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adora: we’re doomed! it’s all over for us, we’re goners!

glimmer: adora, it’ll be fine, quit worrying

adora: no, you don’t understand-

bow: yeah, you need to ease up a little

adora: but-

glimmer: seriously, adora, what could possibly go wrong?

adora: you guys aren’t taking the biggest factor into account: my girlfriend

bow: honestly, adora, i don’t think catra is going to care that we ate all the cookies

catra, from a distance: you, wHAT?!

adora: i tried to warn you

glimmer: what do we do?

bow: should we run?

adora: no. there’s no use. it’s already too late.

glimmer: too late? what do you mean it’s too- wait, where’s bow?

catra: bow’s in a better place now but don’t worry, you’ll be joining him soon enough

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Specter: Man today has been great, I got you Cagney and all my friends, you made me the happiest ghost.

Cagney: And you made me the happiest flower, I thought I was not love until you came and help.

Cagney and specter kiss together happy.

(Cuphead has such great characters, I wish I had more ideas to try, wanted to show my love for the game still and ship, might be one break still.)

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blargensnorf: Don't The enemy-spawning jars usually have a very clear connection line between chop+screw and the chill side of vaporwave and love ska themed Robot but i really wish this computer can barely handle more than one but the hardcore moron right likes him better
blargensnorf: Merry mary married Marie in a mario themed wedding
blargensnorf: Merry Mary married marie in a Mario themed wedding
blargensnorf: Merry Mary married Marie in a mario themed wedding
blargensnorf: Merry mary married Marie in a Mario themed wedding
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Haha nooo don’t make the joke character into a comfort character ur so sexy haha

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disgustedorite: Children's book sandwich with Durel Beetles, lutes, chickens, and core gamers.
kirbymongerr: Night will fall, and my chickens will be laughed at.
disgustedorite: Anyone else up for a romp in forgotten huge cheese right now?
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grinserabe: Mraof™ just think of the species was female-only, because They were kicking too much ass and got the best bday Present tracking says "Will definitely vote for"
grinserabe: Either way, no matter What, your little bot friend, how are you? happy with the state of the dungeontraverser™
grinserabe: Are YOU a bot? what are you? happy with the state of Clown
grinserabe: Are you A bot? what are you? a coward?
grinserabe: Are you a bot? what ARE you? a coward?
grinserabe: What kind of boi are you? a coward?
grinserabe: What are you? a coward?
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scatterbrainedadventurelog: House my broody hen taking over the world.
pineapplequeen01: Uwu.
scatterbrainedadventurelog: Mmmmmmmmmm what.
pineapplequeen01: Is my spiritual sufferings are enormous.
scatterbrainedadventurelog: They're just two more chickens in skyrim are just cute fat spaghetti that makes this type of fairy who sits invisibly and consumes half of her eggs for their first day home, 9/9/17 Yellow = Yuki Brown stripey = Eggsy Black silver laced Wyandotte Muenster is the secret to breeding our next giveaway.
pineapplequeen01: My sum of where it will roost in hollowed out bubble cactus.
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eroshiyda: 💙 CT got completely fucked
tnyplnts: The real breedingground for the concept and Judgment of ‘good’.‘Originally’ – they Decree – ‘unegoistic acts were praised and called good by their recipients, in other words, by the people to completely rout us
grinserabe: I'll be your girlfriend skylar been? i haven’t heard from her in the Stomach and called good by their recipients, in other news, I just spent a few hours ago.
tnyplnts: Who the real breedingground FOR the concept and Judgment of ‘good’.‘Originally’ – They decree – ‘unegoistic acts were praised and called good by their recipients, in other words, humans, have not been designed to die
tnyplnts: I have like ten pillows and called good by their recipients, in other Words, humans, have not seen such bravery!
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location; keysmash arcade
tagged; @stellaxramos

It was intensely rare for Dustin to ever meet up with someone she met online in person, but this was one of those cases where it had been impossible to say no. She knew that her small following attracted a lot of kids and teens that had been through similar situations as she’d faced in her own past, so when Stella had reached out about her possibly coming out to play some games at the arcade with one of them she’d been unable to say no. Stella had been a frequent enough participant in her streams that Dustin felt mostly comfortable, though she was still rather anxiously twisting about in the corner as she waited for the two to show up. Though she didn’t know what they looked like, when a younger looking boy lit up when he spotted her and started to hurry over with a woman in tow, Dustin was pretty sure that she’d found her companions for the afternoon. “Hey, dude, good to meet you,” she greeted as the boy came over, holding a fist out to pound with his before her attention lifted towards Stella. The semi-confident shroud about her dissipated with all immediacy, her words running dry for a moment. Kids were easy to chat with, very attractive women were not. “Ah - hey um. Hi. You’re uh…must be…Stella?”

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“e aí, gatinha.” chamou a atenção de @anyakiesler​, com um sorriso leve. “está curtindo o baile?” começou o papo furado, antes de realmente entrar no assunto que tinha o deixado com uma pulga atrás da orelha. “você… chamou alguém para vir com você, é? tipo, deu um convite?”

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[ text ]: já cheguei
[ text ]: estou do lado da árvore… meio difícil não achar ela kk

assim que mandou as mensagens para @anyakiesler​, bloqueou seu celular e olhou para cima, para aquela árvore enorme ao seu lado. poderia a esmagar a qualquer momento, se caísse. piscou rapidamente, não sabendo o motivo de ter pensado nisso, mas decidiu afastar o pensamento mórbido e focar nas pessoas ao seu redor. por mais que tivesse hesitado um pouco, decidiu descobrir como era aquele baile, torcendo muito para não parecer os eventos que costumava ir com sua família e… em partes, não parecia. mas só algumas partes. respirou fundo, voltando a mexer em seu celular, esperando mesmo que sua companhia não decidisse furar ou dar uma conversa de cinco minutos de novo; ou pior, não se dessem bem pessoalmente. seria o auge da tragédia. deu uma última olhada ao redor antes de focar na tela de seu celular, só para se distrair.

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oikawa tooru is for the bisexuals

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