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homeeguide · 11 months ago
How long does a washing machine last?
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Today's washing machines last an average of 10 to 15 years . More expensive washing machines of better build quality and more durable materials last about 15 to 20 years. The lifespan is also extended if you properly maintain your washing machine.
What is the lifespan of a washing machine?
Washing machines used to last longer than today. More durable materials were used. Nowadays there is more demand for cheaper washing machines and the manufacturer has responded by making washing machines from less durable material: cheaper materials that last less time.
A big advantage of this is that washing machines are now available in all price ranges .
Build quality and durability of the washing machine
In general, a more expensive washing machine will last longer than a cheaper washing machine. Brands such as Miele are known for their quality and you pay for that.
My parents have had the same washing machine for 22 years: a Miele. In the meantime, the ball bearings and the drum have been replaced, but the machine still delivers good results.
I myself started with a cheaper Beko. Nothing wrong with that and it worked properly. After about eight years, these started to leave brown stains on my clothing: the ball bearings needed to be replaced. At that point, you have to ask yourself whether it is worth repairing, or whether it is cheaper to buy a new washing machine.
I chose the latter . I was almost able to buy a new washing machine to repair the washing machine. The Beko has done its job well in the past eight years, and it suited my small budget at the time. Now that I have a family, I have higher standards and can invest in a more expensive washing machine.
So you see: different washing machines in different price ranges are not surprising at all: my parents are still satisfied with their (at the time) expensive Miele, and I was happy with my cheap washing machine.
Frequency of use
Manufacturers give you an average lifespan, but what is average ? In this case, average means that you use the washing machine three times a week. My average, as a family of two adults and three young children, is not below average. I was about five to six times a week - almost double that.
This means that my washing machine will not last as long . If, like me, you wash more than three times a week, it might be worth investing in a washer of a better build quality so that it lasts longer. This is of course a personal choice and also depends on your budget.
Maintenance of your washing machine
Your washing machine, like most other machines, needs maintenance . Detergent can build up on the parts of the washing machine. This is especially the case with washing powder .
Washing powder becomes liquid at higher temperatures: if you wash mainly at low temperatures, washing powder can accumulate in the washing machine and also remain on your laundry. If you want to read more about liquid detergent compared to washing powder, read this blog .
To remove soap scum and other accumulations of dirt (also called grease lice), wash once a month at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius. In addition, you also clean the rubber edge around the drum: water can remain in it, causing mold to form : you don't want this on your clothes.
How do I extend the life of my washing machine?
Of course, you want to use your washing machine for as long as possible. There are a number of ways to extend the life of your washing machine, and most of them involve maintenance.
Clean regularly
As described in detail above, you can clean your washing machine by regularly running a hot wash. This removes soap residues and other dirt. You also prevent unpleasant odors.
Descaling the washing machine
Where there is water, lime is formed . In a washing machine, the lime mainly accumulates on the heating element . As a result, the machine has to work harder and harder to get the water to the right temperature. This costs a lot of energy and is not good for the environment and your energy bill. The harder your water, the faster lime will form.
You descale your washing machine again by running your (empty) washing machine at 90c degrees together with natural vinegar or using a special product such as Bosch Washing Machine Descaler .
It is also a good idea to wash regularly with vinegar , this is not only beneficial, but also better for your machine and the environment.
Replace water drain hose
Replace the water drain hose at least every five years. After five years, all kinds of dirt will have accumulated, which will cause blockage or delayed drainage . This can adversely affect the washing results. Incidentally, it is a good idea to rinse this hose now and then.
Clean filter
The filter is normally located at the bottom, in the right corner. Often it is a large rotary knob. Have some towels ready to collect water and loosen the knob. The filter is attached to the button : you rinse it under the tap. I always find things here like hairstyles, change and the occasional kids sock.
Check that the machine is level
You may not think about this very quickly, but if your washing machine is not level, your drum or other parts can be damaged. Less vibration is always better for the washing machine's motor. Check this once a year.
How long your washing machine will last depends not only on maintenance, but also on the number of washes you run per week. In addition, more expensive machines often last longer, because the manufacturers have used durable materials.
Hopefully I have answered your question correctly!
Thank you for reading!
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