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#chartacter design
agnesmakesart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
CATS But As A 2D Feature! - Rum Tum Tugger Character Design
I love the CATS musical and I think it could have made a pretty awesome animated movie so I’m reimagining the characters as such. Rum Tum Tugger was the first one I got drawing but of course, Mistofolees stole the show. We’ll be getting back to him!
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edgemis · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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timmystoker · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Guess I’ll go ahead and share Martin too.....! Not happy enough with Jon’s to post his...
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rigelmejo · 9 months ago
Updated Study Plan 7/2/2020
Active studying:
Go through 1000-2000 most common word deck by Ben Whatley. first priority. The most common word decks seem to have the most noticable payoff for me in improving my comprehension. I would like this done by the end of July, or at least 50% done by then. I plan to keep reviewing the 1000 most common word deck regularly.
Go through the Heisig Remember the Hanzi deck. second priority. I’m doing my own sound mnemonics with them too. I plan to go through this at a sporadic pace of 10-50 a day, so some days it will mostly be review. I’d like to get this done in 3-5 months. (I recently read someone’s article where this past work-from home lockdown they went through 1500 in a month. I’m not that ambitious, but they sure did prove getting through the 3000 in 2 months is doable.) 
watch through my Chinese from Scratch course on coursera (it is taught through immersion and it will be a great review of basics while improving my listening comprehension and traditional character recognition, it will also probably be good reinforcement of my production/communication skills). I need to just sit down and do this when I’m bored, do 10-20 minutes a day. this I can do at any time, but it will improve my listening so I should just pick some time to sit down and go through it. 
Any reviews of the HSK decks I am going to not count as part of the plan at the moment. I can do reviews, but they’re optional and don’t count toward the current goals. The reviews would benefit me most later, once I’ve gone through the 1000-2000 deck at which point the reviews of HSK would just be refreshing the words in HSK that weren’t frequent enough to show up on the other word list decks. 
Any textbook reading I do is considered optional and I will not count it as part of the plan. That said, the optional reading I’ve been going through was: DeFrancis Beginning Chinese Reader, Alan Hoenig’s Chinese Chartacters. I can count the Beginning Chinese Reader as extensive reading practice and reinforcement of grammar, words, and characters I know. Alan Hoenig’s book counts as reinforcement for the RTH study. Any OTHER books are not helping in any particular current goal. 
(In the future, I’d like to read through my Zhang Peng Peng books, and my Chinese Grammar Patterns book plus the associated SRS flashcards I have for it. But right now my goal is increasing vocabulary and character recognition. Later, when my goal is production and improving grammar production, I’ll do these).
For immersion, plan is still:
Continue watching at least one of my regular shows with chinese-only subtitles, looking up words occasionally. If I look up words is up to my own preference at the moment, since I’m studying a lot of vocabulary through flashcards right now I’m already working on learning a lot of new words. Currently watching: Granting You A Dreamlike Life (only for Zhu Yilong), Ancient Detective (Good, wanna rewatch with eng subs if I need to), Anti Fraud League (good, but didn’t hold my attention much), Love Designer (good, Diliraba, but doesn’t hold my attention much), Guardian (which I’ll probably ramp up watching a LOT when August hits lol). Currently watching with no subs at all: History 3 Trapped, Someday or One Day (this one I may rewatch with eng subs later, the plot’s kind of deep).
I finished HSK 4 so, I want to start reading regularly - a few chapters/short stories a week. Currently reading Tamen de Gushi novel (on chp 14 currently, I plan to read the one other novel by this author since their style is approachable), 500 Word Graded Reader (I should finish it), DeFrancis Beginning Chinese Reader (currently on pg 74, I want to finish Pt. 1 of this book by the end of July, because I plan to read the rest of these readers).
Books I’m reading that don’t ‘count’: Tian Ya Ke by Priest (I will probably stop reading it, since its way above my level and intensive, it’s just pretty to read), Zhen Hun by Priest (I am also reading this in short chunks that’s more intensive page-reading than extensive).
Books I want to read once I finish what I’m reading, or what I’d like to use as options to switch to:
Mandarin Companion Sherlock
Butterfly Lovers on Pleco
1000 Word Graded Reader
And, in progressing difficulty, books I want to read and should be ready to read now, a la foxghost’s recommendations: 
那些風花雪月 by Gong Zi Huan Xi (I skimmed this last night, and it does seem to be around the same difficulty as tamen de gushi, I have to look words up but a lot of words are review I should know, or common words I should learn - so I could start it any time now probably)
不正當關係 by Gong Zi Huan Xi (foxghost said this was the same difficulty as the story above, so I’m probably ready for this one too).
*SCI 谜案集 by ErHa (I’ve heard this somewhat easy to read, is a good story, and since its case-centered I think it would be a good intro to later reading books like Silent Reading by Priest)
龍圖案卷集  by ErHa 
黑風城戰記  by ErHa
Then the recommendation says you should probably watch a lot of shows for some vocab (I sort of do so I’ll see how that helps me out), and you can start tackling xianxia, like Priest’s “六爻, and then 鎮魂, then 殺破狼, and pretty much any other of GZHX’s works.” I would guess this point is when Tian Ya Ke would be more my reading level, when 六爻 is, at the beginning. I would guess after 鎮魂 is when I could try to tackle Can Ci Pin. Sha Po Lang is steampunk and fantasy, so I would guess it has some of the sci fi type words - so if I’d be ready for that, I might be ready for Can Ci Pin at the same time. Since Can Ci Pin is a futuristic setting I’m sure there’d be a vocab curve anyway, but it sounds like if I get through Zhen Hun that’s about as prepared as I’ll be. 
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callofbabythulhu · a year ago
Tumblr media
It’s been a while hasn’t it? Work has sapped a lot of strength out of me so excuse the lack of art. Anyway so The Arcana has sucked me into it and...may I say that I LOVE IT!? The characters, the story, the art! All about it just looks so gorgeous (although the pricing is horrendous)  So here you have my MC. Violet. She makes everyone she meets and like a poncho or scarf
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min-minn · a year ago
Tumblr media
Boys have cooties
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