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fuck-customers · 22 days ago
Sooo I’ve been telling the people I work with that i will be going out of town and I will not be available for a few days, for about a week now. Just to make sure that they get the message. I’ve been telling them that i will be leaving today out of town for a week.
So, I’m at dinner right. With some people. The day that i am supposed to leave. Just before we leave in fact. Well, guess who gets a call. From the hotel. Me. I get a call. From someone at the hotel wanting a room. Its not my shift in any way and in fact its about 5 O clock so someone should be there at the reception.
And like normally this wouldn’t be that big of deal. This happens to me often because I’m close with the guy who owns the place so they figure they can call me to fill in sometimes. But, come on man I TOLD you i was leaving why’d you put my number on the goddamn door?? There are other people available.
I had to leave dinner halfway through RUN to my house for the keys and then run to the hotel to open for somebody. So not only did I have to leave a dinner but those people wanting to sign in had to wait.
For context I work at a very hotel small business in the spring. When there are very few customers. And their are 4 people (5 including me) that work there. Seems easy right? 5 people VERY few customers??
Now I’m stressed about what happens while I’m gone. Since I won’t be here to take these kind of calls when the people working there just disappear mid shift.
Like come on?? Theres like 5 check ins a week? It ain’t that fucking hard. Its NOT a lot of work.
I don’t really work there either I don’t get paid most of the time. Like i said Im close with the guy who owns the place so i help out sometimes and work the weekends. But it went from working the weekends and helping during difficult shifts, to relying on me if they felt like ditching work.
Now I’m going to be stressed all goddamn trip.
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ahwak · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Check In Seventeen, 2016
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fixyourwritinghabits · 6 months ago
NaNoWriMo Day One Check-In
How we doing y'all? Words done? Plans for words done? Productive five hour glaring session with a blank page?
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recoverycafe · 4 months ago
hi, everyone! it’s night time (at least where i am), so here’s a little check point!
are you thirsty? get some water, tea, or propel
are you hungry? have a snack before you brush your teeth
change into some pajamas and get comfy
brush your teeth, wash your face, or anything else you need to do in the bathroom
take your meds if you have any for night time
say goodnight to any stuffed animals
sleep tight! tomorrow is another day <3
Tumblr media
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spellingisoverated · 6 months ago
Are you feeling off:
Autism/sensory check point
Is there a noise that’s bothering you, maybe you can move to a different location, put in earplugs, play music/a tv show or movie.
Is there a texture that’s bothering you? Maybe you can take that piece of clothing off and wear something different. Or put on clothing underneath that clothing, or even just hold that clothing away from your body for a minute
Would it help to close your eyes or dim the lights? The lights don’t have to be on all the time especially when you are by yourself. Would it help to have decorative lights on (colored lights) or maybe lights further away or closer to you?
Are you cold/hot? Sometimes I don’t realize my feet are super cold and it makes me grumpy. Can you run some hot water on them? Or wear socks (wearing socks inside out helps with the seam). Would a sweatshirt or jacket make you more comfy? Can you turn on a fan/heater? Or turn off the fan/heater if it’s causing you to be too cold/hot?
Are you forcing yourself to stay still? Would it be helpful to move in any way you can? Wiggling your fingers, rocking back and forth, wiggling your toes, moving your lips, flapping your hands, playing with a fun texture?
Are you hungry? If it’s been more than a couple hours it might be helpful to have a snack.
Are you thirsty? Sometimes it’s helpful to take a couple sips of water, if for nothing else than it gives you something to do for a minute.
Do you have to go to the bathroom?
Are you tired? It might be helpful to take a nap or go to sleep
Have you taken any medication you need to? Are you in pain? Can you take pain relief medicine?
Are you forcing yourself to do a thing for longer than you want to? Here is your permission to pause the tv show or the movie, to take a break, to stop scrolling for a little while and watch tv or read a book or do a different thing.
Bonus: are you holding an expectation for yourself? A deadline you have to meet? An assignment you have to finish? Telling yourself you have to go to the store or clean or take a shower or something?
Can you let yourself know it’s okay if you don’t meet that deadline/expectation. It’s okay if you can’t do a task right now. Often giving yourself permission to rest and letting go of that deadline/expectation can help. (It’s easier said than done but your well-being is more important).
Just try to be gentle with yourself, give yourself credit for existing.
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ts-storytime · 15 days ago
Summaries are up! Find them here, or over at @ts-storytime-summaries!
WRITERS: Do not indicate which summary is yours! If you wanna chat about the other summaries you see with other writers, a great place to talk is the discord, which has a specific spot for writers to chat without artists seeing!
ARTISTS: You have eleven days to fill out your top choices for the work you want to make art for! Find the form here.
Only submit to this form if you have signed up to this challenge prior to April 30! Please pick out at least 10, though the more choices, the better! You could send in the order you want for every single summary, if you want. These are due on May 15!
