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enseeteacrack · a day ago
What Nct Members Would Be Doing If They Weren't Idols:
Taeyong - Firefighter / He's very strong but he has bad bones so early retirement / Starts working at a pet store, the fish section specifically / Has the cleanest fish tanks in all of South Korea
Taeil - Lounge Singer / Drapes himself over the piano and sings like rent is due, because it is and he was late last month / Receives large tips from a Chinese child with a dolphin laugh
Johnny - Actor / Very popular / Rules the big screen, setting trends and breaking records / Retires to Seoul and owns a lounge, known for their lounge singer Moon Taeil
Yuta - Professional soccer player / Artist / Painting, drawing, anything / Even though he has soccer money he insists that he lives his "struggling artist lifestyle" / Just an excuse to not clean up
Kun - Manager / Song writer / Manages Chenle's pianist career and writes his sheet music / Spends alot of time taking care of Daegal
Doyoung - Part time turtleneck model / Part time professional sleeper / Aspiring actor
Ten - Aspiring basketball player / Very light on his feet / Very agile / Mid life crisis hits, now Ten is a DJ at a drag show / Couldn't be happier
Jaehyun - Teen dad / Aspiring basketball player / Hard to do as a father but he won't stop chasing his dreams / Makes it to the NBA / 8 Kids
WinWin - Professional dancer / WinWin is the guy you see in a random Youtube video at 3am and his dancing entrances you and you can never escape him or his moves / You don't want to escape
Jungwoo - Mukbang videos / Taste Testing / YouTube food reviews / Anything food / ?Makes enough money to buy more food
Lucas - Firefighter / Realizes he has a irrational fear of dying in a fire / Option2: video games / Streamer / 250k+ followers on twitch / Only plays Fireboy and Watergirl
Mark - Chruch camp leader / Christian rapper / Old ladies think he's adorable so they tip him / Teaches guitar
Xiaojun - Starts and is the lead in a Jason Mraz cover band / Refuses to let Mark or YangYang join
Hendery - Streamer / mostly violent games / Saving his twitch money to build a time machine
Renjun - Caretaker / Makes sure people stay 6 feet away from Jisung when he dances while Chenle plays piano / Carries around many pairs of handcuffs
Jeno - Mechanic / Street racer / AND car salesman / he loves cars / Collects hotwheels
Haechan - Freelancer / Sometimes he's in Jungwoo mukbangs, sometimes he's at the church with Mark, disappointing Jesus by flirting with Mark / Cons his way into the lounge to see Taeil perform
Jaemin - Calls himself a coffee enthusiast / In reality he just drinks coffee and leaves mediocre reviews on yelp... For free / Streamer, really good because he never sleeps so he has alot of time to game / Makes decent money to spend it all on coffee
Yangyang - Streamer / Plays HuniePop and Slenderman like it's still 2014 / All of his followers are over 35 / Ten gifts 50 subs every week under a different burner account to boost his confidence
Shotaro - Dancer / Tiktok famous, duh
Sungchan - Joins Taeyong at the pet store / Is in charge of stocking shelves / Don't act like you don't know why
Chenle - Rich / Doesn't need a job/ Spoils Jisung and only asks for him to play video games with him / Full time Daegal dad / Part time pianist, this is how he met Taeil
Jisung - Still friends with Chenle / Chenle is his sugar daddy / Doesn't need a job / Dances while Chenle plays piano / Carries a taser for safety AND for fun
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lattaeyongs · 14 hours ago
[8:23 PM] After finding out that your contact name for him on your phone is “annoying piece of shit <3” Chenle tackles you in bed. “I’m not annoying!” You can practically hear his pout.
