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Staying at masons for the first time. Which leads to heavy smut for the first time together xx
Love your stuff bestie xxx
the first night | mason mount
Tumblr media
warnings: +18 smut! nipple play, fingering, unprotected sex (use condom, life it's not a fic ok?), slight hanging, dirty talk, teasing, some rough sex, slapping, hair pulling, single mention of the word 'slut', cocky!mason
word count: 3790
notes: thank u bestie, first I think this could have been a little better, but my ideas were scarce :/ so much that it took me a while to post it, sorry about that, but I hope I have met your expectations :)
masterlist | for now, requests are closed!
You squeezed the steering wheel hard and looked ahead. You were in the car, parking in front of Mason's house, if the GPS had led you to the right place. Likewise, you were a little nervous, it was the first time you had ever been there, when Mason invited you, you understood perfectly well that the goal was for you to be more intimate and cordial, to have more privacy. You liked him, and you knew that he liked you too, but it wasn't enough to keep you from feeling a chill in your stomach.
It wasn't the same as meeting him in other places, taking care not to be seen. Mason was opening his home to you, which meant that he trusted you, you just didn't want to mess it up and make it a lively evening.
You decided to let go of the steering wheel and open the door before Mason started texting you asking why you hadn't arrived yet. You walked to the door and rang the bell.
"Hey." He said as he opened the door, you stood waiting for him to give you room to enter, still a little nervous.
"Hi!" You replied, and he pulled you in for a quick kiss before closing the door.
"Did you find it easy?"
"Surprisingly, yes, GPS's are useful." The foyer was well organized and clean, you took off your heavier coat and shoes, staying in just socks like Mason. He was wearing comfortable sweatshirt clothes and his hair was a bit messy, but you would say he looked perfect.
"And you didn't hit any trees during that drive?" He joked, and you rolled your eyes at him as you recalled the story of the day you drove out to go to Stamford Bridge to see a Chelsea game, but ended up missing out because a little accident caused you to hit a tree. Mason could hardly believe it when you told him, he couldn't stop laughing.
"No, come on. How long are you going to keep bugging me about this? It only happened once."
"It's not my fault if you are a terrible driver. If something were to happen, it would ruin our evening." You bit your lips, realizing the double meaning of that sentence. Usually Mason was direct, but this time he was being subtle. He didn't want you to think that he had called you there just to rip off your clothes. Of course that urge was there, but not only that.
"And what do you have for our evening?"
"First, food." He spoke and you walked to the kitchen. You observed the place while Mason fiddled with his phone. Everything was so beautiful, exquisite, and clean, plus it smelled good. "I was going to order something, but I thought we could do it together."
"Someone got lazy cooking." You spoke, moving to stand next to him and look at the delivery app together.
"You cook better than I do, I was afraid you would judge my food."
"Are you trying to make a good impression?" Your brow furrowed and he pinched his nose.
"But of course, it's your first night here, I have to make sure you come back." A shiver ran through your entire body when he made that statement, and you thought that he surely wouldn't need much effort for that to happen.
You spent a few minutes looking at the restaurant options and menus until you decided to order Italian food. It was a thing between the two of you to always diversify when ordering food, it was fun to try other countries' cuisines and always funny when the two of you didn't like something.
After you ordered, Mason pulled you by the hand toward a staircase that led to a room in the basement. "Come, I want to show you a place."
You found it much more exciting than watching Netflix and eating crap until you stopped paying attention halfway through the movie, so you could fuck. That's kind of what always happened when the guys you went out with before would invite you to their house.
"What is this place?" You asked when you got downstairs. It was a spacious and decorated room. There was a snooker table in the center, chairs, tables, sofa, and rugs were distributed throughout the space. One wall was all decorated with autographed football shirts and there was a huge bookcase with glass doors where Mason kept all the awards and medals he had ever won, as well as many pictures of special moments.
Not all the ceiling lights were on, the huge TV attached to the wall played soft music, not to mention the pleasant smell that came from some lit candles that help create a romantic atmosphere. He had definitely prepared that place to receive you.
"My favorite place in the house."
"Not your bedroom?" You asked cheekily, as you were now wondering how big his bed was and how he kept his clothes.