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astrologylunarfish · 7 months ago
Saturn went direct today(10/11/21)-ready for the reality check? Today could of involved some sudden check ins or harder conversations or possibly some recognition. Saturn doesn’t play around. You work hard at Saturns lessons and you get the best rewards. You don’t work at Saturns lessons and you have harder check ins. Saturn going direct after 5 months of retrograde, brings that all to the surface today. Check in with yourself and see what needs work and celebrate where you have done the work 🪐
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phasmogender · 3 months ago
Felt left out of the vague uquiz gang so i made one. Tag/rb with ur results and heed warnings!
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benvanallespodcast · 9 months ago
Check in of the day:
How's everyone doing?
Have you eaten?
Drank anything?
Took your meds?
Went for a stroll/moved for a few minutes?
Got enough sleep?
Did you do something for fun or distraction?
Let me know, I would love to chat.
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das-a-kirby-sideblog · 4 months ago
A post to see how my mutuals are doing
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mmesentery · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The semester is already almost over, and it's gone by faster than I've been able to keep track of. Midterms just ended, and now I'm onto preparing all kinds of final papers and projects and presentations.
This semester, I started my dream (full-time!) job at the organization where I work (my experience there made up for being a year and change out from a completed bachelor's degree), I separated from a years-long committed relationship, I moved into my own apartment, I've started going to yoga classes (in person!), I've been reading more, I've been eating well, I've been going out with my dog and walking every day, and in the midst of it all, I've actually managed to be passing all of my classes.
Not only have I been passing, but I feel like I've been genuinely learning (and enjoying learning) for the first time since I started my bachelor's degree.
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fixyourwritinghabits · 6 months ago
NaNoWriMo Day 14 Check-In.
ALMOST HALFWAY THROUGH. If you’re still sticking with it, fantastic. I’m about three day behind the word count goal, but I figured out the right order of these chapters, so I’ll calling that a win.
How we doing?
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a-bright-ray-of-sunshine · a year ago
Take a deep breath. Drop your shoulders. Relax your eyebrows. Drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Let go of all the tension in your body.
You're here. You're okay. In this exact moment, you are okay. Allow yourself to relax, even if it is just for a few seconds. You deserve some peace today and every day, and I hope you find that peace.
Remember to check in with yourself. See where you are holding tension in your body and allow yourself to let it go. Things will be okay 💛
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ts-storytime · 23 days ago
Here is the form to fill out your anonymous summaries.
Only submit to this form if you have signed up to this challenge prior to April 30! If I do not receive a summary, I will take it as you dropping out of the challenge. 
Please include any potential triggers or content warnings for your piece in the area provided, even if you aren’t sure it’ll make it into the final fic yet. When the summaries are posted, please do not indicate which of the summaries are yours. The fun of it is the artist being surprised by the author they get paired to work with! These are due by May 8!
If you would like an example of a summary, you can find that here.
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the-demon-fixxxer · 17 days ago
Guess who's back???? Your friendly neighborhood demon-layer. I needed that break to take a breather and get my shit together. I will be mass posting and trying to get to requests. I'm behind on everything as of late but I will make it up to each and every one of you ❤
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fuckyeah-dragrace · 23 days ago
Hey y’all! Just wanted to post this before but I’m not going to be as active these next two weeks because I have some major exams coming up.
I’m really sorry about all of this because I want to keep on writing and posting and I kinda feel like I’m letting you all down but I promise I’ll be back to posting soon!
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wipbigbang · 9 days ago
And here we are, the second check-in for the challenge! Remember this is purely voluntary (but checking in does help us get an idea of how many participants we’ll be having), and check-in is open for a week.
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doomed-jester · a month ago
✨Daily Check In✨
Don't forget to:
Drink some water
Take your meds
Unhinge your jaw
Swallow the eggs of your rival mates
Leave your own eggs in their nests
Spread your brood far and wide
Propagate your bloodline
And ofc go to the bathroom 💜
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we-are-a-dragon · a month ago
Billie (gnome ardent): After dinner I take Godric aside and ask if everything is alright.
Godric (fairy warlock): *instantly shifty* Yeah, why wouldn't it be?
Billie: *blunt* What was going on with the drow fortune teller?
Godric: I dunno, weird right?
Billie: What deal were you offered that's running out of time?
Godric: *winces* What are you, a cop?
Billie: No, I'm your friend and I'm worried about you. You can tell us about your problems.
Godric: *sighs* I've been meaning to, but I haven't found a moment. Every time we sit down for dinner or tea or the jacuzzi or anything, some new drama happens.
DM: *looks sheepish*
Billie: Well, talk to us. I'll make sure there's a moment. You've got three dinners to do this your own way before I do it for you.
Godric: I'm really good at procrastinating.
Billie: And I'm really good at making things awkward. You don't want me to go Full Billie on you.
Godric: *grimaces* I really don't.
Kjell (half-elf barbarian): You really don't.
Billie: Private conversation, Kjell. Anyway, that's why I'm giving you three days. Get your shit together.
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das-a-kirby-sideblog · 5 months ago
how's everyone doing?
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