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yellow-sprout · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210923 CHENLE Weibo Update
“One year old ☺️👏🌝”
Translated by meltIips - SM_NCT
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hyvckluvr · a day ago
[3:15 am]
chenle could hear faint sound of someone sobbing beside him. worried filling up his chest, he slowly forced himself to open his eyes and faced towards the noise. he saw his significant other laying beside him with puffy red eyes that was too busy concentrating on the laptop screen that was placed on their chest. “baby? why are you crying, love?” wrapping his arms around your waist as he snuggled his head in the crook of your neck, he faced the screen. feeling curious on why you were crying. “h-he killed ali, chenle.. sangwoo fucking betrayed ali! he was my f-favourite character too..” sniffling, you brought up the tissue up to your face to wipe your tears away. suddenly, your boyfriend started gigglling. you looked at him furiously, your cheeks puffing. “it's not funny babe! i was rooting for him” chenle finally managed to stop giggling, sighing as he brought up his hands to your cheek, pinching it slightly. “you're so cute y/n but you dont have to cry, it's just a show. and also you need to go to sleep, it's 3 in the morning. we can watch the show together tomorrow.” pouting at his words, you looked over at the digital clock that was on the nightstand. chenle's right, it is 3am. you were so concentrated that you didnt even realize the time. sighing, you put away your laptop, turning around so you could face your boyfriend that was slowly dozing off. you smiled at him, bringing your hand to the back of his head to gently play with his hair. the boy groaned, pulling you closer to him as he hid his head in your neck before mumbling a soft “goodnight” to you.
Tumblr media
I'M SORRY FOR SPOILING TO WHOEVER HASN'T FINISHED THE SHOW YET 😭😭 i just had to put it in cause im currently OBSESSED with that show 🥲 kinda sad that i finished it in just 2 days but it was a great show! anyway i hope you guys enjoyed reading this <3
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what-if-nct · 15 hours ago
Taeyong: Okay guys, Yuta will be babysitting tonight okay.
Doyoung: Are you sure he should be babysitting?
Taeyong: Of course. He's the most responsible member.
*ten minutes later*
Yuta: *smoking a cigarette as Dream watches TV* Who wants to drop acid and kidnap penguins?
Renjun: I do!!
Chenle: Me too!
Jisung: Can we kidnap otters too?
Yuta: Only one.
Jaemin: Can we also get snow cones?
Yuta: How about we steal a snow cone machine.
Jeno: You're the best babysitter.
Yuta: I know I am. Jisung hold this while I pull the car around.
Jisung: Can I smoke it?
Yuta: Yeah, smoke the whole thing. Here's an extra for later.
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Renjun: *Posts a super low-quality meme to the group chat*
Haechan: If I had a dollar for every pixel in this image, I’d have 15 cents
Renjun: If I had a dollar for every ounce of rage I felt in my body after I read this text, I would have enough money to buy a cannon to fire at you
Jeno: Actually I did the math, Haechan would have $225, not $0.15.
Jisung: If I had a dollar I would buy a can of soda :)
Chenle: while you’re there could you buy me an apply juice please?
Jisung: Sorry I only have a dollar
Chenle: :(
Jeno: Hey I just realized Haechan would have $22,500 because it's a dollar for every pixel, not a cent
Jisung: If I had $22,500 I would buy a can of soda and an apply juice.
Jeno: You can buy anything you want with $22,500
Mark: Yeah and he wants soda and apply juice
Jeno: Apply juice to what
Jaemin: Directly to the forehead
[Renjun has left the chat]
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nctnews · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
210923 | Chenle’s Weibo update with Daegal
One year old ☺️👏🏽🌝
Translated by nctnews
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joyfools · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pairing : Renjun x Reader
Genres : Angst
Summary : Lying to your partner is not something you want to do unless you are looking for ways on how to break their heart.
A/N: Hello moonlights! Welcome to my first serie “How to break a heart”, It’s been a while since I’ve written long fics so sorry if it’s not so good, Thank you for reading this!Hope you enjoy, follow me, be a moonlight 🌙
“Love the Way You Lie”—Eminem featuring Rihanna.
“Little Lies”—Fleetwood Mac.
Networks: @knet-bakery @hotpink-ent
Tumblr media
You and Renjun have always been the adored couple, you met in their teens ages and fell madly in love. Right after the end of high school Renjun asked you to marry him, it was quite romantic were it not for the fact that the wind had dropped the hut he had prepared on the beach, a large ruby ​​ring sported on your finger, and when at the wedding both say yes, you were finally together.
As they were quite young and married, they both had their university lives while trying to organize their time for each other and for the chores around the house.
You often got messages from Renjun asking what fabric softener he used for his underwear or how he could make omelets, living with Renjun at that time was a simple life, you guys didn't have much, two college students with dreams and a ring on your finger.