"I spend a good part of my day here." He said, and you began to imagine him in all the corners doing different things, as well as surrounded by his friends from Chelsea and England, that was a good place to get them all together. "Let's play something."
He guided you to one of the square tables, and you sat facing each other. You started with card games and went a few rounds of Rummy, Gin, Blackjack, and War until you got tired and decided to go for snooker. Mason got you two beers, and you drank while you played. You were certainly having fun, but thoughts like "how soon can I take my bra off with him?" were making you think about things too much.
"How can you be so good at this?" He sighed, and you gloated as he marked on the board some more for you.
"The question would be, how can you be so bad?" You propped the bat on the floor and bit your lips, trying to seduce and tease him at the same time. Mason laughed, swearing he could devour you just by looking at you. You were wearing pants and sleeveless blouses, but nothing was stopping him from admiring your curves because they were too tight clothes.
"Stop teasing me!" He warned.
"If not what?" A mischievous smile appeared on your lips, and you leaned on the table. You were on opposite sides and your goal was to get him to walk over to you.
He was about to act when the sound of the cell phone interrupted him. He searched his pockets for the device and looked at you. "Saved by the gong!" You laughed, straightening your posture. "Give me a minute."
You nodded and decided to go to his prized shelf while he talked on his cell phone. You dragged the bat across the floor as you went from one end to the other, looking through the glass. First your heart melted at the pictures in the picture frames of when he was a child, others of him holding Summer and a few more of his family, then you felt a great pride as you took a closer look at his accomplishments and awards. You were looking at the medals, the Champions League to be more specific, when you felt his body behind yours. He could sneak up on you, but he made your heart race every time.
"Do you want to see it?" He asked as if reading your mind, and before you could answer, he was opening the glass and pulling out the medal. You took it from his hand and looked at the details, it was gold and on the blue ribbon was written: Port of 2021. "Beautiful, isn't it?
He said, rubbing the ribbon around your neck.
"Yes..." You agreed, letting go of the metal as Mason's hands wrapped around your waist, and you slipped your arms around his shoulders. "But it's a good thing you're great at football, because at snooker you suck!" You laughed, and he pulled an indignant face at you.
"I'm gonna show you who sucks!" He pressed on your waist and guided you backwards until your hips hit the edge of the table.
Mason kissed you so eagerly that you thought he was going to steal all the air from your lungs, but you weren't complaining. Mason slid his hands down to your hips as his tongue invaded your mouth, and you pulled his hair and ran your nails along the back of his neck. He squeezed your ass and you almost moaned. It wasn't a quiet kiss at all, you were sure it was only the first of the night, but he was pushing you harder and harder, you could feel the shivering in your nipples as your body became more sensitive to his touches.
Mason wanted to sit you down at the snooker table and make you hug his waist with your legs, but the doorbell rang before he could make any move.
"Looks like the food has arrived." You said pulling away from him.
"Looks like it did." Mason replied, frustrated at being interrupted, you put away the medal and went upstairs with him.
As he picked up the food with the delivery man at the door and paid, you decided to peruse his liquor cabinet, taking the liberty to pull out a wine and two glasses from there. You picked on Mason, because you didn't want him to pay the whole bill, but he closed the matter by saying that you were the guest, so it was only fair that he pay, and you only agreed when he agreed to let you pay next time.
After eating, you volunteered to gather the plates, glasses and cutlery to wash them in the sink. You were so quick that Mason didn't even have time to start grumbling. He looked you up and down as you leaned over the sink a little to turn on the faucet.
"What are you doing?" He asked, and you felt him standing right behind you.
"Washing the dishes, I think, Mason." You glanced over your shoulder at him as you put soap on a loofah and began scrubbing a dish. Mason held the edge of the sink, one hand on either side of your hip, pinning you between his arms. He stepped forward and your back pressed against his chest.
One hand placed all your hair over your right shoulder, leaving the left free, and he fitted the face of the curve of your neck.
"Drop it." He whispered. You almost shrugged your shoulders as the friction of his beard on your neck tickled a little, but your body really got a whole shiver when he started kissing you there. "I have a dishwasher for a reason."
His hands snaked down your body to your waist, holding you against him and smoothing your skin under your t-shirt. You blinked rapidly, feeling his hand movements slow down as the blood in your bloodstream pulsed to the areas he was kissing and made you have a family tingling in your groin.
