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parkersarrow · a day ago
can't believe there are people who actually think dts is a good source to learn about f1. it literally doesn't provide anything but made up drama???
next time just say you're a dts fan not an f1 fan and go. no need to embarrass yourself and ridicule actual f1 fans
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redbullwin · 14 hours ago
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rookie-ofthe-year · a day ago
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There was a moment in time where Checo and Marc shared the same space || Barcelona vs Atlético de Madrid 2018
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leham-n-daavocado · 12 hours ago
The 2022 Grid as Kpop Groups
I had a request for this from @valtterifanblog and my sister was like sure let's do it! FYI, our knowledge/interest of kpop falls into a black hole after 2017. A lot of our knowledge comes from Running Man and other variety shows. I have a bias in general for SM because they have the best produced songs (unlike JYPE with their unnecessary sound effects and YG and their G-Dragon sound), and the most ridiculously talented artists. They just make the complete package. But that doesn't mean I don't have faves outside it like 2NE1. We've made a few adjustments from our boy group post.
Lewis: Shinhwa/BTS (We couldn't decide on this, so making Lewis both was the best idea.)
The hanja for Shinhwa means myth or legend and that is Lewis through and through. They are the longest continuously serving kpop band. They're innovators and one of the first to get big outside of Korea. Longevity and hits. Can miraculously dance on a moving platform? What is the witchcraft of Resolver? Them leaving SM was like Lewis leaving McLaren and people saying it was the wrong decision, but they went to a new company and found success. Favourite Song: Wild Eyes, Perfect Man
Lewis is also BTS because he's who people think of when they think F1, like how BTS is the only band people with no kpop knowledge know. He is bigger than F1 like BTS is bigger than kpop. Famous collabs. Activism. Fashion. Favourite Song: Save Me, Mikrokosmos
George: Turbo
He's an old man in a young man's body who likes to take his shirt off. Kim Jong-kook is an old man but he is fiiiit as fuck and spends much time without a shirt on. Was in obscurity for awhile but had a comeback. Favourite Song: Again, December
Red Bull
One of the biggest bands in Korea (not any more). Created the sound of the entire label (G-Dragon's nasal voice/rap style and discordant melodies) like how Max's driving became what was valued by Red Bull to the detriment of others. Courts a lot of controversy. Favourite Song: Bang Bang Bang, Fantastic Baby
Checo: Infinite
Has some hits and some fans that really love them, but are second tier in terms of fame. Decent longevity. Older vibes like the 80s earworms Infinite bring. Favourite Song: Bad, Be Mine
The style. The vibe. The global impact. Collaborations with famous brands. Charles' life is the rap in Boombayah. Favourite Song: Whistle, Boombayah
Carlos: Davichi
Consistent OST queens that no one remembers, despite doing the most famous song from every single big k-drama ever. Favourite Song: This Love, Cry Again
Lando: EXO
When they came out, they amassed a massive, young fanbase with a lot of crazy fans. Have some bops (any Christmas song, The Eve, Kokobop) and some flops (Wolf). They know how to be viral. Chen gets married and has a kid and the fandom has a meltdown....Favourite Song: Wolf (lmao), Miracles in December, The Eve
Daniel: Super Junior
It's the variety king vibe of Suju. Daniel would absolutely be like Eunhyuk annoying Yesung with his constant needling. "Heeeee~~~~uuuuuhhhhh..." (This is the whole Nico Huuuuulkenberg/Pierre Gasly thing) Daniel has Shindong's brightness and humour, the 4D personality of CF King Heechul, the quick tongued comebacks of the two evil maknaes, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun, and Donghae's lack of braincells. His propensity for crazy outfits/ costumes is like Suju's iconic airport costumes and that time when Siwon aka Horse/Masi did a concert stage dressed as a very cursed looking centaur. Favourite Song: Bonamana, It's You
Fernando: 2PM
That manly energy 2PM went hard for for awhile. They had some big bits back in the day. People are happy to see them come back, but they are not who they once were in popularity. They do lot of shuffle (why is their choreo always shuffling?) dancing like Alonso shuffles around teams? Favourite Song: ADTOY
Esteban: f(x)
A really awesome, really great band that gets terribly overlooked by their label despite a really strong fanbase and amazing songs. Favourite Song: Red Light, Electric Shock
Alpha Tauri
Pierre: Shinee
Has to overcome terrible tragedy like when Jonghyun passed away. The hyungs can't help but dote on their maknae, Taemin, like how Pierre dotes on Yuki. Deeply talented individuals who really come into their own. Fashionable without trying like Key. Favourite Song: Sherlock, Lucifer, Good Evening
Yuki: Red Velvet
He's got the Red side and the Velvet side. Loves food like Red Velvet releases lots of songs and videos with food. Favourite Song: Bad Boy, Dumb Dumb
Aston Martin
Seb: Girls' Generation
A massive, massive band in the late 2000s to mid-2010s with a huge legacy and impact. The girl group of South Korea, but their influence has waned greatly since several members have left the company. You know who the members are because they were in the biggest group. You know who Seb is because he won four championships. Favourite Song: Genie, Gee
Lance: I.O.I
Answer me this? Who is Lance? An oft forgotten driver in F1 despite his father owning the team. Members get forgotten despite being in a big TV show. Favourite Song: Pick Me
Alex: 2NE1
