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#cheer up babes

kairi isn’t arrogant but she is very proud of how far she’s come. She isn’t insecure, because she’s so fucking determined to prove herself. Insecurity would get in the way of supporting and helping her friends.

She never thought herself second best to sora or riku or Lea or anyone else because she doesn’t… Think that way? About important stuff. She can be competitive about silly games ( in the moment they don’t feel silly but. Kairi chill out its monopoly). But about serious things she just doesn’t rank her worth or anyone else’s in that way. It’s impolite!!! And inaccurate. she won’t belittle her efforts in combat by putting herself below anyone. She sees everyone as her equal and equal with each other, but that doesn’t mean she’s not excited to learn from everyone too. She recognises different fighting styles and can’t wait to try them out! But doesn’t put any more or less value on one.

Seeing the world through this lense of equality is in part due to being a princess of light n also bc her truest strength is the inner strength and power to lift others and herself up. It’s what she truly truly believes.

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This is for @pcyungsoo my babe and my significant other and the source of all my uwus. I made this for your story Toxic (which I absolutely love by the way go read it guys—shameless promotion ik don’t unfollow me for it) omsjsjsjs I love you!!💕 💕🤧😭👏💯💗💓💖💞💝👌💘🤩💯💯 CHEER UP BABES UR AN AMAZING WRITER AND ILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE

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i love oscar so much he’s sooo amazing it broke my heart to see him like that :((

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So some girl is crying because she’s having trouble meeting guys and she’s got a crush on Nilesy which is depressing because she lives in Canada and can’t go to Scotland

And yeah I understand because Nilesy is a handsome lad and all

But if you ever feel down, just remember the theory that we have infinite alternate universes that all branch off from every single choice we have made (the trousers of time)

Somewhere in a parallel universe, you’re dating Nilesy. So don’t despair guys, science has your back.

(This works with literally every single outcome and celebrity, sometimes you have to alter your parents/grandparents lives too though.)

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 And why are all of the girls that I know fucking him today? 

What a slut. 

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I’m having a really bad day and there is too little Marcus Isaacson and Babe Heffron content on this site. :(

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