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HEY GUESS WHAT I actually wrote a bit more of the Anastasia au I’ve talked about (there’s the au and a small part that I’ve written before here) because I really wanted to write the Once Upon A December, specially because I would have to make the reading of how that scene would be like without the song, and so I did it!

Hope you guys enjoy this!


Charles looked around the old abandoned palace for some way he could enter, nervous about doing so but determined to get to Erik, whoever Erik might be. All that Charles knew from the man who carried that name was that he could find a way to get Charles to Paris, to the place where he was sure he could find what he lost, find his family and maybe even his memories. He just needed the goddamned exit visa.

He took a deep breath, eyes once again scanning for somewhere he could enter the old palace, determined to get what he wanted. He had left behind a job that could grant him some kind of a normal life, where he could stay his days as Charles. Orphan and no-last-name Charles, with no idea who he was before ending at the orphanage he lived his life up until that moment. He had made his decision once he chose to turn right instead of turning left to live that normal life, he had chosen trying to find who he was and the people who surely once loved him, and he couldn’t stop now. There was that small feeling at the back of his mind that told him he had made a bad choice, but he chose to ignore it. Better to ignore it at this point.

After a few moments, he saw an open passage blocked with wooden planks, walking there and watching the inside of the palace for a second before grabbing onto the wood and pulling. Charles wasn’t strong, at least not strong enough to have broken the barrier if the wood wasn’t old. A single pull was enough to make Charles stumble backwards until he fell on his backside, wood in his hands as he looked at the now open passage. He took a deep breath, throwing the wood away and getting up, no hesitation when he finally entered, looking around for a moment before starting to walk through the empty halls.

“Hello?” he called out, voice echoing through the halls in a ghostly manner. “Is anyone there?”

His only answer was the echo of his own voice. Charles sighed loudly, deciding that being inside the palace was better than outside in the snow, where he would have nowhere to sleep, walking further into the halls and looking around curiously. Every corner that he turned seemed to force his mind to remember something that he couldn’t. Every piece of furniture and every painting on the wall looking familiar in a way that Charles couldn’t understand. He only stopped walking once he reached what he supposed was the ballroom, looking into the empty space with curious eyes as his mind once again felt like it could split open at any given moment. 

He climbed down the first set of stairs that took him to the middle ground, watching a giant painting hanging on the wall, mind aching as he looked at the faces of the people in the painting. His eyes focused only on the small child there, standing between his parents, eyes blue as Charles’ were and with a smile of a happy child. It was strange, looking into that painting, feeling that familiar feeling again, the palace walls around him feeling like a memory, a dream he once had.

He turned around, looking once again at the empty ballroom, and for a moment Charles was able to see what it looked like when it was used, before being abandoned. He could see the ground that now was filled with dust and dirt shine like a mirror, reflecting the light from the chandeliers above his head. He saw the windows clean and unbroken, saw the chandeliers shining beautifully on the ceiling, saw guests, people dressed in suits and gowns, dancing around the shining floor to the rhythm of music that came from all around them. Charles looked at his own feet, having walked forward without noticing, standing at the edge of the stairs, and looked out into the ballroom again. It’s like a dream, he thought to himself, like I’ve been here before in my dreams.

He got down the stairs slowly, reaching the ground floor and walking to the middle of the ballroom, looking around himself once again, turning and turning in his place as he could almost hear the music, hear the people, feel the warmth of the place from long ago, and then he stopped, looking over at the stairs from where he came from, almost being able to see the couple from the painting standing there, looking at him with big smiles on their lips. He lost his breath for a moment, head aching with the déjà vu as he still looked at the empty stairs.

“Hey!” a voice came from the other side of the ballroom, startling Charles and making him turn around with his heart beating on his mouth. “What are you doing here?”

Something in the man’s voice made Charles afraid, his first instinct being to run away, and so he did, turning back towards the stairs he came from and starting to run. He heard the man scream for him to wait, but everything still seemed too confusing inside his head for him to listen to the man, climbing the stairs quickly and only being able to put two and two together when he was already on top of it. I came here looking for an Erik, he thought to himself, this must be him.

Charles stopped as the man asked him once again to wait and stop, slowly turning around to face him and finally noticing the blonde woman that was running to catch up with them, as if she had only now decided to run as well.

“How did you get in-" 

The man stopped himself suddenly, eyes widening as he looked at Charles and at something behind him multiple times, making Charles turn and see the painting behind him again, a frown taking over his expression. The man suddenly smiled as if he had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, his friend — at least it was what Charles supposed the blonde woman was — finally catching up and placing a hand on Erik’s shoulder. 

