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babies and bahrain | c. leclerc
pairing: charles leclerc x reader word count: 4.4 words request: yes, by anons: "hii bestie can i get a fic where the reader and charles are guardians of their godchild and on the child calls them mommy and daddy for the first time? i love your writing btw I’ve been binge reading your fics." & "hii can i request a soft fluffy charles fic? i love your writing style 💕" & "hello! can we have a imagine with reader and charles with a long term relationship at bahrain gp 2022? 🥺" warnings: kids, fluff, angst, death(mentioned only), car crash (mentioned only), language (like one or two), hospitals. a/n: i am finally posting something. i've been hating everything i write lately, but hopefully it's only temporary because i want to work on something to celebrate when we (hopefully soon) hit 3k. literally can't believe i'm typing that. we're so close to three thousand, what the fuck. also, i have no idea how the legal system works, let's remember that this is all fiction, please.
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Tumblr media
the moment violet was born, you and charles fell in love with her. the first few months of her life you would visit the new parents every chance you could. caroline and nolan were close friends of charles, and they instantly welcomed you into their group when you and charles started dating. charles loved violet, he’d always get her every baby-related thing he saw wherever he went. dolls, princess onesies, toys, anything that reminded him of her.
you were the same, offering to babysit when your friends wanted some alone time, or wanted to go out for a date. often, the five of you would go out to kid-friendly spots.
‘violet needs to spend time with her favorite aunt and uncle’, charles would say. every chance he got, she was in his arms. caroline would always laugh, chastise him and tell him she would get used to being carried. 'good thing i have strong arms, then.' he'd reply, pressing his forehead against the baby's head.
it wasn't a surprise when you and charles were asked to be her godparents, but you were still over the moon when you arrived at their house and saw violet wearing a shirt that read ‘will you be my godparents?’. you and charles hugged the -then- six-month-old baby and her parents, promising to take care of her as much as you could. 
the day everything changed, it started just like any other. you were in italy with charles, he had some duties at the ferrari museum in maranello, so you took the day to explore the city, seeing ferrari plastered on almost every wall. you entered a small shop and were instantly drawn to a plushie of a cat. violet loved cats. well, they didn’t have any pets, but everytime she saw one on tv she always yelled in delight. you picked it up and paid for it, walking to the museum to wait for charles.
you had a special badge around your neck, so security let you through without too much trouble. you sat on a bench outside, grabbing your phone to check if you had missed anything. you were scrolling mindlessly when you saw an unknown number calling. you recognized the area code as one in france. you frowned but picked up anyway.
you’d always wondered how you’d act in case of an emergency. you’d seen so many tv shows and movies where the characters ran through the hospital, some screaming, asking where their loved ones were, others in shock. you never thought, never hoped, to be in that position one day.
your heart was beating fast, pounding inside your chest as you held onto charles’ hand. he was almost running, following the signs until he reached a nurse station.
in shock. in case of an emergency, you were the one in shock. your eyes were glossy as you let charles guide you to the icu, you could hear him mumbling under his breath, but couldn’t understand what he was saying. you could see the automatic doors that led to the icu, you gripped charles’ hand before walking in, making him halt his steps.
he turned to look at you, he had small tears in the corners of his eyes. you threw your arms around his neck, pulling him down and hiding your face in his neck. the tears fell freely, you could feel his chest shaking as well.
“we have to go in,” charles said, still holding on to your waist. you nodded but didn’t let go of him. “we-we have to find out how they are, and-”
an unmistakable soft whimper made its way into your ears, charles paused mid-sentence and you both turned your heads to the side.
“violet!” charles said, you both ran to the woman who was carrying your goddaughter. ten-month-old violet’s eyes were wide open, you could see the terrified look on her face as she was in a completely unknown place with strangers. “is she okay?” he asked.
“she’s alright. she’s been checked by the pediatricians and everything seems fine,” she gave you a small smile, “i’m the social worker in charge of the case, who are you?” she asked.
“we’re violet’s godparents,” charles said, gripping your hand. your arms ached, longing to hold her in your safe embrace.
“w-why do they need a social worker?” you asked, placing your free hand on charles' arm. the social worker was about to speak when violet started crying. charles took a step, and violet leaned forward as well. charles took his goddaughter from the social worker's arms, and for the first time since you got that awful call, you let out a deep breath, knowing that violet was finally safe. you seemed to forget that there was someone else present, at that moment, all your focus was on violet, on the way she clung onto the both of you, her godparents, the only people she had left in the world now.
nolan and caroline didn’t have any direct family, but they had each other. and they had you and charles.
“can we see them?” you asked, violet was playing with your finger. “is- is caroline still in surgery?” the social worker didn’t know how to answer, she walked to the nurse station right outside the intensive care unit, where you’d heard they were keeping nolan. you followed her, your gaze flickering between violet, charles, and the social worker. the look on the latter’s face didn’t make you feel reassured.
“when can we see them?” charles asked again, a bit too loud than he intended, causing violet to flinch. charles handed her to you, placing a kiss on the top of her head.
“only family is allowed in, and-”
“we’re family. we’re all the family they have,” charles interrupted.
you were told to wait, you sat on two uncomfortable chairs, holding violet in your arms. the social worker was standing in front of you.
“did you ever discuss what would happen with violet in case…” she started, you both froze.
“w-why are you saying that?” you asked, looking from her, to charles. 
“the doctor is coming, he will fill you in on their condition, but… we need to know their wishes about violet’s future in case they don’t… you know,”
“we’ll take care of her,” charles said, without wasting a second, without any doubt. “that’s what we signed up for when we agreed to be her godparents. to take care and be there for her whenever,” he told her. then, he looked at you, you nodded your head, taking his hand in yours.
“we will take care of her, no matter what happens.” 
the next few days went by in a blur. you felt so many emotions at the same time. grief, pain, fear, helplessness. you’d had to do so many things in just a few days. saying goodbye to your friends was probably the hardest. even though the doctors tried their best to save both of them, their injuries from the car crash were too much.
your full focus was on violet. you pushed aside your feelings and grief to focus on the little baby you’d now found yourself in charge of. you’d gotten in contact with a lawyer, who promised to help you as much as she could to get violet’s custody. you didn’t know if you were mentally prepared to take care of a child, but you weren’t alone. charles wanted this as much as you did, it was what you’d signed up for, as he said.
you’d recruited the rest of your friend group to look for a will or a document that stated their wishes for violet’s custody, but found nothing. you never talked about that topic, you were all way too young, you still had plenty of time you think about the future. or at least, you should’ve.
the second night after the funeral, violet was sleeping in the crib you’d bought a day before, next to your bed. you were lying on your side, your eyes were closed but you couldn’t sleep. you turned so your back was against the mattress, you looked up at the ceiling and sighed. you felt charles moving beside you, you turned your head to see him looking at you.
