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chesselover20219 minutes ago
Love Caerphilly cheese? Make it at home with this recipe from Cheese Kettle.
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pizzaratzz11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
funny lil Tux made for a funny lil icon :)
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yourfaveismakingmacandcheese41 minutes ago
who are you and why are you the only thing on my dash where did you come from
I鈥檓 taya and i鈥檓 makin mac and cheese baybeeeee!!
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pad-foots46 minutes ago
So when you think of Ranboo, youd think red and green. When you see red, you think Tommy or Techno. When you see green, you think Tubbo or Philza. At first, he was friends with tommy and Tubbo, then philza and techno, and now all 4 of them. My headcanon is that his eyes replicate those he loves, but his brain is getting confused on whose eyes to replicate, which is how the enderwalkbstarted. He had two groups of friends, so he became two of himself, in a way. The shades of his eyes alter slightly when he goes into enderwalk for his other friends (idk which is which but I think hes in his enderwalk more around techno and phil so the enderwalk is his phil/techno side.)
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fontegagrilledcheese51 minutes ago
Cheesy Masterlist
Shrimp AU
Original Shrimp Fic聽
OG Shrimp Fic but with art by @herostag
Meet The Family
Mer AU (Shrimp god)
I Have The Power of A God and Anime on My Side
Catboy AU
How To Become A Catboy
This Is Your Fault!
The Unbecoming of a Catboy
Selkie AU
A Pun My Liege
Bog Exchange Roommates Au 5+1
Two Dumbasses in聽Quarantine
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cecquotes58 minutes ago
My mother and my father told me medical school, oh man, why didn鈥檛 I listen
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thestatesofamerica50an hour ago
Wisconsin: Anyone wanna get in an argument with me?
Rhode Island: Okay. American cheese is the best kind of cheese.
Wisconsin: I was kidding but you know what, fuck you for real.
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megumlan hour ago
i need a computer i need to see dottore
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dreamprophetan hour ago
hello!! so you mentioned before how you'd prefer cas to stay an angel post-canon, when he and dean get together etc. and i was wondering, since that means cas won't be aging, how would that work, in your mind? dean's 41, do they just take what they can get and then dean dies and cas carries on? love your blog btw you're a delight to see on my dash <3
I'm glad someone asked!! I've given this some thought;
First of all, I don't think that an angel losing its grace makes it human. I think that it means that the angel no longer has access to its angelic body and its still attached to the dead limbs of its true form while being chained to the mortal lifespan of the vessel. (There were a few posts going round a while ago & they Stuck). Anyway, I think that Cas is one of the only angels to actually live inside a human body rather than just possess a vessel. Anna was the first. Anna was born into that body and then when she took her grace back the body burned up 鈥 but later on she gets it back & this time she's living inside it as a fully powered-up angel but its still hers and hers alone. There was never a soul in there, it was only ever Anna.
Cas is the second angel to live in a body: When Jimmy gets dissintergrated & dies, the body that's reformed looks like him but he isn't in it anymore 鈥 it belongs to Cas, he lives in it now. So, I suppose my workaround for how Cas can stay an angel and still grow old with Dean is that I think that there's a difference between a body and a vessel, in that a body is where a creature lives and a vessel is just a method for containment. A body, containing a life 鈥攁 life (or consciousness) which experiences time and grows as a result of its experiences 鈥 will grow older as the life inside it grows older. A vessel containing a life, but not partaking in the same experience as that life, won't. I think Cas starts off by possessing Jimmy and then ends up as part of a continuous creature which is made of part human body and part angelic form and both those things are what he is, both those things grow with him and change as a result of his experiences because they are him 鈥 it is him 鈥 the hybrid creature made up of these parts. Let me explain a little more; its the difference between your skin and your jacket (it's not a perfect metaphor but it'll serve), your jacket you can patch up if it gets damaged, you might be covered in it but it isn't you, it isn't contributive to your complete self, or part of who you are. Your skin on the other hand, that hurts if you cut it, it forms the outline of your physical self, it is who you are in the sense that it makes up the boundaries of your being and it is what people see when they look at you. Your skin is part of your body (which is part of yourself) and it grows and changes and ages while you age. You experience life in it and through it. This is what I believe Cas' body becomes to him 鈥 part of him, not just something he is wearing.
I like this theory because Cas narratively comes to represent the link between the mundane and the divine. I mean, he doesn't entirely forsake heaven like some of the other angels do, or try to do. Cas tries to make heaven better for the angels. And every time he fucks up worse, but still, he tries. And all the while he also goes to bat for Dean and Sam (and humanity by extention), which isolates him further from heaven.
He doesn't belong anywhere for most of the series, but he comes to stand in this in-between space, neither at home in one place or the other. I think it's interesting that one can argue that he comes to represent this middle ground physically as well as narratively. What I'd like for him is that he is shown love from the people in his life, without having to give up anthything that he is, or having to earn his place with his abilities.
As for what happens when Dean eventually dies for good 鈥 it's more or less the same situation whether or not Cas is human or an angel imo, bc either they're that old couple who are so close that they die within weeks of each other, & then, presumably go up to heaven to spend eternity together (& while I really don't like the spn version of heaven that's another thought for another time). Or, if Cas is an angel then Dean dies and....they go to heaven to spend eternity together.
Or, secret third option, Cas in his infinite insanity pulls a consumehimnatural and takes Dean's soul into himself when Dean dies so they'll never be physically separated. An insane situation but Cas would do this, I feel he's unhinged enough. He would never be able to just carry on after Dean died. I mean, his greatest happiness was dying in what was to him a supremely selfish expression of love, while at the same time saving Dean's life. The guy is a freak (affectionate)
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valeriemperezan hour ago
Have you seen Cheese in the Trap? Because I'm 3 episodes in and I can't decide if I like it. All I'm getting from the main male lead are red flags and controlling personality, along with the very popular mean, rich guy with a heart of gold trope. While the main female lead seems to be particularly stupid and ditzy about life and is being stream rolled by every character left and right. The writer seems to be making an extra point to show how it's not the main guy fault while also showing the main guy is manipulating everything. So, he's also a bad guy??? I don't know. I also don't know if I can make it to the end.
Sorry, I haven鈥檛 checked my asks in 300 years, but yes. I watched Cheese in the Trap聽and hated every moment of it. The main male is definitely problematic, but more than that, he鈥檚 not interesting. I heard the story was way more complex and ambiguous in the webtoon, in a good way, but the adaptation (even the movie version) just wasn鈥檛 giving what it was supposed to.
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