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Others: ah, that Mr Darcy, what a distinguished gentleman! How weird that someone like that hangs out with someone like Bingley!

Charles Bingley: Darcy, everything okay? Are you … Sweating?

Fitzwilliam Darcy, locked in ‘scary outside nervous inside’ mode: I’m good, just keep talking-your bright manners will hide my antisocial disposition.

Charles Bingley: what if someone wants to talk to you?

Fitzwilliam Darcy: I haven’t got to that part yet, for now I hope the glare will keep anyone from approaching.

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Headcanon Request: Hi friend! Can you please do headcanons for Mr. Bingley x Female!reader who is on her period? If you’re busy, it’s okay — I just enjoyed your other Bingley headcanons so much that I had to ask 💕 Thank you either way!

Requested by: Anonymous

Pairing: Charles Bingley x Reader

Gender: Female/Period Haver/Vagina Owner 

Triggers: Mentions of cramps, general period stuff, etc..

Notes: I couldn’t find anything telling me what women called their periods in the late 1700′s/Early 1800′s so I just referred to it loosely. 


Originally posted by kathrvnhoward-blog

✶ God bless this poor sweet awkward boi

✶ He would be clueless as to what was bothering you at first

✶ He noticed your change in behavior, and how you desperately tried to hold yourself accountable in difficult conversations or situations

✶ You would make random faces throughout the day, showing discomfort and pain, and the poor man would be worried, but too shy to ask. 

✶ Even though you were literally engaged, he was still so awkward around you

But he was a major simp for you too

✶ He was afraid it was his fault, that he did something wrong to upset you

✶ So in classical Bingley fashion, he would show up at your home with a bouquet of flowers, that he very obviously picked himself

✶ It was obvious because of the random pieces of grass and wheat throughout the bundle of flowers

✶ Seeing his smile and cautious demeanor would instantly make you soft

✶ He would notice the emotion cross your face and would p a n i c

✶ “I’m sorry was this a bad time? Was this the wrong choice? Did I do something to upset you?”

✶ This poor man was afraid of hurting you so bad

✶ When a smile graced your face and a soft chuckle left your mouth, you could see the visible relief cross his face

✶ “You didn’t do anything wrong to me Charles, I’m just having…difficulty at the moment, but it will pass within a few days”

✶ As you enter your home, he follows you closely

✶ He paused “Difficulty? What on earth is happening? Can I be of assistance?”

✶ It was definitely improper to discuss these things at this time, so you were afraid to mention it to him out of fear of how he would react

✶ “No, please don’t worry about it Charles I assure you everything is alright”

✶ At this moment a cramp struck and your hand reflexively found it’s way to your abdomen as you scowled in pain

✶ Cue poor boi panicking

✶ “What’swrongareyoualrightareyouinpaindoyouneedadoctor?””

✶ This man hovered over you like a bee 

✶ Once the cramp passed, you were having difficulty keeping your emotions in check “It was just a cramp Charles, no need for a doctor”

✶ “A cramp??” 

✶ You see the look of confusion on his face change into realization 

✶ Suddenly his whole demeanor changed

✶ “I see! Come on, you should be resting”

✶ Before you could protest he was leading you to the nearest couch and forcing you (though gently) to sit down

✶ Taking the flowers you still had in your hand he smiled gently at you “I’ll put these in some water and get you some tea, you just sit there and rest”

✶ You were like ??!??!?

✶ When he came back with your tea he smiled so sweetly at you you could cry

✶ “You don’t have to do this for me Charles, I’m sure you have something else you can be doing that is more important”

✶ Charles’s puppy dog eyes engaged

✶ “You are my fiance Y/n, I should be no where else. Plus, I now understand what is bothering you, and I’ve always hated seeing my sister in pain when it happens to her, so I will do whatever I can to help you”

✶ You honestly felt like crying right then and there

✶ How could he be so sweet??

✶ For the next few hours, he lounged around with you, making you tea and/or coffee whenever you wanted, and bringing you pasties from the kitchen

✶ You also took a stroll around the gardens whenever you were able, he held your hand, rubbing small circles on yours with his thumb

✶ And he also made sure that when he left, someone was to draw you a nice warm bath for you to relax

✶ Honestly, the sweetest boi you could ask for

✶ Him treating you so softly, and doing whatever he could for you became a monthly thing, especially after you had gotten married

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catherine de bourgh really travelled all the way to elizabeth’s house with no plans other than saying “you’d better not accept my nephew’s proposal, bitch” and when elizabeth responded “lmao no.” she was genuinely surprised and was like

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How I imagine this conversation went:

Darcy: I proposed to Elizabeth

Bingley: oh thank god fucking finally

Bingley: I will make sure you have her all to yourself tomorrow

Darcy: I don’t think–

Bingley: you don’t need to worry about a thing I’ll take care of it

Darcy: there’s really no–

Bingley: you’ll have her all to yourself ;)


Bingley: i gotchu bro

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‘He and Jane are so much alike, never wanting to upset anyone.’
Darcy agreed. 'They are always apologizing to each other. Yesterday she was chopping onions and Bingley’s eyes began to water. Jane was horrified that she’d poisoned him while Bingley was doing his best to beg forgiveness for having eyes in the first place.’
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Fitzwilliam Darcy: Charles, I need you to continue courting Miss Bennet.

Charles Bingley: I am already, but why are you asking? Have you changed your mind about her?

Fitzwilliam Darcy: not really, but you flirting hides me flirting. With. With. With Miss Elizabeth Bennet.

