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#charles xavier

You shoot your boyfriend in the back and paralyse him ending your relationship and then thirty years later you meet him outside a cafe in París, offer to play a game of chess and ask him to move in with you. Sometimes it just takes that long.

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“Alright, alright! That’s what I’m talking about!” Hank cheered to the guests of the wedding. “Now everyone, give it up for the maid of honour, Bombus Morner!”

“Thank you, Doctor McCoy,” Bombus said before she addressed everyone. She cleared her throat and lifted her glass. “A toast – to the groom!”

“To the groom,” everyone seemed to agree with her statement.

“To the bride! From your sister, who will always support you.” Bombus glanced in the couple’s direction and smiled.

Everyone echoed her statement once more.

“To your marriage, and the hope you give us all,” Bombus raised her glass and gave a joyous smile. “And may you always be satisfied.”

Rewind… Her mind screamed at her. And she was brought back to the night they met – the night that Mira fell in love.

“I remember that night… I just might regret that night for the rest of my days…” Bombus glanced about the party in her mind while some similar figures seemed to shout about something. “I remember those mutant boys tripping over themselves to win our praise…”

Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves at the party – wine was being drunk, food was eaten, and everyone seemed to dance the night away. It made Bombus sick.

“I remember that dreamlike candlelight, it’s like a dream that you can’t quite place,” She glanced up and caught the eye of someone familiar to her. “But Charles, I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face…”

She sighed at the table she sat at. “I have never been the same. Intelligent eyes in a hunger-pang frame. And when you said “Hi”, I forgot my dang name,” Bombus blushed and hid her face behind a fan. “Set my heart aflame. Every part aflame. This is not a game.”

Bombus walked over to Charles who had a smirk plastered across his face.

“You strike me as a woman who has never been satisfied,” Charles said as he and Bombus talked.

Bombus turned her nose up and sighed. “I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. You forget yourself.”

Charles turned to her and confessed to her. “You’re quite like me: I’m never satisfied.”

“Is that right?” Bombus smirked in response.

“I’ve never been satisfied.”

Bombus curtseyed to Charles and grinned. “My name is Bombus Morner.”

Charles bowed regally, almost like a Prince. “Charles Francis Xavier.”

“Where’s your family from?” Bombus asked curiously.

“Unimportant, there’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait… Just you wait…”

Time seemed to pause, and Bombus was by herself. “So this is what it feels like to match wits with someone at your level. What the hell is the catch?” she asked nobody in particular. “It’s the feeling of freedom, of seeing’ the light. It’s Ben Franklin with a key and a kite! I do see it, right?”

She sighed. “The conversation lasted two minutes. Maybe three minutes. Everything we said was in total agreement. It’s a dream and it’s a bit of a dance. A bit of a posture, it’s a bit of a stance,” she smiled to herself like a love-sick puppy. “He’s a bit of a flirt, but I will give it a chance. I asked about his family, and what was his answer? His hands started fidgeting. He looked askance? He’s penniless, he’s flying by the seat of his pants.”

Bombus groaned and looked at him. “Handsome, boy does he know it. He’s got peach fuzz and he can’t even grow it,” she purred. “I wanna take him far away from this place, but then I turned and saw Mira’s face and she was-“

“Helpless…” Mira’s gaze fell on Charles. She was in love.

“And I know she is…”


“And I realised three fundamental truths at the exact same time…”

“Where are you taking me?” Charles asked in a confused tone.

“I’m about to change your life,” Bombus smiled and pulled him along.

“Then by all means, lead the way,” Charles rolled his eyes and chuckled.

Rule number one that Bombus realised: she is a young woman in a world in which her abilities would be extremely doubted. Her job, it seemed to most, was to marry rich and produce a son to inherit her father’s money. She was the eldest of her sisters, the smartest (it seemed) and gossip was horrendous in New York, and Charles wasn’t the kind of man to give her the status she needed in this world. That didn’t mean she didn’t care for him.

“Mira Morner. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir…” she curtseyed with a blush on her face.

“Morner?” Charles asked.

“My sister, Bombus explained as she stood by Mira’s side.

The second rule that Bombus learned was simple: she was a Morner, people would want her because of her name instead of who she was. Being with her would elevate Charles’s status. She would need to be an idiot to think of any other reason. That was why she introduced Mira to Charles, she became his wife.

“Nice going, Bombus…” she sighed. “Charles was right. You’ll never be satisfied.”

“Thank you for all of your work on mutant rights,” Mira smiled at Charles and wagged her tail.

“Well, if it takes me fighting for our rights for us to meet, it will have been worth it,” Charles confessed with a small grin on his lips.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Bombus walked off, finally releasing the tears that she hid.

