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#charles leclerc

so I dreamed that both Charles and I were interviewing for a job? and I was going first but I forgot my shoes for some reason?? then when we passed each other in the hall, Charles waved like a kid and said, “bye, love you!”????

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So Charles, how is your Ferrari experience going ?

Winter break post

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*talking to Hanna*
*suddenly stops* Wait a minute I just got a weird feeling.
*calls Charles* What did you do?
What I didn't do anything?!
Don't lie Charles I just had a feeling of parental disappointment.
And you immediately thought it's because of me?!
Okay so don't be mad...
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teletubbie charles leclerc holding a shotgun is not real he cant hurt u

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okay back to the future

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When the flowery hands of spring
Forth their woodland riches fling,
 Through the meadows, through the valleys
Goes the satyr carolling.

From the mountain and the moor,
Forest green and ocean shore
 All the faerie kin he rallies
Making music evermore.

See! the shaggy pelt doth grow
On his twisted shanks below,
 And his dreadful feet are cloven
Though his brow be white as snow—

Though his brow be clear and white
And beneath it fancies bright,
 Wisdom and high thoughts are woven
And the musics of delight,

Though his temples too be fair
Yet two horns are growing there
 Bursting forth to part asunder
All the riches of his hair.

Faerie maidens he may meet
Fly the horns and cloven feet,
 But, his sad brown eyes with wonder
Seeing-stay from their retreat.

                                                                   The Satyr, C.S. Lewis (1919)

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writing a character analysis in french about a character named Charles is hell. All my brain does is connect Charles to F1 and not think about the book character

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Brand new chapter for In Love and War!

Chapter 23: Demons

Featuring: Lando being rude to Prince Charles, Lestappen being cute as fuck, Charles being an incredible boyfriend & Max’s mind not getting any better now that he’s home again…

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charles and max are studying english together.

charles: what’s a ‘window’?

max, not looking up: something i will throw you out of

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Binotto: *giving a long speech about how this season’s car will make Charles competitive for the title again*


Charles [quickly hitting speed dial]: I’m calling Seb.

Binotto: What?

Charles: I’m calling Seb. You’re distressing me. I feel distressed right now.

Binotto [confused]: Seb? I don’t under—

Charles: Your lies are hurting me again. I need Seb-therapy.

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my mom’s spicy opinions on the grid

(my mom has been following F1 avidly for like, decades (i grew up in a lewis hamilton household) and these are her opinions. please do not cancel me. this has been a psa.) 

lewis hamilton: (delight, extreme heart eyes) “my LOVE. he’s yummy and i would trust him with my life. GREATEST of all time” 

valtteri bottas: “very persistent. i just want good things for him.” 

max verstappen: (a glare) “he looks like he’s unnamed nazi #2 in a movie. excellent driver now though.” 

alex albon: “a good driver. mentally strong to put up with christian horner giving him the orphan treatment.”

charles leclerc: “he looks cute but he gives me a dumb vibe. great driver but he’s too desperate sometimes.” 

sebastian vettel: (a sigh) “not my favourite driver…but ferrari needs to stop messing with his voodoo doll”

lando norris: (a glare) “i hate him. he is a pretentious, entitled, child who thinks he is an adult. decent driver.

carlos sainz: “he looks better in red.”

daniel ricciardo: (delighted gasp) “SO AMAZING. attractive. positive. great attitude. would have got a WDC if it weren’t for redbull” 

esteban ocon: “yet another driver who got screwed because of stroll” 

lance stroll: (big sigh) “i pray to god everyday that he retires. he’s like the kraken eating up careers of other driveres” 

sergio perez: “great driver. another one who got screwed because of stroll.” 

pierre gasly: “SO CUTE. redbull phoenix - resurrected even though christian horner tried to burn him.” 

kimi raikkonen: “OH I LOVE HIM. his expressions are priceless and he is an amazing driver.” 

antonio giovinazzi: “who?”

george russell: “wasting his life away in a williams. i think he’s praying every day that he was in a mercedes. ” 

nicolas latifi: “he doesn’t deserve a comment” 


nico rosberg: (i could not write this because my mom left the room as she does everytime someone mentions He Must Not Be Named) 

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Seb: Just be casual, try some light flirting

Charles: Yeah okay, I can do that


Lando: Nice work! High five!

Lando: *high fives Charles*

Charles: *interwines their fingers*

Lando: Wha—

Charles: I’m in love with you

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So, like, am I just supposed to believe that Pierre woke up and decided to wear a bandana out of nowhere and it isnt Charles’ influence at all?

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