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calebs-hangout-corner · 2 hours ago
Maddie: Hey, guys? Is stabbing someone immoral?
Lizzie: Not if they consent to it.
Kitty: Depens on who you're stabbing.
Bunny: YES???
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keiamor · 3 hours ago
Hello, yes. It’s that time of the week again.
It’s missing Birdie hour
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miguelpellitero · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spike Island photographed by Dave Swindells, Patrick Harrison and Peter J Walsh. Softcover. 30 x 23.5cm. 168 pages. Edition of 1000. Published by IDEA.
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thequiver · 9 hours ago
Chapters: 1/6 Fandom: Green Arrow (Comics), Titans (Comics), DC Extended Universe Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence Relationships: Roy Harper/Jade Nguyen, Roy Harper & Jade Nguyen, Jade Nguyen & Lian Harper & Roy Harper, Lian Harper & Roy Harper, Lian Harper & Roy Harper & Dinah Lance & Oliver Queen, Lian Harper & Roy Harper & Dinah Lance Characters: Lian Harper, Jade Nguyen, Roy Harper, Dinah Lance, Oliver Queen, Connor Hawke, Mia Dearden, Emiko Queen Additional Tags: Mentioned Rose Wilson - Freeform, Past Roy Harper/Jade Nguyen - Freeform, Childhood Trauma, Past Child Abuse, Past Drug Addiction, Branding, like getting burned by a hot metal object not advertising, mentions of organ harvesting, Fluff and Angst, So much angst, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Angst with a Happy Ending, Past Sexual Abuse, parent in prison, most of these are for chapter three I just want y'all to be able to filter it out, Fix-It of Sorts, Canon-Typical Violence, Non-Graphic Violence, Mentioned Vandal Savage - Freeform, eventual Cheshire!Lian, Lian's parents retire!....eventually, this is an anti-shoes fic and account Summary:
"Children, all your life you will be faced with a choice. You can choose love or hate. And I choose love." - Johnny Cash ~~~ Lian Harper must come to terms with her love for both of her parents while also acknowledging that their lives make hers harder for a number of reasons. In an attempt to better understand her mother she finally learns what the Cheshire mantle means to Jade and comes away conflicted. Lian is more than her parents, but she just might be the sum of the best of them. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THE GODS READ THE TAGS FIRST, EACH CHAPTER WILL HAVE APPROPRIATE TRIGGER WARNINGS IN THE NOTES
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cheshirelibrary · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy Pride Month!
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tojihime · 11 hours ago
Okay so uh for anyone who followed me from @keiamor I’m kinda using this blog as a back up instead so my main writing blog is still keiamor! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️
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keiamor · 15 hours ago
Thinking about dilf!dog Toji again 👁👄👁
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m-mortimer · 16 hours ago
Is it mommy hour 👁👄👁
If so can I have some headpats for finishing my project today 👉🏻👈🏻
oh baby girl, you don't even need to ask for head pats, mommy'll give them to you without question okie? 🥺🥺
im so so proud of you princess, so proud of you for finishing that project, you're nearly done! nearly there! you've been so so bogged down and yet, you've continued on and continued staying strong and resilient and that's so so admirable sweetheart. You've done so so well, and I know you'll continue to, I believe in you baby girl, in you now and what you've yet to achieve. now - cmere and let me give you more than some head pats💕💕
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keiamor · 19 hours ago
Bakugo, Todoroki and Deku for kiss, marry, kill.
Also congrats on your milestone u deserve them all <333
Kiss Todoroki, Marry Bakugo and Kill Deku 👁👄👁
Tumblr media
Also thank you bb!! 🥺♥️
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stariwrites · 19 hours ago
Now onto your selfship event! I know I always talk about Hawks so I’m here to talk Sukuna and I in a modern AU where he was never sealed away!
So I’m a reincarnation of his past lover, a miko who was locked away by her own family when they learnt that she had fallen in love with a curse. And yea um said family is wiped out after Sukuna found out, but he overlooked my ancestor so the family blood line lived on without him knowing.
Fast forward to present, I’m an intern at his company when we first met. Kinda 50 shades of grey kinda deal I guess 👁👄👁
Our dynamic is kinda the ‘scary dog and soft person’
Sukuna absolutely loves to sneak around, it gives him the thrills and no one can really say anything cause he’s the boss.
