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The babysitter and the brother| Mason Mount
Part 3
Tumblr media
Notes: This is the third and final part of this cute little series, I hope you liked it, thank you for all the lovely comments and messages! Love ya
Part 1
Part 2 contains smut
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
It was around 8am when you woke up to the sound of tiny little feet running along the hallway. You heard the door creek open slightly as you quickly looked over to examine the predicament you were currently in. You were being spooned by none other than the shirtless uncle of the child you were currently babysitting.
But before you could lay wide eyed for a little longer and quietly panic about your stupid actions, you heard the door creek again so you quickly sat up from the bed. 
You thanked all of the gods for the fact you and Mason had messed around in the kitchen late last night, eating the rest of the cookies so you were somewhat clothed, wearing Masons T-shirt, and some shorts you had packed in your overnight back.
You saw a tiny little frame stand at the door and a whisper of your name, “Y/n/n/, are you awake?”
A wide smile spreads across her face as she sees that you’re awake and makes her way over to the bed.
You quickly grab the top of the duvet and chuck it over Mason’s head, in an awful attempt to hide him.
“Morning sunny.” You smiled at her as she stood on your side of the bed.
Her smile quickly faded into curiosity as she saw the huge lump under the duvet next to you, and then her curiosity really grew when she heard it grumble.
“Y/n/n?” Shit, she knows.
“Why don’t we go downstairs and make some pancakes, mhm pancakes sound nice, yeah?” You ramble, trying to convince the curious child with pancakes.
But as if on queue, you go to get out of bed, but Mason’s arms are tightly wrapped around your thighs, and they don’t seem to be letting go.
“Mase, you need to let go!” You bend down to whisper shout, after elbowing him.
“Ouch y/n, what the fu-“ but Mason stops himself when he removes the duvet from his face and sees his niece by your side.
“Uncle masey!” Summer shouts as she jumps on the bed, swarming her uncle with love.
“Morning poopy pie.” Mason groaned as she jumped all over him, giggling at the surprise.
“When did you get in here?” She questions him after she had placed herself in between the two of you, grabbing for your long hair to twist it in her hands while she spoke.
“I’ve erm-“ but summer cut him off with a rather dramatic gasp.
“Did you and y/n/n have a sleepover, without me?” summer pouted as tears welled in her eyes.
Mason’s heart swelled at the use of summer calling you her own little nickname since she struggled to pronounce your full name.
"No of course not! I just came In to see y/n/n, she was having a nightmare.” Mason pouted at summer, quickly sending you a wink.
“Are you okay y/n/n?” Summer asked you.
“I would be better if I had some pancakes!”
The atmosphere felt awkward considering you hadn’t really had the chance to speak to Mason yet this morning, and you knew once Sam and Jaz were home there would be no way the two of you would be able to talk. You would most likely go back to living your normal life where you were stressing out over uni work, not shagging footballers you went to school with 7 years ago.
At the moment Mason was downstairs with Summer, doing god knows what, so you took the opportunity to have a shower and get dressed.
You waited a while before going back downstairs, you couldn’t stop the anxiety that was running through you over the stupid brown haired man downstairs.
Then, you heard the front door open.
You raced down the stairs to see Jaz embracing summer in a tight hug, Mason was standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame as he watched his niece and sister.
You could only see his back but he had his hoodie on and some plaited pj bottoms, his hair was still messy, probably from where you had a harsh grip on it most of the night, but he just looked so good in the morning.
You knew you were staring so walked over to the doorway to stand next to him. Mason looked down at you and bumped your shoulder with his. You looked up at him through your eyelashes, flashing him a warm smile that he could have sworn melted his heart on the spot.
“I didn’t know you were here mase?” Jaz questions with a smirk, summer placed on her hip.
Mason was about to speak up about how he didn’t know you were here, but summer had cut him off.
“Uncle masey had a sleepover, he helped me and y/n/n make cookies!” Summer said in her excited little voice.
“Where did you stay?” Jazz questioned him.
“They had a sleep-” summer started, but Mason quickly interrupted her.
“I stayed on the sofa, right, y/n?” Mason awkwardly laughs.
