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1, 12, 23, 34, 45, and 50 for a character of your choice! 馃グ


12. Is there some particular talent, skill, or attribute that they simply could not give up?

Arisande is very intuitive and *gets* people, knows what they’re trying to say and what they want to hear, and it’s so integral to her relationship to the world that she would be completely lost without out.  Without it, she’d have to do a lot more fighting and a lot less talking her way out of things, and talking her way out of things is her entire jam.

23. What is your character like when it comes to school? What subjects are they good/bad at? Do they get in trouble a lot or are well behaved?

Ari never went to school, but she did learn some things!  She got taught her numbers and letters and things by whoever had time and knew them, which means her early childhood education was in several languages, very patchy, and not entirely cohesive.  She kinda got there in the end, though.  She is very good at reading maps, at tying knots, at painting, and at maths as they pertain to dollars.  Once she could read she did read any books that happened to show up on ship, so she kinda knows… weird pockets of information.

She was a scamp.  A good hearted, well meaning scamp.  She got in trouble sort of an average amount, usually because she was doing something that could have gotten her hurt.  Eventually she outgrew it and moved on to more mature troublemaking, like murdering cultists.

34. Does your character have favorite foods? (breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snacks, etc)

Ari loves a citrus; oranges and lemons especially.  They were always framed like special treats when she was little (can’t let the ship’s mascot get scurvy), and she’s loved them ever since.  She would lose her mind over clementines.  She also got real excited once when they were in town and she saw a lemon tart in a shop window.  What do you mean you can make things from them

She can be coaxed pretty easily into trying a lot of fruits.  She’s not a big fan of vegetables.  She likes seafood.  Shellfish/crustaceans are a good bet.  She really likes big fish, like tuna.

She would love sushi if she knew it was a thing.

45. Is your character the kind to hide their true emotions or do they wear their heart on their sleeve?

Heart on her sleeve!  You know shit done gone some kinda way if you look at Ari and can tell there’s something she’s hiding.

I already answered 1 and 50 for her, so I’ll answer them for… one of my Fallout girls, Charlotte.  blast from the past, not even fic on AO3 for her anymore, goddamn, but I’m keepin’ that Mercer line going

01. What does your character’s name mean? Did you pick it for the symbolism, or did you just like the way it sounded?

I picked it because Codsworth could say it, and because it was cute.  Her full name is Charlotte Jack Donnelly, Charlie Jack to her father, and then later, to some of her friends in the terrible future.  The “Jack” part is after her grandfather.

50. If your character confessed love to their crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc, what would they say?

It sounded like “don’t worry.”  It sounded like “we’ll find a way”.  It sounded like gunshots.  It sounded like a long walk over cracked roads, until the soles of your feet feel like they don’t connect to your body anymore.

It sounded like that sharp, cracked sob when he saw his son again.

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100 years ago today March 28th 1920 

Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks were married at Pickfair, in attendance:

Charlie Chaplin, Edward Knoblock (British Playwright), Marjorie Daw (actress), Robert Fairbanks (older brother of Doug), Jack Pickford (Mary’s brother), Charlotte Pickford (Mary’s mother), Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Mrs. Robert (Lorie) Fairbanks, and Benny Zeidman (Doug’s publicist).

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7, 11, 15 for the fanfic questions

7. What was the first commercial property (book/movie/tv show/etc) that you realised was actually professional fanfiction?

Ooh this is such a good question! Umm I think the first time I remember something being presented to me as pro fanfic was probably Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys, and I also remember someone suggesting that Rebecca (by Daphne du Maurier) was Jane Eyre fanfiction too.

But in terms of me myself realising it, maybe s1 of Supernatural? On the Road and American Gods are two of my favourite books, and it really did seem like a smashing together of those, mixed through with a lot of references to horror movies and urban legends.

11.  What’s the most unexpected crossover you’ve read?

Hmm, I suppose it’s not suuuuper unexpected given that it’s the same actor who plays both characters, but I really like Four Seasons In One Day by  BourbonOnTheRocks, which is a Graceland/Good Girls crossover where Johnny becomes Rio. Concept-wise it’s maybe not the most unexpected thing ever, but I think it’s really well and plausibly executed.

