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#charlie gillespie
jonmercer · a day ago
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kennyortegablog Fun night Rockin out with @charles_gillespie @therollingstones @sofistadium #la #nofiltertour 2021 #goodtimes Thanks to @aegworldwide
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justxfolio · 20 hours ago
JATP is trending on Netflix in multiples countries including:
•New Zealand
•Czech Republic
•Costa Rica
•Dominican Republic
Credits to: adultsandthephantoms (on IG)
Good job, phantoms! Keep Streaming<3
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Halloween and Fall/900 Follower Writing challenge!
Halloween is really soon and I reached 900 followers and I meant to do this last follower milestone but I got busy. Anyway! Thank you for 900 followers.
Rules and Info:
Please tag me in the fic you write and hashtag it as #Lexshalloweenwritingchallenge
I'll reblog and probably make a master list with all of the fics I'm tagged in or have the hashtag on it
No smut, please keep the fic PG-13, cussing is allowed nothing sexual in anyway or I will not reblog the fic.
Two prompts max.
Please use a character on the list I provided.
You can do either platonic or romantic pairings.
You don't have to ask for a prompt but if you want to tell me you are doing it! I'll make sure to look out for it!
It ends on November 15th.
That's all I guess.
Here's everyone this writing challenge is for:
Chris Evans
Sebastian Stan
Steve Rogers
Bucky Barnes
Charlie Gillespie
Owen Joyner
Logan Howlett
Tom Holland and Co
Thor Odinson
Loki Laufeyson/Odinson
"You can't go trick or treating in that."
"If you eat all that candy you'll get sick."
Person A raking leaves then Person B jumps into the pile ruining it.
"Don't be a Debby downer it's the spooky season!"
Person A helping Person B making Halloween costume(s)
Person A and Person B decorating for Halloween/fall.
"Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat."
Person A and Person B carving pumpkins
Going to a fair together
Going to a pumpkin patch together.
Person A: "*pet* does not need a costume" person B: "But it's a dragon"
Person A and Person B having a Halloween movie marathon.
Going to a costume party together.
Person A and B having matching costumes.
"I'm just inspecting the candy."
Person A: "Slow down." Person B: "Slow down? We still have so many houses to hit!"
Person A getting mad at Person B for egging the neighbors' houses
"What are you supposed to be?"
Having a fall/Halloween photoshoot.
"Did you ruin my good sheets for this costume?" Person B: "No?"
Person A scaring Person B.
Hosting a Halloween party
Doing Halloween crafts together.
"Stop eating the candy it's for the trick or treaters!"
"It's October stop decorating for Christmas!"
Thank you again for 900 followers!!!
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molinashimbos · 4 months ago
jatp: gets amazing reviews by audience and critics, 8.5 on imdb, 93% on rotten tomatoes
netflix: hmmmmm
jatp: wins a freaking mtv award
netflix: i cannot see 👁️👁️
jatp: wins three telltale awards
netflix: i am looking away 👀
jatp: gets 7 emmy nominations
netflix: i am suddenly blind
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isaacpascals · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
owen192000: big brother not so big anymore
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mouse-fantoms · a month ago
Events that have happened since Jatp Season 1 released:
Unsaid Emily is the most streamed Jatp song at over 30 MILLION streams
Bright is the most viewed performance video at 36 MILLION views
Charlie Gillespie & Owen Joyner have all become dog dads
Madison Reyes has a dog now
Jeremy Shada has released 9 original songs
Madison Reyes has released her first original song (along with a cover)
Owen Joyner constantly saying how he “can’t sing” and how he “can’t dance”
Two moonings by the cast have occurred on their insta’s
Julie and the Phantoms won Rotten Tomato’s Golden Tomato award for Fan Favorite series (it being “a competition for second place” because of how much Jatp was dominating the votes for first)
Edge of Great won MTV’s Golden Popcorn for Best Musical Moment (was pinned up against Agatha All Along (aka Marvel) and won)
EMMY AWARD WINNING SHOW (3 to be specific)
Has changed people’s lives in so many many ways
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justxfolio · a day ago
Tumblr media
Let’s get this video to 40M💪🏽
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juliespiano · a month ago
Tumblr media
In honor of it almost being the one year anniversary I am once again asking Netflix to renew jatp for her
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spideygillespie · 8 months ago
I just realized in episode 5 when the boys are amazed by Calebs performance Willie says “you guys should come back when he shows one of his movies. I mean for Titanic, he literally floods the entire place.” And the guys just smile and nod because....they don’t know what titanic is.
The movie came out in 1997.
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