"No. You paid for the food, and what I can do for you is wash up the mess." You gave up, even though you were about to turn to grab your hair and drag it to the nearest bed.
"You can do something else for me, Y/N." His tongue left a trail of heat on your neck, and you bit your lips as you felt the surge of pain from the hickey. "I'm hungry." He growled, continuing to kiss the back of your neck, you rinsed off the last of your plate and that was your incentive to turn off the faucet and turn to him.
"You forgot to order dessert." You shook your wet hands before hugging his neck. Mason leaned in close enough for you to feel the tip of his tongue on your lips.
"I'm not necessarily hungry for food right now."
He fit his thigh between your legs and his hands squeezed your ass as he kissed you on the mouth. You hugged his torso, encouraging Mason to touch your body more, which didn't take long. He held the back of your neck with one hand while the other went up your thigh, feeling your soft skin. He pulled a lock of her hair away so that the strands wouldn't get in the way of the kiss they were exchanging and said, very close to your ear, in a quick pause:
"You have no idea how much I want you, Y/N."
You pulled away and smiled, you could see the fire in his eyes, pure desire.
"Show me." You replied licking your lips and then kissing him again slowly using your tongue to taste every millimeter of his mouth, with a few bites and a delicate pull of your hair. Mason's hand moved down from your waist to your ass again, giving it a squeeze before pulling you closer, wanting more contact with your crotch. That served as the perfect incentive you needed to rock your hips forward to feel his cock getting harder.
Mason pulled you away slightly and pulled you by the hand toward his bedroom. You took fleeting steps that fed the anxiety in your stomach. You didn't have much time to scan his room, because when the door closed, he pressed your body to the door and kissed you again. Although his hands were deft, you didn't want to wait for him and started to undress your own clothes.
"You know what I noticed?" He said, biting your lip. The two of you stood in just your underwear. As he guided you to the bed, you ran your hands down his defined abdomen, feeling the textures of his tattoos.
"Hm?" You murmured curiously, not wanting to stop kissing him. You quickly threw yourself onto the bed, him on top of you, fitting his body between your legs.
"If you were drinking, you won't drive. So you will sleep here." He kissed your cheek and neck while running one of his hands slowly down the inside of your thigh. That was really the idea when he invited you, you had some notion of it without him having to use direct words.
"Maybe I brought a change of clothes and toothbrush." His hands pulled the straps of your bra down over your shoulders, and you arched your back, so he could access the bundle behind. He quickly opened it and got rid of the garment.
"You certainly brought it." He said, and you felt his tongue on your nipples, his teeth leaving little marks that stimulated you with each bite. He kissed and sucked your breasts while his fingers made their way into your panties and at that point it was almost magic when Mason began to masturbate you from time to time, slipping a finger or two into your vagina with precise movements. "I've been waiting all day to do this." He spoke in your ear, completely involved, your perfume numbing him as much as the moans you let out.
"Fuck, Mason." You moaned, holding his hair as his thumb began to circle your clit.
"How long have you been wet like that, Y/N?" He said in your ear, and you bit your lips, holding back a loud moan as his middle finger hit your G-spot. "These walls are pretty thick, which means you and I can be as loud as we want. Make noise for me baby, here we have freedom." He sped up his hand movements, his fingers fucking you so well and his thumb putting some pressure on your clit that the hard-on took over your body, and you couldn't stop kissing him as you rocked your hips on his fingers.
"Holy shit, Mason, I'm going to cum in your hand!" You said, with some difficulty, you would rather moan than speak, but you thought it was nice to give his ego that information.
"I wanted you to cum on my cock, kitten."
"I can do both." You blinked one of your eyes before kissing him hard. "Fuck." When the orgasm came, you felt the urge to contort your body, reflex for your hands to squeeze somewhere, which turned out to be Mason's shoulders. You were seized by spasms and shivers, then collapsed into his hands, into his embrace, but you were still not satisfied. You wanted more of Mason. You wanted to kiss and suck every part of his body, you wanted to feel him inside you in a way that was not gentle at all.
He ran his hand through your hair leaving kisses on your jaw, and you rocked your hips feeling his hard cock press against your groin, but Mason seemed gentler.
"Are you going to fuck me or...?" You interrupted him, and he looked at you, pulling your hair out of your face.
