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So I’m rewatching Miraculous because it has been a while since I have stayed up to date with the latest episode. And I thought I could use a refresher of what has happened. Anyway I’m on the episode Antibug. And I noticed that Marinette transformed in Chloe’s room. Wouldn’t though Chloe have been able to look back on the cameras recording and footage to see Marinette transform into Ladybug??? Cause the whole hotel had cameras all throughout the hotel including her room and Chloe is able to see it all in her room which is why she watches Ladybug and Chat Noir talking to her butler when figuring out about Sabrina and Chloe’s fallout in their friendship….

Unless because when Ladybug says miraculous ladybug it not only makes it where it repairs everything. And where the akumatized victim doesn’t remember anything it also takes away the footage from the cameras…… but then that wouldn’t explain the Lady Blog and how Alya is able to record the events……


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GUY! GUYS! GUYS! (And girls too) I was yesterday at Violetta’s home (And before any of you start, WE ARE JUST FRIENDS!) doing the project for Mendeleiev class, and anyway, when we finished I went home, and who do you think I saw?

One of our heroes! Chat Noir! He was so sleek. I thought of calling his name to see if he would sign my shirt or something, but I understand that he could be on his way to defeat a akuma or something. But… like… he got inside the Agreste’s Mansion. I mean, I heard he asked for a bathroom in the Le Grande Hotel one time, so I thought it was something similar, after all, what could a super hero want inside a mansion?

But then I remembered the time that Adrien made that boys –only party, and that his room is awesome and thought that maybe Chat did indeed wanted to make use of the facilities. So I waited. And waited… and waited… and he never come out (And mom berated me for being late)

But then I had to walk Peanut (my dog, for those that don’t know) and… I saw Chat Noir come out again.  

I know some of you will want to lynch me (I’m looking at you Adelaide) buuttt… What if Chat Noir lives there?

I mean, Adrien, from the Akuma Bustier’s Class lives there, and… well, I hope if he reads this doesn’t take it wrong but… we have never seen his father at school. It’s always that huge dude OR that Lady with the bun, which I thought was his mom, but it turns out she’s his dad’s assistant or secretary or ninja assassin bodyguardor something. At most, his dad will be in a tablet, which is rather creepy. Like that time we had that hat contest.

Maybe he doesn’t go out much because he is busy working on strategies with Ladybug to defeat Hawk Moth?

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