“did i wake you?” you whispered, he shook his head, giving you a small smile. you got closer to him, resting your head on his chest. you both stayed quiet, you could feel his fingers playing with your hair. “do you think we can do this?” you asked after a few seconds of silence.
“i don’t know,” he said, and even though it wasn’t the answer most people would’ve wanted, you felt comfort in knowing that he was just as nervous as you. “but i don’t want violet to go away, not when we can give her everything she needs,” he continued. “it will be difficult for all of us, but violet needs us,”
“of course. i want her with us as well, but are we ready for this change?”
“we have to be, there’s no turning back now. but hey, we’re in this together, okay? we got each other. it will take a little while to get used to a new routine, but we can do this, alright?” he said, grabbing your hand and lifting it up to his lips, pressing soft kisses to your knuckles. “we got this,” he nodded his head. you looked up at him, kissing his cheek. 
a month passed, violet was still in your care whilst you were going through the adoption process. and now more than ever, you were sure that you were ready to give the little baby everything she might need. each day you spent with her you fell even more in love with her, you didn't know how it was possible, but she brightened up your day, she had taught you so much already. 
of course, the first few weeks were messy, having to adjust to the presence of violet in your lives 24/7. there were nights when you thought you couldn't do it, nights when violet stayed up almost all night, crying uncontrollably, and you knew that the one thing she needed were her parents. you'd cry with her, sometimes.
one particular night, charles wasn't home, he'd traveled to paris, violet’s hometown and the place where all the legal process was taking place. you’d put violet down to sleep, since it was past her bedtime. you sat on a stool in the kitchen, replying to a text charles had sent. turns out, things were going to be a little more complicated than you had first thought. as you sent the text, you received a call from him.
"hi, love," you said, propping your phone against a napkin holder to see him better. he was sitting on a chair in his hotel room, you figured he must’ve made the call from his laptop, since you could see a mess of documents littering a wooden table.
“hey,” he sighed, you frowned.
“what’s wrong?” you asked, “didn’t get good news today?” you leaned your chin on your fist, your elbow propped on the kitchen island.
“no,” he shook his head, running his hands through his hair. you could see the dark circles under his eyes. “they said that- in order to adopt we-” he sighed before continuing, “at least one of us has to be twenty-eight years old, we have to be married- or prove that we’ve been together for a couple of years, and-” he rambled, you stopped him.
“hey, hey, slow down,” you said, watching as he shook his head in desperation. “charles, i know it looks like we might be in a gray area right now, but we have time. as long as violet can stay in our care, we have time to make sure every requirement is in order. we’re working with the best of the best, we’re all doing what we can. as long as we have violet’s custody, we’ll be okay,”
the morning of violet’s first birthday, you woke up extra early, wanting to surprise her. you went downstairs and started hanging decorations, balloons, colored strings, everything you’d bought a few days ago. once everything was finished, you checked her room to make sure she was still asleep, taking the baby monitor with you to the bathroom.
you’d always loved the luxury of taking long, warm showers, but now, with a kid under your care, you’d learned to shower in less than ten minutes. you did your hair in a comfortable way, and threw on some joggers and one of charles’ shirts, walking to violet’s room once you heard her moving around.
“good morning, princess!” you smiled, seeing violet standing up, holding herself up with her fists around the crib. “oh, you’re a big girl now, aren’t you?” you laughed as you approached her, running your hands through her hair, getting the curls away from her face. “you’re going to start walking any day now, miss,” she smiled, bending her knees in excitement, trying to jump as she giggled.
you held her in your arms, pressing soft kisses to the side of her head, to her cheek, her forehead. one of your arms was supporting her under her bum, you noticed that she was in desperate need of a diaper change, but you ignored that at that moment. your other hand was on her back, keeping her close to your chest. you’d installed black-out curtains in her room, to make sure she got as much sleep as possible in the mornings.
“happy first birthday, violet,” you whispered in her ear. 
right then, with the little bit of sunlight peeking in through the curtains, for the first time, you felt like her mother. it wasn’t anything extraordinary, that was how you greeted her every morning, but that, you figured, was the beauty of motherhood. finding the special in the most simple and ordinary moments.
you looked up at the ceiling, feeling your eyes starting to burn as they filled with tears. maybe you didn’t have nolan and caroline anymore, but you had violet. and you promised to love her and protect her, raise and cherish her just as much as they would’ve done, had they had the chance.
violet lifted her arm, without measuring her strength, she moved it towards you, hitting you on your face. that brought you out of your thoughts. you laughed as you looked down at her, walking to the changing table you’d set up, you placed her down and changed her. 
about thirty minutes later, you heard the front door opening and closing, you’d stayed upstairs with violet, waiting for charles to get there. he was in charge of setting up all of her presents, the ones you’d approved, and the ones charles secretly bought when you fell asleep that night a few weeks ago.
you were on the floor, playing with violet as you two heard the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs. you looked at violet, who was still holding the bright yellow lego, but her eyes were now stuck to the opened door of her bedroom. you pulled out your phone, recording her curious face as her eyes widened in anticipation.
“who’s that?” you asked. you held back a laugh as charles finally appeared in her line of sight.
“where’s the birthday girl?” charles said, kneeling down, he spread his arms to the sides, watching as violet first started crawling her way to him, but then, she stopped. she kept her hands on the floor as she planted her feet on the floor. charles’ eyes widened, you’d told him that violet was standing up, but he hadn’t had the chance to see her.
instantly, you both leaned closer to her, your were both ready to step in and catch her if she couldn’t keep her balance. but, she stood up, she straightened her back as you and charles held your breaths, and then, she took her first steps, rushing to charles’ awaiting arms. 
this all happened in a matter of seconds, but to you, it felt like the clock slowed down, like she was moving in slow motion.
her loud squeals brought you back to reality, you saw charles holding her against his chest, still kneeling on the floor. 
“oh, you did so good, violet! that’s my big girl,” charles kissed her temple, “i missed you so much. i was gone for a week, and now you’re walking?” he continued talking to her, you stopped recording, placing your phone in the pocket of your sweatpants, kneeling next to your loves. “i thought she was just starting to stand up?” charles asked, you nodded.
“those were her first steps,” you said, voice a little groggy as you kept your eyes on violet, who was playing with charles’ hair, grabbing fistfuls and tugging lightly.