"I was trying to be affectionate."
"The last thing I am wanting right now is for you to be affectionate." You said, and he laughed. You wanted all the squeezing, slapping,
bites and hickeys that Mason could give you, and it didn't take long for him to fulfill your requests. Their hands coldly squeezed your hips, encouraging you to get up.
"Okay, take off your panties and raise your ass for me." His words only served to make you wetter, and you quickly bent your knees and slid your panties between your legs. You caught a faint glimpse of Mason removing your panties and jerking his hard cock before you turned on your back and raised your hips to him.
Your throat let out a groan as you felt the sting in your ass from his slap. He stroked the spot and positioned his cock at your entrance before he began to fill you. You groaned, letting your body fall forward onto the mattress as you tried to keep your knees firm while feeling his erect penis move in and out of your wet pussy. Mason grabbed your hair, pulling your head back, and you moved your hips trying to follow the movements of his strokes, faster and faster and deeper and deeper. "How well my girl can take me." He kissed your neck and moved his other hand up to one of your breasts. "I can feel you pulsing around me. Do you like it when I fuck you like this, Y/N?"
"Y-yes! Fuck, of course I do." You said, muffling your sighs into the pillow.
"Then why are you so quiet? I want the whole neighborhood to know who's making you feel good." You turned your neck back as far as you could to look at him and smiled mischievously. Mason frowned, letting his hip movements slow down as he tried to understand what you wanted. "What?"
"Your words really turn me on, but I was thinking about how your hands would make a nice necklace." You shook your head, indicating the hand holding your hair. A libidinous smile stamped his face and he released you. You turned again and kissed him as your legs wrapped around his waist and Mason fit inside you again.
"You are a very dirty little girl, Y/N." He said as he fucked you. Already sweaty and wrapped around each other, nothing better than to keep up the pace. He thrust hard into you, sending you into moans and shivers.
"Just for you, Mase." That was the last thing you said before you felt his hand on your neck. His fingers squeezing lightly, like a test. He smiled arrogantly as you tried to pull as much air into your lungs as possible to form coherent words that begged him not to stop.
"You look so good with my hands around your neck. I think we've found a new kink." His fingers tightened a little tighter around your neck as his hips accelerated, and he moved in and out of you without much finesse. Your reactions were limited to scratching his back and pulling his hair with a few pathetic moans. "What would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me, huh? Just for my dick?" He let go of your throat, and you pulled in the air you were lacking. You had never been so horny, you just loved it when he gave the orders in bed, and this was the first time you really had the freedom to do bolder and heavier things.
Before you could say anything, the hand reached around you again, and you shook your head in confirmation. Your body was shaking and yours was watering as Mason held you by the waist, making every thrust echo inside that room. "Cum for me, Y/N!" He said and kissed you again.
Your heart wanted to burst out of your chest so hard it was pounding. You moaned, almost in a scream, you felt your body, especially your belly, groin and legs stiffen with a strong tension. A great wave of heat and a cold feeling in your belly rose up, and you came. A feeling of deep calmness came over your whole body as Mason continued with the movements, but at a slower pace, he needed to take a breath. He thrust until he achieved his own release, which was not long after his own. Mason felt all his muscles relax as yours did, and his body became loose, full of palpitations, as he came inside you.
"Fuck." He sighed, you hugged him from behind as his head rested on the curve of your neck. Mason took a deep breath, sipping the scent of your hair as your breathing regulated.
He lay on your side, and you nestled on top of him so that the two of you could share that space in a more comfortable way.
"Did I hurt you?" He asked, looking at your neck for evidence of marks. You stared at the ceiling, waiting for your body to be rewired.
"No, I'm fine, it was amazing." You smiled and turned your body to leave a kiss on his jaw. "You know, you can be a little rough on me, I don't break easy." Your nails began to make invisible designs on his chest.
"Great, I hope you know you're not leaving this house that easy either. From now on, you are mine, for days."
"Days? Did you forget that I only brought a change of clothes?"
"You can wear my clothes." Mason kissed your head.
He hugged you tighter, and you smiled thinking that the nervousness was gone, and you couldn't wait for the next few times you were going to frequent his house.