“Yeah, he stayed on the sofa.” Your expression most likely gave it away, and the fact Jaz had known you most of your life and knew when you were lying.
“Right.” Jaz and Sam said in unison, smirking at each other.
There was a silence that lingered for a moment as you and Mason were feeling rather caught while Jazz and Sam were mumbling in the kitchen, no doubt about the two of you.
“Y/n-” Mason started but you cut him off.
“I should probably go, I need to get back up to London. I have a friend’s birthday party tonight.” You smile at him as you go to say your goodbyes to Summer.
Mason watched you as you walked through the hallway, he started to bite his lip, what he wanted to say to you was, “I don’t want this to be a one time thing, I want to get to know you, or how he wanted to pick you up and take you on a shitty date like crazy golf or bowling.” But, obviously, the words didn’t come out, mainly because you made him nervous, and no girl ever showed the power to make him nervous.
So Mason just watched you hug his niece as you said your goodbyes, making your way to your car, hoping he would maybe run out after you, ask to see you again, but nope, he sat and watched your car drive off from his sisters driveway.
“Quite foul of you to sleep with the babysitter.” Jazz giggled to Mason, slapping his arm.
“Shut up.” Mason gowned as he flopped on the Jazz sofa, feeling defeated after he just watched you drive away.
It had been about 3 months since then, you rarely thought about your…night with Mason.
That was until you got a phone call from Jazz about a summer BBQ she was having, and your whole family was invited, and it seemed rude for you not to go, even if Mason would be there.
So here you were, on a sunny Friday, laughing with yours and Mason’s mum in Jazz's back garden.
Your hair was down, hanging on your shoulders, and you had a flowy yellow summer dress on that complimented your eyes well. You had noticed Mason playing football with your little cousins at the top of the garden. Your plan was to just avoid him, you where more worried that if you gave in and spoke to him then you might let him fuck you in the toilet.
“Y/n dear, could you get me another beer from the kitchen?” Asks Mason’s dad, Tony, with a smile since he was too busy with the bbq.
“Of course.” You smiled back as you made your way to the kitchen, Mason took this as an opportunity to talk to you. So he had walked into the kitchen not long after you did, hoping it didn’t look like he was stalking you.
“Hey.” Mason smiled as he watched you get a beer from the fridge. You jumped slightly, startled at his sudden presence.
“Hey, mase.” You smiled back, everting your eyes from his gorgeous brown ones.
“I didn’t know you drank beer?” Mason mentally slapped himself as hard as he could, why would he say that? A woman can drink beer. He was hoping he didn’t come off as slightly misogynistic, as he flashed you the widest smile he could.
“I don’t. It’s for your dad.” You were being blunt with him, and he hated that. He realised that this was your relationship now, you had sex once and now the both of you felt awkward around the other.
“You look really pretty, I mean you always look pretty, but today you look exceptionally pretty.” Mason cringed at his words, as he felt the bush rise to his cheeks.
That was when Jaz walked in, a wide smile on her face, clearly hearing what Mason had just said as she put her head down and made her way through the kitchen to the toilet.
“Thank you, mase. You look exceptionally pretty too.” You smile as you pop off the cap on the beer, walking around the counter to exit the kitchen.
Your eyes widened as you walked out the kitchen, did the Mason Mount just say you look pretty everyday? The same cocky mason that has always seemed to think with his dick rather than his brain.
“Y/n.” You felt a hand on your shoulder as you turned around, masons fingers lightly grazing your back, in front of everyone. You tense at his touch, what was he doing.
“You left your phone in the kitchen.” He smiled as he handed you your phone before walking away. What was this man doing to you?
As the night went on everyone was dancing under the summer moonlight, downing drinks and singing karaoke.
You and Mason had shared a few occasional looks, but as mason was on his break he could drink, so the few beers he had went straight to his head, giving him some liquid courage.
As the song “There is something on your mind” By Big Jay McNeely played Mason downed the rest of his drink before making way over to the table you were sitting at, chatting away with his nan.
“Miss Y/l/n, would you like to dance with me?” Mason smirked as he raised his eyebrows a few times.