“first steps… first birthday…” charles counted, throwing an arm around your shoulders to pull you close to him. you leaned your head against his shoulder, and violet stopped what she was doing to look at you two.
she was still standing up, charles had a hand on her back to help her up. she looked back and forth from you two, the smiles on your faces were so wide that your cheeks were starting to hurt. 
“da!” she said, dropping down to her bum, crawling away, leaving you both speechless.
“first word?” charles breathed, you frowned.
“is ‘da’ even a word?” you asked, mostly annoyed because it was a word that resembled ‘dad’.
“in baby language, i think it is,” he smiled smugly, you rolled your eyes as you turned to violet, picking her up. 
“hey, baby. say ‘ma’,” you instructed, violet stayed quiet, then, she opened her mouth.
“da!” she repeated, you sighed, kissing her cheek before passing her off to charles. “da!” she said as she looked at charles.
“yeah, that’s her first word,” you laughed, admitting defeat.
six months later, you and violet slipped through the crowd of people, sneaking your way to the ferrari motorhome. it was the first race of the season, and you had to admit, you missed being there. 
you’d been with charles for what felt like forever at that point, coming close to eight years. you’d met, fallen in love and started dating as teenagers, and you’d been there every step of his career. your relationship was one that the public had always been curious of, given that you were both extremely private and cautious with what you let the rest of the world see. when you stopped attending the races for almost half of the year last year, people had started wondering if you’d split up. but as you walked with violet in your arms, charles’ hand around your shoulders, that was a clear statement. 
you were scared of attending a race with violet, but you were a family now, and you needed to support charles, you knew he needed you there. you were going to stay inside the ferrari hospitality the entire time, away from the cameras and public. you were inside charles’ room, playing with violet whilst he got ready.
violet was starting to speak a bit more, so most of your time was spent over-pronouncing easy words in hopes to get her to repeat them. she was a smart girl. after having her first birthday, first steps and first word all in the same day, you knew you had a little genius in your hands.
“the car goes fast,” you said, moving your lips slowly, watching violet’s eyes go from your lips to your eyes. she babbled, you smiled as you kissed her temple, repeating the sentence again. “the car goes fast,”
“hell yes it does,” charles said, walking in. he had his racing suit on, the zipper was down, though, and you could see his fireproof undershirt. he grabbed violet, who played with the velcro strap. 
“don’t swear,” you patted his leg, standing from your spot on the couch. “you ready?” you asked, kissing his cheek. violet noticed, and she did the same, making charles laugh.
“i think so,” he nodded, “i’ve got my two girls here, i can do pretty much anything right now,” he pressed his lips against violet’s temple. “but-”
“charles, we need you for something,” there was a knock on the door, and charles sighed. he’d promised to spend as much time as he could with you, even though you’d promised him it was okay, that he still had to focus and prepare for the race, but he had missed having you there and wanted to stay there with you two. 
“it’s okay,” you grabbed violet, who frowned, she’d only gotten a few minutes with charles, why was he leaving again so soon? “we’ll be right here,” you smiled, leaning in to kiss charles’ cheek, but he turned his head, meeting your lips with his. 
“i will be right back, okay?” you nodded as he hugged you both. he walked out of the room without looking back, despite how much he wanted to stay.
violet whimpered, you looked down at her and chuckled.
“it’s okay, baby, he’ll be right back, okay?” you sat her down on the couch, “da will be right back,”
as it turned out, violet called both you and charles ‘da’. it was the one word she associated with the two of you. much to charles’ dismay. 
“oh, love, it’s okay,” you cooed, noticing violet’s teary eyes. “it’s just for a little while, my love.” you grabbed her again, and started walking around the room, gently rocking her in your arms. she wasn’t a loud crier, but her tears were just as real. “oh, violet, don’t cry, you’re making me cry, too!” you chuckled, pulling her close to your chest. 
a few minutes passed, you could still feel your shirt getting damp from her tears, when the door behind you was opened.
“what’s wrong?” charles asked, and violet struggled in your arms. you put her down and she ran to charles. 
“dada!” you froze, your eyes went wide as you watched charles crouch and catch violet in his arms. “dada,” she repeated, her tiny arms on his neck.
“it’s- it’s okay, violet. i- dada’s here,” he said, letting out a shaky breath as his eyes met yours. 
“charles-” you started, feeling your eyes burning. 
“dada,” violet started, turning her head back, “mama!” she called for you. you couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe. you just stood there, with wide, teary eyes, as the child that you’d promised to love and raise as if she were your own, called for you. “mama, mama,”
charles was just as shocked as you were, but he snapped out of it first, walking to you once he noticed that you were still processing it. 
“d-did she… did she…” you couldn’t finish your question, but charles was already nodding his head. 
“dada. mama.” apparently those two words had become violet’s favorite ones. you let out a laugh, wrapping your hands around charles’ back, with violet stuck between your bodies. 
“yes, violet. dada and mama are here.” charles said. you just breathed deeply.
violet didn’t know what was going on around her. she didn’t know why the people wearing red were standing up, clapping and yelling. she didn’t know why you were standing up as well, with your palms pressed together, covering your mouth. she didn’t know why you had tears in your eyes. 
“dada won, violet!” she didn’t understand what that meant, but you were smiling, so she smiled as well. you picked her up in your arms, someone handed you a pair of headphones, you placed them on violet’s ears to protect her from the loud noises.
you’d promised to stay inside the ferrari motorhome, but you weren’t counting on charles getting the first win of the season, his first in a while, his first with his family there with him.
you were escorted to the podium ceremony, arriving just in time to see charles stepping out of the car. he jumped out of the car and ran to his crew, you were breathing fast, your cheeks hurting from smiling so hard, there were tears in your eyes as you watched charles.
“that’s dada,” you told violet, even though she probably couldn’t hear you with all the noise. 
you waited a few minutes, for charles to finish getting weighed, before someone talking to him pointed in your direction. 
he smiled as he ran to you, wrapping his arms around the two of you.
“that was amazing, my love.” you said, grabbing his face to direct his lips to yours. “i love you so much, you deserve this!” you smiled.
“dada! mama!” violet said, annoyed that you weren’t paying attention to her. 
“sorry, violet. dada and mama are here. we love you, too,” charles gave you two one last hug before he had to be taken away for interviews.
violet was sleeping between you two, she was curled up on her side, resting her head on charles’ chest. you couldn’t blame her, that was how you loved to fall asleep, too. you couldn’t sleep, you still had that remaining rush of adrenaline running through your system, which made it hard for you to succumb to sleep. you turned to your side, leaning forward to kiss violet’s cheek softly, then charles’ lips. you left the bed, sliding open the door to the balcony. 
you could hear people partying out there. you leaned your arms against the railing, thinking about how, if you didn’t have violet, you would probably be out there with them. but you wouldn’t change your little family for anything. 
