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#cheshire cat
naimea-fanart · 11 days ago
From the Plagg model I made a few times ago! I had a little fun and made different skins. Which one is your fav?
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one-time-i-dreamt · a month ago
I was at rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland and our Cheshire cat was in a hyper realistic fursuit and then we went under the stage from within our black 2.0 painted set and the fursuit blinked.
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arealtrashact · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘ Curiouser and curiouser ‘ 
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alexstewart · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alice In Wonderland (1951) Dir. Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson And Hamilton Luske
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superheromashup · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She is so hot I'm going to faint
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wingedgardener2000 · 6 months ago
Canvas #2. Subject: The Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland.
Tumblr media
I've long adored the Cheshire Cat. He's such a fascinating creature and can appear and disappear at will. And he's quite the wordsmith. Not to mention that he's colored in my favorite colors. And he's voiced by Jim Cummings, aka, Winne the Pooh, another very beloved character of mine. I look forward to painting this dear cat next week and really hope it turns out.
Stay tuned!
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animepopheart · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
★ 【挿】 アリスチャレンジ ☆ ⊳ alice in wonderland ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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lolita-lollipop · 3 months ago
Can you do a wonderland Au with the Yandere platonic erasermic family and the reader was in a car accident and somehow was transported to wonderland I’m thinking the whole family might be the red heart kingdom Rulers thanks for listening hope you had a great day 😊✌️
Tumblr media
You are very welcome anon! I love the erasermic family, they’re just... I can’t explain it, here you go!
-I’m realizing this after I finished the whole thing, but you said in your additive to the request “when she wakes up she sees a royal family member” but my idiot brain read it as “she is a royal family member”, so I used a prompt similar to that, I’m not goi N to change it unless you ask, I hope it’s okay!
*unedited, so there are probably many grammar mistakes
It was just litterally any normal day, you woke up, got ready in your school uniform(consisting of a black skirt and black polo shirt), ate, and walked out the door to walk to school. Yes, it was raining, but did you wnat to wake mom up to explain that she needed to take you to school? No, so you toughened up and walked out in the frigid rain, with an umbrella of course, you knew this path by heart, being as you’ve walked it for four years, so it’s not all that hard.
That’s what you had thought at least, it was all easy, there was virtually nothing that could go wrong here, that is until the water started puddling up in the edges of the road, you only had a few blocks more to go so you thought you could make it. You thought you’d be alright, this wasn’t bad!Just a little rain!
You were proved wrong through, when you stopped to let the small black cat on the sidewalk, it purred into your hand, deciding that it liked you, this is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a car went swerving off the road onto the sidewalk, where you were, one second you were just standing under the light purple umbrella, the next...
your head was cracked open and bleeding, shattered glass everywhere, the water around you slowly was stained with the defeaning color of blood, the last thing you were able to hear before your mortality ended, was the yell of worry coming from a man in the crushed car, and the thought running in your head “I should’ve just asked mom to drive me”.
You shouldn’t have stopped to pet that cat
“Where am I? Oh god I’m dead aren’t I? But... what?” You questioned, it had come as quite the suprise to you when you woke up not in a hospital bed, but instead in some... forest of mushrooms? Or something of the sort, you were still wearing the same school uniform, but the skirt was ripped all the way up to your thigh, showcasing a bit too much leg for your comfort. This was... weird, to say the least, the colors were so vibrant and bright that they almost looked fake, like you had taken some weird drug or something that made you hallucinate... and oh Cracker your head hurts, really, REALLY, bad.
“OFF WITH HIS HEAD I SAY, OFF WITH IT!” A loud voice rang through what you thought was and endless showcase of mushrooms, you tilted your head towards the sound, at least you know there is some form of human here, not just a inch of freakin mushrooms. You didn’t even notice the small black cat file and plant itself right next to you, until you felt it’s papery younger brush your elbow, you snapped your head towards it, before “aweing” at the small thing. Before you could reach your hand out to touch it though, it walked off into the mushrooms, looking back at you for a moment as if it wanted you to follow.
“Wait! Where are you going?” You yelled after it, standing up on your feet, chasing after the little black cat, it’s not like you knew what else to do. You hesitated touching the wall of huge mushrooms growing everywhere to follow the cat, but soon proceeded forward in your journey, spreading apart them and jumping over with a small huff. The cat looked back with its big, yellow, eyes wide, before turning right back again and continue int forward. Sooner or later it paused again, planting its little butt right back on the (glittery black) pathway, it let you catch up for the moment, it and brought you too, a sight of sorts.
It looked aged, a red-ish wood, multiple arrows pointing in different directions were fitted to it like a spiral, black and white lettering was printed differently on each different point. They read as such:
Mad hatters house
Caterpillar lodge
Rabbit manor
The wild woods
Fiori gardens(beware of poisonous weeds)
Castle of hearts
“What the heck... wait up! Stop running off like that!” You yelled at the black kitty, who continued on his merry way, towards this “castle of hearts”, litttle flowers were planted along the path, the actual petals resembling the “heart cards” that you would find in a deck of cards. This place was odd, but pretty amazing, maybe you were in a coma or something, and this was your brain, that’s large only logical explanation to whatever this is.