You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as you knew both your families were currently staring you and mason down, but mason didn’t seem to care, his eyes were too busy fixated on yours.
“Oh come on, don’t be a party pooper.” He smiled, keeping his language PG since summer was sitting on the chair next to you.
You giggled before letting him take your hand in his as he pulled you out onto the grass.
You were both non stop giggling as he held your hand, spinning you around a few times, letting you dress flow. Before he pulled you in by your waist, your hands resting around his neck, not too tight since you knew all eyes were on you and mason right now.
“How many beers have you had?” You giggled as you looked at his face, taking in his long messy hair and lopsided smile.
“Like four?.” Mason just giggled before he started to sing along to the lyrics of the song, and you couldn't help but admire the way his adams apple bobbed in his throat and how his hair fell on his forehead.
“If you even think about me, if I ever cross your mind.” Mason mummed as he took your hand in his, swaying around the garden.
“Well, you know, you know I’m yours, and I know, I know your mine.”
Mason carried on humming, loving the way you were giggling on his chest at his awful singing.
When the song finished and another started to play Mason continued to pull you in close, not letting you go. He was holding one of your hands against his chest, as the other hand was placed on his shoulder.
“I miss you.” He blurted out, but he didn’t regret any of his word vomit as you were clearly mesmerized by the stupid little smile he was flashing you.
“Oh really?” You smirk at him, wanting him to continue.
“I know it’s not very gentlemanly of me since I’m like, what… three months too late? But are you still up to having that relationship we spoke about?”
“The sexual relationship?” You whispered at him.
“I mean yeah, that at some point, but I want to take you out first, like on a proper date.”
“Depends where you would take me?” Your smile wouldn’t fade as you watched him tell you his plan with no hesitation, clearly having planned this in his head beforehand.
“I was thinking, I would come drive up to london and pick you up and maybe we could go cocktail bowling? It’s this place you go bowling but they have a cocktail bar!”
“I gathered that.” You smiled at him, his enthusiasm was adorable, you rarely saw this side of mason, and you were falling…hard.
“And i thought we could put a hat and some glasses on me and you could take me on the tube, show me around your ends.” Mason smirked.
You could tell this had been a thought out plan for him, you could feel the anticipation he was radiating, and as much as you wanted to rip his clothes off, you wanted to sway in his arms forever.
“So, what’s your answer?” he waited in anticipation for your reply.
“Why not.” You shrugged as you could swear you saw his eyes glisten, he just grabbed your hand, as he continued to dance and spin you around on the dry grass in Jazz’s garden, smilie down at you.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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“Do You Ever Think About Leaving Me?”
My Masterlist :)
Italics for flashbacks
1.7k words
Tumblr media
The room had been silent for over twenty minutes, the tv playing some random late night show as you and mason sat on the opposite sides of the couch while the two of you were scrolling through your phone. You didn’t even know what you were looking at, the only thing going through your mind was a replay of what happened once the two of you were home from the chelsea vs watford game.
It was no secret that tensions were between the two of you over the last month, small arguments soon turning into bigger blowouts as the days passed. You didn’t what, or who, to blame for your relationship to take such a turn down the road that you’ve never been down before. You and Mason were the favourite couple out of all your friends, always referring to you as the old married couple that was still stuck in the honeymoon phase.
Things had started to get rough for you at work, doing anything and everything to do your best to impress your boss in attempt to get the promotion you’ve been working your ass off for. And well Mason was chelsea’s star boy, who might I say is doing great at the minute seeing as he just won the ‘player of the season’ award. But also he is now looking at how he could he improve in the next season.
The first fight was so small, getting into it about what you guys were going to have for dinner only to see that the shopping wasn’t done and the only things that were left in the cupboard were crumbs of cereal and a bit of milk. The two of you were so worked up that ordering in was out of the question and the fight ended leaving the two of you eating your bowls of cereal in complete silence.
You weren’t the type to talk about your feelings, keeping everything bottled up just because it seemed easier than talking about it, whenever you would talk about your feelings you couldn’t help but feel like you were putting a burden on Mason’s shoulders so you felt that if you don’t talk about your feelings everything would be fine, but it turned out to cause more arguments. You were often a people pleaser and never did anything to rock the boat unless someone did it first, but things were getting hard for you. The only person that you had was hardly speaking to you due to everything going on and soon you were to be at your wits end.
