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#chat noir
jascurka · 14 hours ago
marichat is the jesieniary representation i didnt know i needed
Tumblr media
Jesieniara (in Polish) is a person who loves autumn. They will spend their evenings under a blanket with their favourite book or movie, sipping on a warm drink. Wears comfy clothes and oversized warm sweaters, loves colorful leafs!!!!! and rainy days too. Has a pinterest board for autumn vibes.
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galahadwilder · 20 hours ago
Marinette in Hack-San: while I’m away, remember to provide enrichment for catboy
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Tumblr media
I can’t be the only one to find this shot sad, rather than romantic? I don’t Adrien is at the ‘in love’ stage. He loves ladybug deeply, but it’s not purely romantic. She is his whole world, poor boy. And things keep changing, it’s hard to figure out your own place in the world, independent of everyone else! Especially when you are used to the loss of the people you love. He still looks terribly sad and vulnerable here, minimally comforted…
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theluckiestlb · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
they give off big sibling energy
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graaythekwami · 11 hours ago
The Little Things - ML One-Shot
(Spoilers for the season 4 episode Hack-San)
"Out for a solo patrol, Chat Noir?"
Chat Noir jumped slightly, not quite use to hearing an unfamiliar voice up here on the rooftops, and turned. The figure was standing on a chimney a ways from him, the reds of her costume matching the setting sun.
"Scarabella?" Chat Noir said, looking at the temporary Ladybug heroine he had met the other day. His surprise quickly gave way to worry, eyes widening slightly. "Did something happen to Ladybug? Is there an akuma out right now? Is–"
Scarabella held up her hands, but didn't come closer. "No no no, everything is okay– I just wanted to talk to you, that's all, and Ladybug said you often did some patrols in the evening..."
He gave a tight smile, shoulders relaxing slightly. "Not really a patrol, not like what me and M'Lady do when we patrol. It's just... to get some fresh air, I suppose."
He was slightly startled when he turned and found Scarabella walking towards him, as he hadn't heard her steps. She had some papers in her hands, and an uncertain smile on her face. She paused a little ways away from him.
"Is it okay if we talk for a bit?" Scarabella asked. "I don't have a lot of time, and then I can leave you to your... 'patrol'."
"What's up?" Chat Noir asked, trying to sound as casual as possible. His feelings on Scarabella were... mixed. She was an ally and she had spirit, but he would be lying if he said there was no bitterness when he thought about her. About what she knew and why she was there.
"I... I wanted to just show you this," Scarabella said, holding up the papers in her hand, before carefully setting it down on the roof near him, before retreating back slightly. "I had to edit out a few 'tips' for identity reasons, and Ladybug doesn't know I'm showing this to you, but considering my sudden appearance I figured maybe it would help if you saw it."
Chat glanced at the papers, then back at the spare heroine. "I don't want to go behind Ladybug's back."
Scarabella blinked, then let out a small laugh. "Oh, no, no, it's not like it's something I can't show you. It's just the list of tips she gave me of how to be Ladybug while she was gone."
Scarabella smiled. "Read them, would you? Please?"
Chat Noir looked at the papers, before carefully picking them up and unfolding them. Sure enough he found a list of 'tips', each one carefully numbered off. His eyes scanned down the list, noting a few numbers were missing, which must have been the editing she had been referring to.
Chat Noir's eyes jumped back up to the top, and began reading. He could tell right away that it was indeed written by his Lady, and he could almost hear her voice as he read.
Tip 1 - Keep the earrings in at all times, they are easy to misplace. DO NOT TAKE THEM OFF.
Tip 2 - Always have sweets for Tikki on hand.
Tip 3 - Not just for recharging if an akuma appears, make sure you have something she can snack on if she's hungry.
Tip 4 - No. Seriously. Holders know no fury like a kwami starved.
Chat Noir snickered, knowing fully well what she meant. His interactions with Tikki had been limited, and she had been a very sweet kwami. Ladybug told pretty much the same story... except for the times she didn't have cookies or macarons on hand for her kwami. It turned out the little Ladybug kwami was just as passionate about her sweets as Plagg was with his cheese.
Tip 11 - Tell Chat Noir what's going on right away if an akuma shows up. Since I wasn't able to talk my way into staying in Paris like I thought I didn't get time to tell him I was leaving.
Tip 12 - If you see Chat Noir patrolling at night don't worry, it doesn't mean there's an akuma or somewhere you need to take my place. My Kitty is a free spirit and Paris is our city.
Tip 13 - Leave out croissants for him if he happens to come by where you are on patrol.
Tip 14 - The chocolate covered ones are his favorite. Chat loves anything with passion fruit too.
Tip 15 - Chat Noir likes any kind of sweets, actually, but try to get him his favorites if you can.
There was a small smile on his face as he read, eyes carefully looking over each word, warmth in his heart. The tips soon drifted back towards things regarding the Miraculous, a good dozen involving Lucky Charms and explaining how the yoyo worked.
Tip 25 - Lucky Charms might be bigger than you think! Be prepared to leapt out of the way in case a piano comes crashing down instead of a pencil.