The final truth she realised was that if she confessed to loving him, Mira would nod and let her have him. She would say that she was fine. She would be lying.

“But when I fantasise at night, it’s Charles’s eyes as I romanticise what might’ve been if I hadn’t sized him up so quickly,” she sighed. “At least my dear Mira’s his wife. At least I keep his eyes in my life.”

As soon as that thought ended, she was brought directly back to the wedding: still standing and giving her toast.

“Oh, right… Uh… To the groom! To the bride! From me, and may you always have each other.”

They did not hear the silent lines that graced her lips as she walked back to her seat.

“And I know she’ll be happy as his bride. And I know he will never be satisfied,” she quickly corrected herself. “No. I will never be satisfied.”

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And I gotta say, it was not as bad as I had heard. I quite enjoyed it. 

I will admit, they relied pretty heavily on the assumption that the viewer had previous emotional connections to the characters and their relationships. They didn’t do a ton to make the viewer really invested in Jean/Scott’s relationship or Beast/Mystique or anybody. And they LEANED into the cheese. The whole “I’ll always come back to you” and Raven sputtering “I love you” as she died and everything. Very much cheese. And hard to get into when the movie hasn’t convinced you to care about these people. BUT since I do care about these people and Scott and Jean are two precious beans, very important to me. I ate that cheese right up. 

The other critique I’ve seen is the low budget Mystique look, and on top of that the amount of time Mystique and Beast spend looking like normal people, when they are supposed to be kinda the poster children for being Mutant and Proud….? I was just gonna chock it up to low budge/lazy editing .

BUT THEN I saw that they spent their budget on special effects for fight scenes and stuff and MAN did I appreciate that. If they had to choose between sick fight scenes and blue people, I would pick sick fight scenes any day. Honestly the fight scenes were CLEVER. This is what I’ve been missing in Marvel movies to be honest. End Game is all big explosions and hard punches and basically pushing people around. This movie it was FUN to watch the fighting. People were parkouring off of walls and doing kick flips and Nightcrawler broke a dude’s neck with his tail! Beat had super agility and you could tell!! Everything Magneto did during the train fight scene was so fun to watch. And the one dude with the Medusa hair! And also in the scene when Jean blows up her house, that moment when everything was frozen and everyone was doing different stuff and Quicksilver was jumping on the pieces of the house. Man. That was cool. Like, not blow your mind hard to follow type stuff, but just genuinely entertaining powers. 

I thought the nuances to the characters were cool. It was interesting to introduce the idea of Magneto as a reformed leader of the Mutants on the reservation, and to show that Xavier sometimes doesn’t do the right thing. From what I understand of current comics this is more in line with the general consensus?? I’m not sure, but I liked it. At the end, neither of them are villains, and I liked that. 

I didn’t like the ending for Jean though. Like, she’s just a Phoenix in the sky and everyone thinks she’s dead? Stupid. Horrible. Scott didn’t even get to say a proper goodbye. Also, I know the movie didn’t do very well so it’s not likely they’ll ever make a sequel so that makes me sad. We won’t get to see her glorious return or whatever. Dumb. 

also, they wasted their one F-word. Normally X-men movies are so good at finding the perfect moment to drop the F-bomb in a dramatic yet comedic way. I reacted well to this one because Heck Yeah I want Scott to be over protective of Jean because he loves her. But it also fell into the cheesy pile of lines…. sorry Scott.

But I thought the actors all did a wonderful job, though the script could’ve been better but overall, a very enjoyable movie. I wish the X-men fandom was more active and that more people appreciated these movies. 

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a.k.a sequel to terrible with the brightness of gold 

(cherik fic, viking au, subtle a/b/o, mature rating)

(first part) (tl;dr for any of you, like me, who can’t remember what happened: Charles wakes alone, finds he’s trapped in the tent, snoops around and writes a secret letter)

This part is dedicated to all you amazing anons and non-anons who have been checking up on me and sending encouragement. You know who you are!

Warning: this chapter contains minor descriptions of violence, graphic threats of rape and murder, and some misogynistic/feminizing slurs (none of these last from Erik)



As Charles is marched outside the tent and herded through the camp, guarded in front and behind, he reminds himself that Lehnsherr needs him alive. The thought is especially comforting as he hears the crinkle of the letter concealed up his sleeve. 

There’s no Azazel this time to fetch him. In the bleak silence of the passage, marred only by the everyday sounds of the camp, he almost misses the other’s cheerful if subtly threatening presence. Now there’s just the crunch of feet on the compacted dirt of the camp. Of course, there’s no need for such official escort, nor for formality now, he thinks grimly. Formality is for guests, which he is no longer. Now he’s caught.