“Stop acting like everything is okay when you know its not!” You shouted once you made it to the inside of your house, tossing your jacket on the nearest chair before turning around to face your boyfriend, who had just made it through the threshold of the door, closing it with a slam. The two of you had argued the whole way home, bringing up each fight you’ve had over the past few weeks which only made the tension higher than it already was.
Mason had just kicked his shoes off before he looked over at you with raised eyebrows, a shocked look on his face. It was no secret that the two of you weren’t in the best place, but the fact that neither of you wanted to talk about what was going on only made matters worse. You could only brush things off for so long and things were definitely starting to come to a head.
“Are you serious?” He scoffed, shaking his head before he looked over at you. “I’m not trying to do this with you tonight, y/n, really? We’ve just had a nice dinner with our friends, there’s no reason to ruin and end the night with a useless argument that doesn’t need to happen.
You couldn’t help the sarcastic laugh from falling from your lips, your eyes rolling as you turned your back to him and made your way over to the couch and settled on your side. It was typical of you to shut down during fights, but Mason wasn’t the type to go looking for a reason on why you were feeling the way you were, he could just sit in silence and ride out the high of the fight before forgetting that it ever happened.
“Are you okay?”
Mason’s voice broke you out of your thoughts which was the only thing that made you realise that you had tears streaming down your cheeks. You were embarrassed with yourself that you were sitting there crying over something silly, but to have the one person that you cared for and spent most of your time with, hardly spoke to you was harder than you thought.
“I just don’t know what’s going on with us, mase, we’ve fought so much this last month and it’s not like us,” Your voice cracked as you looked over at him, bringing your sleeve covered hands up to wipe your cheeks. “We haven’t talked about anything, we just keep brushing things under the rug and now the rug is piled five feet high.”
Mason sighed softly as he dropped his eyes to his lap, eyebrows furrowing together as he tried to get his own feelings and emotions in check. He hated the way that your relationship had been going, but he was similar to you as in being the type to bottle his emotions up and not make matters worse by talking about them.
“I know,” he started, pulling his gaze from his lap and over to you. “I know things haven’t been good, but we’re both under pressure at work and I think it’s just taking a toll on the both of us. I know that’s not an excuse but it’s the only explanation I can think of.”
You knew that he wasn’t wrong, but you always liked to think that the two of you were stronger than that, that something small wasn’t going to turn you against each other. Mason had noticed your silence and was quick to move over to the couch you were on and pull you into his side, it was only then you felt comfortable enough to let the tears flow freely down your cheeks and into his chest. You hated being vulnerable, but you felt safe with Mason and that was something that was never going to change.
“we’re okay baby,” he mumbled into your head before pressing a kiss to your hair, pulling away to squeeze you closer into his side. “I love you, you know that. We’ve had a rough go of it lately, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not going to make it through.”
“Okay,” you mumbled, pulling yourself away from his chest to wipe your eyes. It was the first time you actually looked at him since your fight that night and you could tell he was tired and upset as you. He might’ve not been crying, but the expression on his face was mirrored to yours. You couldn’t help the next question that fell from your lips, it was something that had been in your mind each time you guys had argued.
“Do you ever think about breaking up with me?” You asked softly, quickly breaking his eye contact as you were scared of the answer. “When we fight like this, do you think about leaving me?”
Mason was shocked that you’d ask such a thing, the two of you had been together for two years at this point and this was the first time you guys had it rough spot in your relationship. Mason wasn’t lying when he said he loved you, he would do anything for you, protect you from anything. Never once did it cross his mind to leave you, there was nothing that could make him do such a thing. When the two of you fought, it only made him want to be with you more, to make sure that you weren’t hurting and to make sure that he would be the one to pick up the pieces and put you back together, especially if he was the reason you had fallen apart to begin with.
