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#chelsea buns
lookitcookit · 12 days ago
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Chelsea Buns
Want to know exactly how to make them? See my latest video on Kitchen Games:
No mysteries, just taking you through the steps to get them as good as you can buy.
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a-teleporting-cat · a month ago
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the raisins are optional. I didn't add them because I don't like raisins
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ursustyrannus · a month ago
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Chelsea Buns
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thekitchengardenblog · 2 months ago
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March 9th
I’ve been in the kitchen again, this time getting up early to make Chelsea buns for Dad’s 81st birthday. I know he loves Chelsea buns, finds them wonderfully nostalgic, and remembers his aunt Jessie showing him how to make them when he was a child. It’s also nice to have buns when we’re only three, and have a proper birthday cake when we’re more people to enjoy it. I used Felicity Cloake’s recipe from the Guardian, link here:
They were delicious, but I didn’t manage to get them to touch on the second rise, giving that wonderful torn dough at the sides once baked, which is associated with this kind of bun. I couldn’t get the right sized tin, and wonder if the quick yeast was a little old (although the texture was lovely). I shall aim for touching sides next time! 
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bakeakilling · 2 months ago
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Sunday Self-Care Chelsea Buns ✨
Something so very meditative about baking. Having a goal, knowing the steps, and challenging yourself to get through it so gratifying and calming.
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thescrapdealers · 3 months ago
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Chelsea Buns
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lindsaypetrick · 3 months ago
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Chelsea Buns Cinnful Rolls 1
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robertsfoodandmore · 4 months ago
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Sticky Chelsea Buns. SO a weird thing happened. I decided to try homemade sticky buns today (Paul’s recipe of course). While the buns were rising I watched an episode of GBBO and it was bread week. AND the first challenge was Chelsea Buns. I have to say they turned out rather good for a first time.
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tcfkag · 4 months ago
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We took advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures today to drive down to see my parents and brother in person and do a small outdoors gift exchange (with masks and social distancing as well). 
I made this apple and pear cinnamon roll (or a bastardized Chelsea Bun if you will) “tree” to bring down there and it was delicious. I cribbed most of the recipe from Paul Hollywood’s Chelsea Bun Tree but I changed the filling a bit and added some Mexican vanilla and orange zest to the dough itself. It was good but I’m also already planning ways that I can pack in more flavor without undermining the rolls themselves. Regardless, they were a hit!
This was the first time we’d seen my family in person since July even though they live only about an hour away and I’m sure I won’t see them again for a while but, for a couple hours at least, it was wonderful that we got the chance to see them as safely as possible. 
The other pictures of the tree and other decorations are from our house. We put a lot more effort into decorating this year because we knew we’d be here on Christmas (plus, I saw that Santa Claus sparkly snow globe lantern at the store when we picked up a wreath for outside and fell irretrievably in love with it. It sparkles so nicely in the dark! I kind of want to keep it up year round). 
So, in summary and summation, Merry Christmas if you celebrate AND, more importantly, Happy Almost New Year. I haven’t been this excited about a New Year’s Day since 2001!
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locktobre · 6 months ago
why does Barbie wear space buns these days but not Chelsea? give Chelsea her space buns back
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big-urchin-energy · 9 months ago
i discovered that they sell cinnamon rolls in my local asda?????? which is wild cos i've never seen them anywhere else in like 4 years and the asda is tiny and about 2 minutes round the corner from my house????? so now i buy a pack of 2 cinnamon rolls every time i get sent on an errand. then i eat them both. immediately. alone in my room
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ssaalexblake · a year ago
i have this best bakery competition is and it’s comforting all these people competing who have  super successful bakery businesses Also run straight into google’s arms for recipe help lol
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tabziecatbakes · a year ago
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Forgot to post these at the weekend. Made more biscotti, as its sooo good, since that left me with some egg yolks I made some more lava cakes (and regretted it minutes later, they are so rich).
Also made some cinnamon / chelsea buns. Put a few too many into the tin so they are a bit close textured since they couldn't spread out so much. But still taste good which is the main thing.
Glad I made so much, as found out I'm going to be travelling for work next week so not much point in baking things I won't have time to eat.
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d0llygard3n · a day ago
Plz make another with more girls, that was just adorable and it just made me feel warm and fuzzy haha -same anon from last time
=+ pairings: miruko x reader, mt. lady x reader, midnight x reader, ms. joke x reader, toru hagakure x reader, mei hatsume x reader, camie utsushumi x reader, itsuka kendo x reader, +bonus fuyumi todoroki x reader
=+ genre: sfw, fluff
=+ warnings: minor swearing, slight suggestiveness, manga spoilers?? (idk i talk in past tense for midnights)
+ a/n: awww :) anyways, i just realized that i didn’t include hagakure in the last one ;-; so she’s here instead
- miruko | rumi usagiyama
what she would wear: a red cocktail dress with black tights, black heels, and a gold necklace
this might be one of the few times you actually flustered her
she’d try and hide it though
“heh, you look great, like always!”