"Hi, excuse me.” the woman said before the man stopped her from talking any further, looking at her with a beaming expression that made her raise her eyebrows at him. “Are you okay? You’re smiling.”

“Raven, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

The man proceeded to turn the woman’s — Raven’s — face towards Charles again, a few moments later making her eyes go wide as well. Charles had no idea of what was happening.

“Are you Erik?” Charles finally asked, voice echoing on the empty room.

The man looked at him again, a confident look inside his eyes as he smiled once more, all teeth. “Maybe. Depends on who’s looking for him.”

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what about your favourite cherik fics of all time? (:

Dear anon, I am so sorry for the delay. I’ve been meaning to put this list for about a week now, but I feel as if I’m missing some fics. Most of these are fandom favourites and might not come as any surprise, but these are my all time favourite fics that I’ve probably read more than once and more than twice. I tried to keep a wide variety of fics, including both one-shots and multi-chapters as well as different genres. I hope you enjoy these fics as much as I do.

Earnestly-endlessly’s Favourite Cherik Fics 


Anarchy in the U.K. – Yahtzee

Summary: “Good God, Erik thought. The Prince of Wales is gay.”

Charles lives in the unceasing glare of the public spotlight, yet keeps his sexual orientation a closely held secret, afraid he could lose his throne and force his deeply troubled younger sister into a role that would crush her. Erik, journalist and world traveler, has been a loner most of his life; he has little patience for closet cases. But a chance meeting in Kenya brings these two opposites together and sets in motion a love affair that will challenge the British monarchy – and their most deeply held beliefs about who they are, and who they should be.

Continuing Education – aesc and spicedpiano

Summary: To his students, Erik Lehnsherr is despotic and terrifying. To his department head, he’s the brilliant young researcher who abandoned his prestigious job overnight, moving across the country to join MIT’s faculty. But to Charles Xavier, he is a contradiction. As Erik and Charles settle into their new roles as colleagues, their professional rivalry starts to spill over into the personal.

The Sonnet Series – afrocurl, nekosmuse

Summary: Erik Lehnsherr is a visiting professor at Columbia University, as well as an acclaimed and award winning poet. Charles Xavier is a lead researcher with the Genetics Department who is well on his way to tenure. But what happens when Charles has to cancel a class because half his students abandon him in favour of a mysterious new English Lit professor? Naturally he ends up sitting in in the class, where Professor Lehnsherr mistakes him for a student. It’s really too bad Erik has such a strict policy against dating students. It’s also too bad Erik doesn’t seem to know how to use Google.

Bifurcation – spicedpiano

Summary: Bifurcation - (n.) the splitting of a main body into two parts.

In medicine, a single mistake can mean the difference between life and death.

For cardiothoracic surgeon Charles Xavier, a fatal error leaves him standing at a crossroads … and at the mercy of the man he has not faced since their relationship fell apart thirteen months ago.

Dr. Erik Lehnsherr has a fearsome reputation. Due to his incisive autopsy reports, he has gotten more surgeons fired in two years than any other pathologist has managed over an entire career. But when an old enemy returns to Erik’s life, he must find a way to temper his pride – or lose the man he loves, all over again.

Runs in the Family – Anonysquirrel (chibrisuchan)

Summary: In which mpreg!Charles Bakes All The Things, overprotective!Erik calls his small round tea-drinking husband “Vati’s little teapot”, Tony Stark/Bad Ideas is Stark Industries’ most profitable OTP, and Alex and Steve are somehow along for the ride. And the cookies.

For the Record – endingthemes

Summary: As prominent figures in the mutant rights movement, activists Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr are pretty much household names. When a romance scandal between them breaks, their celebrity reaches new heights, and though the increased exposure is great, there’s a big problem – the two of them are just friends.

Too bad no one believes them.

Rumor Mill – Ikeracity

Summary: Erik is the grumpiest, most foul tempered worker at Stark industries. His grumpiness is the stuff of legends. So it’s obviously the talk of the office when Erik is being made to go to the company party and he’s bringing his husband. There’s rumors flying round about how much of a masochist or equally antisocial bastard Erik’s husband must be to put up with him. Others think he must be a meek mouse perhaps bullied by Erik.

What they weren’t expecting was the confident, charming, adorable and unbelievably nice Charles that turns up on Erik’s arm. What they certainly weren’t expecting was how much Erik obviously adores his husband and how happy he is to let others see this.