Mason moved closer to you, bringing his hands up to cup your cheeks as his thumbs moved along you skin to clean of any tears that had remained there. “Y/N,” he said softly, his gaze moving around every detail of your face as he continued with his words. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not falling more and more in love with you. Leaving you has never crossed my mind, it’s the furthest thing from it. I-” He stopped, leaning forward to press his lips softly against yours, pouring every ounce of love he has into that one kiss. “Love. You.” He finished, pulling away to press his forehead against yours. His hands dropped from your face and went down to grab yours, running his thumbs over your knuckles, his lips slowly turning up into a small smile as he looked back at you.
You couldn’t help but do the same, a small laugh leaving your lips as you leaned in for one more peck. You soon felt silly for asking such a thing, felt stupid for thinking that Mason would leave you for some silly arguments over dinner, taking too long in the shower, or where you were going to be spending the holidays. You knew that your relationship was stronger than that and it would take a lot more to break the bond that you to have grown over the last two years.
“I love you, too. I just worry sometimes.” You mumbled, looking down at your hands to hide your embarrassment. “I know that I have nothing to worry about and it’s nothing that you’ve done, I just get in my head a bit and start making things up.”
“No, don’t do that.” Mason was quick to cut you off, shaking his head as you started to blame yourself. “You don’t have to explain yourself to me and you have every right to have those feelings. I get them, too.” He laughed softly as he moved himself back against the couch. “Sometimes I think you’re too good for me I’ve struck gold with you and that you deserve better. But then, I remember that you love me and I love you and that we’re in this together.
It wasn’t long before the two of you were snuggled up on the couch with the blanket pulled over your shoulders laughing about the first time you guys met, which only led to more and more memories of your relationship. Both of you were silly for thinking such things, realizing by the end of the night that the two of you were stronger with each other and that you would truly make it out on the other side stronger. Everyone fights sometimes, even if it is the silliest of arguments, you’ll learn something from it and put that forth to the next one, which is yet to come.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Clubhouse: Episode 7 (ft. Mason Mount and Jorginho)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I need to sit down
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
mason at the monaco gp is everything i needed this weekend.
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Tumblr media
masonmount F1 debut🏁
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Zapp ad breakdown since you liked the trivago ad breakdown
Tumblr media
Is it even a chelsea ad if it doesn't start by a shot showing how tiny mason is compared to kai?
Tumblr media
Confirmed: chels boys wouldn't open the door for you but they would push it hard enough to stay open till you pass, better than nothing imo
Tumblr media
Kept thinking there was something wrong with how mason and kai looked till it hit me, they are wearing short sleeves!
It feels illegal to be able to see their elbows
Tumblr media
Alonso knows what's going to happen, alonso knows everything
Tumblr media
The way kai's pose is so awkwardly adorable
My dearest mason, you gotta work on those acting skills love if you intend to appear in the mcu, it's for your own good baby, shooting skills are *chef's kiss* tho
Tumblr media
They did my boy dirty, he's definitely getting that shot
Tumblr media
Why is Alonso THAT happy? Was he team mason? Why didn't he shoot himself? I guess we'll never know
And the Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role goes to....
Just kidding, you're doing great honey ily
Tumblr media
Why does it look like kai is struggling with tech, alonso is trying to help him while being equally clueless, mason being the expert but just laughing at them instead of explaining
Tumblr media
"Happy?" Yes kai, I am very happy
About to dedicate a whole blog to mason acting happy/excited
Tumblr media
The way his head follows what mason os throwing is further proof that kai was originally a puppy
Ad gave us puppy kai and mason laughing half of the time, that's a win
7/10 for short sleeves and making kai miss that shot
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Tumblr media
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The baby sitter and the brother| Mason Mount
Part 2: Contains smut
Tumblr media
Notes: This is part 2 to the babysitter and the brother fic, you can read part 1 here hope you guys enjoy xoxo
(also do you guys like the saucy gifs? I prefer them to masons ugly face, joking) x
warnings: smut, F/oral receiving, fingering, swearing, dom mason, cocky mason, some dom y/n. There's loads more...
Part 1
And that's how one thing led to another, and now you were both sitting on the sofa, suppressing your giggles and being careful not to wake up Summer as the film you both had decided to watch was long forgotten.
