#charles is very sweet only with pierre ok
formulamuppet · 2 months ago
Charles: If i were a gardener I would put our "Two-lips" together.
Pierre: *blushes*
Carlos: Why aren't we like that?
Lando: If I were a gardener, you'd be my hoe.
Carlos: That's why.
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drieendertig · a year ago
showing my dad pics of some drivers and asking him to rate their looks
max: “he’s okay. very white though.”
daniel: “i’d like him much better if he were clean-shaven. you can hardly see his face. his beard looks like seaweed.”
charles: “he looks more boy than man”
george: “his haircut makes him look like a half-wit. he looks like he has no forehead, no brain you know. but he’s sort of sweet. so like a sweet half-wit.”
lewis: “he’s not attractive” (sorry lewis fans lol)
lando: “well, ok, he’s a bit good looking, but the only thing is that he might be a bit pleased with himself.”
alex: “well, he’s more sexy, i guess. he looks kind of smart.” 
carlos: “his nose makes him look like a friendly bird.”
pierre: *instantly flinched back from screen and made a retching noise* 
esteban: “he’s okay.”
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lyonsbutton · 3 months ago
im not sure if you’re still entertaining pale fire asks,, but I JUST FINISHED IT AND I AM CURRENTLY SOBBING BDVVSB
the ending caught me off guard but truly what could i expect? this is college and for as much as sebchal are attracted to one another, it doesn’t necessarily follow that they would be compatible— and they really aren’t!!
the first red flag truly should have been seb asking for charles not to be photographed w his tongue down someone else’s throat on fb!! THAT definitely threw me off. i loved how you portrayed seb as the cheeky bastard that he really is in real life! I don’t think enough sebchal fics have considered that.
i absolutely ADORE the characterization points you made in the ask tags. you are right w all of them!! genius right there!!
i was never really able to pin point it before, but something always felt off w sebchal for me. you were able to put it in words for me when you said that for all the allure and attraction they ~might~ have for each other, seb and charles have always existed only on different planes.
ANYWAYS the true highlight of pale fire is the friendship between alex, george, pierre and charles! i loved maxiel and carlando too.
if you aren’t busy or you’re up to it, i’d love to hear any thoughts you may have abt the future of boys (i.e what they do after college, if they stay in touch, who they end up w!!)
ALSO pierre and charles :)) kinda felt smthing between them there :)) very curious, though i do think you meant for them to be strictly platonic!
LONG STORY SHORT, thank you for this gem!! may you continue to write and write and write ✨
I AM ALWAYS ENTERTAINING PALE FIRE ASKS!!! i am very proud of my baby and i'm so glad that it has had an emotional impact on like. people? which is crazy when i think about it. i'm simply making these men interact in Situations!!!
ok i ended up typing way more than i thought i would so here's more pale fire infodump under the cut
i think the real, True lesson (if there are any to be had, let's be real) is the friendship between men and the Bond that they possess with one another. i've always been fascinated by the platonic male dynamic so i'm glad my research (ha) paid off!!!
i think the flat will stay in touch, albeit sectioned off to george x alex and pierre x charles. they'll sometimes meet up, if they can, but they'll never have what they had, you know?
seb is off doing Great Things in Conferences as a Postdoc. i can feel it!
charles is simply figuring life out after graduation. i think he's the type to take up on Gigs in da Gig Economy while pursuing something he loves.
PIERRE AND CHARLES EH ;;;;))))) i didn't mean them to be platonic! i wanted it to be very open in a ... this could go either way ;;;))))
i definitely wanted the sebchal dynamic to represent how they were simply just in different times in their life. although attraction was their Binding Force, it's not enough to run a functional, healthy relationship? and seb wanted that while charles is sort of puttering around. hence the marriage at the end !!
this is so sweet thank you so much anon!!!!!!! i'm so glad you decided to drop by and say hi <33333
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chal-lelerc · a year ago
ok so like. here’s my harry potter house thing. i’m ngl i tried to do this but then i deleted it bc it was getting too long and i didn’t have the attention span but. it kept sticking in my brain so i decided to pick it back up and as such, i’ve lost the original post but it was a quarantine activity (sort drivers into houses, assign quidditch positions, explain) posted by @verstappened​. houses done first, then positions, then explanations for both. i tried to make feasible teams, i.e making sure there arent too many of a single position per house, so this really screwed some of the sorting but oh well.
i did the houses first, then positions, then explanations in that order for the most part.