Into Your Tar, Honey – tomato_greens

Summary: Really, Alex doesn’t know why he’s in the damn class.
(Or, the one in which Charles teaches an online Introduction to Biology course, and Alex reads more than he expected to.)

If You Like The Book, You’ll Hate the Movie – paperclipbitch

Summary: Modern-Day High School AU. It’s not until Hank realises half the class are glancing towards the back of the classroom with something like nerves and something like schadenfreude that he finds out Alex Summers is back.

The boy with the heart on his sleeve – euphorbic

Summary: Charles loses a high-stakes bet to Raven and is required to get a tattoo. However, when he makes a disparaging remark about the art form, Raven’s acerbic mentor, Erik, steps in.

Or, the one where Erik and Raven are tattoo artists.

Enigma – Yahtzee

Summary: Written for the following prompt: Erik dies, or finds a reversey-time mutant, or a magical time travelling device, and wakes up in the past. This time, though, it’s before he ever met Charles - in fact, it’s before his mother died.

He can save his mother that one time (thanks to his mastery over powers carrying back), but what does Erik do after that? Does he stick around, or escape and run to find Charles again (and hope everything doesn’t go wrong)?

Mutually Beneficial Transaction – Pookaseraph

Summary: In his sophomore year at Columbia University, Erik, feeling slowly strangled by his mounting college debt, places an add on a sugar daddies website. He doesn’t know exactly what to expect from it, but when he’s contacted by a man named Charles who seems less creepy than the other people who have responded to his profile, he decides to give it a shot. Charles is nothing like what he expected, and Erik finds himself slowly falling in love with his sugar daddy while trying to find out exactly what caused this amazing guy to buy his emotional and sexual intimacy when he clearly deserves so much more than that.

Food, Family, and Friends with Benefits – endingthemes

Summary: “Everyone,” Edie says, voice bursting with pride. “Erik’s here, and he’s brought his friend.” She takes Charles’ arm and pulls him forward, presenting him like a shiny object. “This is Charles.”

Charles manages a weak wave and an even weaker, “Hello.”

(In which Charles gets dragged along to his fuck buddy’s parent’s house to celebrate a Jewish holiday, and things get weird.)

In Plain Sight – arcapelago (arcanewinter)

Summary: A story where Charles and Erik have basically been together from the first time they met. The whole fate, wow we found each other thing. Now I would like the others not to know and try to bring the two ‘oblivious’ guys together. They of course enjoy this quite a lot 

Limited Release – rageprufrock

Summary: When Alex Summers broke out of supermax to rescue his stupid kid brother, he had no idea it was going to be so fucking complicated.

Daycare Verse – brilligspoons, pocky_slash

Summary: A modern AU in which Charles runs a mutant daycare and Erik is his long-suffering engineer boyfriend.

Marrying a Mob – Ook

Summary: Charles is a teacher at a very exclusive school. When armed men burst in on the trail of two children, of course he stands up to them and gets hurt. The children are Erik Lehnsherr’s children (of course); a “prominent businessman” or, less politely, “mobster”. Erik is grateful to Charles for saving his children’s lives at the cost of his kneecap. So very grateful.Naturally he tries to reward Charles for his actions. Equally naturally, Charles will be having none of that.Azazel finds the whole thing unspeakably hilarious. Naturally.

Chessmen (XMFC/Inception fusion AU) – kaydeefalls

Boden’s Mate: “Shaw has information that we need, and we need him alive to extract it,” Moira says, and there it is: the job is on the table. Extraction.

XMFC/Inception fusion AU. Erik is an extractor, Alex is his point man. They’re assembling a team to go after the most dangerous mind in dreamsharing: Sebastian Shaw. But unless Alex and the team can keep him in check, Erik’s desire for vengeance might just rip the whole job apart around them – and then there’s the shade that haunts his dreams…

Queen’s Gambit: “My name is Nick Fury,” he tells Raven. “And I’m here to talk to you about Cain Marko.”

XMFC/Inception fusion, sequel to Boden’s Mate. Raven’s running her own extractions these days, but the job S.H.I.E.L.D.’s dumped in her lap is a real shitshow. Two marks, two simultaneous dreams, eleven dreamers, and a hell of a lot of baggage. Time to call in a few favors – and did she mention the job involves inception?

Tabula Rasa – kaydeefalls

Summary: Five ways Erik might have first met Charles.

Humane Society – smilebackwards

Summary: Once Erik finally allows himself to decide that Charles is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, he spends the next week being incredibly bitter that he’s Charles’ cat and not his boyfriend.