"Remember at Jazz and Sam's wedding when you drank too much and you threw up all on that ladies dress." You giggled at him, you were both reminiscing on childhood memories and living off the nostalgia from your shared experiences at school.
"I think about it nearly every night before I go to bed." Mason sighs as he downs the rest of his glass.
You were both laughing about times in school, laughing about the teachers in the classes you shared. Until eventually, Mason had opened Facebook on your laptop as you were both looking up the people you went to school with to see what they were up to now since school reunions weren't a thing at your old secondary school.
"Oh, look up Jack Grazley!" You smirked, as Mason turned to you with a disgusted face.
"What?" You giggled, knowing what he was about to say.
"Jack Grazley?" Mason huffed as he started to type the name into the search bar, "Everyone used to fancy him." Mason scoffed as he clicked on the profile that seemed to be him.
"He was my first boyfriend." You wouldn't have said that, but the three glasses you had just downed over the last two hours were to blame for anything you did that night.
"I don't remember that?" Mason said as you looked at his profile to make sure he had clicked on the right one.
"Yep. Oh, that's him! He has a wife now." You say shocked.
"And a kid." Mason adds.
"Was it serious?" Mason asked as you took the laptop out of his hand and started to scroll through the pictures of your childhood boyfriend.
"Not really, it was a few months I think, I lost my virginity to him though." You mentaly cringed as you saw Mason's face drop.
"Wait really? There was no way you shagged the fittest boy in our year in secondary."
"Don't sound so surprised." You hit Mason's shoulder as you put the laptop back on his lap.
"You left Portsmouth when you were what? Fifteen for Chelsea, when I was in year eleven I had a bit of a glow up, got my braces off, puberty hit, I grew boobs. I was a real catch, thank you very much." You smirk at him.
"Yeah I remember." Mason smiles. 
"You know I used to have a HUGE crush on you when we were younger." Mason awkwardly laughs as he scratches the back of his neck.
"No you didn't-" you scoff.
"No I definitely did, your sister, Steph used to take the piss out of me because of it."
"There's no way!" You laugh at him.
"Why do you think I always used to sit next to you on the bus, or ask to walk you home? Whenever Steph would come round I would beg her to bring you."
You were speechless. "I- I had no idea."
"Well now you do, fifteen year old Mason was down bad for them bright pink braces you used to have." Mason laughed.
"Ew, why would my mum let me walk out the dentist like that." You both laugh as you turn to look at his face.
Mason still looked the same as he did when he was a child, his jaw had gotten sharper, he had a beard now and the way he had grown his hair out made him look so sexy, especially in the dim light of Jazz's front room.
Your eyes catch Mason's chocolate ones as he's staring deeply into yours, and without warning he crashes his lips onto yours, taking you by surprise, but instead of resisting you end up melting into the kiss. Loving the way his lips feel on yours. He lightly grazes your bottom lip with his tongue, asking for entrance to your mouth, as you open up and let his tongue explore your mouth. Your hand comes up to his chest, then running along his bicep and to the back of his neck, where you hold your hand, your fingertips grazing the short length of his hair as you gently push his face into yours more.
It then hits you what you're doing, you're literally making out with Mason Mount, childhood family friend, on his sister's sofa.
You hum into the kiss before pulling away and placing a hand on Mason's chest, the butterflies swarming your stomach as you could feel his tonest chest through his shirt.
"Are you okay?" Mason says as he brushes your hair behind your ear.
"We probably shouldn't." you whisper, keeping your head down, refusing to look deep into his brown eyes because you knew you wouldn't be able to resist them.
"We don't have to if you don’t want to-"
"I want to. I really want to, but I'm babysitting-" Mason cuts you off with a quick kiss to the lips, you can sense his smile on your lips as he pulls back slightly, bumping your nose.
"You'll have to be quiet then for me then, won't you?" he whispers in your ear as he bends his head to lightly kiss your neck. You whimper as he drags his teeth along your neck before pulling away.
"Can you do that for me?" Mason's stare was like nothing you had felt before, and the way he was suddenly being so dominant with you was turning you on like crazy. You frantically not your head at Mason's question, but that wasn't enough for him.
