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[ Image Description:

Three GIFs of Jiang Yanli from The Untamed, all with noise and light leaks typically seen in film photography overlaid on them. The width of each of these are slightly shorter than its height, with ratio of four by five. The first GIF is a closeup of Yanli on a background of a pink sky, laughing, with part of the right side of her face cropped out of the frame. An orange light leak is covering part of her left eye and ear. The second GIF is of Yanli from the waist up, turning to face her back on us. The background is a plain light grey-blue sky, and her robes are of slightly greyer tint. A purple light leak is covering most of the top part of the frame, covering a little bit of her head. The third GIF is another closeup of Yanli, on a very blurry background of green shrubs, smiling as she turns her head to face us. A part of the left side of her face is cropped out of the frame, and as she stares at us, her smile fades a little. There is an orange light leak on the bottom right corner of the GIF, covering her neck and chin.

End description.]

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Another snippet from my new SongXiao au crime drama story, On the Edge of a Knife. This piece is from Case 01, which will be posted in full tomorrow. For now, have a crime scene.

Song Lan was not one of those people who believed in supernatural things. He didn’t believe in notions such as bad luck or curses or karma. As he glanced around the crime scene, fighting down the queasy feeling in the pit of his stomach, he couldn’t help but wonder who he offended or what he did in his past life to deserve this.

His first case at a new precinct just had to be a serial killer case. And said serial killer just happened to have an MO involving carving up his victims like a Thanksgiving turkey. 

Song Lan made a mental note to burn some sage when he got home after his shift - just in case.

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From the next chapter of “the thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break”:


Lan Wangji bows his head in thanks; Wen Ning, sentient raised corpse or not, is perhaps as caring as his brother, someone who feels for the world. As caring, perhaps, as Wei Ying.

“Songs of healing, when I infuse them with my qi, helped him recover after the fall of Nightless City,” he says. “I hope they will help now.”

Wen Ning cocks his head, clearly interested. He was, in life, an expressive youth, Lan Wangji remembers from Cloud Recesses. Now, his facial expressions are stiff; others might find that difficult, as many rely on such to interpret emotions and meaning. Lan Wangji has never been terribly expressive, and so it does not bother him—there are other cues to pick up on.

“I d-don’t know if jiejie knows about that. If you tell her, together you could find a way to maximize t-treatment.”

Though the youth’s voice is hesitant, his intelligence shines through. Though many might see Wen Ning as weak, his awareness of others’ strengths is in itself a strength. He has the ability to see connections others may not.

Lan Wangji hadn’t considered that Wen Qing might not be aware of what it took for Wei Ying to wake after the final battle, may not even be aware that he fell unconscious and lay in a coma for days. Truly, that knowledge may be of use to her, to them. Wen Ning’s suggestion could enable them to use qi to boost Wei Ying’s health even with his lack of a golden core.

“I will tell her,” he murmurs, lost in thought. “Thank you.”


Note: I’ve been struggling with this chapter and then abruptly tonight random research just broke through it all, so I’m excited.

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AKA Five (plus one) Times Wangxian Could Have Kissed and Totally Fucking Did: A Retelling of CQL Through Missing Scene Kisses

Many thanks to @theflowergirl​ for initially prompting this fic ages and ages ago (pre-covid. wow.) and also to @morphia-writes​ for cheerleading and beta work while I struggled to get back into writing this past month. <3!

(this is ~6k and also available as a chaptered fic on AO3. Link coming soon)


[One: Gusu]

Lan Wangji was not looking for company on this journey, and he especially wasn’t looking for the loud, insistent and impossible-to-ignore company of Wei Ying of Yunmeng-Jiang. There have been enough rules broken, enough disruptions to the orderly patterns of his days and thoughts. Finding the other Yin Iron shards is a time-sensitive task with no room for flighty delays. He had, in fact, been looking forward to having some time to clear his head. Time to meditate, and reflect, and maybe dull down the memory of Wei Ying’s earnest, sincere promise, burning brighter in his mind than their Qixi lantern ever glowed against the sky. Time to wrap and re-wrap his sleeves, and maybe forget the winding, binding pull of his forehead ribbon around his wrist and the brush of Wei Ying’s knuckles against the back of his hand.

But instead Wei Ying is here. Talking. Loudly. Incessantly. Chattering about Yunmeng, and all the ways to eat lotus, and the best techniques to use when fighting water ghouls or a possessed alligator. Standing close enough that their elbows keep brushing. Jostling his shoulder and grinning at him like they’re sharing a joke and calling him Lan Zhan, like no one else in the world.

It should be annoying. Enraging that someone would so simply and carelessly step over so many boundaries.

Sometimes it is.

Sometimes it’s … not.

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There are so many character parallels in this show. Today I’m thinking about Wen Chao and Jiang Cheng: both younger brothers, both trying to gain their father’s approval. Both usurped in their father’s affections by the orphan brought into their family. 

(You better believe I’m going to be exploring the parallels there between Wen Qing - and Wen Ning - and Wei Wuxian, too.)

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 (Here)

…I’m starting to think I should put this on ao3 or something. 

Third installment of wwx raised by his parents but breaks into Cloud recess. I need a shorter name for this.

So, re:wwx’s Horsetail Whisk, it’s name is 雪焰, which is also CSSR’s courtesy name. However I don’t know chinese at all, so if the name itself is clunky or wrong, please tell me and I’ll do my best to fix it.

Now this is shorter than the last one, sorry, but, it’s just how it flowed. I hope you enjoy it anyways!

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‘My son?’

It wasn’t the greeting he should give. He would need both hands to count out the rules he had broken but the question was the first thing to leave his lips all the same.

'I’ll bring him to you,’ his brother replied, eyes moving swiftly over his form, concern marring the smooth line of his brow, 'Wangji?’

'My son,’ he said again, the wards nothing to him as he continued his path into the sanctuary of Cloud Recesses.

He heard Lan Xichen hesitate behind him and he almost turned back to reassure him but the words tasted like ash on his tongue. What could he say of his journey? What could he say he achieved three years too late that others had not achieved in the days after the battle at Nightless City? He had not set out with hope but with determination, to find something, anything, just the slightest hint of a presence. Surely if anyone… He shook away the train of thought, it had served him no purpose, just added another weight he had been forced to carry on the relentless, heartbreaking journey.

Wei Ying was gone. Utterly and completely and Lan Wangji’s heart was bereft, a hollow in his chest beneath the brand he had forced into his skin in the hope of somehow wearing some permanent reminder of his friend’s pain.

'Wangji.’ The name now said with more force, a hand taking hold of his arm with the same gentle firmness that had been a constant throughout his life. 'You need to change and rest. Yuan is in his classes and Uncle will not be happy if I remove him now. You look…tired.’

He spared his brother a glance, the concern in his voice chipping a little at the ice he had not shaken off since he had emerged from his punishment. 'The journey was long,’ he said, 'An hour. My son.’

Lan Xichen nodded, releasing his hold on him though the worry did not leave his face. 'An hour then.’

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