After the good times, comes the stressful period of exams, comes the arguments for something small, whenever there were exams, you two argued, for silly things because a plate was in the sink or because the controller was out of place, but of course after the exams were over, everything returned to normal.
After all the effort Renjun managed to get into a good Chinese company, and of course you were very happy for him but he had to be transferred to China and after several attempts by him to convince you to go, you accepted.
Being in china was complicated for you, you work for a company on a telecommuting basis, as your company has no offices in china, which means you had to stay at home most of the time, you didn't know chinese so always needed Renjun to translate for you, it was pretty clear that you didn't adapt to china so after 3 months you return home.
At first Renjun was angry with you, but then he agreed that you should go home. He stayed in China and called you every day on facetime but as the time changed he stopped calling so many times being reduced to 2 calls per week.
"It's all right?"
"Yeah, I'm just really tired, company have doubled the work, can we talk tomorrow?"
"I'll call you tomorrow"
Usually your conversations were just like that, he always said he'd call you the other day but he didn't, after 3 months without seeing each other Renjun came back and he didn't look like the same Renjun he had gone, the bright Renjun with an easy smile was replaced by a Renjun frowning, messy hair, and tired eyes.
You hugged him and said:
"Welcome home" You were going to give him a kiss, but Renjun turned his face and walked out of your embrace.
"Thanks, I'm a little tired I think I'm going to sleep"
During the week Renjun was there with you he didn't look the same, Renjun loved skinship, never letting go of you when you came home but now Renjun didn't touch you, didn't even talk much when he left the only show of love he ever gave to you was a quick kiss on the cheek when he left at the airport.
Renjun hasn't spoken to you for a while, making you question whether it really makes sense to continue this marriage as one of the side isn't working for that , you call him one night, he picks up but looks like he's bored or maybe tired. Your conversation flows, you ask him how he is, if he's already eaten, if the work is too much, he just answers the questions at the end of your video a leg appears, but that leg doesn't looks like his and it looks like a female leg, or maybe you are tired too.
"You are with someone?"
“No, I'm alone” He speaks without changing his expression.
After finishing the call, you plan a trip to China to go and cheer him up a little, you prepare everything and three days later you're on the plane. When you arrived, you used the key Renjun gave you it was Sunday so he must have been home. He was there with another girl.
"Y/N what are you doing here?"
You were so shocked that you didn't respond just looking at him in amazement.
“Y/N” He speaks shaking you a little to wake you up from the trance.
"I'm interrupting something, I'm leaving"
"No, I think we need to talk"
You looked at the girl, younger than you and very pretty.
“Remember when you asked if I was with anyone else and I said no? Well I lied, I'm living with her, we kinda fell in love.”
You didn't say anything just looking at the ground.
Renjun continues “We started out as colleagues, but our relationship grew and I started to feel things, things I just thought I could feel with you. Now that I look back, we're ahead of everyone so much, our parents told us not to get married too soon but I loved you and thought you were the love of my life.
You know our love is dead, you feel the same right too ? Our hearts no longer beat for each other. I will always love you, you were my first love and you will always have a place in my heart, but there are no romantic feelings anymore."
"And what are you going to do, leave me for her?"
Renjun rubs his neck and says "There was an accident and she's kind of pregnant and you know I always wanted to be a father and now I want to be a present father "
You lose patience and slap him.
“Huang Renjun, you idiot, how dare you have an affair when you're married and you get her pregnant! I will give you a divorce, but let me be alarmed that she will leave when she waste all your money!"
So you left and never saw it again. You were to young and inocent beliving in a rush young love, now is time to grow up.
goodbye, my first
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lixdejun · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
happy daegal day 🤧
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chichhihaa · 2 days ago
7:56 pm ─ you were sleeping peacefully until you heard a ding! you groaned and rubbed your eyes. you turned around and reached for your phone to see a notification from chenle
lele<33: heyyy are you sleeping yet???
lele<33: if you aren't then i'm coming over
you: yeah :(( i was sleeping but then you woke me up, it's okay come over, lele.