Tip 26 - Don't ask Tikki to explain Lucky Charms. She'll be vague and she'll do it on purpose.
Tip 27 - Don't try to force a Lucky Charm to work. It's just kind of instinctual? I don't know how to describe it.
Tip 28 - Ask Chat Noir for help if the Lucky Charm is too confusing. He's been Misterbug before and has helped me defeat villains with countless Lucky Charms.
Tip 29 - Just ask Chat Noir if you have any questions, he's a professional.
Tip 30 - Don't ask him so many questions though that you stress him out! Akuma fights are hard enough and with him being the most experienced he'll have enough to worry about without a bunch of questions.
Tip 31 - Just follow Kitty's lead, he knows what to do.
Tip 32 - Chat Noir has good instincts and enhanced senses, listen to him.
Tip 33 - When Chat Noir makes a joke try to laugh, even if you think it's not funny. It makes him happy. :)
"My jokes are always funny, My Lady!" Chat Noir exclaimed in protest, though there was a smile on his face.
Tip 34 - Make sure Chat Noir is happy.
Tip 35 - Don't make fun of his purring, he's self conscious about it even though it's adorable. (He embraces everything cat except for the purring, I don't know why.)
Tip 36 - Purring doesn't always mean he's happy! Cats can purr when they're hurt! If he takes a hit and you hear him purr then you got to defeat the akuma as quickly as possible! Sooner you can cast the Miraculous Ladybugs the sooner Chat Noir isn't hurting!
Tip 37 - Don't let Chat Noir take any hits for you.
Tip 38 - Seriously. He does that way too much and I don't like watching it. Stupid self-sacrificing cat. Make sure he stays safe.
Tip 39 - Or else.
"These aren't even tips at this point!" He said, holding back a laugh.
"She does that a lot," Scarabella said with a fond smile. "With 675 'tips' a good chunk of them are ramblings."
"Six hundred and what-?" Chat said, quickly flicking through the papers and towards the end. Sure enough the very last one stared back up at him, the same number as Scarabella had promised.
Tip 675 - When you say "Miraculous Ladybug" don't forget to throw the Lucky Charm.
He flicked back a few more pages, eyes scanning the various notes that had been left. Many were just like he had expected when Scarabella had first told him what the list was: advice on what to do with different types of akumas, how the timer worked, tips for finding the akumatized object, and what to say to a victim after they were freed from Shadow Moth's control.
But then there were others, small little mentions of him and things he hadn't even realized his Lady knew or noticed, things he didn't know people cared about.
Tip 142 - If Chat Noir is dismissive with how his day has gone crack a few jokes. He tries to cover up when he's had a bad day and this is the best way to lift his spirits.
Tip 143 - Chat Noir loves hugs. Quick hugs, tight hugs, long hugs, he adores them.
Tip 144 - Chat likes to be scratched under the chin and behind his faux ears. It makes him purr, but don't mention the purring (see tip 36).
Tip 145 - Chat Noir is a cuddler.
Tip 146 - Ignore all the last few tips. Respect Chat Noir's personal space.
Tip 147 - But don't be distant either, support him! Fist bumps, pats on the back, you know, be friendly.
Tip 148 - You better be nice to my Kitty. I'll be watching all akuma coverage.
Tip 149 - No booping Chat Noir on the nose. That's our thing.
Tip 150 - No bonking him with the yoyo, carrying him in your arms, or using the nicknames 'chaton' or 'kitty', again those are our things, not yours.
Tip 151 - You can use the nicknames 'Chat' or 'CN'.
Tip 152 - He may kiss your hand. Chat Noir is a gentleman, don't let the costume fool you.
"M'lady..." Chat Noir said softly.
Tip 355 - Let Chat Noir handle the media, he's a pro at that.
Tip 356 - Don't leave him alone to deal with all the reporters though, that's a lot of pressure.
Tip 357 - Chat's ears and tail can tell you a lot about how he's feeling. I've read a lot of cat behavior articles and it's helped me a lot.
"Hey!" Chat Noir protested, even though his Lady wasn't here to see it.
Tip 598 - If anyone makes any comment about Chat Noir being dangerous or being a sidekick, you don't hold back.
Tip 599 - If it's a reporter that makes this comment give me their name and who they work for so I can make sure they never get an interview from the heroes again.
Tip 600 - Send Chat Noir a cat meme on the yoyo to cheer him up if anyone does say anything about him.
"I need to go," Scarabella said softly. "Feel free to keep those, I... I just wanted you to know that she was thinking about you. You mean a lot to her, Kittycat."
Chat Noir looked up at Scarabella, vision blurring slightly, but a smile was on his face. "I don't think 'Kittycat' was on the list of approved nicknames, Scar."
Scarabella scowled. "Well I can tell you that one isn't on my list of approved nicknames either."
Chat Noir grinned. "I'm sure it will grow on you."
"Purrhaps," Scarabella said, before giving a salute and a smile. She then tossed her yoyo, swinging away. Chat Noir watched her for a moment, before looking back down at the list he had been given.
He smiled, holding the papers close to his chest as he laid down on the roof, letting out a happy sigh.