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饾檭饾櫈饾櫃饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆 饾櫈饾櫓 with Mason Mount
in which Mason and Y/N are going to have a baby
Being pregnant wasn't easy for any women and hiding it was probably the worst part.
Mason and you found out you were pregnant about 3 months ago. You were trying to have a baby for almost a year and when you were both starting to loose faith, your period didn't came. At first, you thought it was just going to come a bit late but after two weeks you decided to ask Mason what you should do.
You knew how much Mason wanted a kid and you couldn't see him trying to hide his disappointment to not hurt you more once again. But it was the first time you were that much late on your period and you knew something was up. If you weren't one hundred percent sure that something was up, you wouldn't have told Mason.
When he came back with the tests, you two rushed to the bathroom excited to see the results. While waiting, Mason and you talked about baby names. He was arguing with you because you didn't want to call your son ''Mason Jr''.
Mason saw the positive test first. He bugged on it for two seconds before coming to hug you.
''We are having a baby!"
Mason and you chose to not tell anyone before 3 months except his parents. But you decided to not tell anyone outside your close family and friends until the birth of the baby. You had to hide from the public eye but as a teacher, from your students too.
Some of them asked you if you were pregnant and you were laughing by telling them that you just ate too much during the holidays. When you told that to Mason he was dying of laugher.
Mason always been a gentleman but now that you were pregnant, the word gentleman couldn't even fit anymore. He didn't let you carry anything and make sure you were okay every minute. When you were sick, he was holding your hair and rubbing your back.
At first, Mason didn't want you to go to the matches because he thought there was too much noises for you and the baby. He finally let it down when he understood that arguing with a pregnant woman, especially you, was a bad idea.
When he was away, he couldn't stop facetiming you and sending you messages to know if you were alright. So much that you menaced to block his number.
He hated being away from you and sometimes he even thought about simulating a headache or anything that ended with ''ache'' like a little boy who didn't want to go to school.
You didn't want to stop going to work and wanted to work all the 9 months but Mason got serious about that: he didn't want you to risk your health and the one of the baby so you negociated with him to stop working at 7 months.
You missed your students a lot and Mason could notice that. Some of your colleagues even told you that they were asking about you and that they missed you. You couldn't help but smile at the fact that one day your little baby would be a teenager like them and would probably told you everything about his favourite teacher.
Mason only told your pregnancy to three of his teammates and friends: Tammy, Ben and Declan. They were so excited about it and Tammy even came to give you some gifts. Tammy always been your favourite friend of Mason and your boyfriend obviously knew it. He loved how you were getting along with his friends.
Mason couldn't help but imagine how he was gonna learn him everything about football and dressing him in Chelsea's kits that will be 3 times bigger than him.
He was so happy to start a family with you and see how much of a good mother you were going to be.
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Painful pt. 2
Tumblr media
summary: mason breaks his promise to ben by telling you the real reason for the break up.
warnings: mention of stalking
part 1
(english is not my first language)
A soft knock on the door woke her up.
Her eyes were red and puffy and she had absolutely no motivation to get up and open the door.
Especially because it would probably be Josh, her best friend, that鈥榮 now banging on the door to the point where she was afraid he might break down the whole thing.
鈥樷業鈥榤 coming!鈥樷, she shouted annoyed, rolling out of bed, still wrapped in her blanket.
Whoever was outside was still banging on the door .
鈥樷榃hat do you want?鈥樷, she snaps as she opened the door expecting Josh in the doorframe.
鈥淵/n, you okay?鈥, he asked, pushing past her.
He knew it was a dumb question.
His best friend just dumped her after four years of being together.
And everyone could see that she was miserabel, tear stains were visibly on her cheeks, her eyes were red from crying the whole past four days.
鈥淚鈥榤 fine.鈥, she stated blankly, knowing he doesn鈥榯 believe her.
鈥淚s Maya here?鈥樷, Mason asked, referring to her sister whose place she was currently crashing at.
She shakes her head, letting herself fall on the couch besides Mason.
鈥淗e doesn鈥榯 know I鈥榤 here you know?鈥, he states not looking at her because it would just hurt him to see his friend so broken.
She doesn鈥榯 know what to say, that鈥榮 why she just stayed quiet, fiddling with the bracelet on her wrist, that Ben got her.
She was thinking of taking it off, but everything around her reminded her of him anyway, so it wouldn鈥榯 make a difference if she鈥榙 wear it or not.
