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Grand Opening of JSE LAUGH & LOUNGE!



Hey there all you beautiful people!

Do you like hanging out with fellow Jacksepticeye fans?

Are you looking for place where you can just kick back your feet, have a cup of coffee, and page through some top quality memes?

Or maybe… you’re searching for a place to burn along with community as the Ego Hints get thrown at us from left and right!

Your search has finally come to an end!

My new Discord server, The JSE Laugh & Lounge, has recently opened its doors, and it’s out scouting for some new people to join it!

This server has it all!

Causal conversation, a creator’s corner, exciting contests, wild theories, and more!

Anyone is welcome to join! It doesn’t matter who you are, what race, culture, gender, or sexuality! If you’re a Jacksepticeye fan, this is the place for you!

It’s for all ages, so whether if you’re young or old - you’re welcome to join us!

Please be nice to me, though, it’s still brand sparkling new and will likely have a few kinks here and there.

So, if you’re interested and want to join us - smash that link below (like a boss) and we’ll see you there!


Click this link to join us!


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     Goretober // Egotober Day 30 - Parasite

A parasite in the brain, eating away at your sanity and your stability. Bit by bit it gnaws at you, whispering words of doubt in your head, perpetuating your deepest fears and darkest emotions. Soon you can feel it crawling beneath your flesh… tearing out to take what belongs to it…

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A Humble Concept: Stacy Brody, alone in her huge, brand new house, pregnant with her second child, listening to “Me and My Husband” by Mitski while longingly staring at the only bottle of red wine in the house. The wine is a gift from her husband himself, given to her on their most recent anniversary. 

that’s it. 

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Just imagine how much happier Chase feels while under Anti’s control. He doesn’t have to stress much, it’s like rocking in a hammock.

No thoughts, head empty.

Plus the static acts as a massager, so you can imagine he also feels really good.

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And my last prompt of the month.

October prompts
Day 30: memory loss (Whumptober alt prompt) & Dying last kiss (Egoshiptober)
word count: 2167
paring: Jackie x Chase


“-Trying my best doc.” Jackie heard Chase say as he ran to his room. He felt a fleeting feeling of relief knowing Henrik was there. His heart sank when he stopped in the doorway and saw Chase, who was sitting in bed with his hand bandaged to the point that only the top part of his fingers were visible.

Henrik glanced over before he continued gathering his things. Chase smiled when he saw Jackie. “Hey.” Jackie returned the smile, though his was more strained. He wanted to ask. Wanted to know what happened and if he was okay but didn’t want to dredge it up.

“Jackie, a word.” Henrik interrupted his thoughts. Jackie told Chase he’d be right back before following the doctor out of the room. When they were far enough away so Chase couldn’t hear them, Henrik spoke up. “He nearly broke his hand. I had to forcefully push a couple knuckles back in place.” Jackie swallowed but kept quiet. Turning to face him Henrik continued. “It is getting worse if you have not noticed.” Jackie nodded. “Then help him. Help him keep Anti at bay. Be his support system. That is what you moved in for is it not?”

Jackie almost didn’t answer, and when he did it was quieter then he intended. “Yeah.”

With a sigh, Henrik spoke up again. “Marvin should be on his way. Chase insisted I call him as well.” And with that Henrik left.

It wasn’t until he heard the door close that he came out of his thoughts. Jackie looked towards Chase’s room for a second before he started walking over. Henrik didn’t get it. That sometimes he just couldn’t deal with, or know how to help, the fact that Anti was in Chase’s head. And because of Marvin Anti was stuck there. Jackie tried not to hold a grudge since Chase had told them he would take that responsibility. Until we find a way to get rid of him, they’d said. It’s been months though…

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Under, Gone And Good.

Day 30- Coffin (so this ended up more light-hearted? than I intended. Let’s just say I went for Chase angst and got something different).

What happened?
What didn’t, I fear
That sent him o’er a hurtling
Tumbling on through soil and seed
Right on past the purging

Aye, ev’ry travesty
From what my neighbour told me
Not that I hardly knew the man
Just heard he got nowt easy
Who does? Life won’t take your hand!

What happened?
A bullet, so I’m told
Trapping him inside that box
I hope the ground’s not fire just cold
And the howls aren’t souls, but a fox

I think he’ll be happy
Like I said, I didn’t know
Then again- a dear old pal said
He was a mopey so-and-so
Friend said he’d be better off dead

Oh that friend?
No, he’s not here.
Well, he ne’er liked the guy!
I at least offered an ear
Didn’t wish the bloke would die

You’d know if he was
Hair a right raggy state I swear
Clothes untidy as his deck
One thing to look at if you dare
Is that scar upon his neck

You going to the wake?
Fair enough, I’ve heard it’s shit
Or going to be, either way free food
Just wait for them to get it…
Get that box under, gone and good.

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thinkin about background ego characters in my lore n fuckin,,, my portrayal of stacy n how she was in my egoverse is just like. ok. she’s a decent person, but when her n chase are together they bring out the absolute worst in each other. so them divorcing was probably for the best, even if they both did love each other a lot.

but then my portrayal of henrik’s wife n how she was with henrik is just like, bastard woman cheated on her husband for no reason and therefore she is Terrible. 0/10 would not reccommend,

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