Idiot Control Now – cygnaut

Summary: Hank screws something up in the lab and everyone’s powers increase tenfold. Not knowing how to control them like this, they all try to cope and not kill each other by mistake while Hank tries to find a way to reverse the effects. Charles has a particularly hard time of it.

White Nights – spicedpiano, tahariel

Summary: Duke Erik Lehnsherr of Ironhold needs an omega to carry on his line, and Earl Charles Xavier of Westchester needs an alpha to give him the political leverage he needs in order to make his sister Queen. An arranged marriage brings them together, but Erik’s lust for war and Charles’ hidden agenda threaten to tear them apart. In the frozen Northlands of Ironhold life is hard and cold, and both Charles and Erik must give up their pretense and see each other as they really are: perfect for each other, if only they’ll acknowledge it.

Nation Building and other Diplomatic Negotiations – Pookaseraph

Summary: With the recent passage of a submissive registration law in the United Kingdom, there are now only two industrialized nation with a relatively stable government to have neither a mutant nor a submissive registration law. Erik Lehnsherr, the newly minted King of Genosha, and his Prime Minister Emma Frost intend to take advantage of this turn of events to bring the Xavier Institute to the island nation of Genosha. They both know bringing Charles Xavier, the noted activist of mutant and submissive rights, to the island will necessarily politicize the man, and create all manner of complications. With a constitution not yet finalized and external threats to Genoshan security all around them, Erik, Emma, and Charles will fight for what they believe in to shape Genosha into what it should be.

A Genosha AU with moderate D/s elements.

Politico – cygnaut

Summary: Modern Genosha Politics AU. In which Erik is l'enfant terrible of the mutant National Assembly, and his staff just wants to get him laid.

The Courtship – dvs

Summary: A story about a courtship that began five hundred years ago.

This Family comes with Batteries – Fishwrites, lynneh

Summary: A orphaned Charles Xavier goes to live with his Godfather: Tony Stark. This story is a tale of what would have happened to the events of MCU, if Tony was raising a six year old telepath in Stark Tower. There is also the matter of Charles’ robot AI manny/bodyguard/tutor/only-friend, David.

Space Oddity – MonstrousRegiment, Pangea

Space Jam: Prince Charles Xavier is Deputy Commander of the TEF Heartsteel and the newest mission they’ve been assigned starts out less than desirable and quickly goes downhill from there. It’s alright, though, he’ll cope.

It doesn’t help, though, that he’s in unrequited love with his best friend and Commander of the Heartsteel, War-Prince Erik Lehnsherr.

Jupiter Jazz: Prince Charles Xavier is still Deputy Commander of the TEF Heartsteel and life has been great ever since he and his best friend and Commander of the Heartsteel, War-Prince Erik Lehnsherr, finally got all of their feelings out on the table. Better than great, really.

It doesn’t help, though, that the Nyrulians are a bit sore over him blowing up their ship, and a war is brewing. And because Charles has that kind of luck, they’re in the middle of it.

I have loved the stars too fondly: Erik and Charles, directly after the events of Jupiter Jazz.Nothing will ever be the same.

The stars incline us, they do not bind us – ikeracity, pangea

Summary: Intergalactic Federation pilot Lieutenant Charles Xavier is assigned last-minute to a high profile mission: transporting over two thousand prison inmates from an old and overfilled prison complex to a newer, higher-capacity prison stronghold located on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Just as he’s settling down for a long and uneventful ride, things take a turn for the worse after the inmates riot and stage a hostile takeover of the ship, leaving Charles to find himself at the complete mercy of cold-blooded killers and facing the chilling prospect that he might not ever make it back home alive.

Tough little baby telepath – aesc, pearl_o

Summary: Teenage telepath Charles Xavier takes a job as a consultant, working with prickly police detective Erik Lehnsherr. Charles is used to being on his own and taking care of himself; he has no reason to think that his relationship with this stern, icy man is going to change any of that.

An absence which could not be more there – aesc

Summary: He prepared to shift another half-step over to the Current Events section (which would, of course, enrage him) when the teaser positioned by the model’s left elbow caught his eye: DATING WHILE TELEPATHIC: WHY I DON’T DO IT.

Backseat ‘verse´ – tahariel

Summary: “Charles has a very sweet nature,” Raven is saying, her hand falling to the back of his head and stroking his hair very gently, carelessly affectionate. “He doesn’t need someone to force him down, he’s very happy to go there himself. If Erik is the sort to need a fight, then there’s no way I could let him have my brother.”

