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Shitty Headcanons: The Series (Part 2)

X-Men Edition

  • Bobby Drake listens to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj all the time, to the point where it becomes EXTREMELY annoying to his fellow X-Men. The song is now banned from being played out loud
  • Scott started jokingly calling Bobby “Little Ice” in the days of the O5 X-Men and eventually all of the originals, including Charles, started calling him that. Yes this is about that one post. If you don’t know about that one post here is the link:
  • In the Marvel universe people make edits of heroes like people irl make edits of real celebrities (come on, we all know they would). Bobby and Johnny (Storm) constantly send each other shitty edits of themselves. Then Kitty introduced them to Human Torch/Iceman ship edits and now it’s a competition to see who can find the cringiest ones. Bobby once found a plot twist edit that went from him and Johnny to Johnny and Spider-Man and he never lets Johnny forget about it. In retaliation Johnny found a Bobby/Kitty edit and Bobby (openly homosexual) cried about it. Now Johnny is purposely losing the competition out of pity
  • Bobby stress bakes. On multiple occasions someone has walked into the kitchen at 2 AM to find him baking scones while crying. He and Warren usually bake together because I refuse to believe Warren can’t bake.
  • On that note, Warren Worthington III loves to bake and is damn good at it. Same with Bobby.
  • All Scott knows how to make is soup. He taught everyone else how so when he’s too tired to make soup someone else can. Jean is the best at it.
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