鈥淲hy are you here, Mase?鈥
The words come out as a whisper but he still understood every single word.
鈥淵ou鈥榬e my friend, Y/n.鈥
鈥淵ou came here for a reason, I can see it. You didn鈥榯 just want to check up on me.鈥
Her voice sounded incredibly tired and Mason could see that she was barely able to keep her eyes open due to the lack of sleep.
鈥淚 want you to know that I鈥榤 risking mine and Ben鈥榮 friendship here. But he isn鈥榯 happy and neither are you and I can鈥榯 stand the thought of my two best friends not being happy.鈥樷
Mason pauses for a second, checking if she is listening to him.
鈥淗e鈥榮 going to kill me for this, because I promised him I wouldn鈥榯 tell you.鈥, Mason says, pausing once again and mentally preparing to spill something that Ben had trusted him with.
鈥淭he break up wasn鈥榯 about wanting different things in life or whatever he told you was the reason. The real reason was Amelia.鈥樷
His ex girlfriend.
Her name rings in your ear, breaking your heart even more.
Realizing what and how he said it and what she must be thinking right now, he starts panicking.
鈥淣o, no, no. He didn鈥榯 cheat on you. God, no, he would kill himself before ever cheating on you.鈥
Relive washes over her, even though she never thought he could cheat on her anyway.
I mean it was Ben they were talking about.
鈥淪he is blackmailing him.鈥, he stated, looking directly at her to figure out how she is going to react.
She doesn鈥檛 really know what he ist trying to tell her.
How could Amelia blackmail him into breaking up with her.
鈥淵ou and Amelia are going to the same gym, right?鈥
Y/n just nods, still trying to process what Mason just said.
She is blackmailing him.
Nothing comes to her mind that she could possibly use to blackmail him.
鈥淎nd you know that she has been trying to get back with Ben ever since they broke up, right?鈥
Y/n just nods again, remembering the times in the past four years where he has been complaining about Amelia trying to contact him, even though he told her off uncountable times.
It came to the point where she tried to contact Ben鈥榮 management to get to him or where she was texting Y/n on Instagram to threaten her.
And then there was the gym thing.
After Amelia found out which gym Y/n was going to, she signed up and started going there to.
鈥淪he took a picture of you.鈥, Mason said.
When he saw her questioning look he continued his explanation.
鈥淪he took a picture of you in the shower and now she is blackmailing Ben. She said she鈥榙 publish it if he doesn鈥榯 break up with you.鈥
A feeling of disgust towards that woman washes over her.
How could you be so desperate?
It has been almost five years since Ben broke up with her.
Mason stays quiet, letting her comprehend what he just told her.
鈥淚 can鈥榯 believe it. Why didn鈥榯 he just tell me?鈥
鈥淗e was afraid. He was afraid that Amelia would find out and publish the picture. Y/n he is miserabel, he didn鈥榯 leave his house in four days, skipped training and called in sick. And you know how much he loves training.鈥, Mason explains.
鈥淲hat are you going to do?鈥, he asks her carefully.
鈥淚鈥榤 going to the police of course.鈥, Y/n said, getting up, throwing the blanket off her and putting on a jacket.
鈥淵ou coming, Mase?鈥
Mason was still sitting on the couch, debating wether it would be a good idea to go to the police because there was still a chance Amelia could find out.
He still got up, throwing on his jacket and following Y/n out of the house and to his car.
鈥淵ou know that there could be a chance that Amelia finds out before the police can to something, right?鈥, Mason makes sure, turning on his car and backing out of the driveway.
鈥淚 know and I don鈥榯 care. I鈥 just can鈥榯 spend any more time without Ben.
鈥淥pen the fucking door.鈥 is the first thing he hears when he accepts Mason鈥榮 call after he has been knocking on the door for the past ten minutes.
鈥淣o, I鈥榤 not in the mood right now.鈥
鈥淔uck, open the damn door, Ben. It鈥榮 important.鈥樷, Mason says annoyed.
鈥淚鈥榤 not in-鈥
鈥淚t鈥榮 about Y/n.鈥
Mason knew that would get his attention.
Ben shot up from the couch sprinting to the door, panicking at the thought that something might have happened.