as soon as you saw chenle's text bubble disappear you heard a knock on your door. you hurried to the door and saw an excited chenle. you were about to speak but you got interrupted. ''___! come with me!'' chenle grabbed your wrist and took you out of your house and closed the door. ''hey! lele? why are you so excited?'' you stared at chenle. ''it's because... i found this place and it's really cool, so i wanted to take you there!'' he smiled. after a while you and chenle arrived at the place. the place was absolutely breathtaking, there were fairy lights attached to the trees and a big pond. there was a carpet on the ground ready to be seated on just for you and chenle. chenle rushed to the carpet signaling you to come, as well. as you laid on the carpet beside chenle you looked up to the sky. it was so beautiful with all the shining stars, you turned around to see chenle staring at you. ''stop staring at me!'' you giggled. ''i can't, the night sky compared to you isn't as pretty'' he smiled brightly.
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luvdsc · 4 months ago
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: calling your boyfriend by his first name.
Tumblr media
one new notification: the dreamies uploaded a new video! 
users :: nct dream x reader channel :: not clickbait universe uploaded on :: may 10, 2021 at 2:22 p.m. pst description :: what happens when you decide to call your boyfriend by his first name instead of your nickname for him? click to find out! don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe, honey bees!
author’s note :: in celebration of hot sauce, here’s a lil update on the not clickbait universe !!! ♡ i’m currently trying to get out of my writer’s block, so i’ll be writing little blurbs of the boys reacting to various tiktok challenges. these all take place after the not clickbait series, aka they’re already dating here (and yes, i intend on finishing the remaining fics for the other boys) ♡ (insp.)
Tumblr media
❥ MARK —
“Hey, can you pass me the whisk, Mark?”
You extend your hand out towards your boyfriend. He grabs the kitchen tool and starts to pass it to you before pausing. Something doesn’t feel right.
“Mark? Can I have the whisk, please?”
Suddenly, his eyes grow round in realization, and he turns to you, a questioning look overtaking his face. “You called me Mark.”
“Yeah, that’s your name, isn’t it?” You pluck the whisk from his grasp, returning your attention to the bowl of chocolate cake batter in front of you. He furrows his eyebrows, pouting slightly.
“But you don’t call me that.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m...” His cheeks grow red as he stumbles over his words. He scratches the back of his neck sheepishly. “You always call me...” He whispers the last word as the tips of his ears turn scarlet. “... Marky.”
You can’t hide the smile on your face anymore, and when you turn to face him, he grows even more flustered, noticing the Cheshire grin on your face.
“You did that on purpose!” he accuses you, flapping his hands around in embarrassment. “Is this another TikTok challenge?!”
You laugh, and he sighs in defeat. Leaning over, you press a soft kiss against his cheek. “Sorry, Marky, you’re just too cute.”
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goofys.chuckle commented:
whipped twerking
morklyrawr replied: ???? what does that even mean ????
yoitslucas commented:
junguwu commented:
nanaislove commented:
my therapist: y/n calling mark marky cannot hurt you y/n calling mark marky:
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Renjun, what should we Postmates?” You scroll through the app, assessing all your options. You hear no response from your boyfriend, so you look over at him.
He pointedly looks down at his phone, double tapping the pictures that show up on his Instagram feed (He scrolls past one unflattering image of him on Haechan’s finsta). You reach out and poke him. “Renjun?”
Radio silence. Your boyfriend even has the audacity to turn away from you and reach for his AirPods.
“... Junbug?”
“I’m up for ordering some fried chicken.”
“Wow, really? I thought you hated that nickname,” you snort, shaking your head slightly, but you click on your boyfriend’s favorite chicken restaurant. Fried chicken, it is then (You make sure to add a note to your order to have the deliverer ask for Junbug when he goes down to pick it up).
One new notification: appletater uploaded a new video!
moominjun commented:
appletater replied: oh so we’re going on a first name basis now, renjun?
moominjun replied: DELETE THIS NOW DEMON*
appletater replied: no ❤️
sheepsh commented:
hey junbug are you free on thurs to hang out
moominjun replied: stfu ten already confirmed that you like to be called baby (yes i’m free)
sheepsh replied: DON’T CALL ME BABY I’M 20 YEARS OLD (cool let’s meet up at 5)
10vely replied: why are you lying baby i taught you better than this smh still a young boy
goofys.chuckle commented:
you’re so cute here junbug 🥺🥺
moominjun replied: go step on a lego hyuck baby
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
❥ JENO —
“Are you gonna do a livestream today, Jeno?”