5/13/20: the sorting was mostly done before i heard all the differing opinions (of which there were many!)
5/19/20: alright so this is literally like 2 months old but i’ve just finished it lolol
Lewis Hamilton:
Slytherin: THE GLORY MAN. the aloof kind of superiority, confidence, is top dog, he’s simply the pinnacle of it all. kind of lethal and doesn’t do the whole ‘looking up to others’ things (outwardly, but he seems very soft on the inside tbh). very majestic and is almost a gryffindor, the kind of slytherin that Merlin is. hard-working, got here from incredibly humble beginnings, which kind of stands out from the rest, but he’s clearly now at the top level of society. still very protective of Others. scarily ambitious. Was originally a gryffindor but I wanted the brits to be in different houses for their quidditch positions to work. Could honestly go either way though.
Seeker: more glory. periodt. he stays winning and scoring the most points. clutch-man. Speedy boy, kind of in a different world than everyone else when competing (he’s always at the front lifetimes away from everyone else lmao. playing a diff game.)
Valtteri Bottas:
Hufflepuff: HE SEEMS. LIKE. A. BIG. CHILD. always relegated and brushed off but is literally God-Tier and no one can convince me otherwise. i consider him to be rather reliable (reflecting only the 2019 season at least lmao). a bit of a vindictive streak bc he knows what he’s Capable Of even when others underestimate him. has a very bright smile.
Beater: have u seen him. he’s a big boy even though he’s 5′8 and only an inch taller than lando norris he seems bigger than he is ok
Charles Leclerc:
Slytherin: this bitch. what a snake. hiss hiss.
Chaser: he wants what lewis hamilton has but chose the wrong position. still a star in his own right. pride and joy of his house, will be at the lead of every formation play unless told otherwise by his head of house, to which he will brood and complain ab but comply in the end bc he wants Team Success and loyalty to his Family. scores the most points on the team and people act like he carries even though he literally has a partner(s).
ok but fr my gut said charles is a slytherin (do i really need to explain why? very critical, doesn’t accept inferiority, somehow succeeds. just a feeling his brain seems to fit motorsport politics well), but i was seriously contemplating whether he’d be a gryffindor to max’s slytherin instead. but then i saw someone mention the whole lion schtick and i was like for all of max’s brattiness he is Gryffindor so sharl is snake. sorry don’t make the rules just follow them.
further edit: this was written before he started streaming (this is how old this draft is) and can u believe him he’s the epitome of the “not all slytherins r evil wenches” idea
Sebastian Vettel:
Ravenclaw: idk for all of Seb’s goofiness he just seems cerebral to me. Seems to know mildly irrelevant facts and is really quite smart however is hopeless in the modern age. Kind of that wise old(er he’s not that old) man knowledge. I’d trust him to give me all the life advice I need but also to write a 10 page essay on the nuances of the effect of emotion on verbal language (which we all know he is very experienced with).
Keeper: it’s the protective Dad Power.
Max Verstappen:
Gryffindor: WAS REALLY GONNA PUT HIM IN SLYTHERIN BC HE’S A NASTY LIL SHIT. TOTAL BRAT. GIVES FUCK ALL WHAT OTHERS SAY. BUT HE IS LION AND LION IS HE SO GRYFFINDOR IT IS. also just bc he needs to oppose sharl in every way possible it’s called Poetic Cinema. also his driving style is clearly the bravery and confidence to the point of recklessness that is prevalent among gryffindors.
Chaser: again, he must oppose Charles. so, not a seeker although he’s clearly singularly the most prized competitor. just like Charles, pride and joy of house, their star chaser. the comparisons never end. the competition never ends. the fighting never ends. one of the most interesting and dynamic performers to watch, is predictable in that he’s not predictable except that he will always be aggro to the max. will always be in trouble for getting rough bc that’s Not His Job but that’s just the gryffindor disregard for rules. master point scorer.
