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Name: Charles Alister.

Role: Protector.

Age: 24.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Eye colour: Green.

Hair colour: and style: Dirty blonde in a standard longer kept men’s cut.

Interests: Medicine, vintage things, nature, and literature.

Favorite colour: Yellow.

How would you describe yourself?: Responsible, well mannered, blunt, kind, social, and knowledgeable.

Special note: I am one of our main fronters, I am also one of 3 British alters in our system and one of the first alters to ever come forward to our host.

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Request ~ Hey noticed you had your requests open and since I love your fics so much figured I’d send in one. Can I get a Joe request please. The prompt is this; this entire week I’ve had to be out in the heat cause of work (it’s been in the high 80s-90s these past few days and I’m exhausted but still gotta work two more days in the heat again) so can I get a fluffy Joe Mazzello fic of him just doting on the reader and helping her cool off once she gets home from work. Thanks darling keep up the good work! @mirkwoodshewolf

A/N~ Hello babe! I know this isn’t Joe, but I could see Charles doing this and he’s a Joe character so akdjf;alksdfj Im SOft- I hope you enjoy!

As you finished up the last of your work you took a sip of the water bottle you had. The water had already become lukewarm from being in the heat for so long. 

Walking inside of the shared house you see Charles typing away getting the bills done for the month. He heard your footsteps and knew you were going to take a cold shower to cool down a bit. He had set everything up so he could quickly make dinner by the time you got out of the shower.

He worked on the small meal and got the table ready, having to get CPU off it multiple times. Once the table was prepared he got you both water with ice and placed it in front of the two meals.

You had just finished washing off and putting your pajamas on, all you wanted to do was sleep. When you went into the kitchen to let Charles know you were headed to bed you were surprised. Sitting at the table Charles had CPU in his lap and was slowly eating a meal. A meal identical was sitting across from him, he looked up at you and smiled.

“This is yours, I figured I would at least cook for you. You have done such a great job these past few days and you need a nice break.”

You smiled and ran over to Charles, almost knocking him over with a hug. You kissed all over his face thanking him for the lovely meal. You ate it in all of ten minutes and went straight to bed afterwards. 

A few hours later you felt a shift in the bed and turned to see Charles getting in beside you. Yawing, you curled up to him, quietly thanking him again for the wonderful meal. He was truly the best and you couldn’t wish for anyone else.

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Hey guys! I wanted to tell you all that I’m going to try to keep the Red Dead Redemption x modern!reader flowing and will try my best to post some everyday so you all can hopefully have a good laugh, giggle, sharp exhale through nose, or just a simple smile. These are some bleak times and I hope to make it, even if it’s just a smidge, better. Stay strong my dudes!! ❤️

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Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know what Joe characters I write for! My inbox is open for requests, so feel free to send em in!

-Charles Harper (The Wooly Boys)

-Pat Murray (Undrafted, honestly I would write for any of those boys anyway)

-John Deacon (Bohemian Rhapsody)

-Eugene Sledge (The Pacific) 

-Adult! Tim Murphy (Jurassic Series)

-Gardner (Dear Sidewalk)

-Dustin Moskovitz ( The Social Network)

-Adult! Joe Wenteworth (Simon Birch)

I do not write for Joe Mazzello himself because I find that disrespectful to write for an actual person, thank you for understanding. 

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