Your boyfriend freezes in his chair, fingers paused over the keyboard. You can hear Donghyuck and Jisung yelling at him over his headphones as their players die on screen, and you hide a smile, lounging against the backboard of his bed as you pretend to tap away at your phone, secretly filming him instead.
“Jeno?” You try again, and he lets out a noise of confusion, cocking his head slightly. He turns to you hesitantly, pulling his headphones down to rest around his neck. “... Am I in trouble?”
“No? Why would you be, Jeno?”
He rolls back in his chair a few inches. “You’re doing it again though. Just tell me what’s wrong. Is it because I ate all the leftover Chinese?”
“Nothing’s wrong.” You tilt your head, widening your eyes innocently. “And I’m doing what?”
“Why are you calling me by my first name?” He wrinkles his forehead, frowning. “You always call me babe.”
“Oh, sorry, babe.” You shrug, and he shakes his head. Your boyfriend turns back to his game, the both of you forgetting your original question. Suddenly, you shoot up in belated realization, back straightening up as you give him an incredulous expression.
“Wait, you ate all the leftover chow mein?! Jeno, I was saving that!”
“... So I am in trouble.”
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bigheadking commented:
wig? snatched hotel? trivago jeno? in trouble
moominjun commented:
it’s ok y/n he ate my leftovers too......
peachyangel commented:
there is something so jeno about this i can’t explain
goofys.chuckle replied: you mean the boring reaction? yeah he didn’t even flinch
itsmebetch replied: leave my man alone he did his best 🤬
dobunny commented:
jeno... 🤐🤐
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Donghyuck!” You call out from the doorway, and immediately, your boyfriend snaps his head towards you with a growing frown.
“Donghyuck, can you—”
“My name is not Donghyuck!” he cuts you off, crossing his arms over his chest and abandoning his phone entirely on the cushion next to him. You stifle a laugh, but continue on with your little challenge.
“Yes, it is,” you insist, “Your name is Donghyuck!”
“No, it’s not, it’s baby!” he huffs out, his lips jutting out in a pout as he glares at you from his seat on the couch. You hold back a snort, curling your lips inward.
He narrows his eyes at you. “Baby.”
You quirk up an eyebrow, leaning against the doorframe. “Donghyuck.”
He pouts even harder. “Baby.”
“... Hyuck.”
“... Baby,” you finally concede, throwing your hands up in exasperation as you walk over, and he beams at you, pulling you down to sit on his lap.
“Yes, angel?”
“... You’re so annoying,” you mutter, leaning against his chest and resting your head in the crook of his neck.
Your boyfriend laughs, grinning mischievously before placing a kiss on your forehead and leaning his head against yours. “The feeling’s mutual.”
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bigheadking commented:
y/n: donghyu- hyuck: my name is NOT donghyuck, it’s sweet angel baby honey!!!! 😡😫🥺
jisungpwark replied: LMAOOOOOOO
goofys.chuckle replied: look who’s talking sweetheart
bigheadking replied: is your name y/n 🤨
goofys.chuckle replied: no?
bigheadking replied: then don’t call me that 🙂
moominjun commented:
b— bab— 🤢🤢
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Jaemin, can you add cereal to the grocery list please?”
You dig through the shelves, searching for your favorite brand, but come up empty handed. You shut the pantry door behind you, opting to get some yogurt from the fridge instead for breakfast.
“What happened to honey?” Jaemin appears next to you, sulking slightly, and you turn to him. “Oh! Do we need to add that to the list, too?”
“No,” He pouts, the corners of his lips tilting downwards as his bottom lip sticks out. “You always call me honey, darling, angel, Jaems, Nana, but not Jaemin.”
“But... it’s your name?” You say over your shoulder, plucking a carton of yogurt from the top shelf before swinging the fridge door closed. “Can you get me a spoon please, Jaemin?”
His shoulders droop slightly, and you start to feel bad, before he lets out a huff and grabs a spoon, passing it over to you. “Fine, here, Y/N.”
You flinch slightly. The sound of your first name coming from him feels unnatural to you, and he notices your reaction, smiling smugly before turning his nose up. “Huh, I guess you don’t like it either, do you, Y/N?”
