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#chemistry help

good evening everyone its time for another round of “griffin doesnt understand chemistry and is asking the internet for help because my textbook is confusing and i am confused.”


i got these right after an incorrect guess or two but i dont quite understand…..why these answers are right

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do you need to set up an ice table to find the reaction quotient (Q)

I’m confused

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So I recently moved to another country where the level of chemistry where I study is pretty advanced and I have never done the stuff we are doing now. I try my hardest, my tutor isn’t helping much, and I just can’t grasp the subject. Today we did a lab and I received a “fail” with a note attached that I did everything wrong, it kinda broke me because I tried my best on the lab, and now I’m just feeling numb and hopeless, even though I know it’s wrong. 

Can anyone give me any chem. tips for the stupid lil’ me?

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Already given an answer here, so why not! I can help with high school science (biology, chemistry, math and physics), chemistry up to college level, calc until the 2 (multiple derivatives), and biochemistry. If standard science is not your thing, I'm Brazilian, so I can cover portuguese and give some perspective on our history for those essays on foreign matters~

Thank you!!!

Mod K

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how do you deal w/ the maths aspect of chemistry cause I suck @ it

Hello anon! Thank you for your ask and apologises it took me so long to respond!

To be totally honest…. I cannot help you, sorry!! In Chemistry, my biggest struggle is and will always be the Maths aspects. I have to do so much work to be able to understand the formulas and how to put them into questions. Even now, I still struggle to get Chemistry-Maths questions right without help.

If I were to give my best advice, it would be to just work out the moles of everything. Sometimes that’ll make it more obvious or what to do, but in general, I can’t help much, apologies!

Regardless, I hope you get better at it eventually ☺️✨

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Hey everyone! I took a gap year between high school and university and now I’m about to head back to school in August and I am petrified. I have to take placement exams to register for classes and so I’m brushing up on some stuff. My old math teacher sent me toward a bunch of worksheets to look through, but my Chemistry teacher sent me toward a man on youtube named Tyler Dewitt who is really helping me catch back up and it made me think about how there are probably so many youtube channels for all sorts of topics that could absolutely save some lives.

If you wanted to help out and just attach any youtubers/teachers that have really helped you through the years and what they helped you with, that would be awesome.

Thank you!!

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Calling All Chemistry Nerds!!

Hello my nerdizzles!!! So I’m in a little bit of a conundrum. As most of you know, I am a member of a Quiz Bowl team at my college (2 of my teammates follow me. Shout out to Sam and Michael lol). Obviously, I’m the science person on the team. But here’s my problem. Almost 80% of the science questions asked during tournaments are chemistry questions. As you can tell by the blog I run, Chemistry is not my forte. I know properties of electrons and the period table of elements that is the extent of my chemistry knowledge. This is where you guys come in!!

I need your help. Message me some basic principles you think are most important for me to learn. Or it could be your favorite thing in chemistry. Because odds are, there will be questions on it!

Honestly guys, Chemistry has never been my strong area of science and if I want to be the best science person on the team I have to understand different principles of chemistry. And I have no idea where to begin.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you guys could help me out on this! Just comment on the post or shoot me a message and I’ll get to studying!


Stay Nerdy!


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I need help with this chemistry problem please!

Into 40.00 ml of a 0.250 M HCl solution you dissolve an unknown quantity of CaCO3. After warming the solution for 15 min the solution is still acidic, and 24.90 ml of 0.210 M NaOH is required to titrate this resulting solution to the phenolphthalein end point. Calculate the mass of CaCO3 which was added.


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