15. What is your favourite title for a fic you’ve read? (whole fic or chapter)

I think a lot of the ones I really like seeeeeem simple but resonate because of the content of the fic, and they’re referenced within? So maybe Pomegranate by @nottonyharrison, mermaid tits by thefudge, and is this a thing now? by  convolutedConcussion

Fanfic asks for readers and writers

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May I please request heacannons of the captains drinking coffee, like how do they react to the effects.

omg! i love the thought of this! just thinking of Rill and Charlotte on coffee ooooo and i again didn’t include Kaiser since i don’t know much about him…now daydream away…💭 - Kaida❣

Magic Knight Captains Headcanons

|| Drunk On Coffee



  • Yami and coffee do not mix well, Yami is running to the bathroom more than he usually does
  • “why do i always do this to myself”
  • he misses all of his gambling sessions and never brings enough smokes with him which gets him irritated


  • William is a casual coffee drinker, he’s gone through every side effect possible up until he began to function normally when drinking coffee
  • he use to stay up all night talking to Patri about nonsense and he’d even talk Langris’ ear off when they did captain work together
  • when he’d get jittery he’d tap his fingers on his desk or tap his foot or he just wouldn’t stand still


  • being a proud royal Nozel would never admit that coffee keeps him awake at night
  • he’ll stay up all night doing paperwork or just lay in bed looking at the ceiling cursing at himself
  • he tells himself he won’t do it again but he does all because of his pride


  • he’s the most sane captain when it comes to drinking coffee, he rather enjoys it
  • it does boost his energy though, he’ll take his training with Leo to a faster pace
  • towards the end of the day he does hit that coffee crash and falls asleep very fast


  • when Charlotte drinks coffee she gets very jittery
  • she never learns to not drink it before captain meetings, everytime she hears Yamis vocie he heart races faster than usual
  • she’ll usual not speak during the meetings since she tends to stutter from speaking to fast


  • he will be bouncing off the walls, he’ll be making painting after painting not once finishing any
  • just like Nozel, Rill is not going to sleep that night


  • she hates coffee, it won’t let her sleep
  • when she first drank coffee she became wide awake and just sat in her bed not knowing what to do
  • coffee is torture to her


  • after just one sip he’s on a slicing binge fest
  • no one can stop him and he can’t stop even if he wanted to
  • Jack has no idea if he likes coffee or not, he likes the endless slicing but the fact he can’t stop himself sometimes annoys him
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Captains' preparations for a romantic date previously invited by an anonymous letter?Thanks! You are the best!

thank you for patiently waiting! now i didn’t include the Purple Orcas captain just because i don’t know much about him and his personality, sorry for that now…daydream away…💭 - Kaida❣

Magic Knight Captains Headcanons

|| An Anonymous Date



  • “the hell, why me?”
  • wasn’t into it at all but he thought maybe he’d get some free food out of this since he was the one that was invited
  • he did change his robe into a new one since he didn’t want to look to raggedly
  • and he kept his ciggarettes back at the base


  • made sure his mask was polished, rid of any dirt and that the feathers were fluffy and in place
  • wasn’t sure if he should change his uniform or not…he did not
  • he did put an extra spray or two of his cologne on


  • SHE IS FREAKING OUT and a complete and utter blushing mess
  • “what if it’s Yami!?!?!”
  • her squad helps her out, her hair is let down and curled plus a light layer of make up that allows her eyes to pop
  • runs around her room not knowing what she’d wear or if it is Yami what would he like


  • when he read the letter he threw out, he is a Royal no one should ever waste his time with a anonymous letter but he may have gotten just a bit curious and fished it out of the trash
  • he tried a different braid style for this special event
  • he told himself he wasn’t going to try hard for this anonymous writer but yet he still picked out the most expensive outfit he owned
  • would constantly look in the mirror to make sure his braid was still tight and to make sure he still looked good


  • he was extremely flattered and agreed to give it a shot
  • instead of letting his hair down he decided to style it in a braid of his own as Leo watched in astonishment
  • he’d make sure to wear the finest clothes he had available under his magic knight robe
  • right before the date he’d stop by a flower shop for a bouquet of flowers


  • he was so excited, he thought this was an opportunity to make a new friend until Walter explains to him what a date really is and boy becomes super nervous
  • he tried to paint this anonymous writer a painting but he just couldn’t think of anything
  • washed all the paint from his face
  • he wore a suit, something that walter had suggested


  • she didn’t even read the letter, Kirsch read the letter for her and was absolutely delighted someone had eyes for his captain
  • Kirsch made sure to comb her hair and give it a spray of hairspray so that he hair stays in place
  • he made sure there were no stains or damage to her clothes
  • he sprayed her perfume on her to make sure she smelled of roses


  • he sliced up the letter after he read it but he pieced it back together but still thought it was ridiculous
  • he actually put a shirt on for this date
  • he tied his hair back in order for his hair to be out of his face
  • practiced in the mirror at trying not to bring up the words ‘cut’ 'slash’ 'slice’ or anything along those lines
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