“what are you doing out here?” you heard charles’ sleepy voice, felt his arm around your waist.
“just thinking,”
“about?” he asked, kissing your shoulder. you smiled, turning your head to the side to look at him.
“how i wouldn’t change this for anything in the world,” you answered, biting your bottom lip. “i love you and i love violet, and i’m so lucky to call you both mine,” he didn’t answer, just turned you around so your back was against the railing, his hands on your waist.
“we should make it all official, then,” he said after a few seconds, you leaned back, tilting your head up to look at him. “marry me,” 
“charles leclerc, after almost eight years of dating, this is how you’re proposing to me?” you raise an eyebrow, joking to avoid letting tears take over you.
“no,” he shook his head, a small smile on his face, “you deserve something much better. our child needs to be part of it, for starters,”
“of course,” you laughed. you placed your arms around his neck, fingers playing with his hair.
“will you, though?” he asked.
“marry me?”
that was a question that you both knew the answer to. 
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Welcome to the official Charles Leclerc channel
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BARCELONA, 2022 — Charles Leclerc. (Photo by Marco Canoniero)
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fire and ice
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F1 as Texts Pt. 5
this is a wholly personal celebration of my shadowban being lifted, WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE IM FREEE
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
the other parts are on the blog too btw
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Same tshirt 😌
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Tumblr media
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Dog Days - Max Verstappen x Reader - Part Eight
Read Part Seven here
Tumblr media
Max Verstappen x female!reader
Wordcount: 3.7K
Warnings: Swearing, angst, light fluff, Christian Horner being mentioned
Every moment Max spent with you was hell and he thought the same, so when a dog is rescued from the track and both of you want to keep it, the pair of you would have to stomach one another. Whoever the dog runs to at the end of the season gets to keep him and maybe a stray dog won’t be the only thing coming home with you when the season is over.
Then next morning you woke up in the arms of Max Verstappen. Vettel was laying at the end of the bed, sleeping safe and sound. You smiled at him before looking up at Max. His arm was around your waist and his face was resting on your head. He stirred slightly as you moved to look up at him but he stayed asleep. Your face warned at the sight of him as the sun began to shine through the thin curtains, allowing his face to glow. You wanted nothing more than to run your hands through his hair and the stubble growing on his face. 
Max Verstappen was in fact growing on you. 
You sat up slowly, rubbing your eyes as you collided with the sun, no longer shielded by Max. You carefully slipped your way out of bed to not disturb him, making sure you didn’t wake Vettel in the process either. That night you had slept in one of Max’s shirts as he’d “forgotten�� to pack pyjamas for you. You headed to the bathroom to freshen up after the night, taking in that rather large mark Max had left on your skin. You made a mental note to soothe it with ice and cover it up before you got back to the track. If anyone like Christian was to see it or even Lando you would never hear the end of it. 
By the time you walked back into the bathroom, Max was slowly waking up, Vettel too. His eyes squinted at the sun as you let out a small laugh at him. Max’s eyes finally opened as he focused on you, his eyes looked at you differently than they did last night. It was the same eyes he’d given you at the restaurant. His eyes were full of truth in such a loving way. 
Remember y/n this is all fake, you’re faking it all for the cameras.
“Good morning.” You smiled, your eyes scanning his state. 
“Morning pretty girl.” He pets the space beside him. “Fancy joining me?”
“Max we need to go back today.” 
He leant over and picked his phone up from the bedside table, checking the time with his tired eyes. “We have time.” 
“You know you can’t drive around the roads of Paris as you do on the track.” You rolled your eyes as you spoke, a smile on your lips as you walked over to the bed. “We also have a flight to catch.” You slid in bed with him. He held his arms out, allowing you to fall into them. Your head fell on his chest as he wrapped his limbs around you, pulling you close to him. 
“We’ll get there in time, I promise you.” He kissed the top of your head. “How did you sleep?”
“Perfect, you?”
“Someone was snoring all night -”
“Max Verstappen I do not snore!” You propped yourself up, staring at him with an unamused look which only made him smile. 
“I wasn’t talking about you.” His eyes jumped to Vettel. “We give him food and a home and he stills snores like he pays rent!” 
Vettel raised his head, evidently knowing he was being spoken about. He stretched earning him a “good stretch” from you and Max before he made his way over to the pair of you. He sat next to you before laying on your chest much like how you were doing with Max. The weight of him pushing you down so you fell back into Max. 
“He’s cute though.” You started to run your hands through his fur, soothing the animal. 
Vettel may have been on the streets for his entire life and never had somewhere to call home but now he was one of the most loved dogs in the world. Not just by you and Max but by F1 fans around the world and for a dog who knew no love he, sure enough, knew how to show it, after all, he was loved by you and Max and if he had never come into your lives then the pair of you would have never been able to share the things you now did.
“Being cute doesn’t pay the rent.”
“Then good thing we don’t rent this place Verstappen, besides,” You turned your head to look up at him. “You basically let me stay at yours rent-free.”
“Yeah well, you’re different.” He looked between you and Vettel. “And you don’t snore, he does!”
The pair of you laughed at the white dog who was clearly enjoying your attention far more than Max’s insults. “He doesn’t seem to snore around the cats.”
“Well next time I’ll leave him and the cats in a room and you can come stay with me.” You let out a small smile at the thought before speaking again. 
“Can I ask you something and will you be honest?”
“Of course.”
“Why do I always have the room next to you at hotels?”
Your question took Max off guard, he never thought you’d ask him that. Part of him always wondered if you would ever catch on to it and evidently you had. The Dutchman had two options, one would be to lie and the other would to be straight up with you but this was Max Verstappen, he could find a way to bend the truth, a part truth would still be better than lying to you comeltly, wouldn’t it? He hoped so. 
“I didn’t trust you with some of the others -”
“Sorry?” You cut him off. 
Max took a deep breath, technically this part wasn’t a lie. “One of the mechanics, Thomas, he always looked at you funny. Looked at you like you were just a piece of meat and I hated it. I didn’t care if you hated me for it or you wanted to move, I couldn’t just let it happen. If he tried anything with you, in the garages or at night in the halls and no one found you or could hear you I could never forgive myself.” 
