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Guinea Pig "Knödel" Acrylic Keychain Shaker by LusAmigurumi
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I love the Misfortune sisters! 
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Fanf keychains!
EDIT: AYYYYY Preorders are now available on my store!!!
Check out what I gots if ya want
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A charm to enchant your waters, candles, incenses, temporary tools, etc etc.
It's really important to remember this is my own version inspired by Traditional Witchcraft. What is presented here is not a "universal" belief about how magic works, and it is influenced by my experiences and UPG/SPG.
The purpose of this charm is to elevate mundane/inert objects, including commercially harvested/mined plants and stones, so that they become filled with power and magically effective.
This is a basic and simple spell which can be adapted to a wide variety of uses. However, it lacks the power and permanence of a formal consecration.
I recommend performing this charm right before you use whatever it is you're enchanting. So, right before drinking the tea, right before using your broom to sweep out energies, etc.
I use a charm similar to this one to prepare spellcasting materials, such as enchanting salt and candles before using them in a spell.
This charm has like two steps and takes about fifteen seconds to do in the moment, but this post runs a little long because I explain the theory along the way.
Whatever it is to be enchanted
A traditional symbol of spiritual power, ideally one simple enough that you can draw it in the air with your finger or picture it in your mind
A very short little incantation (you will be writing it)
A traditional symbol of spiritual power, eh?
"Traditional" as in you didn't make it up - so, not your own sigils.
This is based on my belief about how this charm and magical symbols work.
If you use a really old and powerful magical symbol - like a five-pointed star or the Christian cross - you're tapping into the power of the symbol itself.
If you use a sigil that you created and charged with your own energy, you're going to be drawing on your own power to use this charm. Which of course, totally fine - it's just that it's more draining.
("What if my sigil is designed to channel external power?" you still have to spend your energy to maintain the sigil, like having to repair a bucket you use to carry water)
Whatever symbol you use definitely matters. If you use one of the elemental triangles, it's going to impart elemental energy into the charm. If you use Brigid's Cross, it's going to impart her energy into the charm. If you want to impart your own energy on purpose, you can use your own signature :)
It's worth putting thought into what energies you want to impart. You can keep a collection of symbols handy to impart special kinds of energy if you want, or use something universal like the pentagram for everything.
A very short little incantation
This can be anything. I enjoy somewhat standardizing mine, it just helps me get into the groove. You usually want your incantation to do 3 things:
Acknowledge the power behind the symbol you're using.
State that you need the power provided by the symbol and that you want this power to go into the object you're enchanting.
Clearly state what you want the outcome to be.
Here are a couple of examples. Materials in [brackets] indicate that word should be swapped out depending on what you're actually charming. You can be plain or poetic, whatever works:
By the power of Christ, I charm this [candle] to purify. Through Him this room will be cleansed.
Five elements fill you one by one, 'till this [salt] shines like the sun. Hear this task assigned to thee: help my spell and make it well. As my will, so shall it be.
I empower this [incense] to dispel unwanted spirits through the powers of the Sun and Moon.
You do not need to speak it aloud. Just reading it or going over it in your mind will suffice.
Focus and willpower?
Eh. If you've got focus and willpower to spare, feel free to spend them on this. But you don't really need them.
If you're using symbols of actual spiritual power and clearly directing them unto a goal, it should work. Powers don't need your belief in order to be powerful. Energies can still move when you're not focused on them.
If your incantation includes directions that clearly indicates you are A) calling on magical power, B) that the power needs to go into the object, and C) what the power should do for you, then that's all you need.
Staying in the present moment is really helpful, but you don't need to really burn the lamp oil on this, you know?
Putting it all together:
Using your finger, draw the spiritual symbol over the thing you want to charm. Alternatively:
Draw it on a piece of paper and hold the paper nearby
Picture the symbol in your mind
Speak, think, or sign your very short little incantation. Make sure you are clearly indicating that you are using the symbol for its power, that you want the power to go into the object, and that all this is being done so that the object aligns to your stated intent.
That's it :)
Wee bit of troubleshooting
Magical symbols are like the crystalized form of the powers they represent. The charm has power because the symbol you employ radiates with power. It is then up to you to direct it and instruct it according to your needs.
If you're not having success, try changing the symbol you use.
If the symbol is one representing a specific deity or being, ensure you've got at least a neutral relationship with them. If you skipped out on an oath to a god and you're avoiding them, using their symbol is probably not a great idea.
If you are new to magic, spending more willpower and focus will likely be of assistance to you.
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Sanrio Store Exclusive Cherry Spring Color 2022 Charms
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crimson-chains · 8 months ago
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got a decent amount of people asking at cons for this guy! So I'm adding him to the JJK charm set ^^
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colliholly · 4 months ago
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THEY’RE HERE!!!! My Spamton angels keychains arrived and they turned out absolutely perfect!! 😭 🖤
They’re currently up for sale on my Etsy!: https://www.etsy.com/shop/colliholly
They’re selling fast already so get them while they’re hot >:) Stickers have been restocked as well!
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Dino Nuggies Keychain // ArtByScragster
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Hey... if I possibly made these into stickers/charms would anyone buy them? Stickers would be easy I could slap these on redbubble, but would anyone be interested in purchasing an acrylic keychain of this? I'm thinking of making it double-sided, 2004 Ock on one side and 2021 Ock on the other?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If anyone is legitimately interested please let me know! I'll need an estimate if I'm to order these in bulk lmao
I'll need to make an etsy too
Dang I wish I could make polls on here
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I forgot to post these, but here’s the prototypes of the fnaf keychains of mine! Really happy with how they’re turning out so far, and they’re still available and ready to order now!
✨🎪 They can be ordered here!!
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Cute little critters to adorn your cave with.  Species: Bumblebee millipede | Desert Centipede | Trilobite Beetle | Prickly Stickbug | Stag Beetle | Orchid Mantis
Wooden pins 1 |  2 |  3
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One merch item for the zine was a pillow charm, and I got to design it! I wanted to have different sides with a simple shape, and that type of merch that is like... if you know you Know but if you dont know its just cute. And i think it turned out pretty well!
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Lil Apple Plush Keychain by Jennifer Xiao
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Yohoho and a bottle of gay pirates. My first double sided charms! When my partner suggested making these I jumped aboard fast. They did the sketch and color, I did the lineart.  Our Flag Means Death instantly became one of my favorite series. I really really hope we get to see more from its creative and fictional crews in the future! In the mean time, I’m really enjoying having fun with fan art!
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The method of ‘whispering’ the incantation or charm is reminiscent fo the practices we find in Russian folk magic. The whispering technique also has the advantage of accessing the charm in a more concrete and physical manner, where the breath uttering the spell can be blown in a specific direction. For example, the breath is commonly blown into a glass of water or alcohol, which is then drunk by the client or applied onto an object. The magical force is thus transferred from the mind and mouth of the magician into a specific target which is imbued with its healing or harming power.
Historiola: The Power of Narrative Charms by Carl Nordblom
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Charm Photography Magazine, 1958
1/200  f/8
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Beanie Baby Pet Tag/Charm from honeytoasts
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