or death for her, so EVERY PENNY COUNTS.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She's been struggling with an immense amount of mental issues, and if she doesn't manage to get out of there, or someone in her family catches onto the fact she's trans, I genuinely fear for her life.
For any questions or if you simply want to show your support but lack the money, you can PM @lunar-eclipse03. She's lovely and willing to explain things if you have any concerns.
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watermelon-converse · 2 months ago
Dana Terrace.
Dana Terrace, who works so hard to make sure the LGBTQ+ community feels seen.
Dana Terrace, who fought, so long and hard, for what little she got to do with her show.
Dana Terrace, who tried to keep good faith even when it was hard as hell.
Dana Terrace, who had all of her plans sidetracked just when they were coming true.
Dana Terrace, who up until recently has been doing her own promotional art because Disney isn’t.
Dana Terrace, who does not just sit aside and let people dictate who is and isnt valid and worthy of representation.
Dana Terrace, who trooped though anyway. who is doing what she can. Who is standing up for what she believes in. Who is risking her job by telling the world that she believes in LGBTQ+ kids and adults when no one else will.
Dana, you’re my hero. I don’t think you realize how much this means to us. Or maybe you do; and that’s why you’re working so, so hard. I’m proud of you. You’re a superhero. You deserve to breathe, to let us help. You’re not doing this alone.
But you’ve carried us such a long way. Thank you.
Fans, let’s please do what we can! Dana’s charity auction is TOMORROW and im sorry im late, but lets get this going! Make this viral! Get Dana to see this! Get fans over there at 3 PM EST!!! You have no reason not to reblog this! Reposts are welcome! Get this to Twitter if you need to!
Tumblr media
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ex0skeletal-undead · 2 months ago
If you want to donate somewhere to help out people in Ukraine but are unsure which charities are legitimate, both Charity Navigator and NPR have lists of vetted charities. Links below:
Charity Navigator
I personally donated to the CARE Ukraine Crisis Fund which provides immediate aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance, primarily for women, girls, families, and elderly people.
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miraculers-for-ukraine · a month ago
Tumblr media
Attention Miraculers! We are hosting a fandom charity event to support Ukrainians in protecting their homes from Russian invasion.
We want to rise to the occasion and use the values Miraculous has taught us to help.
In this event, fans can donate to commission an artist, writers, or other creators.
Donors will be able to choose from a selection of charities selected by the team that focus on 4 action areas:
Military Aid + Support
Medical Response
First Response and Evacuation
If you are interested in donating or contributing your talent, follow and stay tuned for updates!
And remember to reblog and share this post!
Glory to Ukraine!
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copperbadge · 6 months ago
Okay guys, I’m going to say this once and then I’m going to go back to ignoring the people I’m saying it to, which is a small but insanely irritating minority of readers:
When you try to come up in my comments or asks and say anything about how nonprofits are funded or operated I need you to understand that you are talking with someone who works for a nonprofit and has for longer than many of you have been alive. When you talk about theft of donation, the perfidious villainous “staff” you’re talking about are me. I am Staff. 
I have worked in the nonprofit space in some form or other my literal entire adult life, from the age of 18 onward, almost 25 years. Libraries, higher education, arts and medical organizations, I have worked either as service staff or fundraising staff or both for all of the above. Studying wealth and the donation of wealth is literally my job. So when I say something it has the weight of twenty five years of experience behind it. 
You couldn’t know that, of course, but you know how I know you’re just repeating ignorant cant you’ve seen in tumblr posts? Because it’s very easy to discover what a nonprofit is doing for the public. We have websites, annual reports, public 990 filings, all of which demonstrate very plainly how much we spend and on what. It’s so easy that if you want to enter into a conversation on philanthropy it’s pretty much step #1. And yet none of you solipsistic chucklefucks have done it. You just look at one of those “big three” everyone can name as “bad charities” and assume all charities are that size or that malevolence because those are the only ones you’ve heard about, because you won’t stir yourself to learn more.
You’re not fact checking and I’m not sure what insults me more, what you say about the work I do or that you didn’t even bother to do the most basic level research first. Not one of you assholes talking about big charities stealing money has ever come up with any kind of alternative to the ones you’re mad about; none of you ever has recommendations, just the same tired old party line. Which means either you want to lecture me to feel superior or you want to justify not giving, and I’m not here for it.  
You want to know why the government promised to pay off my student loans tax-free if I worked for a nonprofit for 10 years? Because burnout in the nonprofit space due to low pay, grueling hours, and assholes like you is super common. The only other people who get that promise from the US government are soldiers. 
If you don’t want to give to charity just don’t give. You don’t have to, and nobody will think less of you, because most people a) don’t talk about their giving and b) don’t care about yours. I didn’t give regularly for many years because I was working for nonprofits who didn’t pay me very much. But if you’re not going to give you need to shut the fuck up about it. The industry in which I have spent my career is not the newest purity stick for you to use on people you want to bully, especially if you’re just going to repeat bullshit you heard from someone who’s internalized some real evangelical-level guilt over not giving. 
And most especially you need to shut the fuck up about it to me. 
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Because most people here on tumblr don't really seem to be aware of what Mumbo does on his Instagram, he cycles a lot, and tends to post a lot about it. Right now he's been cycling towards a goal of 1975km in 50 days, with the goal to raise money for the crisis in Ukraine right now. That specific length was chosen because it is the boarder length between Russia and Ukraine, and with 20 days done so far he's in total cycled over 1000km already!