When he opened the door it wasn鈥榯 Mason who was standing in the doorway.
Mason sat in his car a few meters away.
But in front of him was Y/n.
鈥淲hat are you doing here?鈥, Ben asks, trying not to sound too excited.
鈥淲e need to talk.鈥, she simply states, pushing past him.
鈥淵/n I don鈥榯-鈥
鈥淢ason told me everything. Don鈥榯 be mad at him. I know he promised you but he just wanted to help.鈥
He couldn鈥榯 believe it, he made Mason promise not to tell anyone and especially not Y/n.
鈥淚 went to the police. They left to find Amelia right after I left the station. The police called me twenty minutes ago to tell me that they found the picture on her phone and that she鈥榣l be charged.鈥
Something changed, she could feel how the tension between just disappeared.
The betrayal that you could see in his eyes just a few seconds ago was completely gone.
All he wanted to do right now was to hug her and never let go of her again.
He never felt as empty as he had the past few days.
He wanted to kiss her.
He wanted to kiss her so bad to make up for the few days that they didn鈥檛 spend together.
鈥淒o it already.鈥, she whispered, taking a few strides towards him to be closer.
鈥淚 really want to kiss you.鈥
鈥淧lease, Ben.鈥
He takes a step forward, his hands cupping her cheeks before pressing his lips to hers.
Nothing has changed, it still felt the same as the first kiss they ever shared.
After four years he was still so in love with her.
His arms wrapped around her waist to pull her closer.
Her arms wandered from his upper arms around his neck, her fingers massaging his scalp.
Their lips moving in synch not daring to stop, not even to take a much needed breath.
Y/n pulls away first breathing against his lips.
She gives him a small peck before she pulls him into a tight hug.
鈥淭hank god, finally.鈥
Mason was standing in the door, a wide grin on his face.
鈥淵ou fucking betrayed me.鈥, Ben said, acting mad.
鈥淎re you really mad? You got your girl back.鈥
鈥淥f course I鈥檓 not.鈥
Mason takes the last few steps towards them and wraps his arms around both of them.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ladymarycrawley a day ago
She likes you - Ben Chilwell ft Mason Mount
Request:聽 Can you do one that you are Ben鈥檚 best friend since childhood and mason has a crush on you? x
Warning: none, just a funny and fluffy thing
Tag list: @masonxomount @chelsealover鈥
Tumblr media
People come and go but some of them are meant to stay. Among the latter there's your forever best friend Ben Chilwell.
You've known each other since first grade and you immediately got along.
Even though there were moments where you've been afraid of losing him because of his football career, he always showed you his support and brotherly love.
Both of you made sure to check in on the other one daily, even more so when his job took him away from you, distance making it way more difficult to keep up with each other鈥檚 things.
You loved visiting him in London, especially because you'd get to see his friend and teammate Mason Mount.
You tried to keep your crush secret as you didn鈥檛 want to make Ben jealous or, worse, to let him mock you since you always said people drooling over footballers was something incomprehensible to you: they were all fuckboys who only cared about money and fame, except your best friend, of course...and Mason.
With him everything seemed different, he was caring, funny and painfully handsome even though you just met him a couple of times.
"God, I'm stuffed '' Ben groaned leaning into his seat, his left hand placed on his stomach full of the sushi you two ordered for dinner.
"Yep but it was so good" You said while cleaning the table. "Got any plans for tomorrow?"
"That's my day off so I'll sleep in"
"I haven't come all the way to London just to look at you sleeping, Ben"
"Y/N what do you wanna do? It's not even the first time you come here"
"There's always something to do! Having a picnic, doing some shopping鈥"
"I don't have any idea, I'll ring Mason to see if he comes up with something"
"Mason??" You dropped the plate you were washing in the sink and widened your eyes at him.
"Yes, is that a problem?" The look on Ben's face was somehow confused by the tone of surprise you just gave off.
鈥淣 - no, not really鈥 You laid your gaze back on the dish soap generated bubbles, in an attempt to avoid your best friend鈥檚 one that you were already feeling on you.