He was telling the truth, partly. Thomas did look at you like you were just some toy he wanted to play with and Max did in fact worry that something would happen to you but what he failed to tell you is ever since that day you turned your nose up at his flirting he became infatuated with you. You were the one woman who didn’t want him and now he wanted you. Part of him thought it was just his ego playing with his head, telling him to prove himself and actually get you in his bed but that wasn’t the case. 
He found himself watching your movements, picking up on little things. Like the way you always looked up when someone walked past you at breakfast in case it was Lando, the way you would always call your Mum on a Monday to tell her about the weekend, the way you would always have your hair brushed out of your face on a Thursday so you could wash it for the weekend in case you went out, how you always had a book in your bag which he would always find you reading when you could find the time. He loved the way you would always tie your left shoe a little too tight if you were running late and the way you would always check up on everyone at Red Bull. 
He would always raise a brow when you were nervous your leg would always bounce and it would always be the right one, when he caught you taking deep breaths before any race, always muttering a wish that everyone would be safe and no matter who crashed that day you would always check up on them even if you didn’t know them as well as you knew the others.  
Max found himself not only looking at you when he was supposed to work but he slowly found himself wondering what your lips would feel like against his. What your hand felt like in his, what it would be like to wake up to your face every morning. His thoughts grew at night when he began to wonder how you’d look straddling him, how good you’d look between his legs and the view he’d get when he was between yours. He wanted all of you to himself. 
Jealousy would overtake him when he saw you with Lando or even Daniel. Charles would always put his arm around you and always kiss your cheek when you saw him and Max hated that, Max hated how you went on walks with Lewis and the dogs, he hated that Lando saw a side of you that no one else did, he hated the way Pierre could always get you to dance with him, he hated the way Mick would always open doors for you or smile sweetly at you when your gazes met. 
Max didn’t hate any of the guys, he just hated the idea of you liking them more than him. 
“Is that true?” You asked, furrowing your gaze. 
“What about when I stayed with you?”
“I thought it would make you feel more at ease.”
That was the truth, well done Max. 
“You do have a heart…”
“Has the trip to Paris not proved that?” He arched his brow. 
You laughed, falling into his body even more. “More than Paris has proved that.”
You and Max eventually had to move and gather your things so you could both return to work. Max seemed more relaxed at the track than he normally did, perhaps a trip to Paris is what he needs every single race weekend. Max was determined to win and thankfully he did. You had never seen a smile so bright on a man's face before, he was gleaning with pride as he sent you a wink on the podium. You just hoped his winning streak would last. 
It was Silverstone next, the British Grand Prix and you knew Lewis would desperately want to win that, Lando would put up a good fight too and George would also want to make a statement. But you also knew Max would do everything he could to win, especially as he and Lewis were now “rivals” and winning the home race of the man you were fighting head-on with could be a gamechanger. 
Once the celebrations on the podium ended you found yourself walking alongside Lando back towards the paddocks so congratulate a few other drivers. You’d managed to hide the mark Max made on your neck or knowing your luck Lando would have purposely crashed into Max. The pair of you were grossed in conversation when Daniel and Max caught up with you both. 
“Are you two coming to the club tonight?” Daniel smiled at you both. “To celebrate ol’ Maxie boy here!”
“I wasn’t aware we were going?” Lando replied. “But if we’re being invited…” He looked over to you, a smile playing on his lips. “Would you come?”
“Of course.” You returned the grin. “Let me know a time and I’ll be there.”
“Fantastic, we’re meeting in reception and then we’ll all go together!” Anyone would have thought Daniel had won the race by his smile. “And Max is buying shots!”
“I am not! I won you should buy them for me!” Max hit back. 
“You know the rules, you get P1 you get to buy!” Daniel’s attention was pulled away from you all. “PIERRE GASLY!” He sprinted off to Pierre, Max sending you two a smile before following the Australian.
“So,” Lando turned back to you. “How was Paris?” The pair of you were yet to discuss the infamous Paris trip that Max had surprised you with so now was your time to talk. 
“Actually better than I thought.” You smiled. “You should have seen the hotel, Lando! Remind me and I’ll send you a photo, oh it was beautiful. And he took me to dinner in the Eiffel tower and not to mention he bought me a whole new outfit for the date!”
“Date?” His eyes widened. 
“You know what I mean.” You kept walking. “It was better than I could have hoped.”
“He didn’t try anything did he?”
“Nothing I wasn’t comfortable with,”
“God please I don’t want to know!” He cringed. “You didn’t have sex did you?”
“Thought you didn’t want to know?” You smirked before laughing. “No, we didn’t.”
“Thank God, please if you ever do use protection. I don’t think we need a mini Max’s running around here for now.”
“Well if I’m honest Lando I don’t plan on getting pregnant.”
“Good, you complain enough.”
“Oh says you, you’re still a baby.”
“You’re younger than me!”
“Only by a few months.” You teased. “Do you think they serve milk at this bar? You know for little baby Lando.” 
“Oh shut up! Milk is nice!”
“For a literal child.”
“You know just for that I won’t buy you a drink tonight!”
“That’s fine by me.” You smirked. “I’m sure Max will buy me one.”
“Think he’ll buy you more than just one, I swear if you told him to drop to his knees and beg he would do it, you’ve changed that man.”
“Maybe I’ll try that one day.” You winked. “I’ll let you know how that goes.”
“I’d rather you didn’t.”
The pair of you followed everyone else back to the paddocks, saying hello to the other drivers and congratulating them on their races and times. Eventually, you departed and headed off to get ready for a night of celebrations, a night you were actually looking forward to. 
You had dropped Vettel off with Lewis who’d happily offered to take him in for the night, at least Rosco had someone to play with. You had asked Lewis if he wanted to join but he always declined, preferring to have a quiet night so he could refocus on the races ahead, especially his home GP. You thanked him before meeting the rest of the boys downstairs. 
Daniel always ran to you like he was a family member at an airport, taking you into his arms as if he’d never see you again. After escaping Daniel’s grip the large group of drivers and a few others had made it to the club. Max bought you a drink the second you had turned up, at this point he already knew your drink order.
Daniel ordered shots for everyone, he even asked if they had a milk one for Lando which didn’t amuse the British lad. You ran to the dancefloor with Pierre and Carlos the moment Smooth Operator started to play, the three of you singing the lyrics to one another before Charles and Lando came to join. Meanwhile, Daniel was swaying on a seat as he finished everyone’s leftover shots. Max kept his gaze firmly on you, nights like this were once joyful for him but now that had turned sour. 