"Use your words for me y/n." He whispers as he drags his bottom lip along your ear. Fuck it.
"I'll be quiet for you mase." You had no idea how much that just turned him on.
Mason smirked, "Good girl." Fuck, you had put off letting Mason seduce you for years, but here you were wishing you had done it sooner. Something told you this was about to be the best sex of your life.
You frantically nod your head before straddling Mason's lap, he then picks you up, his hands tightly on your thighs as he walks to the stairs, attacking your collar bone with kisses.
You quietly hum so he can hear you as he walks up to the guest bedroom, shutting the door with his foot. After he has you pressed up against it in a feverish kiss. Masons hands are all over your body, running under your top, his cold hands grazing the skin of your stomach and back down to your waist, as his nails grib into you skin in a bruising tightness.
You place your arms up in the air, signaling for him to take your top off, he pulls the t-shirt over your head before throwing it somewhere in the room, he eventually moves back from you red pump lips, taking in the sight of you topless, a sight mason has been waiting to see for years.
"Fuck y/n." Mason says breathlessly as he pulls away, looking at your breasts, his hand comes up to slide underneath your bra and cup one in his hand like a teenage boy.
You smirk at him, before leaning against his ear and tugging at his hair that's in your hands. It was now your turn to seduce him.
"I want you to fuck me mase." you whisper slowly in his ear.
Mason groans at your words, and the feeling of you pulling on his hair. "Your a fucking dream." He moans before pulling you back from the door, squeezing your bum as hard as he can and placing you down on the bed.
Mason hovers over you as you watch him pull his shirt over his head. One of your hands immediately attaches to his toned chest.
Mason then bends down to kiss along the naked skin of your torso before getting to the place you wanted him most.
When he got to the waistband of your joggers he hooked his fingers underneath, running them along the waistband before pulling out, watching the fabric snap back to your skin. He then stops for a moment, he raises his head and eyebrows, looking you in your eyes. You were about to ask him why his movements had stopped and you realized he was asking for consent, with his eyes. You felt the heat rush to your pussy, can this man get any hotter?
You nod at mason before arching you back, pressing your core up into his face as he sends you a smirk at your clear eagerness.  His fingers start to slowly drag down your joggers and thong, he slowly dragged them down to your ankles just to tease you, before pulling them off and discarding them somewhere in the room like he did with your t-shirt and bra.
He then bent back down and pushed your thighs forward, putting them over his shoulders. He kissed the inns of your thighs as he watched you wiggle a bit underneath him, he was teasing you and you knew it.
You could feel his hot breath on your core, and you moaned out when Mason bumped your clit with his nose. You jerked up as Mason pulled away, looking up at you with a smirk. He could see the glistening of how wet you were, seeing how wet he had made you and he hadn't even done anything yet made Mason hungry and he couldn’t wait to taste how sweet you were.
He finally attached his tongue to you, lapping up all your juices as he licked along the bottom of your slit to the top when he got to your clit and swirled his tongue around the nub a few times.
His eyes flickered up to yours a few times, as he watched you throw your head back in pleasure, all he wanted to to hear you scream his name, so he added more pressure with his tongue, using his index finger to tease your entrance as his lips smiled onto you with satisfaction when you started to moan louder.
Mason pulled away as he looked up at you, "We had a deal darling? You've got to be quiet for me, remember." Mason smirked as he dipped his head back down, attacking you again as his tongue started to cat lick your clit.
"It feels so good, mase." You try to whisper moan, as you arch your back, further pushing your core into him as you wanted so badly to cum In his mouth.
With your words of encouragement Mason finally pushed one finger into you, thrusting in and out at a fast pace, wanting to stretch you out since he knew it was big, and he wanted you to be comfortable.
Mason added a second finger, as you had to bite down on your hand to hide your moans.
"I know baby, I know." Mason hummed onto you, sending vibrations through you, but when his lips attached to you nub, lightly sucking you knew you were going to cum, hard.
"Mason I'm gonna cum." Your hips were having trouble staying still as you continued to bite down hard on your hand.