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Okay, and please, don't feel pressured to write this if you got many other prompts (which i'm sure you did :D) But what about some X-Men? I was thinking something short and sweet between reader and Erik? If this fits with your other stories, ofc, something like this: reader thinks Erik is being overprotective and goes against his orders and Erik, of course, handles the situation accordingly. I'm pretty sure he is all softy under that act of his :D Tell me if ya need more details!

Note: I did change this up a bit, but I hope you don’t mind!

In all honesty, you’d been the first to notice Erik, Charles and Moira returning, and the moment you’d locked eyes with the former you’d stopped short, almost crashing into the others from where they were still dancing on top of the table. Your blood ran cold and your eyes filled with a strange fear. Darwin thrust his arms up in slight confusion and irritation as he bumped into you. “Hey, Metallica, why’ve you-“

What are you doing?”

Everyone followed your lead in stopping after that, prompted by Moira Mactaggart’s voice ringing out through the broken glass window. She looked positively exasperated as she threw her arms out and turned towards the headless statue. “Who broke the statue?”

You swallowed and looked away from Erik, who had since crossed his arms and fixed you with a steady yet indecipherable gaze.

“It was Alex,” Hank told her.

“No.” Raven stepped behind you, placing her hands on your shoulders. “Havok. We have to call him Havok. That’s his name now. And we were thinking, you should be Professor X,” she pointed at Charles before moving her finger across to Erik, “and you should be Magneto.”

There was a moment of silence before Erik rose both eyebrows, glanced at Charles with a look that clearly read ‘I told you so’ and, in all his sarcastic glory… “Exceptional.”

And, with that, he turned to leave. “Y/N.” He called your name as a clear indication for you to follow after a mere two seconds of you watching him, and with one final glance at the rest of the kids behind you, you stepped down from the table and jogged after him, all the while worryingly biting at your lip.


You were sharing a room with Erik, which neither of you minded. You’d always shared rooms. You’d never really had the chance not to. Constantly moving around… never staying in one place for too long… and even if you ever had had a safe place in the sixteen years you’d been alive, Erik had never once let you stray too far from him. So, really, it was a wonder he’d managed to leave you alone just now while he was with Moira and Charles.

He walked into it first, leaving you to shut the door, and immediately spoke up. “I see you’ve made some new friends,” he said. His back was turned as he opened his case on the large bed and reached to take out one of his turtleneck jumpers to change into.

You swallowed thickly from where you were stood about four feet away from him, arms nervously crossed over your chest. “I’m sorry, Erik.” Why not just get it over with?

Erik paused and turned around to face you, a dark eyebrow raised. “For making new friends?”

“For… for disappointing you,” you told him. “For acting immature.”

It was silent for a moment before one corner of his lips turned upwards a fraction and he put the jumper down on the bed before sitting next to it. “Liebling.” The affectionate term cleansed all your worries immediately, and you looked up at your brother to find him gazing at you. “I’m sorry I gave you that impression. Come here.”

You did, walking over to him and perching yourself next to him on the bed. He turned a little to face you, lifting a hand to cup your cheek. “You did not disappoint me, neither do I believe you were acting immature. Quite frankly, I felt happy to see you happy, if only for a short moment.” He smiled a little, and you mirrored it. You’d felt happy, too. Admittedly not at first, but that was only because of the nagging worry at the back of your head that Erik wouldn’t approve. Which was foolish, really, because when had he become the big brother who refused to let his sister have fun? The others were a different matter entirely. You knew Erik thought of them as irresponsible nuisances who wouldn’t take the job seriously, and in all honesty, as much as you enjoyed their company, you couldn’t find much fault in that belief.

Erik’s other hand came up to your other cheek. “Those children are not ready for what they were brought in to do,” he said quietly, and you listened, “but I know you are.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “So do not think I’m disappointed in you. I rarely am and you know that. Once this is over, I’ll throw us our own party.”

You breathed a laugh at that, taking hold of both your brother’s hands once he’d lowered them. “Okay.” A moment passed. “Then why were you giving me a weird look?”

He shrugged. “For show. Charles was obviously not happy with what he saw, so I decided to get you out before he chose to reprimand you.”

“You think he’d do that?”

“He clearly likes you… but perhaps not. He would know it’s not his place. Though I can’t say the same for this Moira.”

You shook your head with a laugh and he grinned. “What name has been decided for you, then, hm?”

You looked at him and rolled your eyes. “Metallica.” It wasn’t all bad, you supposed… you could control metal like Erik, after all.

Erik rose an eyebrow. “How wonderful. I do hope you didn’t make it up.”

“Raven did. And what about you?” you asked. “Do you like Magneto?”

He smiled before standing to his feet. “I can live with it.”

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