- mt. lady | yu takeyama
what she would wear: a black dress with black heels, a gold necklace, and her hair up in a high ponytail
she’d blush and hide her face
walks over, holds your hand, and smiles
“you look pretty :)”
- midnight | nemuri kayama
what she would’ve worn: a black bodycon dress with black tights, black heels, and her hair tied up
she’d blush and smile
walks over and holds you
“you look beautiful [l/n]”
- ms. joke | emi fukukado
what she would wear: an orange baby doll dress, with black knee-high socks, aqua heels, her nails painted black, her hair tied up into a bun
blushes and laughs
then hugs you and kisses your cheek
“you look amazing [l/n]!”
- toru hagakure
what she would wear: a pink strapless dress with white gloves, white socks, and mary janes
she’d run over and hug you
the only real way you can tell is what she said next
“awww you look cute!”
- mei hatsume
what she would wear: a black halter dress with brown tights, black straps, with her hair up in a bun
she’d laugh and run over to you
probably make some suggestive comment
“you look hot [l/n]!”
- camie utsushimi
what she would wear: a black sheath dress with chelsea boots, a choker, and light makeup
she’d smile sweetly
giggles and just looks at you for a while
“you look pretty..”
- itsuka kendo
what she would wear: a aqua a-line skirt dress with white socks, light brown timberland boots, some gold bracelets, necklaces, and rings
she’d be stunned for a bit, her face red
then snaps out of it and laughs lightly
“you look... amazing!”
+ bonus + - fuyumi todoroki
what she would wear: a white blouson with a black bolero jacket, black tights, and white pumps
she’d blush and smile softly
walks over and hugs you, kissing your cheek
“you look beautiful..”
current request status: open
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kahlaesiajade · 8 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 “𝐵𝑙𝑎𝑐𝑘, 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑐𝑜𝑙𝑜𝑟 𝑜𝑓 𝑚𝑦 𝑠𝑜𝑢𝑙“
Post #108 
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thotbutpurple · 11 days ago
Oh god oh god “you’d never let me forget it” my heart is
Marlene shows her love so aggressively and just being the person that takes all of the aggression because you know it’s her expressing her love and just talk care of eachother and then also being just so fuckign cute together. Her wearing black jeans, docs (but specifically the Chelsea boots), and a kinda grungy sweatshirt while your wearing her quiditch sweater and either a mini skirt or sweats. The two of you just giving eachother little signs of affection that won’t draw attention but still mean a lot 🥺
i’m about to give you and unnecessary and in depth version of how i imagine the two sides of marlene :)
barbarian, bad bitch, i’ll slit your throat if you look at me marlene:
a bitch a beast a legend. smokes cigs and puts them out on the wall. not afraid to let her presence be known. literally stands out in a crowd due to her loud persona. curses everyone out and LOVES lightly bullying all her friends. dark lipstick, messy hair, docs and fishnets. band tees, maroon slip dresses, messy eyeliner, chipped nails. will beat the shit out of anyone who does her friends dirty and shows love in an aggressive and in your face manner. not good with words so her hands have to do the talking. snarky comments and black coffee with loads of creamer idk why.
sweet, more shy marlene: hair is always in a low bun and has the sweetest of smiles. more of an intense mom friend that loves to get drunk. constantly giggling and clinging onto mary. friends with everyone and loves to go on long passionate rants about what she loves. skirts and big sweaters. sweet coffee and croissants. writes all her notes in an organized manner and is always down to share work, but only with you. still has an outstanding personality, but prefers to keep herself out of the spotlight. flirty and fun, and extremely comforting. holds your hands when you vent. gives you a shoulder to cry on.
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bbychilly · 20 days ago
Playlist of life • Ben Chilwell
*a little advice! if you have a chance, while reading, try to listen to the song that is mentioned in the chapter name
the cure
“I need your help,” Ben yawned as he entered the kitchen. You were standing by the cooker and cooking something, humming a familiar song under your breath. ‘I'm a girl with a new face and a life that’s been changed... You know, you know...’ At his voice, you turned around, stopped singing and giggled, because the guy was half awake and his hair was a total mess.
“You meant ‘good morning’,” you turned back to the cooker, stirring something with a spatula. You realised that the only thing you could do for Ben was various little things. For example, today you decided to cook a speciality from your country. “Enjoy your meal. If it’s not delicious, we have yesterday’s pizza in the fridge,” you sat down next to the boy.