"And I wanna hear you say my name when you do, okay?"
Mason mumbled before attaching his lips back to your clit, sucking on the nub and letting it snapback. Before his lips stayed attached, pulling slightly on the nub, apply incense pressure as he still continued to work his fingers in and out of you. Mason hummed onto your his at the harsh noises of how wet you were for him, feeling a sense of pride every time he felt you drip down his finger.
"Fuck Mason."
You tried your best to keep your moans in but as he pulled off you with a pop then attached back to you again you felt your legs shake as you repeatedly moaned his name at a level you hoped wouldn't be too loud.
"Mase, Mason, Mason." You did as his command as you buck your hips in the air crying out his name as you felt a tear slip from your eye.
Mason lapped up all of your juices before sitting back and conjuring up some spit in his mouth, you watched as he slowly let the spit dribble from your red, sensitive clit, down to your entrance, and onto the bed sheets.
He pulled his joggers off while you were catching your breath before he was hovering over you again, "You taste so fucking good."
He mumbled on your lips before kissing you, letting you have your own taste of yourself.
"You are so good at that." you breathlessly say you cup his cheeks, kissing him intensely.
"I know." Mason winks at you before grabbing your leg, and pushing it up to your head.
His hands hold the back of your thigh as he teases his tip with your entrance, "You so fucking sexy, y/n."
He added just his tip, "I've wanted to do this for so long, you have no idea." He says.
"Mason, please fuck me." You moan into his ear, and mason slams the rest of his dick inside of you as you both gasp as the feeling of you both interlocked.
Mason grabs your thigh, holding it tightly as he starts to slowly thrust into you, which you were thankful for, he was big and you weren't sure if you could handle it.
Mason soaked up every single one of you whimpers and moans and he hums and places his face in the crook of your neck, his pace is slowing down after a while so you pull his head back by his hair.
"I want to ride you."
You roll over so you're on top of him, but instead of laying back, Mason sits up so he can continue feeling the warmth of your naked body pressed up against his.
You start to rock your hips back and forward as Mason hands are all over your back, pushing you both together as tightly as possible. He dips his head as he starts to suck on your nipple. Swirling around the nipple with his tongue and pulling off it with a pop.
That's what sent you into overdrive as you were going to cum for the second time that night.
The angle you were at caused Mason to rub against your clit, and you knew you were about to cum soon from the feeling like you were about to explode.
"You can cum in me."
Mason's eyes moved from where he was kissing your shoulder to looking up into yours once again as he raised his hand from your back and pushed your hair behind your ear.
"Are you sure?" He was trying to hide his excitement like a child at a fairground.
"I'm so sure, I want you to cum in me, fill me up mase. Please." You threw your head back, the knot in your stomach tightening.
"Fuck." Mason mumbled at your words as he pushed your body close together, thrusting up into you so the moment was more powerful, before you both started your climaxes.
Mason held onto you as tightly as possible as you both hit your orgasms at the same time, the feeling of Mason's warm liquid heating up your insides sending you into overdrive.
You both whispered your moans as Mason continued to hold you close as you both fell back onto the bed, wrapping his hands around your back as he continued to kiss your shoulder.
"Fuck y/n." Mason whispered.
You slip out of him, missing the warmth of his cock nestled in you as you place yourself down on his chest, looping your leg with his.
"If I knew you were that good I would have done this a long time ago."
"Is that your way of saying you want to have a sexual relationship with me y/n y/l/n?" Mason smirks as he brushes back your hair, you loved it when he did that.
"Piss off."
"You'll never be able to resist me now, you'll get withdrawal symptoms."
You giggle on his chest as you feel so content in his arms laying on his naked chest in his older sister's guest bedroom.
"Round two?"
part 3
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Training Day with Ben Chilwell
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Timo has exactly one brain cell and it is on vacation 6 out of 7 days and I love that ❤️🤌🏻
Credits to londonisb.lue on Tik Tok
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THE CHAIN?????&;&;&:&&:&:
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Mason Mount
Monte-Carlo, Monaco - May 27, 2022
📸: Joe Portlock
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My Happiness x3000 🥰🫶🏼❤️
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