The fundraising goal is £5000, and it's almost there at just under £4500 right now
To everyone who enjoys Mumbo's videos and wants to support what he does outside of hermitcraft and minecraft, and during his break from youtube, please consider donating to his fundraiser to also help raise money for the children in Ukraine
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audacityinblack · a month ago
Help Me Afford a Place to Stay
After 16 years, I was finally able to leave my abusive home. However, I have been homeless and staying in hotels for about a month now. Because I live in a new state, I have to go through the process of establishing myself as a legal resident. Because of this, I'm currently not getting food stamps or other benefits, and because I don't have a permanent residence address, I can't apply for work.
My savings have been depleted to the point where I can't afford to pay for another week. I've found a place to apply to for residence, but the paperwork is going to take at least the next week.
Tumblr media
My stay for this week ends on Monday. If I don't have funds for the next week's stay, I will have no place to live.
I also need money for food and basic living supplies (toiletries etc.)
I will need at least $450 to cover my expenses.
Please help in any way you can. PayPal: http://paypal.me/audacenoire CashApp: $audacenoire
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decolonize-the-left · 2 months ago
Hey yall
You've helped me a lot and I've always been grateful.
Now I'd like you to help my little sister.
This week her partner of 10 years passed. He was only 27. A heart condition he never knew about.
She has 2 babies and one on the way.
I know this sounds short and curt but I don't know what else to say or how to ask.
I myself can't work so I can't offer her financial help myself. But I'm hoping that by sharing her GoFundMe for him here... You guys can help too. The universe knows she needs it.
....Y'all she saw it happen and it was awful. His babies too. Like really, anything at all helps. Please.
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nocturan · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
After an accident that has left me with a hairline fracture in my vertebrae, I am now in desperate need of additional funds in order to get an increasingly critical surgery to prevent paralysis or death. This is in addition to the already established itinerary of surgeries needed to remove the multiple growths in my spine that are expanding and growing everyday. I am terrified of what feels inevitable, and I am in so much pain. I truly need help. I am sorry to continue bombarding your dashboards with my pleas for help, but I wouldn't be doing it if this were not a life or death situation. Please share this, and if you are able, I sincerely need donations. All of my expenses are piling up on me all at once, and I can't number the amount of panic attacks this catastrophe has caused me to have. I am so terrified, and I honestly feel so much shame in having to ask for help to keep me alive, but if there is anyone that can spare anything out of the kindness of their hearts, I cannot tell you how much it would mean to me. You would quite literally be saving my life.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I only have so long before irreparable damage is done to my spine, so I humbly plead with you all to share this and donate, if possible. I love you all, and wish the best for you. I sincerely hope that this is one of the last posts of this kind that I will ever have to make.
@posts-from-a-brighter-timeline @pancakeke @anime-penis @my-gender-is @that-twink-over-there @jacobgalapagos @bastiaan-deactivated20190305 @hathagay @thetrashchronicles @wereralph @incorrectstevebucky @misterghostfrog @arsarcane @hotelmaintenance @plantsplacesthings @gofundmereach-blog
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diosmaden · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
chimkens feat chungy and nora
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and miss cassie :)
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emergencychange · 10 months ago
Thank you all for coming out!
Tumblr media
We made $2143.56 for Trevor Project! Apologies for the technical difficulties and awkward first bit! This was all new to all of us.
The whole stream will be uploaded onto Youtube later tonight for those of y'all who missed it!
Here is the Google Doc with all the contributors credits!
Art by https://griffsblog.tumblr.com/
We also have our next stream scheduled for next week. More detail coming soon.
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natmzine · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dear Visitors! 💚✨ We thank you for your patience and your interest so far! Today is the day we‘re opening the preorders for the »Night At The Museum« Charity Fanzine! 🦖🗿✨ Head over to natmzine.bigcartel.com and choose from our 5 amazing bundles; Including zines, prints, patches, enamel pins, acrylic charms and stickers!
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chinookorca · 24 days ago
hey everyone my dad and I are in need of assistance. His truck need new breaks for his truck. His truck is my ride to work. It's also how we get around. We took it to AAA and they said it would cost 1200 to fit it.He need both front and back breaks. My dad is a disabled veteran and doesn't ha mve the means to get his breaks fixed. As most of you know I work two jobs just to support my daughter and I I've been having to take a Uber or lyft to work now for a week and it's really expensive. I worried that I won't even have the money to get to work.
I'm asking for help to get his breaks fixed so I can stop taking lyft to work. My goal is 1200 for the Breaks plus 100 for rides to work. So 1300 is my goal.
Venmo: Andrea-Perkins-40
Cashapp: $AndiPerkins23
Thank you Hayu Masi for all the support.
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metroidprime2-echoes · 20 days ago
My friend Raven is getting kicked out of her apartment, after getting fired from her job at an Amazon warehouse dut to too many hospital trips, her only source of income is doordashing without a car, and its not getting her enough money to find a new place, im afraid she's gonna be homeless again. She's trans and mentally ill. It would really really mean a lot if you donated or roblogged
Tumblr media
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miraculers-for-ukraine · a month ago
Tumblr media
Requests are open until Tuesday 10th of May! 
Fill in our form here to make your request! 
Please see our FAQ and our requesting process for further details!
Unsure who you’d like to request from? See all our contributors here, and their open slots here!
Unsure who you’d like to donate to? See all our selected NGOs here!
Remember that all donations must be made in Euro (€). For information on how to convert to other currencies, see this post here.
Please note sometimes are emails have been appearing in spam/junk folders - please check these also for our responses.
Requests will be open until May 10th but please remember slots are limited!
Thank you for your support!
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