Seeing food that looked and smelled delicious, Ben perked up. He quickly washed his hands, then rolled up the sleeves of his hoodie and tasted the dish.
“Whoa, that’s so yummy,” he smiled. “I swear!” he hastened to add when he noticed your incredulous look.
“I’m glad,” you stretched, throwing your head back. “So what kind of help do you need?” you leaned on your hands, watching with what appetite Ben ate what you cooked.
“Well, um,” for some reason he started getting nervous, “I don’t know how to explain it...”
“At least try,” you raised your eyebrows, intrigued by his words.
“Um so, I catch feelings for a girl... But I have no idea what to text her,” Ben sighed. “It seems to me that all my attempts to talk to someone turn out to be ridiculous and awkward. I wanted to ask you maybe to...” he hesitated.
“Help you come up with what to text her?” you finished his phrase.
Ben nodded, an awkward smile on his face. “You’re a girl too anyway, maybe you know some ways of...”
You laughed as you tied your hair in a bun and took Ben’s empty plate to put in the dishwasher. Ben nodded again, quietly saying “thanks, it was delicious.” He still expected to hear your answer to his request.
“You’re like a schoolboy who blushes while talking about the girl he has a crush on,” you giggled. “But of course I’ll help you. We’ll do our best to make your feelings mutual,” you winked at the guy and he, like a child, smiled and quickly kissed you on the cheek in a friendly way, hurried to get ready for the match. You smiled, sighing, and poured yourself a glass of orange juice as you watched Ben picking his things up around the house. “Good luck,” you said when he was already on the doorstep.
Chelsea had a home game, so you knew Ben was coming home right after the match. The day passed pretty quickly. You made your favourite cake, cleaned up a little in the house and decided to have a rest. The first person you saw when you turned on the TV was Ben. At 55 minutes, Tuchel made a substitution and it was Ben who was substituted. You saw the disappointment in his gaze and when the cameras showed the coach, in the background you noticed a guy who pulled the hood of his hoodie over his eyes and, with his head down, sat down on the bench. You perfectly understood what he was thinking at that moment. You took a deep breath and bit your lip.
An hour and a half later, you heard the sound of keys in the lock and after a loud slam of the door, you also heard a knock on the floor of a backpack casually thrown to the side.
Angrily, Ben took off his trainers and sat down on the couch without even saying hello to you. His eyebrows were knitted and his cheekbones tense. He tapped his foot lightly on the floor in time with the second hand of the wall clock. You silently watched him, not knowing what to say or how to support him. You looked down from his face to his hands, palms clenched into fists and veins protruded slightly on them. You didn’t even have time to really think about the fact that his hand was so close to yours, as your palm gently laid on his fist. Ben stopped tapping his foot and looked at you. His frown didn’t change, but he didn’t take his eyes off you either. “Listen,” you began quietly. Your voice cracked because you were nervous.
“Don’t say anything,” the boy interrupted you rather rudely, but then he chuckled, raising his eyebrows and, unexpectedly for you, lay down on your lap, closing his eyes. You were silent, watching Ben and his facial expressions. He was slowly relaxing and you even thought that he fell asleep, considering how calmly and peacefully his chest rose and fell. But after five minutes the guy spoke up. “What have I done wrong? Why I was substituted? Again. Maybe I’m not training hard enough,” he paused for a few seconds and then sighed, added, “or I’m just a loser.”
“No, don’t say that,” you said, Ben opened his eyes and looked at you. “You said yourself that Thomas Tuchel is a new coach, so he tries different formations and different line ups.”
Ben chuckled and closed his eyes again. “So I just don’t fit his formations.”
“Sorry,” you said on the exhale, making the guy open his eyes again, “I can’t help you.”
“Just be with me,” Ben muttered, trying to smile.
“Okay,” you answered barely audibly, biting your lower lip. A bunch of thoughts rushed around in your head, but you couldn’t concentrate on any of them. You stared at one point, nervously biting your lips and trying to keep your breathing even. Ben’s warm palm brought you out of this state, taking yours and putting it on his head. You looked down at the guy and he nodded slightly, making it clear that this is the best way to help. You stroked his head, playing with his hair, and without noticing it, you were smiling.
“Let’s take a walk,” Ben said when you were drowning in your thoughts again as you stopped playing with his hair.
“Huh?” you twitched and looked at him again. “Are you sure?”
“More than just sure,” the guy smiled. “Your knees are comfortable, but I feel like both of us need some fresh air.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” you said softly, nodding, and Ben smiled and squeezed your hand.
tags: @brewsterbabyy @emwritesfootball @donkeykai @alexajanecollins @benchillys @cam-blog98 @footballerimaginess @mysunrose @fallinggfromgrace
you still can let me know if you wanna be tagged in the next chapters!
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