“Princess! You know your fathers hate it when you wander so far off!” A male voice spoke form behind you, reeling around, you saw a yellow haired man, a lighting bolt was engraved in the side of it in pure black, his outfit was a fitted black suit, card sticking out of every pocket, a heart and a spade was painted across his face, and he had a large knife hanging form his jeans. You sent another glance to the cat, who had completely disappeared, this guy latched himself onto your arm, joking his own through yours... did he just call you princess? Fathers? What?
“I’m sorry... what?” You asked, attempting to back up, his faces into one of slight shock mixed with a tad bit of fear, he continued walking, holding you close to him as if you would break any second. You jsut kidnof followed in pure confusion.
“Did you hit your head again?Oh gosh, you silly girl, you’ve been hanging out with hatter again haven’t you? I swear every time you do you always ending up bumping your head on some wierd teakettle or mushroom or something like that, I told you didn’t I? He even gave you some odd peasent clothing!” he lectured, quickening his pace in a huff, you bright your unoccupied hand up to your head to touch your forehead, checking for any dried blood or scar bumps, but nothing was there, just a normal old forehead. Is this what a fever dream feels like?
“Uh- I- where are we- no scratch that, I by am I here? And who are you?”you spluttered, finally coming to and ripping your arm away, the man just chuckled, acting like whatever this is, is normal. He just continues dragging you along the red bricked path, muttering something along the lines of “stupid hatter, gonna get me in trouble”.
“I’m quite suprised you didn’t come back with blue hair again, that was such a pain to get ou- OH! My king! I have retrieved your daughter for you, it seems as if one of the cats had lead her back here... uhm... she was back at hatters house again...” he muttered, awaiting one of the kings in this kingdom to explode with rage, instead the overly loud- and eccentric king swiftly shuffled to you, shoving off the man to the side, and wrapping his arms completely around you. His face held the expression of pure worry
“You let her run off with that hag again? Do you even know what dangers she could get into? What if she ran into the Cheshire Cats? Hmmm? You are very lucky I like you, boy, or to it head would be rolling in a matter of seconds” he chided, speaking my as if you weren’t right there, immediately he picked you up off the ground, carrying you off bridal style to who knows where, before you could squirm again or ask any questions about what the hell was going on, he screamed.
“SERVANTS, RUN MY DAUGHTER A BATH AND GET HER SOME NEW CLOTHING, I NEED HER KNEES BANDAGED UP, QUICKLY” he screamed out, immediately you had many, many people rush out of the castle doors, all with the same print on their face and cards everywhere, they marched in a line formation, succesfully scaring the hell out-of you, it looked as if they were just about to trample you and this... guy, before you were pulled out of his arms, being held under your armpits like a cat, and being dragged off. Your attempts to struggle were completely useless, and the man who jsut self claimed the title of “father” gave you a little wave goodbye while you squirmed.
It wasn’t long before you realized that these people were completely serious, tearing the school uniform off your body and setting you into the warm water, little heart shaped petals were scattered throughout the mass amount of bubbles, you of course didn’t have time to acknowledge the beauty of it, as there were over 10 people in here, half of them being guys, and you were completely nude, and a 14 year old, so this... this is mortifying. You’d can’t even fight back because your focusing on on not drowning right now. This water is way to deep to be considered a bathtub, it’s more like a whole swimming pool.
It hadn’t been long until you were scrubbed completely clean, exfoliated, moisturized, and a whole lotta other stuff you didn’t even know. The whole time you were squirming) slightly crying) and just genuinely trying to understand what the heck you are supposed to do, luckily, the male “servants” as they called themselves, exited the room when your entire body was pulled out of the bubbly water. When the process was finished, you couldn’t spot a speck of dirt on your entire body, and you smelled oddly like cotton candy. A girl helped you get dressed, shoving you into a lacy, lolita, dress thing, long socks, and thes shoes with buckle on them that your have to have help to take off later, all red and white, it was like they were dressing you up to look like one of those fancy porcelain dolls. All you could really wonder was “what in the fuck is happening”
“What the hell...” you muttered under your breath as you stared at the vast field, there was a crowd of people standing behind an iron fence, and four large thrones at the far top of the field. A little girl with a tiny tiara sat in one, along with two grown men, one being the you man whom you met earlier, and the other looking tired and bored of everything, the younger teen, who looked about your age, held the same exact expression, bored. That is until they saw you, all members of whatever this was straightened and brighten at your appearance in the the field.
“Y/N! Your finally here!you look so cute!” The little girl screamed, skitteri over to you with a bright smile on her face, apparently your depth perception is absolute Crap, because as she got closer, it came to you that you both were literally the same height, no cap at all, she was tall. Immediately cupping your hand in her own, she pulled you through the tall flowers, closer to the thrones, you dug your feet into the ground. In situations like this one, You are both helpless and clueless, considering anyone here has the ability to complete overpower you, and you still, have n o i d e a what’s going on.