Since you’d met your ex in a club once he’d felt an even deeper responsibility to keep an eye on you. Sure, he would do it anyway and he knew all of the other lads would do the same for you. Maybe not Daniel, he was a tad drunk but he always knew that Pierre would jump in if another man tried to touch or make a move on you, Lando would do the same, they all would. Charles already had one time a few years back, he spent that night icing his hand and praying the pain would vanish for the next race. He didn't really want to tell the press he punched a man because they tried to make a move on you. 
“You keep staring at her!” Daniel slurred over his words. 
“Very observant of you Daniel.” Max replied. 
“Why do you keep staring at her?”
“To make sure she’s okay.” 
“She has little Lando.”
“Yes he’s very threatening.” Max rolled his eyes. “I just want to make sure she’s safe.”
“I still can’t believed you kissed her!”
“Sorry?” Max turned around, taking his eyes off you. 
“You kissed her!”
“Yes I did, well done Daniel!” Max turned to look back at where you were once were but he couldn’t find you. Max’s heart started to pound, the slurring of Daniels voice and the loud music suddenly dropped as his eyes scanned for you. He was about to leave Daniel and ask Pierre where you were but a sudden warm hand caught his attention. 
“Are you okay?” You were stood beside him, evidently in the seconds he looked away you had come back to join the two. “Max?”
“Hmm?” He snapped out of his trance. “Oh yes I’m fine.” He smiled. “Are you?”
“Yeah fine.” Returning the smile you grabbed your drink. “Just wanted a drink.”
“Hey, we were just talking about you!” Daniel spoke up. 
“Oh yeah?” You leaned on a stool. “What about me?”
“The kiss!”
“Which one?” You winked at Daniel, making the man laugh. 
“The one I dared Max to do!”
Your heart sunk. 
“What?” You tried to act like what he said didn’t affect you. 
“I dared Max to kiss you at the nightclub last time! You know the one the press saw! It was a dare!” Daniel smiled, evidently not understanding what he had just said. 
“That’s not true -” Max jumped in picking up on your uneasiness.
“What?” Daniel scrunched his face up. “Yes, it is!” Daniel leaned closer to you both. “I dared Max to kiss you! And now look! The two of you are as happy as can be!”
“Is that true?” You whipped your head around to look at Max. 
“No… well yes… but not like that please y/n let me explain it’s not like that -” Max stumbled over his words, panic flooding his veins. 
“Then what is it like?” You could feel tears pricking your eyes. “Hmm? What was there another dare to see if you could win me over because I was the one that didn’t want you? Was this all a game Max? To lead me on and then it all be a dare -”
“No y/n you’ve got this wrong -”
“How have I? He just said he dared you to kiss me and you did!”
“Please it’s not like that please can’t we just talk about this somewhere else?”
“Why? So no one else hears how you lied to me?”
“y/n I never lied to you! I told you everything I have done has been from me!”
“Apart from that dare!” You started to cry. Just looking at the tears spilling down made Max’s heart shatter. The pain was unbearable when he knew he was the reason why you were crying. “I need to go back -”
“Wait y/n please!” Max grabbed your wrist but you pulled away from him. 
“Do not come near me Verstappen!” You backed away. “I will play into your little happy couple until the end of the season then I am done! I want nothing to do with you!”
“Don’t say that -”
“You know what Max?” You stepped closer so only he could hear your words. “You know what fucking hurts Max? Is that…”
Fuck it y/n just tell him.
“I actually started to like you… fuck it Max I fucking fell into your hands I started to fall for you.”
Just like that Max’s world fell around him. He wanted nothing more than for you to fall for him so he could tell you how he’d done the same but not in this way. He wanted you to tell him and he could make you his but now there was no way he could possibly do that. You trusted him and saw the Max Verstappen no one knew and now you hated every single bone in his body. 
You stepped away and turned on your heel, leaving the club as fast as you could. You sent Lando a text telling him you’d left early before stepping out into the night air. 
“Was it something I said?” Daniel was dumbfounded at what had just taken place.
“I do not care how much pain you are in when you wake up,” Max was staring daggers into Daniel. “You and I are going to talk and you are going to tell y/n the truth. I didn’t kiss her because of that stupid dare, that stupid dare gave me the confidence to do it, there’s a difference!”
“Is there?” Daniel asked, confused at his friend's words. 
“Yes!” Max left him alone, following you out of the club, wanting to explain everything but you were gone. He felt so low and defeated but that wasn’t the end of it. 
When you arrived back at the hotel you wanted nothing more than to just hug someone but with all your friends at the club, you found yourself alone. You certainly didn’t plan on knocking on Horner's door and asking for a hug. So that left you with Lewis. You did need to collect Vettel and you knew Vettel would happily cuddle up to you all night. Not caring about what you looked like you knocked on his door. 
Lewis swung the door open, a smile on his face but that fell when he saw the make-up and tears streaming from your face. You looked up at him as more tears began to fall, you didn’t say anything as you crashed into his chest. He wrapped his arms around you, whispering soothing things in your ear as his hands traced your back. 
“Shh, it’s okay…” He whispered.
Vettel came running to the door, his excitement dropped when he saw your distress, almost as if he knew who caused it he nudged his head against your leg but a noise grabbed his attention. 
At the end of the hallway, Max was standing, out of breath as he looked at the sight before him. Vettel gave him a glare, one as good as a dog could give. The noise also caught Lewis’s attention. Lewis followed Vettel’s actions and sent Max a look as you cried into his chest. 
Max had never felt pain like it. You had told him what he wanted to hear but you were in the arms of his rival. 
Tears fell from his eye. 
Max Verstappen really did love you. 
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Lance: Stressed.
Max: Depressed.
Lewis: Blessed.
Charles: Possessed.
Daniel: Obsessed.
Kevin: Unimpressed.
Mick: Chicken breast.
Mick: I don't know I just wanted to be included.
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Epiphany | CL16
Summary: Based on Epiphany by Taylor Swift (if you want to listen while reading it would add a nice gloom). Charles Leclerc's girlfriend works for the Ferrari F1 Team and faces the other end of having a driver boyfriend in motorsport after he gets in a horrific crash.
Pairing: Charles Leclerc x reader
Genre: angst, fluff in the end if you squint.
Involves: A car accident, descriptions of injury, descriptions of a panic attack, crying, fainting, mentions of medical urgency and care, motorsport terms, hospital, blood.
Word count: 2,2k
This is a work of fiction. Any celebrity mentioned does not behave as written and I do not know them in real life. I am writing this story solely for my own entertainment and the marvel or comfort of any readers.