Alex Albon:
Gryffindor: was really a toss up btwn this and Hufflepuff but the ultimate deciding factor was the fact that I wanted all the British Boys to be seekers. he really just sticks it out as max’s teammate like a real one (nothing against max, everything against Helmet Merco) for the good of the team, still is sweet with max anyway. fitting that they’re in the same house too.
Seeker: he’s not the small boy that lando and lewis are but he is (thai/)British. very special boy (big ups on the promotion even tho it was Sad Times for Pear) deserves very special job. also he has a hot girlfriend (alex albon who i only know lily he’s boy toy) idk how that’s relevant but it seems fitting.
Carlos Sainz:
Ravenclaw: bc he’s a spaniard but is still better at english than Lando (i think everyone is tbh). Seems to be a quiet type of smart, sensible, but perhaps this is just the consequence of being compared to Lanno at all times LMAO (no hate all love bby Lannd). would be the type of ravenclaw to follow his friends on absolutely idiotic ventures but would step in to prevent near death or likely-legal-problem causing actions (and only then; otherwise it’s every man for themselves and everyone is free to make a fool of themselves and break some laws. carlos may dabble in such practices.)
Chaser: seems to be a go-getter, not going for points doesn’t even cross his mind. will always be the one driving up the pitch, the strategist of sorts bc he seems big(ger) brain (than lando lololol).
Edit: I wrote this part ab him long ago but this entire section of this post is now irrelevant and canceled.
Lando Norris:
Hufflepuff: you all know why. zero explanation needed. like, none.
also has a bit of an aggressive streak which tends to catch ppl off guard. is not afraid to confront u (hello pageNO) and at times defies the hufflepuff stereotype of being perpetually happy go-lucky (he has his bad days!). but when with His True Crew he is absolutely a hufflepuff ball of energy.
Seeker: small and speedy. energetic to the max. small. quirky and different from the rest, so he gets the special job. small. everyone would kill to protect him. small.
Daniel Ricciardo:
Gryffindor: AW I DIDN’T EVEN REALIZE THAT I PUT HIM AND MAX TOGETHER. LOOK I EVEN MADE THEM BOTH CHASERS. AH HOW BIGBRAIN MY MIND IS. everything ab dan is gold. golden skin, the colors in redbull and renault, his smile, just the vibes. he’s just got the enthusiasm and charisma and this intensity of a gryffindor. super aggressive, his late breaking (from his rbr at least) is legendary and maddening with how he pulls it off. is almost a hufflepuff but the gut said no.
Chaser: is Max’s teammate. so yeah. was obviously the star until younger max came to the show. a bit lost in limbo bc of it but they still work well together.
literally want to make him a hufflepuff so. bad. but i couldn’t split up maxiel. also his vibe is just different from other ‘puffs like stroll so.
Esteban Ocon:
Slytherin: ask max.
Chaser: being characterized off of their relationship with max seems to be a theme here. will go head to head with max w/ absolutely zero shits given. talented, but the rivalry with max is entirely secondary to charles imho. still yet to show his full potential but is still quietly a thorn in max’s side. many are interested to see what he is able to do in the immediate future.
Pierre Gasly:
Chaser: constantly trying to prove himself and score big boy points. had a stint as seeker until lando came along. did not do as well as ppl had hoped, returned to chaser and proceeded to crush it from there. praticed a lot with charles as children (the friendship dynamic w/ their houses was definitely unforseen but is amazing).
Daniil Kvyat:
Hufflepuff: really wanted to make him a slytherin but the quidditch positions didn’t work out. firmly believe this works though. more of the rough and tumble type, definitely the kind that will sock u in the nose if u write off hufflepuffs as a joke. could honestly probably be a gryffindor too with how unapologetically aggressive he can be in the name of His Beliefs. gives me big dumb himbo vibes now that i think ab it tbh which is mostly the justification here. also he has a child omg.
Chaser: but the one that’s always headbutting bludgers out of the air (torpedo bitches). also had a stint as seeker before but it Was Not His Thing. he’d much rather be chasing and throwing things than seeking things. also he’s pierre’s mate :,) would’ve been a beater but romain and valtteri will not be anything else so daniil took the boot whoops.
Sergio Perez:
Slytherin: it’s just the vibe. knows his weaknesses and is able to make up for it with his confidence and talent in his strengths. very ambitious, plays the right cards at the right times to get the right results. something ab him puts me on edge, but like in a good way; i feel like there’s always a trump card up his sleeve, like when he gets to q3 out of fucking nowhere in a racing point.