An amazing band sidelined by their company despite their talent. Park Bom gets blacklisted for years. Minzy and CL have to go to a new label because they get tired of being sidelined. You just wanna see them back together. Gets replaced at their company by someone who is able to fit in better (BLACKPINK (I'm still salty about this.)). Favourite Songs: I am the Best, Missing You
Nicky: Henry Lau
Another Canadian who gets little recognition or is often overlooked for his talents (playing instruments and composing music) because of his circumstances. Henry as a member of Super Junior-M and Nicky as a back marker. Favourite Song: Trap, Fantastic
Alfa Romeo
Valtteri: Sistar
The queens of the summer like how Valtteri is the king of Russia. All the point dances that emphasize the butt. The farewell comeback like Valtteri's farewell from Mercedes. Favourite Song: Alone, Touch My Body
Honourable Mention: G-Friend (I had to stop my sister for this one being Valtteri's actual group)
Because they got notoriety by falling on stage multiple times because of it being extremely slippery like Poor Valtteri's six spins at Turkey 2020. Favourite Song: Me gustas tu
Guanyu: NCT U
Because as someone once said, Guanyu's vibe is Asian foreign exchange student drip and nothing exemplifies that more than NCT. You know he'd drive around the UBC (University of Beautiful Cars) campus. Favourite Song: The 7th Sense, Make a Wish (Birthday Song)
Mick: Super M
We didn't change this one. A super group made up of members of some of SM Entertainment's most famous/skilled members. There's a lot of expectation because of the legacy of the groups and a ton of hype. They get tons of opportunity others would not because of their reputation. Seeking longevity/recognition beyond their one hit song. Most Famous Song/Video: Jopping
Mazepin: Rain (Sorry Rain)
The scandals at the massage parlour while in the military. Totally believe he would sing Rainism. Favourite Song: Rainism
He's old. Still has his fans. And made a huge impact. He left teams with drama kinda like the DBSK breakup into DBSK and JYJ. Favourite Song: Mirotic
Antonio: A Pink
Just very sweet, wholesome vibes. His true vibe is A Pink's former manager who took the place of a missing member during practice and nailed it just like he's Ferarri's test driver. Favourite Song: Luv, Mr. Chu
Christian: Lee Soo Man
Very successful, but also very shady. Like wanted by Interpol shady
Zak: JYP
Fun. Good business sense. Would definitely dance with Conan.
Toto: You Hee-yeol
Of You Hee-yeol's Sketchbook fame where he brings on singers to talk about their work, tell stories and sing songs you never thought they would. Kinda like Toto's nurturing side.
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catalana33 · 2 months ago
He's really standing there under the stage by himself and applauding Checo and Lewis
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storm3326 · 7 months ago
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"where's checo?"
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sweet-marvel · a month ago
What this day proves:
That Max Verstappen is definitely a hugger
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rinotakashiro · a month ago
Andrea’s question: What’s your lifetime dream?
Everyone else: World champion!
Yuki: Open my restaurant.
Another STR/SAT alumnus also opened a restaurant (in Milan!), but also I vaguely remember he hands out some penalties to you, Yuki…
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hyacinthsdiamonds · a month ago
Me waiting for F1 to release the secret Santa video:
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il-predestinato · a month ago
Dear F1blr,
No matter what happens on Sunday, I think the most important thing is that we sever all friendships, never speak to each other again, and remain furious about it forever. 
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formulakimmich · a month ago
“It’s race week” “There’s only 2
races left”
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max-verstappens · 2 months ago
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a dad congratulating his two sons
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redbullwin · a month ago
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"Checo out of the race more like: my fucking uber does not arrive"
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maxielonceagain · 27 days ago
This is gold 😂
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mangocito · 2 months ago
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2021 Grid in cowboy hats for the US Grand Prix 🐎
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formulasposts · a month ago
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MAX AND BRAD AFTER THE RACE. I'M CRYING (AGAIN) it was not checo sorry
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claudicious · 6 months ago
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Based on their looks, I think Daniel said “something funny” again 😌
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behindtheformula · 25 days ago
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Why make a gingerbread house when you can make a gingerbread track featuring your favorite race of the year? 
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nameis-c · 2 months ago
The press: Making Max Verstappen look like the most egotistical guy on the grid.
Max Verstappen:
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I need someone to be this happy about my accomplishments, I swear
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hyacinthsdiamonds · a month ago
Jeddah is the second race next year. Jeddah aka the grand prix that aged me 50 years. Jeddah aka the grand prix I still haven't recovered from is the second race next year aka the second next race in general -
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