“Oh, uh, thank you? Yeah, thanks. Where are w-“ for some stupid reason, no one ever lets you get a scentence out, the girl paused your speaking, giving you another large smile, before bopping your nose and dragging you 10x harder than she had been previously.
“We’re gonna miss it if we keep talking! Cmon Cmon Cmon Cmon Cmon!” She yelled, at this point. She was outright sprinting, keep in mind, you are wearing these chunky little heels, you never wear heels, so trying to run in them was hell, almost impossible. Eventually you had arrived at the thrones, which now looked utterly humongous. The three me. Sitting there all had their eyes pinned directly onto you, the black haired one started speaking the moment you got into hearing range.
“I’m done with you going to see that little wench over in that cook house, i will install a fence to keep you here with us if I have t-“
“You know, I really outta talk your little ears off about staying over at his house for that long, but we have a show tonight, and I think you might like it this time little one, we’re all just glad your safe and cozy back with us. Now... BEGIN!” He said, pulling you in his lap along with the other girl, a “servant” told you her name was eri, he wrapped his arms around your torso, pulling you close into his chest. Immediately after he yelled, a few people reeled in this stand thing, a man was latched into it... he almost looked firmiliar
“NO WAIT! IM SORRY, IM SORRY MY KINGS! PLEASE DONT DO THIS! I HAVE A FAMILY!” The man screamed out at the thrones you were sat on, the two “kings” scowled, while ten younger prince sat there in amusement. You then realized who it was... that was the guy, you know, the last face you ever saw befor you ended up... here. He ran you over with that car, you also came to the realization of what was going to happen. To him, his arms and legs were chained off in a wooden thigh, and a redwood guillotine was also being transported onto the field... they’re not gonna kill him right? It was an accident. They can’t just-
“OFF WITH HIS HEAD, HE HAS MADE A PERSONAL OFFENSE TO THE ROYAL HEART FMAILY” the yellow haired man screamed out, waving his hands manically, the blade came down, the man continued struggling, you let out a scream when his head detached from his body, you could see the inside of his neck, blood was getting everywhere. He thought you’d enjoy this? This, murder! There has to be a law against that or something. It started as a few tears, but then friends quickly into outright sobbing, you have no idea where you are, these people are treating you like some stupid child, and you jsut witnessed a murder of an innocent person. This is so messed up, this has to be some hallucination right?
“Oh baby, I’m sorry, I should’ve known it would scare you. I thought maybe you would like it a bit more than last time, tahts my fault, no need to cry anymore, I’ll make it all better. I’m sorry.” H the man spoke while eri held one of her hand on your back, he did a full 180, comforting you, and trying to calm you down. The pressure of your situation weighed down on your shoulders, doing absolutely nothing to help right now, jsutsmiung you cry even harder.
“I think that’s enough for the day. Let’s go to bed, it’s almost nighttime in a few minutes anyway” the man who you remembered name was hizashi from the lesson you were given while you wer bathing, spoke up, it was big nighttime. It was completely still bright outside. That’s odd. He sent a glare to the sky and clapped twice, and it immediately changed from the bright (almost too bright) blue, too a dimmer purpley orange color. The crowd faded out, and you were picked up, how in the charmers of hell did he just do taht?
If took a very short time for you and the two adults to arrive to whatever they deemed worthy for sleeping, the two siblings of yours(self proclaimed of course) had wished you goodbye, the purple haired one clearly having a bit more common sense and did nothing but kiss you on the forehead, clearly not wanting t overwhelm you more than you already were.
They helped you get out of thebuncomfortable set of clothing you were shoved into just hours before, instead opting for a small nightgown that for you perfectly, it wasn’t to tight, but also wasn’t too loose, leaving you with a very comfortable fit. The best part about it (in these peoples eyes at least) was that it matched their own silk pajamas, the heart designs embellished on the fabric matching your own. The gave you the choice of sleeping on your own, or sleeping with them, with obviously you chose to sleep independently, so you were carried off to your room. Where you were then forced to drink a glass of water, and then get into bed.
“Goodnight little one” Aizawa spoke, giving you a peck on the head he stared at you until you told him Goodnight back, th same thing repeated for the others, they walked out, sending in a few servants to also wish you Goodnight. One in particular stayed, placing a small rose upon your bedside.
“Goodnight darling, see you soon.” Then you were met with eyes, not one of a human, but one of a cat. Big, yellow orbs crowded your vision, the same ones from earlier, from the same cat that lead you here. The cat no longer looked so cute though, as a simply Cheshire manic smile was plastered upon its face, it hopped up onto your window, and was on its way out in almost seconds. That cat lead you here, that cat is the reason your caught up in this mess, that cat really messed you up,
That cat did this to you
Tell me if it was terrible! I can fix it!
Have a wonderful day! Goodbye!
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