Simple and Uncomplicated – Pookaseraph

Summary: Erik and Charles had been fuck buddies for some, but when Charles is in an accident he figured their relationship would be over. Erik’s visit to his bedside in the hospital changes his assumptions even as he has trouble believing Erik is sincere.

Made To Be Broken – Yahtzee

Summary: Charles makes a New Year’s Resolution: “No more straight men,” Charles repeated as he began scrolling through the apartment directory for Emma’s name. “No more futility. No more pointless hoping and heartbreak. In 2013, I never want to hear the words ‘exception,’ ‘experimenting’ or ‘phase.’ If, God forbid, I hear ‘bicurious’ even once, I may take a hostage.” Then he goes into the party, and Erik is there.

Five Bullet Points – Sperare

Summary: It was supposed to be Erik locked away in a prison one hundred stories below the ground.

Charles was never supposed to be there with him.

Terrifying Domesticity – ishipitsobad

Summary: Erik is the most dangerous and notorious mafia boss around for miles, and yet the strangest things terrify him. For example: his children, and his very pregnant mate.

The Trouble With Telepaths – endingthemes

Summary: “Are you shy about me meeting your family?” Erik asks with a huge smile. “Are you kidding me?”“It’s not funny,” Charles says, his hands firmly planted on his hips, and it’s honestly hilarious so Erik laughs right in his face.(Or a Star Trek AU in which Captain Erik Lehnsherr pays a visit to First Officer Charles Xavier’s home planet and encounters a few surprises.)

Stolen – ishipitsobad

Summary: Erik is a miserable, grumpy, cantankerous bastard, and he has every fucking right to be. He drew the short end of the stick when he got the Underworld as his domain, and there isn’t very much fun to be had in judging and governing dead souls who would rather be anywhere else but with Erik in the depths of Hell.

So when he meets Charles, brilliant and lovely Charles who is more popularly known amongst the mortals as Persephone, and feels the promise of something wonderful that could make his eternally doomed existence infinitely more bearable… you can bet all your drachmas Erik’s not going to let Charles go any fucking time soon.

The Mutant Games – TurtleTotem

Summary: “You’ll be fine, darling,” Charles murmured, half-asleep, into golden hair as Raven crawled sniffling into his bed. “Your name’s only in there once, Raven. They’re not going to pick you.” (Hunger Games AU)

City by the sea – Black_Betty

Summary: It never bothered Charles that he essentially belonged to someone else from birth. Ever since he could remember he had been told stories about the mysterious prince who was his betrothed, and who one day would be called husband. As he grew older, Charles caught his thoughts drifting away from lessons under strict tutors, his mind slipping into the hazy daydream of his life yet to come…

In Shadow and in Silence – Yahtzee

Summary: Written for the following prompt: Erik is an aggressive, dangerous, cynical mutant, hardened from years of being passed through private laboratories and used for experimentation. He’s covered in surgical scars from operations, tattooed and bar coded like a lab rat, and blind from an experiment done on his eyes. … Charles Xavier finds out about him. Charles runs a sort of sanctuary for mutants that provides lost, abandoned, abused, runaway mutants with shelter, comfort, and help with ability control. He thinks he can rehabilitate Erik and save him from execution, and convinces the government that he can.

When Erik arrives, he is a lot worse than Charles thought he would be … Everyone else can see that Erik is a nuclear bomb waiting to go off, but Charles refuses to give up on him. …

The first time Charles sneaks up on him wearing no metal, it triggers him and he reacts instinctively, with violence. … Erik discovers why Charles understands him so well: he was once used in experiments as well, experiments run by his own family, and in one of them, he lost his voice, so he uses his telepathy to communicate.

Blind Erik, mute Charles, the love.

Everyday Love in Stockholm – tahariel

Summary: Prompt: Magneto is the ruler of the posthuman world. His only secret? Charles Xavier, the human he’s kept locked in his bedroom ever since his right-hand woman, Mystique, came to him pleading for mercy for her stepbrother, who accepted her mutant form and protected her as a child. The human he started fucking after Mystique was killed in battle, despite the guilt he feels at contaminating even this last promise to the woman who was integral to his life’s work and happiness.

The Tower and the Hurricane – dreamlittleyo

Summary: (Post-movie AU.) Five years after Shaw’s death, Erik’s predictions prove painfully accurate. Violence rages on both sides of the human/mutant conflict. In a world ravaged by war, it doesn’t really matter who’s more at fault. Charles struggles to teach his students a better way, but what choices will he make when peace really isn’t an option?