Charles Bingley: ……………….. You are flirting with her? You mean when you make scating comments about her?

Fitzwilliam Darcy: yes, and I am being way too obvious about it-not that she is behaving better, of course, but one of us has to be more subtle.

Charles Bingley: I. I am sorry to burst your bubble, I really am, but Elizabeth Bennet does not like you-she finds you annoying at best! All she does is snarking at you!

Fitzwilliam Darcy: I know, right? Verbally sparring is the best way to assert one’s opinions!

Charles Bingley: more like verbally duelling to death!

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Richard Simmons (yes, I know, it’s ridiculous, but I don’t pick their names), was an ex-Navy SEAL who ran his classes like boot camp. Wickham started calling him Major Malfunction, and I can’t say I disagreed. I’ve had Collins clean up gymnasium puke on more than one occasion.
Our geometry teacher, Veronica Crane, was, rather unfortunately, living up to the Wickham-given moniker of Calamity Crane. If it wasn’t an unexpected car repair, it was a medical appointment, a broken limb, or a dead pet. We were midway into our first semester, and she had already missed four days. I tried hard to be understanding and compassionate boss, but if things kept on this way, I might need to give her a warning.
But one could always rely on Ms. Bennet. And of course, Charles Bingley, or, as Wickham calls him, ‘Charles in Charge.’ (I may detest the man, but I have to allow that George Wickham has a knack for clever names. I’ve been Ketchup King, the Mustard Monarch, the Pickle Prince, and the Duke of Dijon.)
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Elizabeth Bennet: Dorothea (Was cast before she was aware they were doing it but accepted wholeheartedly)

Jane Bennet: Mercedes (Was originally going to be Annette, but Mercedes crushed the audition)

Lydia Bennet: Constance (Wanted to be Elizabeth)

Fitzwilliam Darcy: Ferdinand (Was actually going to audition for Mr Bingham but the instant he walked onto stage everyone immediately said Mr Darcy)

Charles Bingley: Ashe (Mercedes asked him to do it and he caved immediately)

Mr Collins: Lorenz (Was tricked into this by Claude. He will have vengeance)

George Wickham: Claude (Volunteered so as to keep Lorenz off his back)

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Inside Jane Bennets phone played by @enjoltr in Modern AU literature chaos rp!!

I love this rp plot with all my heart it’s got wholesome Jane/Bingley and dramatic Elizabeth/Darcy and Courfeyrac being one of the Bennet Gang!!

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One of my favorite parts of the 1995 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice is at the Netherfield Ball, shortly after the Bennets’ arrival. Bingley has zoomed toward Jane like a magnet, Lydia and Kitty have darted off toward the officers, Mary is sulking, Lizzy has just realized that Wickham is not there and is all-too-obviously feeling a bit out of sorts and even awkward.

And then there’s Bingley, noticing her standing all on her own and offering her his other arm so that she doesn’t have to walk into the ballroom on her own. It’s such a small gesture, but it demonstrates so well his kindness and gentlemanliness. It shows us so clearly one of the reasons why Jane fell in love with him, because of his attentiveness toward others and care for them. He’s not just some amiable bumbler who relies on his sisters and Darcy to guide him through life; he’s a genuinely caring, gentle man who would rather be taken advantage of than do something to hurt others. And that’s why Jane loves him, and that’s probably why Darcy cares so much for him as a friend as well.

My other favorite ball moment is also Bingley-related, it’s when Mary embarrasses herself and her family by plowing everyone over to get at the piano and Charles covers up her social faux pas as best he can, though even he can’t do anything about Mr. Bennet’s blunder later.

All that to say that, Charles Bingley is a wonderful human being and I love how the ‘95 adaptation showed that in such small, easily overlooked details, because he himself is easily overlooked, but his goodness peeks through at every opportunity.

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I think it’s rare, in fiction, to find a Hufflepuff/Hufflepuff main character who is JUST a double Puff. No burning, no models, no nothing.

Like Jesse Pinkman of Breaking Bad. Double Hufflepuff, burnt to a freakin crisp. Dean Winchester of Supernatural, same thing. (Although he… unburns. It takes him a hell of a long time, but he does it.) 

These guys also pile on the protective layers. Quark from Deep Space Nine is a Double Puff desperately trying to look like a Double Slyth - because he can’t bear to let the people around him see how much he cares. Ciaphas Cain out of Warhammer 40K, same thing. Young Charles Xavier (as characterized in X-Men: First Class) is also a good example of a Double Puff modeling Double Slyth (wonder if that’s a pattern??)

My favorite DS9 character, Elim Garak, has *two* primary models and *four* secondary models stacked one up on top of another. A favorite original character, heavily inspired by Garak, is a Double Hufflepuff secret policeman trying so hard to model Double Ravenclaw - because he thinks that if he really were a double claw, everything would hurt so much less.

Pure Double Puffs who aren’t burned, and don’t have models, are usually paired off with another character who is fiercely loyal and wants to protect them. The Jeeves/Wooster dynamic, basically. Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy bond over this in Pride & Prejudice - they’re both Slytherin primaries with beloved Double Puffs in their lives (Jane and Bingley.) This is also why I like interpreting the Good Omens miniseries Aziraphale as pure Double Puff, even though you can absolutely read him as a Ravenclaw Primary or a Slytherin secondary if you want. But I just like seeing healthy, badass Double Puffs in fiction - and Crowley becomes a really fun take on that classic Slyth (or maybe Burnt Puff?) protector.

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