Keeper: he gives me the same vibes as seb idk what it is. very dependable, backbone of his team.
Lance Stroll:
Hufflepuff: guys have u seen the guy. he’s just here to have a good time. may seem a bit airheaded at times but he means well 99% of the time. untapped potential. seems like a no thoughts head empty canadian hockey boy (and every one of these types is a hufflepuff don’t fight it); may or may not be the only accurate description of him.
Chaser: he’s just trying his best out here. i
so scratch my initial thoughts (tbh i didn’t really know where to put him and i originally had romain as keeper but that’s an issue to fix later on now) BECAUSE LANCE STROLL IS A keeper GOALIE AND NO ONE CAN REFUTE THIS. ABSOLUTELY NO HUMAN OF THIS EARTH. WHAT GLORIOUS INFORMATION TO STUMBLE ACROSS.
Kimi Raikkonen:
Slytherin: guys i really don’t have an in depth analysis of this but i don’t think iceman needs one.
Beater: see above^. y’all must get the vibe.
tbh could also be a keeper tho similar energies to seb and checo, but honestly his no fucks given attitude is ultimately what swayed me
Antonio Giovinazzi:
Gryffindor: he just has that majestic quality (that could also fit a slytherin but i only see red when i see antonio). look at that lion’s mane. also he’s one of kimi’s to paddock friends? seems fitting that he’s a gryffindor to kimi’s slytherin.
Chaser: plays second fiddle to the duo that is max and daniel, often regulated to vibing on the side. but he’s there and he’s important and he has potential (i’ve been seeing ppl talking ab a ferrari move and i’m positively shaken). [edit: again, this post is old.]
im sorry its glaringly obvious idk much about him asdfjasldkd
Kevin Magnussen:
Slytherin: guys lots of these are just self explanatory sorry if i seem like im taking the cheap way out but it’s fact. brundle and crofty call him a great white shark for crying out loud.
Beater: unapologetically chaotic. lurking around the edges making people feel hunted. spends more time playing baseball in the middle of the matches than quidditch and sometimes it backfires but it’s good fun and it sometimes works.
Romain Grosjean:
Hufflepuff: y’all he’s such dad energy and he likes to cook. gets written off a lot but he actually cares (he’s a part of the grand prix drivers assoc.!). he seems so wholesome and he spends time with his kids and their school work when he can do u feel those water drops yeah those r my tears.
Beater: i really wanted to make him a slytherin beater to make him teammates with k-mag but he’s just. not a slytherin. but i kept the beater part. spends the majority of the hufflepuff v. slytherin matches sending bludgers kevin’s way even when he doesn’t mean to. it’s always reciprocated.
George Russell:
Ravenclaw: I’VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I’LL SAY IT AGAIN THIS KID. is so marvelously well spoken and he just has such a simple yet effective way with words. he knows what’s reasonable to expect but never fails to expect the most that he can given his circumstances. again, mentioned this before but a lot of it is his accent. the glottal stop is a historically stereotypically rural (i.e. “uneducated”) thing but I’m American and I Don’t Listen to the Rules, so the accent just makes him seem so sophisticated to me especially when he’s saying things like “horriiiiiiiific” and presenting his hefty powerpoints.
Seeker: my British Boys Are Seekers headcanon continues. definitely a Golden Boy of the team kind of guy (hello tragic dumpsterfire that is williams :/ ).
Nicholas Latifi:
Hufflepuff: same boat as lance. his twitch streams are so wholesome he’s just chilling man. twitter made me write him off as daft and unnecessary at first but like fuck twitter i’m all here for ninky latvia now.
Chaser: lowkey gives me keeper vibes as well? the sensible, level-headedness. but obvs that’s lance so chaser it is. still the level-headedness that helps him hold down the fort btwn pierre and daniil who can tend to get a bit imaginative, and also the energies of them + lando.
5/19/20: so it’s quite clear to me that i grew tired of brain functions the more time i took on this and the later ones are a bit lacking and for that i’m very sorry. that being said i’m still happy to see this finished bc the idea was VERY exciting for me.
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