Honest Bone and Burning Thought – Black_Betty

Summary: And so sometimes, his mind buzzing away, bright and brilliant and humming with pure expansive energy, Charles speaks without thinking at all. Without censoring himself. Without realizing that his brain has reached out and snatched something that was never his to know, or take…

The Attempt – Yahtzee

Summary: Written for the following prompt: Charles knows everything about Erik, knows how obsessive and self-destructive he is, how Erik would do anything, give anything, in his quest for vengeance against Shaw. But he also knows that Erik loves him in ways that aren’t exactly platonic. I’d like to see a completely straight!Charles, out of pure love and care of Erik, initiate a romantic relationship with him. It can be because he wishes to give Erik something positive in his life or because he thinks it might help change Erik’s mind about Shaw, the reason is up to author. Also, while Charles finds intimacy with Erik strange and awkward, he does enjoy the new, non-romantic layers that have developed in their relationship.

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Please read the tags on the masterlist!
***** ***** *****

Luck was on Erik’s side that night. The human had gone straight to bed without switching on the light. This allowed Erik the opportunity to watch him sleep and admire his beauty. He was careful not to touch, certain that the human would wake if he dared.

But temptation was winning, and he found himself reaching toward him. It did not need to be much. He could even sneak a taste of blood, surely. Just a little.

Keep reading

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Actively Posting

The Gifted: Chapter 10 has been posted.

Hunt Me: Chapter 2, draft 2 has been typed up and sent to beta.

Untitled, Unposted

Erik Lehnsherr/Tony Stark/Charles Xavier Avengers AU (dunno how else to describe it right now) is started, still in chapter 1

Fic that starts Tony Stark/Charles Xavier with arranged marriage between Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier, eventually evolving into Erik Lehnsherr/Tony Stark/Charles Xavier… has been started, still in chapter 1.

Logan/Charles Xavier vampire au is still in planning stage.

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Post XMFC Prompt:

Several days after Cuba, once he is finally conscious enough to think, Charles starts to be afraid for Raven, Erik and Moira.

He didn’t think of it at the beach, too much going on, too many emotions, but…  Someone has been stalking him for several years. Gifts appearing on his birthdays or after his academic successes. People who had crossed him often had… problems. Nothing deadly, just… bad luck.

But then, he had never been seriously hurt before…

And he tries to tell himself nothing will happen. The only ones who know the truth were on that beach and they will hardly spread the story. And they have powers or are trained agent, so they’ll be fine?


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A year and a day ago I published my first piece of fanfiction on ao3.

I used to write a little when I was a teenager but I stopped for years as life got in the way, and I was fine with that - I liked my life. Then, 2.5 years ago I got very sick and I have been mostly housebound with chronic fatigue syndrome ever since.

My illness has robbed me of my ability to concentrate on and understand my actual job (scientific research), and I’ve had to put on hold all my other dreams of starting a family and a career, but what I have ended up with is huge amounts of empty time. Absent the possibility of spending my time working or volunteering or making music or doing exercise or any other of the various things that give life meaning, instead I have spent a lot of time staring into middle distance, making up stories.

When I watched Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s excellent Fleabag, the character resonated deeply with me for a lot of reasons, and I wanted to find some fanfiction to read, but could only find a few pieces - so, I started to write, cranking into life an old and dusty machine that had lain dormant for many years, and found that I could.

It’s difficult to describe the joy in finding that there is still something you can create even when your entire mental landscape is blanketed in a thick carpet of fog. Things very rarely make sense to me, but the scenes that I imagined and transcribed stood out in perfect clarity against a backdrop of general ambient confusion.

My most popular piece of writing remains Love is Awful, which is a “what happens next” fic for Fleabag. I also write a lot of Marvel things - mostly Captain America/Winter Soldier and Professor Xavier/Magneto, over on my sideblog @hi-inevitable-im-dad.

My favourite things to write have been weird cross-overs and alternate universes. Can I interest you in a cross-over between Fleabag and Les Miserables? Or a cross-over between Fleabag and The Good Place, or the priest from Fleabag getting advice from Aziraphale and Crowley from Good Omens, or how about a pastiche of a Jane Austen novel except all the characters are X-Men?

I would like to thank the whole fanfiction community for keeping me company and giving me something to do during a period of my life that might otherwise have been very empty. A year and a day and 150,000 words later, my life is all the richer thanks to you all.

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