As this is placed in the Formula 1 universe, this does not refer to any real race, event or tragedy, nor do I want any incidents to happen in real life.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Her laugh echoed in his head along with the loud, piercing "beep" coming from his ears, every race y/n would knock on his helmet, asking for him to keep it safe. The team hadn't locked the Hans device to his helmet before the race, and his neck went way forward with the collision - but it wasn't the worst thing caused by it. The crimson F1-75 was slammed against the wall, the front wing was absolutely scrunched and missing some scattered pieces along the track. It was a red flag. The whole paddock went silent. His thigh was making him want to grunt in pain, but he couldn't make himself turn on his radio mic and voice what had happened, his vision was a bit blurry and he didn't want to make the injury real by saying it out loud.
Y/n felt paralyzed. Her whole body felt cold on the inside and it felt like her throat was slowly parting. She looked slowly at some engineers at the Ferrari pit wall and Binotto was already looking at her, half apologetically, half giving her permission to leave her work. Being a tactic lawyer for the Ferrari team while dating their main driver felt like a dream until about a minute ago. While running rapidly in the track limits, she didn't realize what she was doing until some volunteers and the medical team stopped her, not far from the car. Her legs were now hot and her feet burning a little, she was panting, the huffs of air causing tiny vapor clouds to leave her mouth.
"Ma'am, please calm down, will you be the one accompanying him to the hospital?" Y/n listened to the question, her brain took some time to put the words together coherently, and she couldn't really answer anything right now. "I- I... I don't know, I need to see him," there it was, the ripping throat. It kind of burned. Her voice was heavy and breaking. "please."
An old lady was on his left, wearing the same red cross printed under the neon vest. She seemed a little more emphatic and put her arm around the distressed girl to take her closer. It wasn't right, what she was doing. But there was too much panic in her eyes for her to be able to proceed whithout seeing Charles.
Y/n was still a couple feet away from the car when the lady stopped her. The team was preparing to take the driver out of his seat via airlift, he had passed out. She frowned a little. Her eyes kept traveling fast through the whole scene; some people were already taking tiny pieces from the track, the medical car was stopped close by, already opened, the front wing was scrunched against the wall, and... his legs were accommodated by the front wing, there was too much of the car into the wall, what had happened? Her gaze flew over in his direction again, and, there was a vivid red by his thighs, staining the suit. Her breath started to feel and sound too fast, and that one old lady was already prompting her arms out in order to distance her again. Y/n turned to that first man from before "Si- Sir, I think he's bleeding out" Her eyes were completely wide, paralyzation hitting her again as she was basically being pushed to the side of the medical car. While the man lingered a firm gaze with her for a while, she tried to plea with a look. She couldn't cause any more fuss or delay Charles from getting the needed attention. The reality was suddenly hitting her too loudly, everyone was still there, everything was still expectantly quiet, attentive eyes, curious mouths, and a bunch of cameras filled the paddock. There was a whole Grand Prix taking place, this was her job as well, no place no scream or cry, even though she desperately needed to.
After that, everything seemed to go by in some sort of haze. Her mouth agape in a slight "o" while the driver - boyfriend - was taken out and put in a rescue board, everything happening too slowly inside her head. Y/n bit her whole lower lip in an attempt to keep tears at bay. It took a while to notice the man inside the medical car signaling with his hand for her to enter. After blinking her eyes strongly and shaking her head, in an attempt to clear both her thoughts and her vision of the whole scene going by, she went inside.
Though she was relieved she could be with Charles at that moment, by his side while he got medical attention, y/n thought she was internally falling down at the side of the man laid down, slowly breathing in and out, while a limited, few-people team was taking emergency care of him. His thigh was, indeed, bleeding, since there was a piece of the car that cut his skin in a deep flesh wound after being creased from the inside. One young lady in the car was setting some IV up but had her attention on the way y/n held Charles' hand through her safety latex gloves - med school did not ever cover being apathetic to the expression of fear in someone's face like that; the raw feeling of the woman on the other side of the car, making her reflect on how was the couple's life.
"Doc, I think he... How can we avoid more blood loss? I'm afraid he could crash out." She tried to say it calmly, in a low voice - if the woman couldn't possibly avoid for y/n to hear the team handling the trauma, she wanted to at least keep her from being startled. Y/n looked to her right, the man who was avoiding her to come closer before was in fact the doctor operating most of the damage control they could before getting to the hospital. Her eyes kept going wide, she looked from the man to the injury and avoided it turning her gaze to the door, she sniffed, hoping they could arrive soon.
Charles' situation was not bad after all, the surroundings after the crash, the dust, the unconsciousness, and the blood might have scared everyone along with the memory and the knowledge of how crashes can be dangerous in the fastest modality of motorsport. He needed a CT scan on account of the fainting, and after having his thigh cleansed and stitched, he was in a private room with his left leg up and a cervical collar, with the promise that Binotto would arrive as soon as possible after the race.
Y/n's scare, however, was barely minimized; although she had the news that all the procedures went fine and Charles himself was not further harmed, she had yet to get to see him awake. With only 20 minutes of her own body shutting down into some sleep after she was sent with him to a room, she dreamt of seeing his eyes, his smile, or even listening to his voice, though only in a bare grunt, thirsty for water - that, and only that, would give her the glimpse of relief she needed to end that day, to compensate, make sense of everything she saw, from the car starting to fail on a tiny screen to an unconscious injured boyfriend being carried around.
She was warned about the pain-meds Charles had taken before, and the scary IV was still there by his side, but still, y/n couldn't take her body away from the hospital bed, watching him closely, drawing every detail in her mind. She had decided to get away from the phone as soon as the important information was sent to those who mattered, desperately needing to get away from the drama.
Minutes after, when her chin was rested on the bed and her eyes were starting to give up on the promise of being there when he woke up, needing to surrender in rest after the agitated day, y/n felt a hand caressing her hair ever so slightly. Energy jolted back to her veins and she looked up quickly to find his semi-open eyes, that blue and green mixture barely visible yet and a weak smile forming on his lips. She giggled, reaching some sort of high before actually getting up and helping Charles to a sip of water.
"Sorry for the scare, little one" it came a little raspy, but she couldn't help letting out a huge sigh, and while her body relaxed, a natural "I love you" left her lips without any supervision. "What are you feeling?" she was worried about making him think or talk too much and had the knowledge that he needed to rest, but he was there, and she just couldn't help herself. "I'm... well, good, thinking of the circumstances, thinking a lot about what this means to the championship, though... It was an ugly crash and I got a DNF-" He stopped when seeing her expression, it seemed all involuntary, but she was frowning and lightly shaking her head "Okay, no, I'm sorry we're not gonna- we won't talk about the accident." He had fallen used to be very technical in conversations, mainly from interviews after races, but he knew y/n wasn't being technical and was probably overstressed to have witnessed the crash. He wasn't feeling all good about it himself, he got scared, but it was his job - to be there taking the high-speed risk.