鈥淚 know that tone of yours鈥ou鈥檙e hiding something鈥
鈥淧ff Ben please, what do I have to hide? You know I鈥檓 like an open book to you鈥
鈥淢hh you鈥檙e not telling me the whole story鈥︹
鈥淭here鈥檚 no story to tell鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 tell me you don鈥檛 like Mason, oh wait鈥OU LIKE MASON鈥
The words of truth spoken by Ben made you blush and the only thing you wanted in that moment to be swallowed by the earth.
鈥淚 knew it!鈥
鈥淥h please shut up, you鈥檙e the least perceptive person ever鈥
Your best friend started giggling like an idiot while making some weird moves around you, poking his fingers into your sides.
"Y/N likes Mason, Y/N likes Mason"聽
"Stop it"
"Wait, weren't you the one saying footballers are so stupid cause all they do is kicking a ball around and who are so full of themselves they might explode?"
Hearing Ben giving voice to your thoughts made you laugh.
"Yes, I still think it"
"And what about Mason? He's different?"
"Well I don't know him that well so I can't say anything about him"
"Say no more, I've found you what to do tomorrow: a date with Mase"
"No Ben!! Are you crazy??"
"Come on Y/N, it'll be cool...my two best friends hanging out together I couldn't ask for more"
You rolled your eyes, shaking your head lightly.
"Don't embarrass me, please"
"I'm just helping you, you should be thankful"
The thing you didn鈥檛 know yet but that would fill your heart with joy was that Mason had a crush on you since the moment Ben introduced you to him and his friends: your eyes were the first thing that he noticed about you followed by your shy smile. He barely knew your name but he was determined to learn more about you.
Ben was obviously well aware of his teammate鈥檚 mutual crush on you - it wasn鈥檛 something difficult to understand since Mason always asked when you would come back to London - and thus was eager to arrange a date between you both.
That night, after making sure you were asleep in your bedroom so you couldn鈥檛 yell at him to mind his own business, Ben rang Mason to tell him聽not to make any plans for tomorrow.
鈥淚 have big plans for you鈥
鈥淲hat? Ben you scare me鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 be scared, mate. I鈥檓 sure you will thank me. It鈥檚 about Y/N鈥
鈥淵/N? Is - is she in town?鈥
鈥淵es, she鈥檒l stay here for the next three days and it鈥檚 time for you two to make your loneliness come to an end鈥
鈥淏en but I don鈥檛 even know if she likes me! I mean, I just met her a couple of times, she鈥檒l think I鈥檓 a creep鈥
鈥淎 creep?? You鈥檙e the hottest footballer of the century, stop it. You鈥檙e both so lucky to have a crush on each other鈥
鈥淪he has a crush on me?鈥
鈥淵es, a big fat one but don't tell her I told you. Her face literally beams when I talk her about you...I'm pretty sure she likes coming to London more to see you than to see me鈥
Ben knew his friend so well there wasn鈥檛 any need for him to see him to know he was smiling from ear to ear.
鈥淥k so you鈥檒l pick her up at 7 pm tomorrow night? Make sure to take her somewhere nice and don鈥檛 hurt her otherwise you鈥檒l have to deal with me鈥
Mason started giggling. 鈥淥k ok mate, don鈥檛 worry I鈥檒l treat her like a princess鈥
It was Ben鈥檚 turn to smile: he was sure his best friend couldn鈥檛 find someone better than his best teammate.
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Ben Chilwell
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This comment made my day 馃槀馃槀
Tumblr media
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I鈥檓 jealous of the fact that he is in warm weather while I鈥檓 freezing my ass off in Canada
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C: I saw that you were looking for a roommate! @mousysims鈥檚 Hayley!聽
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just kepa鈥檚 ass..
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2022-01-23 Warming up
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ladymarycrawley 2 days ago
Nobody asked for my opinion on this but I don't give a shit about what Mason decides to do, I mean he's young, hot, rich and can't do whatever he wants to but I'm worried these decisions might affect his career and the people he spends time with might have a bad influence on him. That鈥檚 all.
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kai is the most unproblematic amazing beautiful footballer ever with most amazing gf xx
we stan .
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blue is definitely his color
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allthemenofmydreams 2 days ago
I honestly don鈥檛 know whats the drama around Mason Mount, and it鈥檚 none of my business. But for what I saw they鈥檙e rumors that he鈥檚 in Miami.
And I just want to say that if I were Mason and were in USA I would go see Christian Pulisic鈥檚 game with the national team.
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