He would definitely sneaks his hand around even in front of other people.
In comparison, im kinda the timid but like out going person like to help people.
He tries to blend in with the humans but like fail most of the time, everyone calls the demon ceo because of how harsh he is
When Geto and the others finally came for him though, that’s when he like sat me down and talked about all the curse shit and stuffs
So yea um I remained on the curse’s side of this war 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Thank you for reading bb ♥️🥺
Thank you so much Cheshire bb🤍 your AU is so cool and if you ever write something for it pls lmk!!
Also this kind of turned out like a soundtrack so I hope that’s okay!
Warnings: brief drabble of exhibitionism
1. Love Songs Drug Songs by X Ambassadors
Not a day went by that he didn’t think about you. He could still feel the rush of the cold wind against his back as he raced to where you’d been locked away. He should’ve been there, should’ve known, but instead he pushed you away. He was the King of Curses, he shouldn’t be attached to anybody let alone you, a miko who was steadfast in her practice but if it was anybody he was glad it was you, as he threw the door off it’s hinges his heart plummeted and rage swelled within him. He’d kill them all every single one, however it appeared he missed one because you were seated in front of him and for a second the King of curses lost the ability to breathe.
2. Waiting Game by BANKS
There was something that drew you to Sukuna or the Demon CEO as everybody called him. The way his posture was perfectly straight to his upturned smirk and calculating eyes. The moment you spoke to him you knew you were in trouble and it only got worse when he snuck his hand into your skirt during a meeting only raising a long finger to his lips with a grin causing your stomach to swoop. Oh how you wanted those fingers inside of you, stretching you completely. You were about to rub your thighs together in anticipation but a squeeze to the one he held stopped you. You knew what that meant you needed to behave, it had been like this for months now so you knew better than to fight him this time and only spread your legs wider to give him more access. After all, you were his good girl.
3. sex money feelings die by Lykke Li
He fucked up, once again he pushed you away with so much as a wave of dismissal. He knew he should’ve told you but after the warning you’d received from Gojo he knew he couldn’t risk losing you again. This was no longer your war, but he was selfish. He wanted you and now that you were back he wanted you more than ever while all you wanted to know was what was going on. And what did he do? He snarled at you and refused to answer. He deserved the final ‘fuck you’ that you spat out like venom before leaving. He stared through the window of his building while the city lights were below him and snarled at his reflection, tears were slipping from his eyes. Pathetic. He was absolutely pathetic. And with a downed glass of whiskey he only hoped he’d be able to fix it.
4. Love Me Again by John Newman
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. There was no way, right? You couldn’t have been his past lover that was crazy! But it all made sense, the way your family treated you after you got a job under him, the way Gojo’s words struck you: It doesn’t have to be like last time. Everything became clear. One thing was for certain, Gojo would return with Getō to take Sukuna down, but as you took Sukuna’s hand, the man you fell in love with, you knew the two of you wouldn’t go down without a fight.
Incorrect Quotes:
Sukuna: I've already sent good vibes your way… they’re coming. There’s nothing you can do to stop them.
Cheshire: This is the most threatening way I’ve ever been cheered up.
Sukuna: Someone will die.
Cheshire: Of fun!
Sukuna: Cheshire...
Cheshire: Oh no, 'Cheshire' in b-flat.
Cheshire: You're disappointed.
Sukuna: Are you trying to seduce me?
Cheshire: Why, are you seducible?
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keiamor · 19 hours ago
For your event could I get warm summer evening drinking beer on the beach + my selfship with youuuuuuuu pls baby girl 🥺🥺💕
Summer Evening With Izzie ♥️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Either one of us will definitely be laying our head on each other’s lap at some point.
Instead of beer, I pick out a bottle of champagne because “We’re fancy bitches.”
Rather than just staying for a couple of hours, we end up staying there over night. Don’t worry, that’s what the tent is for just in case.
Tumblr media
Thank you bb 🥺♥️ sorry it took me ages to do this but I hope you like it ♥️
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keiamor · 22 hours ago
omg cheshireee 🥺🥺 congratss on finishing! i'm vv proud of youu! take a rest bb!