“... Is this a bad time to ask you to get me some water, too?”
Jaemin pauses, pressing his lips tightly together before reaching out and grabbing a glass from the cabinet. He goes over to the freezer and fills it with ice cubes before handing it to you. “Here.”
You’re confused. “This is ice.”
“Wait for it to melt.”
Your boyfriend is truly the king of pettiness.
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showmethemonet commented:
so ig all the boys legally changed their name to honey or baby
itsmebetch commented:
the glass of ice tho 😭😭
nanaislove replied: i got her water afterwards!!!! she just didn’t show it ):
peachyangel replied: yes you did honey thank you ily 🥺💗
nanaislove replied: ily more 🥺💗💕💖💞💘✨🌷
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, I found the perfect restaurant for our next video, Chenle!”
You excitedly scroll through the restaurant’s website, the tip of your tongue sticking out before you realize your boyfriend hasn’t answered you. You spin around in your office chair to face him. “Chenle?”
Sitting on his bed, he barely glances up from his laptop. “Who’s Chenle?”
You furrow your eyebrows. “You?”
He gives you a deadpan look. You push yourself over to him, still sitting in the rolling chair. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” he shrugs. “I just don’t know who this Chenle dude is that you’re referring to.”
“Wha—” you cut yourself off mid-word, giggles bubbling up in your throat. “Are you serious right now, Chenle?”
Your boyfriend looks extremely unimpressed, and you only laugh even harder. He frowns. “I only know a Lele or sweetheart. I don’t know any Chenle’s.”
You let out a noise of amusement, a smile appearing on your face. “Okay, fine, Lele, you absolute dork.”
He finally grins at you. “That works, too.”
One new notification: notanimpasta uploaded a new video!
sungchannel commented:
haha cute chenle~! ☺️
honeyfairy commented:
couple goals 💓💓
notanimpasta replied: omg you have to do this with jisung !!!
appletater replied: i’m listening......
itsmebetch replied: oh? 👀
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend flinches, nearly dropping his popsicle. He turns to look at you, and you smile at him. “Can you get me one too, please?”
“Sure.” He reaches down to fish out a second popsicle from the freezer drawer before halting. Something feels off. He slowly stands back up, shutting the freezer and trying to figure out what’s throwing him off. Shaking his head, he makes his way over to you and hands you yours.
“Thanks, Jisung!” you exclaim brightly with a smile, and he’s hit with the same feeling again. It’s like when someone (read: Chenle and Donghyuck) moved all the furniture two inches to the left, and he was left stubbing his toe against the coffee table every time he got up from the couch.
“Um...” He fidgets a little in his place, still standing there. Finally, the light bulb goes off in his mind, and he may or may not be the tiniest bit embarrassed at how much this change is truly affecting him. You look up at him, patting the seat next to you. “Aren’t you gonna sit, Jisung? We still have the rest of the episode to watch.”
Hearing you say his full name again, Jisung decides he definitely doesn’t like it.
“Why... why aren’t you calling me Sungie?” he says at last, cerise blossoming on his cheeks when he makes eye contact with you. He looks away, biting his bottom lip, as the blush spreads to his ears and neck. “You always call me that. Or... or... cutie.”
You can no longer suppress the smile on your face, and you beam at him, reaching out to slip your hand in his and tug him down next to you. “Sungie, you are so cute, oh my god!”
The splotches of red on his cheeks grow brighter, and he buries his face in your shoulder, muttering, “You’re such a brat. You did that on purpose.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, cutie,” you coo at him, and he grumbles, settling back in his seat as he eats his popsicle, the bright color of his treat a perfect matching shade to his face.
“You’ve been hanging out with Chenle too much.”
“Why? Does he call you cutie, too, cutie?”
“Shut up!”
“But I thought you liked me calling you that?”
“I... I do, but I just— argh!”
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nanaislove commented:
peachyangel commented:
bigheadking commented:
you don’t let me call you cutie ☹️
jisungpwark replied: oh my god go away
notanimpasta commented:
queen delivered 🤩🤩 the absolute cutest !!!! 
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
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bubulumiere · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nct dream ♡ hot sauce choreography
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