"I asked Pierre to bring your favorite blanket," She said, chuckling through her nose a little. "the blankets here suck, and I thought you'd like it when you woke up..." She sighed again, it would probably not be the last time, she needed to let the fear out of her system and she was also too relieved for him to be there. "He's coming with Binotto after the race, but we'll need it back at home, so I need you to get up and going, okay?" They both smiled with the optimistic plea.
Y/n took a sip of water herself, before getting him some more. Processing the shock and the fear and the tears were no good, and now that they were subsiding, it left room for her mind to go back to the workplace and bring a little anxiety. She should be analyzing if there was something wrong with the car if it was a mistake or mainly if someone else had hit him, but she knew the team was making a good job at that. Charles reached his hand to her leg when he noticed it was bouncing. "You know, the painkillers are working fine, but having this beau in front of me is probably making it all even better." He stated in a foolish way of getting her in the moment again.
She laughed soundly. Thank God. Y/n placed both hands over his, caressing it a bit. "You're on morphine, amore. But thanks for the generous compliment. I probably look a mess..." Another sigh, they were both smiling now, exchanging glances.
They still probably had a while before everyone arrived, and Charles probably needed to sleep, but he refused to waste this moment with y/n, he refused not to show her that he was here and he was fine. He would hopefully be with her for a long time still; 3 summers was already feeling like so little when weighed out with how much they have lived together. Some would say that it took a scare in life for you to realize you need to take some things a step further, and, though he was basically on drugs right now, the ferrari driver wouldn't deny giving your future some thought.
"You scared me so bad... what would I do without you," she vented, at last getting rid of the final bad thoughts, clueless to the ones on his mind until the last bit, when they seemed to have gotten in sync. "I would not be alright, you know, I can't imagine a life without you." Charles shook any decisions off, sticking to the simple for now. "When I get out of here we're gonna do everything, we're gonna go for a walk, see the stars, and I'm gonna hold your hand... like this. We'll go to the little market you like, and buy something silly. I'll get you pain au chocolat from that little shop down there, and we could sit on the benches outside while we watch the fountain... people going by... and I'm gonna kiss you like I kissed you on our birthday."
She smiled, relaxed. At that moment y/n wanted to daydream with him for the rest of the day. "And where are you going to get the time to do all that, stronzo?" Another round of chuckles filled the room at the sound of his loud "I will!". "Yeah, but you need to rest, okay?" she offered, and he was about to insist for a while, but the girl beat him to it "I'll be right here, trust me I'll not leave your side. They would have to drag me away from your bed like in the movies." With that, and another wave of medicine effects hitting him, Charles relaxed offering her a last smile before closing his eyes again, and right there some sort of epiphany hit y/n about the essential meaning of it all. Him, being there, and the love they shared and the fun they had sharing jobs in the same universe. Just the sense of relief she needed before dozing off again, even if only for another twenty minutes, before everyone else arrived.
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Max on battling with Charles and Ferrari 🥰❤️
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charles in his youtuber era
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
he dance
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maranello · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A system of cells interlinked.
happy birthday @brawn-gp​ from @ivettel & @maranello ❤🖤 | creds/inspo: [x] [x]
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UNDENIABLE | Charles Leclerc
english is not my first language word count: 656 words request: hi <333 can u write f2 and f10 with charles 👀 F2 - "I want everything with you." F10 - "Apparently we are dating." MY MASTERLIST | requests are open
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You were on a warm holiday vacation with your friends. You all had met each other years ago when you were younger. You started off as a small group of four but soon grew into a group of eight. Some friendships had grown into relationships, there were just a few without a significant other, and you were one of them. For the vacation, the group had decided to go to Mexico, and everyone had planned something adventurous. Last night was party night and as you had predicted your friends went all out. So when you woke up in the morning you weren't surprised no one was up, besides one person. Out of the four boys in your friend group you were closest to him. You would often join him on his work weekends and travel the world together. "Goodmorning amour," Charles said from behind the kitchen island as he was chucking a glass of water. You don't know when it started but for a long time now Charles and you have been calling each other amour just to the piss out your friends. "Goodmorning to you too" You stand next to him to prepare some breakfast. He was already wearing his swimwear, and by the heat you felt steaming off his body, you could tell he had already done his workout. As he was taking care of the fresh orange juice for the both of you, you started preparing breakfast. Today was the last day of your vacation before you and Charles had to fly back to Monaco. Your friends were going to stay a few more days, but you both had to get back to work.
After breakfast, you decided to go for a swim in the backyard. None of your friends had woken up in the meantime so Charles took the part of entertaining you. Out of your friend group you had known Charles for the longest. As if you were back to your childhood days Charles jumped into the pool doing tricks and so on. He would wrestle you into the pool as you wanted to lay down to tan. After some successful tries, Charles gives up and lets you be boring, as he said. You had brought some books with you on the trip but had already read through all of them, so there was no other option than to scroll through your social media. At first, you saw some innocent posts about your vacation. Fans reposting the pictures from last night and whatnot, but after that few posts and comments the innocence disappears. You somehow stumbled upon a post of all sorts of rumors summed up about you. As you start reading the rumors you first start with a chuckle, but soon your chuckle turns into a laugh out loud. "What's so funny?" Charles asks, you hadn't noticed he sat down on the sunbed next to you after you had left him alone. "Apparently we are dating." You continue to laugh, Charles on the other hand kept a straight face. You stop laughing as you notice Charles' look, which was quite serious, "Why the serious face?". Charles moves his sunbed closer to you and before you know it he is confessing his feelings for you. He tells you how he has had feelings for you for a long time now, and that whenever you're around during a race week he performs better because you always know how to calm him down, "I want everything with you." he expresses at the end. You don't know how to respond, but one thing you know for sure is that you have been feeling the same for him. All that he was telling you, made so much sense to you and to be fair you wanted nothing more than just to be with him. You had never dared to confess your feelings for him as you always thought he had his eyes on someone else.
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rogueinparadise · 2 days ago
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so i've been shadowbanned on my usual shitpost blog @brixworthbrackley (imagine how tired we are) but i would still like to cause violence. left column is the first word, top is the second.
discuss, deliberate and debate, i want to hear everyone's thoughts
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il-predestinato · 3 hours ago
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Charles Leclerc | FP1 | 2022 Spanish Grand Prix
📸: Remko de Waal
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