And I shall! Gonna go nap then come back later tonight hehe, take care of yourself nonnie mwah mwah 🥺♥️
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Tumblr media
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lolita-pudding · a day ago
If you want to can you do a part 2 of the wonderland Au where the reader runways because they killed innocents cuz there sus and tries to ask the black cat if there is anyway she could go back
Tumblr media
You were running, no idea where, but running all the same. Ever since your first little incedent here, you had been excluded from all of the beheadings, instead being taken to a large room, multiple maids and servants there to play with you, sometimes even eri or shinso would skip to braid your hair or play “dress up”. You didn’t really understand why, it made some kindof sense thigh, considering last time you broke out in a full crying fit and could barely breath.
The one time that you just so happen to come by an execution, it was much worse and crueler than last time, multiple people were lined up, begging for their lives, some praying, begging for their deaths to be painless. You recognized them as the servants who had been bathing you , your (louder and more vocal) father, hizashi, screaming at them that they had tried to “ruin your innocence and taint your body” which they had done none of the such, they were actually really nice to you.
You could do nothing but watch as they were beheaded in the cruelest way, going up there would just make it worse, you knew it. And so you were officially done with whatever this place was, they still refused to explain your full situation, so you completely relied on them for... well everything. a bunch of cats starts showing up everywhere, staring at you, it was I did annoying really, mainly because they ran away before you could get anything out of them.
And so, you started actively seeking them Pitt, wandering a little too far into the darker areas of the woods, and scaring the shit out of yourself. For the most part, they never let you touch them, sometimes they would talk. No, really, they would often call you “cute” even going so far as to call you “adorable” or “little”, as if they weren’t tiny kettle cats that could barley paw at your knees. It was slightly humiliating, but surely annoying.
Today was your lucky day apparently , as the black cat, litterally jumped on you while you were running away from the guards chasing you in the rose garden, the. The two of you just, weren’t near the castle anymore, instead near a dark forest. You reacted almost immediately hooking your hand on the collar around it’s neck, making sure it wouldn’t run away now. Then...
The cat just blinked out of existence for a moment, then reappeared with another one of his stupid smiles, you just wanted to die then and there. Of course cats can just poof anywhere! This is some fricking wonderland.
“Oh honey , you should know by now that I’m not a normal cat. You have questions, and I have answers, let’s hurry this up, I’ve got billions of places to be, and very little time” he spoke, upon seeing your confused face, he sat himself down on the top of your head, surprisingly light for a such a big cat, and started sowing at your hair. You just kindof sat in shock, as this is the first time one had ever spoken a full scentence with you.
“Uh-I-I’m. Oh gosh, you can speak?” You spluttered out, struggling to find the right words, he smiled and jumped off of your head onto the ground in front of you, letting a laugh leave its lips. The cat remained giggling at your so called “adorable confusion”. You just kindof sat there awkwardly, but knowing how to react.
“Yes, moving on. I can tell you want out of here, so go on, ask. Oh never mind I’ll just tell you! You can’t leave! At least I don’t think so. I could just take you away from the royal house if you want, more so if I want” the cat rammered on and on, tilting his head at your sudden sad mood change. You wer slightly amused by the fact that it knew what you were going to say before you Ben said it, but also disappointed that there wasn’t a way to get out of here. Your interest was peaked at leaving the fmaily of hearts you lived with. But you still remained upset.
“So there is absolutely no way I’m getting out of this, wonder- wonderland”
“Yep, You are stuck here bubs. Forever.... and ever.... and ever. Oh would you look at the time! I have a tea party to crash! Dabis gonna be so pissed! Goodbye Tiny human!” The cat, which you now recognized as a she, mainly because of her overall feminine voice and the two little bows attached to her ears, giggled, patting your head with one of her paws then poofing off somewhere else.
You reappeared in the rose garden, this time alone, and wondering what in heaven and hell just happened.
“Wait! Hold o- and she’s gone... crap”
Thank you for requesting! It wa sa cool idea!
Have a wonderful day today anon! Tell me if you want to change it!
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ellysketchit · a day ago
Tumblr media
Guess who got a new shirt y'all?!
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keiamor · a day ago
I have that too
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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