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karkalicious769 · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Although this last shot from "Hack-San" is really beautiful, I disagree that it's supposed to be a touching moment where Chat Noir falls in love with Ladybug all over again.
I think it represents his disillusionment and doubt. He's searching her face, little flicks of his eyes, like he's trying to find a reason to believe her. Because he doesn't. He's hurt in this scene and he can't tell her, because he's terrified that if he does, it will make her angry and she won't want anything to do with him anymore.
Because if Ladybug is replaceable, then why couldn't he be?
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I do think that Adrien would have been angry with her if Ladybug was there when he figured out Scarabella knew Ladybug's identity. But it was at least a day since their fight with Robustus and Chat Noir has shown that he is willing to put up with a lot of he thinks it's necessary.
And Adrien isn't wrong when he says someone needs to use the Ladybug Miraculous at all times. That's not the problem. The problem as ever is the lack of communication. Despite the fiasco that was Chat Noir and Scarabella's meeting neither of them has taken the lesson they should have learned from this.
Namely: Ladybug has to tell Chat Noir about things that actively affect their work, such as Rena Furtive. And Chat Noir has a right to know what Ladybug is planning beforehand.
Instead the opposite is reinforced, at least for Chat Noir, which actively leads into him closing off further in Rocketear.
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mikauzoran · 13 hours ago
May I Whine for a Minute?
So, Hack-san was a fairly enjoyable episode for the most part.
Two parts in particular that I really liked are this adorable little DJ WiFi smooch and the fact that Marinette specifically told Alya to make sure that she laughs at Chat Noir’s jokes because it makes him happy. ^.^ Look at Marinette worrying about her partner’s happiness.
Tumblr media
I feel a little cheated, though. The scene where Ladybug and Chat Noir talked about things was way too short. I feel like they didn’t really talk and that this big, plot-relevant thing was squished into thirty seconds at the end of the episode. ^.^;
Tumblr media
I guess this is what fanfiction is for? I’m glad that Marinette did talk to him, though, even if Alya had to prompt her to do it. The look on Marinette’s face tells me that talking to Chat Noir wasn’t even on her radar. It just goes to show how overwhelmed she still is that she doesn’t have the bandwidth to consider how her actions are affecting Chat.
By the way, he’s totally lying when he says that he’s not sad about her revealing her identity to someone. He may not realize it, but he’s definitely sad that it’s not him she’s relying on and trusting. I think he’s just more sad about his realization that he could lose her, so that’s what’s at the forefront of his mind. It’s a lot to unpack, and he’s not nearly done processing.
I would also like to take a minute to hold up this episode as an example for the people who always bug me about my characterization of Adrien as getting sad and turning in on himself instead of getting angry and blowing up at others. I don’t know why people want me to write angry Adrien, but it just doesn’t fit my understanding of his character to write him as getting angry all the time. In canon, we usually see him getting frustrated but then turning that in on himself and wondering what he’s done wrong or why he isn’t good enough. Years of emotional abuse in his home life have taught him not to express anger but to internalize those feelings.
On a lighter note, I love the soft Lady Noir moment here. ^w^
Tumblr media
Also, the reflection of her in his eyes is lovely. I really like this shot.
Tumblr media
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shittykinaesthetics · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shitty Adrien Agreste aesthetic: how is it that all the kindergarteners i know can summarise the events of this show perfectly and write me a thesis statement, but i read 100 pages of wiki in order to make this and i feel like i understand less than when i started? i invented a show called “are you smarter than a 5 year old” and the answer was no :(
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minoublanc · 8 hours ago
Chat Blanc 2.0: Predictable. Been there done that.
AkumaBug: Superb. Tragic. Galaxy brained. Ever since she took on the mantle of Guardian everything has slowly been unraveling out of Ladybug's control with all these identity reveals etc. and it can all culminate in her losing control of herself when it all inevitably blows up in her face. Chat Blanc episode told us that Chat Noir is able to cataclysm akumas so there’s literally no excuse for not doing an akumatized Ladybug anymore. Let me see Chat Noir experience the angst of losing his Lady. Let me see the cold, villainous taunting from Ladybug and Chat Noir’s sadness in seeing his Lady lose herself, just like what Ladybug felt seeing Chat Blanc. Let me see the anguish and reluctance to fight her like how he was in Rocketear. Let me see his despair over thinking that it's all over, that there's no way he can save her without Ladybug's powers. Then, after an entire season building the anxiety in his mind that Ladybug doesn't need him anymore, let Chat Noir be the only one who can save her as the one who is her equal/counterpart and the one who has been with her from the start and will never give up on her. Let him realize how much she DOES need him. Let him realize how much more he can do beyond being a punching bag. Let him unlock a new power. Let Chat Noir save her and make it parallel Chat Blanc. “I’m not Ladybug anymore” “You will always be my Ladybug”
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emari-13 · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
15 k comic • Part bonus (25k)
Hello! 🤝
So how was the new episode? Fabulous 🌟
Anyway, this is a comic I did to celebrate the 25k on Instagram, it’s the sequel of the 15 k comic! I put like 30 requests in this one, you have the previous part on this account too! :)
Enjoy ❤️
Previous <
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