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I can’t confirm that him and Kiley had some sort of arrangement, I heard it just as a rumor. That being said, there are so many single guys in the league. Don’t try to get in the middle of a relationship even if he would be “willing to cheat” 💓

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Long Island Surfers - Charlie McAvoy


End of June

“Y/n, c’mon just try it. You’ll love it! I promise.”

“I’m actually okay with staying here on the sand and reading a book. Thank you very much.” I answered seriously.

“Baby please, you know how much I love surfing and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Try it once and if you won’t like it then I’ll let you be okay?” He looked at me with puppy eyes, the kind of the face I couldn’t resist no matter the situation.

“Fine! But if I drown then I swear I’ll haunt you for the rest of your miserable life.” I groaned and headed towards Charlie.

“Okay so I’m gonna show you the steps and then we’ll repeat together okay?” Charlie demonstrated all the steps slowly so I could see exactly what he was doing. Then we tried it together a few times. Surfing seemed easy on the sand and I got a bit too excited a few times and I caught myself thinking it would actually be easy. I then gathered all the courage I had in me and followed Charlie into the water. Full of fear yet motivated by the fact that I could be done with it finally in a couple of moments.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” Charlie smiled when we were getting out of the water. I was wet from head to toes, my eyes were itching from the salty water and I definitely drank more ocean water than one should. My whole body hurt but somehow, I was ready to try surfing again the next day. “You did amazing love!” He pressed a kiss to my cheek and ran off for a towel that he then placed on my shoulders.

“I relaxed a lot when I was catching that last wave,” I said proudly. “I’m still not a fan of falling into the water and itchy eyes but I think I can get past this and try surfing again.”

“What can I say? I’m an exceptionally good teacher.” He said with a cocky grin. “You know if you learn how to surf then you’ll officially belong to the McAvoy family since we all surf.” He laughed.

“I don’t remember you ever mentioning that surfing was the key to belong to your family,”

“It’s an unwritten rule,” he laughed. “Trying again tomorrow?”

“Yeah, I think I can handle it for another day.”

Late August

The sun was slowly setting creating a sky full of pink and orange shades. The breeze was gentle, the beach wasn’t as crowded is it was throughout the day and I felt just enough tired. I was laying on my board soaking up the last rays of sunshine and I held Charlie’s hand in the water tightly. I felt his gaze on my face for the entire time and I couldn’t help but smile. Even after all these years, I was a bit shy and he still had the same effect on me as he did at the beginning of our relationship.

“Are you tired?” Charlie asked breaking the perfect silence which was until now only filled with the sound of waves.

“Only a little bit,” I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was smiling widely at me, his cheeks were more red than usual, and his hair was messy and curly. “But I’ve still got some energy left. Maybe we can catch one last wave? Or two?”

“Let’s catch it then,” he said and started paddling towards the wave in front of us.

Countless waves later we finally decided we had enough and got out of the water. My hands and feet were uncomfortably cold, and my stomach was growling from hunger. I laid down on the blanket and hid under a dry towel to warm myself up a bit more. Charlie ran to the nearest food truck to get some food for us and I finally had a few free moments to reflect on the whole day and summer in general.

When Charlie suggested going to Long Island for the summer and teaching me how to surf, I dismissed the idea immediately. I didn’t know how to surf and I wasn’t interested in learning it anyway but I was more than happy to spend the summer in his home town and watch him surf while I would read a book while sunbathing and go for a swim from time to time. He kept begging me from May until the final week of June when I gave in and agreed. Mostly because I hoped he would eventually change his mind about teaching me and that he would let me continue my life without adding a new skill into it. God, I was so wrong.

The very next morning he woke me up all excited announcing he prepared all the stuff already and all I had to do was to get ready for the day. Filled with fear I agreed to go and just a few minutes later I was listening to Charlie’s advices and watching him demonstrate all the steps to me. I picked up all the courage I had in me and followed Charlie into the water. Needless to say, I almost drowned the first few (or rather first hundred) tries. And then suddenly I fully relaxed and slowly got better and better at it. Charlie had a cocky grin on his face when he noticed I started enjoying it and he didn’t shut up about it for the next three days, he was so proud of himself he taught me how to surf and that he was right I would love it. Now when summer was coming to an end I couldn’t imagine waiting all year to go surfing again and I knew I would miss the days we spent on the beach by surfing, swimming or just chilling on the sand and laughing for hours.

“You’re gonna miss this right?” Charlie said as he sat down next to me and handed me the food.

“Not gonna miss that cocky smile of yours,” I joked. “But I will miss the rest for sure.”

“You should be thanking me. Without me you wouldn’t know how to surf, and you would miss out on so much.”

“I admitted that already Charlie,” I answered. “Besides aren’t you a bit sad that I’m already better than you?”

“You are good for sure. But better than me? You’ve got a long journey to go to be better than me.”

“You wish,” I whispered while getting closer to Charlie to kiss him.

He immediately pulled me into his arms and kissed the side of my head. “Want to head home?” He whispered into my ear which sent shivers down my skin.

“No,” I mumbled lazily snuggling up closer to him, making myself more comfortable and have a better view of the ocean. “We should stay a little longer.”

The atmosphere was unbelievable. The beach was empty, birds occasionally came closer to us to beg for a little bit of food, the sound, and waves, and the night’s sky created the most beautiful evening of the whole summer. I once again realized I didn’t need anything or anyone else as long as I’ve got Charlie by my side.

“Thank you for this summer, Charlie. It was definitely the best one yet. I love you.” I turned around to look at Charlie and he did the same. His smile grew bigger and I could tell he was trying to figure out what to say in response.

“Next year we can go to so many exciting places that are great for surfing. It’ll be even better,” he smiled. “I’m glad you’re happy. Over the summer I realized how grateful I truly am to have you and if you count with me then I would like to make you happy for the rest of the eternity.”

“Oh, you bet I’m counting with you Charlie,” I answered happily.

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I think Kiley is so sweet, I have never had a bad interaction with her! You never know what things are like behind closed doors, so I don’t want to make any accusations 💓

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I don’t know if him and Kiley had some sort of arrangement, but I know he has been with other girls this past summer. They are a good looking couple 💓

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Charlie would be so responsive. His hands would always find their way into your hair gripping just hard enough to hurt a little but not too much so it doesn’t cause any damage. He wouldn’t use his grip to move you unless you give him the go ahead but he just likes to hold you. Do you love the little noises you make when you blow him, loves to feel you moan around his dick. When you tell him to go ahead and fuck your face, use you anyway he wants, he usually starts gentle and eases you into it.  He doesn’t love to see you choke but he will take his time and take his pleasure. Loves it when you run your fingers over his thighs and move him in the ways you want. He doesn’t care if you swallow or if he pulls out and comes over your face, it’s equally hot to him.

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